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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-11-19 Polluted River, Sinking Submarine, DX Post-Apocalypse

      by , 12-21-2017 at 12:31 PM
      I was jogging next to a heavily polluted river. The industrial dockyard buildings on the shore all looked abandoned and rusty. There was a lady in water, and I was arguing with her. I think she used magic to curse me. Someone told me not to argue with her for that exact reason. Notes say "meet at bar, cat", no idea what that refers to. I guess I met the woman again in that bar? Anyway, I had to collect something for the witch, from an old boat wreck in the river.

      I was on board of a submarine. I was dating the daughter of some bigshot captain of the Navy. I saluted him. He was Liam Neeson. I think I was tasked with either capturing or killing him. Eventually, I scuttled the sub. He escaped. I swam after him (I was still on board and the sub was already at the bottom of the river) to chase him to the surface. I got scared as I didn't want to drown and I knew he could be waiting for me.

      In another scene, the man I was targeting (still the same guy?) was in a general store. He could turn invisible. I couldn't see him, but I just wildly swung a baseball bat around until I got him. Another other guy helped too.

      I returned to HQ, a large abandoned warehouse in the same docks as the first dream. I was weary, dirty and weakened from hunger. The atmosphere was very grim and frankly, post-apocalyptic. Some guy was mad at me for what I did (to the invisible captain guy?). Used too much force, I guess. Someone called the captain guy "dad"? I reported to our "boss", some GTA IV Jacob dude. He told me about my next mission involving "ARC" and terrorists. Before leaving, I told the angry dude ARC is struggling with terrorists and needed help. A newspaper article I found speaks of ruptured gas pipes threatening to explode? Before leaving for the next mission, I resolved to take a good shower, eat something and get some sleep. This entire dream had the soundtrack of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, specifically the ambient tracks that play in Prague. ARC is an "augmented rights organization" labeled as "terrorists" by the government. The last part of the dream did fit the atmosphere of Deus Ex a bit.

      Last note of the night reads "SHOPPING FOR CROISSANTS" in all caps. Not sure why.
    2. 16-08-20 Mankind Divided

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:46 AM
      I saw my old (long-dead) cat Sylvester. However, I was very small, maybe 10 centimeters (3 inches). My very own cat tried to kill me. It bit me in the shoulder (I wasn't so small anymore, but my cat was definitely size of a tiger compared to me). It didn't really hurt.

      I had a great Deus Ex-themed dream last night (that's a video game by Eidos Montreal/Square Enix). It was set in the Mankind Divided universe. I was sitting on the floor in a dilapidated building, together with a group of augmented people. Presumably somewhere in the ghetto, or hiding from the government. Our "leader", or at least the alpha male of the group, was standing up in front of us. He was a real douche, and a loudmouth. He may or may not have been a terrorist. He was spewing hate speech, and at at some point, I had a disagreement with him. He got very hostile, and said I was banned from the group and had to leave. He said I wasn't really "one of them". I pointed out I had a synthetic implant in the back of my skull, connecting to my spine - but this was an implant I got as result of an injury - not a performance-enhancing aug. He said he knew, but it wasn't good enough. I spoke up so the whole group could hear it. I said that I would happily cut off my arm and replace it with a cybernetic one to prove my loyalty. The others started started speaking up, and I felt the atmosphere in the room change from silent obedience to outright rebellion. Our fight heated up, and I got in his face and yelled something. Feeling the crowd had turned against him, he slowly backed away and vanished.