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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-01-19 I See Dead People

      by , 01-21-2018 at 05:38 PM
      I was with a couple of family members at my late grandmother's house (moeke). My mom was there, as well as my brother. And a few others, but I don't know who exactly. Oddly, my grandmother was there too. She'd dead. I noticed her being there was... odd. But it still felt so normal. I wondered if anyone else could see her. I think they said they had no idea what I was talking about. But then I saw my brother in conversation with my grandmother. She said something, and he replied. I confronted my brother, and asked him who he was talking to - as what he said could only make sense in response to someone asking him a question. I was confused as to why everybody appeared to be lying. The situation didn't make any sense. Unless... And that's when I figured that they were *all* characters, and I was the only real person in the room. I forced myself to wake up, as I was already drifting close to full consciousness anyway.
    2. 17-12-31 Sexy Dream

      by , 01-01-2018 at 04:17 AM
      Very pleasant dream. I was laying in a bed. In the same room, my older brother was sitting at a desk, working/playing on a computer. I think the doorbell rang, or someone knocked on the door, and two women entered the room. One woman had black, medium-long hair and looked young, in her late teens. The other was blonde, and appeared early middle-aged. I assumed it was her mom. When looking at them again, I noticed the blonde looked younger now, in her twenties probably. The black-haired girl also looked to be in her mid-20's now. She looked at me, and we made eye contact. She smiled. A gorgeous, seductive smile. I immediately knew she liked me. Feeling brave, I winked at her. Then pretended to continue sleeping, even though I was definitely not sleeping. I don't know how the scene evolved from there, but both my brother and the blonde had disappeared. The girl got in bed with me, and stuff happened from there. I'll save you the details. But it was good. A lot of passion for a complete stranger. At some point she asked what I did for a living. I answered truthfully (unemployed but looking), but to be honest I wasn't very interested in small talk and just wanted to keep going.

      At some point, I started losing the dream. The image froze and I felt I was awake (but eyes still closed). I focused to continue the scene, and it worked. I was trying various positions, and while doing this the dream froze again. Her face looked like a badly textured CG character before rendering. This time, I knew the game was up and I could no longer stabilize the dream. I was quite annoyed I couldn't climax in the dream before waking up.

      This dream was memorable because in reality I feel fundamentally unlovable, and this DC made me feel... attractive? Also, when the dream started getting unstable, I knew how to stabilize it, implying partial lucidity.

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    3. 17-10-30 Flight to Mediterranean City

      by , 11-02-2017 at 01:48 AM
      I was walking through the back of a garden (monastery?), and to get to the house I had to traverse a field inhabited by a bunch of animals. I somehow knew these animals were "nice" and would not attack humans, but there were wolves and even a bear so I did not feet at ease. I think the bear and two wolves were fighting, giving me a chance to slip by. Suddenly I decided to fly, as this was safer. I flew, and found myself over an old Mediterranean-style city. My mind struggled to draw enough scenery so part of the city was repeated over and over. I struggled to find a place to land because the "replication" effect was so strong. I made a loud and messy landing and I'm pretty sure everybody saw me, but I didn't care. Navigating the city, I think I was looking for a man called Arthur. He was supposed to be the real-life King Arthur, except he had a different last name. I think I saw him from a distance, on the first floor terrace of an inn (?).

      Dream notes of dream I've entirely forgotten... Recognize brother, but older. Soundtrack with piano and synths, live "happily ever after". I do recall the soundtrack and how cool it was. I still heard it while I was waking up.