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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 22-08-10 Shooting my Dad

      by , 08-10-2022 at 11:22 AM
      Really harrowing dream. My dad was doing something, maybe something violent, and he was a threat to my other (forgotten and likely fictional) loved ones in the room/house. I pointed my Glock at him, hoping he'd stop. He didn't. He came straight at me. I pulled the trigger, and as usual that was almost impossible to do. It did go off, sort of, hitting him. It didn't seem to do much. I ran away and grabbed my shotgun from the locker. The fight continued, and I think I got a couple of good hits in. The whole thing was adrenalin-fueled survival, I didn't really *want* to do any of this. Dad ran outside. I ran after him. It was night, dark and rainy. I lost track of dad. Finally, I calmed down and emotion overwhelmed me. I was crushed by regret. I'd shot my own father. I literally broke down into tears, crying "papa, papa". Then I woke up. What a great night that was.
    2. 22-05-08 Dad's New Girlfriend & Walking on Water

      by , 05-08-2022 at 03:03 PM
      I was basically reliving the years when my mom had dad had just divorced and I lived alone with dad. We barely talked. He had a new girlfriend (black girl, kind of cute) almost immediately, which I despised. He called me down for dinner, but when I got there he just placed two plates for him and his GF, and ignored me completely as if I wasn't even there. I said, "fine, if it's going to be like this, I'm headed back upstairs". I did. At some point, while heading downstairs for dinner, I came across some pretty deep water. I decided to try and walk on water by running really quickly. It worked, I only sank an inch of so into the water, but made it across.

      In the next dream I was with a girl, engaging in some foot fetishist sex. She enjoyed it.

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    3. 18-06-10 Omphalos Island

      by , 06-11-2018 at 06:56 PM
      I was on a large piece of landmass (I could see the map). I wanted to hike towards an island/peninsula, where there was a gate to another world. The gate connected to another peninsula (connected to another large landmass) called 'Omphalos island'. My dad thought this was a bit extreme, as it was quite far.

      I looked up what 'Omphalos' means. Looks like it has significance in ancient Greek mythology.
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    4. 18-05-20 Lucid, Dad & Debby in Scotland

      by , 05-20-2018 at 12:34 PM
      Had an actual lucid dream. Not one of those fake ones in which I only think I'm lucid dreaming.

      I found myself in a mountainous landscape, on a road winding around the mountains. My dad and his wife were with me. I jokingly said this didn't look like Belgium (my country), more like Scotland. I was already lucid at this point. Can't really identify when I attained lucidity. We were jogging, off the road and onto a dirt trail in the woods. I flew a little bit, but my dad told me it was better to stay on the ground and run, because that was I could sustain my lucidity easier. I figured he was right (more sensory input means better stability), and continued running with him. Back on the winding asphalt road, my dad started speeding up and I couldn't keep up. On the stone barriers on the side of the road (a steep drop right behind it) there was a drinking bottle. There was a name on it, 'Chronos'. I think there was another runner on the road, possibly going in the opposite direction. Anyway, I considered flying because I could not keep up with my dad on foot. Eventually, we reached the end of the road, close to the summit of the mountain. There was an old structure, like a medieval castle or something, but the entrance required us to climb a short but ridiculously steep stairway. Very short but high steps. I told Debby (dad's wife) I would use my ability of flight to reduce gravity by 50% to make the climb easier. But then, I noticed my vision was gone. I felt I was basically awake. Realizing I'd faded out too far and too quickly, I accepted I wasn't getting back and opened my eyes.
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    5. 17-11-21 Dad Being Insensitive D*ck, Stuck in Barcelona

      by , 12-21-2017 at 01:05 PM
      I was on a 'bus' with a guy from work (Eddy). I sad down in the 'forbidden seat'. Someone immediately pointed out I wasn't supposed to sit there. Notes also say "very bright ceiling tile"? Not sure what that means.

      I had a fight with my dad again. I got emotional because of an old picture of my mom. I thought it was recent birthday picture at first. My dad saw something was up, but decided to be an insensitive dick and make me feel like shit. He said, in Dutch: "Ge zit daar te trillen als ne halve gare", meaning: "You sit there, shaking like a moron" and a lot more rude BS. Really summarizes how I see my dad. Incapable of dealing with emotions.

      I was in Barcelona with my class from school (an event that actually happened twice, in 2007 and 2008). The weather was really sunny and warm, and it was winter. I met a cute girl and we had sex. There was some foot fetishism going on, nothing too extreme. Afterwards, we were outside and I kissed her goodbye. My "friends" (at the time, now mortal enemies) were there too, watching. The girl was taller than me, by the way. I noticed that because I'm always super insecure about my pitiful height for a male. Anyway, we had to leave (get on the plane to fly back home), but bullies hid my shoes so I couldn't leave. I found some dirty shoes at a place we came through before, thrown away by those fucking bullies. On my way back through the city (a ruined house?), I saw some landmarks I hadn't photographed yet (the Sagrada is one of them), and it made me wish I had more time. I could technically leave whenever I wanted, so I could maybe visit the girl again first.
    6. 17-04-19 FreshBlush ASMR, 'Work'

      by , 04-20-2017 at 12:44 AM
      This dream took place a month or a few months in the future. It felt like a flashforward, no time-travel this time. I was in the US, staying at a hotel where you share a house with a few strangers (common areas, anyway, like the bathroom). I was on the phone with an ASMR girl (FreshBlush) I was listening to in real-life at that moment (I fall asleep with ASMR playing on my laptop next to me). Her lines in the RL video was what she said to me on the phone in the dream. In the dream, I was in love with her, and I was trying to convince her to meet me again (apparently we'd met before). I was willing to do do anything to see her again. I started to wake up mid-conversation. That's when I started suspecting it was happening again - reality bleeding into the dream. And yes, even if I didn't speak, she would keep saying her lines, confirming it was not real. I felt really bummed out, as I finally had something good happening to me, a date, and it wasn't real. Sigh.

      I was "at work" (not my real job), and my father worked there too. We were going through some kind of concrete canals, killing vermin. My dad used a large knife to kill a few small animals that resembled tiny greasels from Deus Ex. So did I. But then dad killed a chameleon. I was angry, as my father loves lizards and other animals like that and I never expected he'd hurt them. I thought he'd pick it up and release it into the wild, but instead he just stabbed it. I leave the 'canal' using some metal stairs, and wurm my way past some piping and machinery. There was a girl there. Then I saw an old colleague (Luc de Jong?). He saw me and said something. I walked after him, into an office full of people, and told him "I don't work there anymore" (I'd changed job again, he didn't know). My former-former-former boss, Stefan Klink, was there too. He got mad at me, and said my comments about "shooting down a plane" were distasteful. I think I told people if terrorists attacked our seasteading by hijacking a plane, we ought to shoot it down before the terrorists crash it into something important and kill even more people. I think Stefan misunderstood, and thought I meant we should shoot down any passenger plane entering our airspace. A woman, probably someone rather important (HR?) started shouting at me. I tried to laugh it off, but everybody else in the room started yelling loudly too, and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying anymore. I yelled out that I wanted them to shut up, because I wanted to hear what that woman was blabbering on about. I think someone suggested we talk in a separate room.
    7. 16-08-18 How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:31 AM
      I have notes of a "swamp", a "woman swimming", and "crocodiles". I remember none of it, except the crocodiles.

      Dream took place in my old family home again. My phone buzzed in my pocket (allegedly, I remember nothing, these are old notes). My dad was upstairs. In the dream, I think he was installing (or had already installed) a fixed air conditioner unit. I could hear the annoying sound. In reality, it as my own crappy mobile AC that I was hearing, and the sound "leaked" into the dream in this form.

      I think I was on a quay, I think. I came across my old colleagues from my previous previous previous job (Tankpark). We did not split on good terms. I greet them, they ignore me. I was like "okay then", and continued on my way.

      We were in a garage-like space, dismantling a nuke. Notes tell me Xiaoxi (Chinese lady I know) was somehow involved, but I don't recall how. Heroes' Matt Parkman was there too (no surprise, I had seen actor Greg Grunberg in Star Trek: Beyond the evening before). At some point, Arthur Petrelli showed up and tried to stop us. I ignored him, saying he was dead. Suddenly, he turned out to be an older man called "Manny". I was supposed to know him from the past when he was younger, but didn't recogize him. He argued the world was in terrible shape, and asked us to stop. I convinced him it would only get worse if the nuke went off. We got ready to leave. Matt was interested in a fish bowl with some fish still in it, randomly laying around in the garage. He took it with him. We crawled under the garage door, which was half closed. I felt extremely tired, physically. So did the others, according to my notes. We find ourselves in what looks like an underground parking garage. In the distance, I see armed forced enter from several entrances. Guys in full SWAT gear. I am suspicious. We get on our knees as if to surrender, and I think to Parkman (he's a mind-reader) to get ready to get us out of here if things go wrong. Not sure how he would have done that. He can't teleport.
    8. 16-06-29

      by , 06-30-2016 at 03:21 AM
      Waited too long to write these down. My dreams this night stood out by how relatively happy and peaceful they were. In the first one, my entire family was still together (I live alone now, dad and mom divorced) like in the old days.

      Of the second one I only remember my dad muttering orders to an imaginary army, and me pointing out how absurd this is. There was much more, all forgotten.
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