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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-10-22 Googling Dream Disc, Desert Sand, Semi Truck ASMR

      by , 10-22-2017 at 02:42 PM
      Several dreams in the late morning/noon, all pretty weird and cool. In one, I was given a disc by someone (an old woman?). I think it was a heavy metal album. I asked someone in reality (or I thought it was) to immediately Google the band and album name to see if it existed. I think I was trying to prove a theory I had about dreams. Super meta, right? Of course, the person Googling wasn't real either. He messed around on his desktop (opening and closing irrelevant programs) and wasted my precious dream time. I woke up before we got any results.

      At one point I met an old schoolmate of mine, Yannick VM. After interacting for a bit, I think he realized I was no longer as big of a dick as I used to be, and he got a little less cautious.

      So, once again, I was leaving (?) SCHOOL. Nine years later and I'm still having nightly dreams about schools. Fuck. Anyway, I left the place running. I ran on some kind of wooden walkway through what looked like a park. Eventually I ended up... back in a fucking school. I was an adult though, but I still feared running across the courtyard the way I did would draw attention from the teachers. Then, the scene changed. The environment changed into a desert. The school was still there I think, but swallowed up by dunes of sand. The sand had a red hue. It reminded me more of the Australian outback than the Sahara, Gobi or American deserts. I was sitting in a dune buggy now all of a sudden. I was feeling the sand, running it through my hands - amazed how 'realistic' it felt.

      I think I was with my brother, investigating a crashed semi truck. I was listening to ASMR at the time (while sleeping), and the girl talking in the video was "translated" in the dream. Some of her sentences were kept intact, but some were changed or added completely. The things she said were pretty comical. It sounded like a radio playing in the background. Oddly, I could also see images that accompanied the person speaking. While doing things in the dream. So I was seeing two things at the same time. The mind is amazing.
    2. 16-07-10 Dreams on Demand

      by , 07-13-2016 at 06:48 PM
      Lots of dreams today. My sleeping "pattern" is getting more f*cked up by the day. I sleep from 5 to 15 these days (5AM to 3PM). And when I wake, I can "choose" to re-enter a dream in seconds, "on demand". My memories of these dreams are crystal clear after I wake.

      In the first dream I had traveled back in time, and witnessed my own birth. I was talking to a doctor. Suddenly, he got an alert and rushed to the delivery room. I followed him through a narrow, white corridor, while recording him with my smartphone. I remembered an earlier scene, in which someone showed me a (real, not digital) photo album with pictures from my birth... and the picture I looked at was one of the doctor running through a narrow, white corridor in front of whoever took the picture - exactly what I was seeing right now. After waking up, I concluded I had to have been the one who took the pictures before I traveled back. Temporal paradox! We were in the next room, and the baby was born. Somehow, my mother (or father) weren't there. I said something to the doctor. Perhaps I suggested naming him (me), because my mother wasn't there anyway.

      I was a character in an RPG game. We were in some kind of dark, partially flooded dungeon. Two guys went on ahead to retrieve an item (they had to get in the water, and dive under some kind of gate/fence) - but didn't return. I went after them. I dived, swam and retrieved the item they wanted. The boss and our mage were indeed dead. When we got back, another person said he could use the item to forge some kind of armor for me. I wasn't sure if that was a good idea. It was still early in the game.

      The dream took place in a post-apocalyptic desert. We (me and another guy) were in the dunes, surrounded by tall "zombies" of sorts (a kind of mythical undead, not your average zombies). We found a Jeep, and used it to drive through and away from the Z's. I had a lot of fun with this, driving up and jumping down the dunes while driving with one hand. We got to an large abandoned city, covered half in sand. I descended down some rubble, onto the street. Suddenly, a guy appeared on top of the rubble we came from. He was some kind of badass, and owner of Jeep we stole to escape. We seemed understanding of our situation. I think he had a rifle (AR15 type), and started to explain to us how to use it. Given his apparent experience and air of badassary, we decided to listen.

      In this dream, there was a guy who had stolen something, or was transporting something. He'd swallowed it, or carried it under his skin like some drug dealers do (or like the opera singer in "The Fifth Element". I was just an observer, not an actual character. The badass future version of Claire Bennet had captured him. She said she would cut it out of him, but she said it in such a menacing way, you had to feel sorry for the poor guy.

      I was looking at a painting, and discarded it for another painting. I was using them to travel through time.

      I was watching a movie with my mother. At some point I thought I recognized "Caroline", a girl I used to know in middle school. My mom said it wasn't her. It probably wasn't.
    3. 16-06-25

      by , 06-25-2016 at 01:48 PM
      A Japanese "castle" that I explored with a group of others?

      Sailboating somewhere (not me driving) off the coast. The weather looked like it was getting pretty bad when we left (dark clouds approaching, already pretty high waves), so I wondered if this was really a good idea.

      I was with some kid in the desert, next to a large structure. We wanted to leave. I started climbing a sandy hill, but the sand was deep and hard to move through. The hill suddenly turned extremely steep (90), so it was impossible. A kid (possibly accompanied by another) appeared on top, seething with anger. He was mad at the kid who was with me, I think. I asked him why he was so angry. He replied that he had shown a potential customer the apartment, and that customer didn't want to rent it. Or something like it. He was in our way, and I didn't want to be trapped in there forever (it was the only way out), soI walked up to the wall of sand and kicked it. The sand collapsed, and the kid on top fell down with it. He immediately attacked me, possibly wielding some kind of stick or bat. I kept fighting, until I realized I must have been 15 years older than this kid and could easily overpower him. With some help of the other kid (he was possibly inspired by "Piggy" from Lord of the Flies, I watched the 1990 film yesterday and am still reading the book) I got him on the ground. He was swearing, but I grabbed his throat with both hands, and in the heat of the moment felt the desire to kill him. I squeezed hard, he went red and coughed a bit. I leaned closer, bit into his neck and savagely ripped out a chunk of flesh. Last thing I remember is me saying "Die, you little shit!". Then I woke up.

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