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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-02-04 Things Again

      by , 02-04-2018 at 11:22 PM
      This series of 'dreams' happened while I was drifting in and out of consciousness, and as such I had some minor control over the plot. I could recall the plot of the last dream, and the next dream would usually somewhat share narrative threads with the previous ones.

      I'm on a derelict cargo ship of sorts, and it's being attacked by a blob-like Thing. The creature is made of a kind of organic, living 'liquid' capable of taking any shape. Its 'skin' is a luminescent orange. When shot or otherwise injured, the dead tissue turns a dull grey and the dead liquid turns hard in that spot. However, the creature could regenerate, and much faster than we could injure it. I'm pretty sure it could assimilate organic matter is touched, too. It grew in size until it was like a giant kraken enveloping the ship completely, its limbs even going inside the vessel, through its hallways. I thought that the only thing to do was perhaps nuke it. The creature, and especially the orange luminescence, was based heavily on the Uroboros virus from Resident Evil 5 and Revelations 2, a game I'd played the day before.

      I was chased into my old family home by a Thing, but this one was sapient. It was like a combination of Pennywise and The Thing. I was more of an observer in previous dreams, but now I'd caught their attention. I ran upstairs, into my old room, and through the window. I jumped out into the farmer's field below. The Thing had take the form of a dinosaur-like creature, like a kind of Velociraptor. I knew I was likely screwed, as the field was a wide open space and the raptor would surely run faster than me. Luckily, I drifted close to consciousness in that moment, and I could switch the dream to the next scene.

      This one took place in a forest, and involved a guy and a girl he loved. At some point, the girl was taken by 'It', into a bunker. The bunker door closed behind them, and I knew a nuke was going to go off any time now and wipe him (and everything else) out. At this point, the line between genuine dream and waking fantasy blurred. I 'saw' or 'fantasized' a scene, years later, where the guy was on a motorcycle, riding on a long road through a desert wasteland, accompanied by a band of bikers/resistance/survivors who had picked him up after the previous scene with the girl. I felt pretty sure that later in the plot, he'd meet the girl again.
    2. 17-05-01 Too Many Dreams

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:22 AM
      Boatload of dreams this night, a lot of it XXX-rated so expect to see a lot of "redacted". We start with a fully redacted sex dream featuring REDACTED.

      I'm held captive in a room up high in a skyscraper. I remember seeing a painting (?) and thinking the bad guys are the developers of the game "Hitman". Random, I know... The jail had bars that somehow "rotate" (hard to explain) which makes it impossible to break out. A jail guard sees me move and assumes I wanted to escape, so he comes in and installs an additional neck restraint which secures my neck to the wall. At some point I escape anyway, and jump through a window and fall down. But I somehow knew I'd be fine. The skyscraper looks quite futuristic.

      In this dream I was flying outdoors, using a poncho I was wearing as a cape that helped me fly (it generated lift, somehow). I landed, and continue a previous plot by talking to a Spanish girl (something about her high-heeled shoes?).

      Zombies attacked our old house. I was in the garden with my mom. I tried to fight, but my guns would not fire (I couldn't pull the trigger, typical in scary dreams), so I had to resort to using an improvised melee weapon.

      I remember REDACTED & a T-Rex, and I saw in first person from her perspective how it bit her, holding her in its maw (still on the ground). Her sight went black, and I saw her body on the ground with a bite taken out of it.

      I was watching TV, watching REDACTED by dinosaurs and giant wurms (like the ones from 2005's King Kong). REDACTED, thinking my dad and his wife Debby (who were in front of me, also watching the movie) wouldn't notice. I asked them what these wurm-things were. My dad simply said (in that typical tone): "Could you stop that, please". I knew he knew REDACTED." I simply replied "I'm not doing anything".

      I remember a scene in which I recalled I'd forgotten my bicycle somewhere in southern France... I figured I should leave it there, as the cost of retrieving it would be higher than the price of the actual bike.

      Dream that started in a gym and has way too many small random details, I will not bother to even *try* writing this all down. REDACTED on catwalks above the ground, waiting for them to start fighting (and REDACTED), but it doesn't happen.
    3. 17-03-07 London TV-Show, Mars

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:24 PM
      This entire dream played out as a TV show. I was the dreamer 'dreaming up' the scenario, but I also controlled one of the characters within the story.

      One building in London was central to much of the plot: a futuristic (and massive) trapezoid building, almost entirely made of glass. The windows themselves were triangular in shape. It was called the London Naval Shipyard Headquarters. Or something similar. I saw NYC in one scene, but noticed the old World Trade Center was still there, meaning I was in the past, pre-2001. Then I was in a car, in one of the back passenger seats, driving through London. The sun was bright red. The person next to me in the car, said this was due to "red-shifting" - due to the dimensional/time-traveling we were doing. I arrived at the location where the large building mentioned earlier was supposed to be, but instead there was only an empty plot of land - telling me I was still in the past, and it hadn't been built yet.

      The show had less than 10 episodes total. It had many characters, and each episode had different characters in it. I think the character I played, was the only one that featured in all of them, so kind of the 'main' character. It was all quite tragic, though I can't recall any details. The main character experiences several disconnected events (each self-contained story was an episode) that were still all connected in some way; but in a way not obvious to the characters themselves - only to the viewer/dreamer. In the end, the events of all the episodes ended in the main character being held at gunpoint by a man, a man I knew (as dreamer) to be a good guy), who mistakenly thought the main character had killed someone, or did something terrible. I (as character) was forced to me knees, and I heard him say "don't fucking move", but I heard pain in his voice. Maybe he thought I killed someone dear to him? Either way, the event he blamed on me actually happened in a previous episode, and was done by a completely different character.

      The whole dream had an amazing soundtrack, but especially the main theme at the end of the last episode was beyond awesome. It sounded mysterious, like the soundtrack of Half-Life: Decay, but with a very sad violin at the end, reflecting the tragic nature of the story.


      Second dream. Someone (a rather attractive blonde woman in her late 20's) had bought our old house from my dad. There was a massive 'basement' below the house, which I'd never noticed in the years living there. The basement was large, clean and very well-lit. In fact, it didn't look like a basement at all. It was made into a kind of museum, where books and other stuff owned by the woman were put on display. I had a look at the books, and eventually left.

      I found myself on the surface of Mars. The 'air' was breathable, and the temperature non-existent (I can't feel temperature in dreams). Along with a group of other 'visitors', we walked past several large buildings, looking for a place called the "Moon Dome" (inspired by the Moon Dome from Wolfenstein: The New Order?). We walk the Martian surface, until we find a mountain 'bowl' - a place completely surrounded by (not very high) mountains on all sides (except on one side, we came from a flat plain). I saw some kind of monument in the distant, up against the mountains. I started running in that direction, and noticed the ground was on a downward slope. I started floating because of this, and quickly learned to change that into flight. It was easier than usual, thanks to Mars' low gravity. From the air, I see a child (a little girl) falling behind from the rest of the group. I dive down, land, and help her get back to her parents.

      At some point, some guy said something that pissed off Alex Moore, a guy I know in real life. Alex got really pissed and started chasing him as he fled, along a rainy street at night (clearly on Earth now). The guy had to stop to unlock a door, which is when Alex caught him. I can't recall what happened next.
    4. 16-08-19 Long-armed Monster

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:40 AM
      Terrifying nightmare. I was in the garden of our old house. It was dark. I saw silhouettes in distance (it's a pretty big garden). I had enough of being afraid, and charged in - loudly screaming. But I hesitated. I came up with the excuse that maybe it wasn't necessary. I ran away again, but my fears manifested a creature that chased my out of the garden, onto the street. I looked back, and to my terror it was still chasing, coming straight for me. It was humanoid, but with unnaturally long arms. Like Slenderman, but not as tall and far scarier because it moved fast. So fast. The moment it was about to "get" me, I woke up in sheer terror.
    5. 16-08-18 How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:31 AM
      I have notes of a "swamp", a "woman swimming", and "crocodiles". I remember none of it, except the crocodiles.

      Dream took place in my old family home again. My phone buzzed in my pocket (allegedly, I remember nothing, these are old notes). My dad was upstairs. In the dream, I think he was installing (or had already installed) a fixed air conditioner unit. I could hear the annoying sound. In reality, it as my own crappy mobile AC that I was hearing, and the sound "leaked" into the dream in this form.

      I think I was on a quay, I think. I came across my old colleagues from my previous previous previous job (Tankpark). We did not split on good terms. I greet them, they ignore me. I was like "okay then", and continued on my way.

      We were in a garage-like space, dismantling a nuke. Notes tell me Xiaoxi (Chinese lady I know) was somehow involved, but I don't recall how. Heroes' Matt Parkman was there too (no surprise, I had seen actor Greg Grunberg in Star Trek: Beyond the evening before). At some point, Arthur Petrelli showed up and tried to stop us. I ignored him, saying he was dead. Suddenly, he turned out to be an older man called "Manny". I was supposed to know him from the past when he was younger, but didn't recogize him. He argued the world was in terrible shape, and asked us to stop. I convinced him it would only get worse if the nuke went off. We got ready to leave. Matt was interested in a fish bowl with some fish still in it, randomly laying around in the garage. He took it with him. We crawled under the garage door, which was half closed. I felt extremely tired, physically. So did the others, according to my notes. We find ourselves in what looks like an underground parking garage. In the distance, I see armed forced enter from several entrances. Guys in full SWAT gear. I am suspicious. We get on our knees as if to surrender, and I think to Parkman (he's a mind-reader) to get ready to get us out of here if things go wrong. Not sure how he would have done that. He can't teleport.
    6. 16-07-31

      by , 07-31-2016 at 11:23 AM
      I'm either on the ground, or I'm the "camera" and I'm close to the ground. A strange kind of snake, vaguely resembling a Cobra but not quite, creeps up on me and suddenly attacks. Suddenly, it's become a kind of large rodent. Somewhat rat-looking, but BIG, almost a small dog. It bites into my hand. I realize it's hurting me (even though it didn't really hurt, I don't think I've ever felt real pain in dreams), but I can't get it off. In panic, I bite into the creature's neck, and bite hard - almost severing the head completely.

      I remember I had a dream that took place at my old family home (or once again another place clearly modeled in its image). All details lost.

      I recall another dream involving multiple characters. I could fly, and I flew around a river (artificial-looking) of sorts. I flew above the water surface, making sure to stay high enough - as I knew there were "people" swimming underwater that could jump out and catch me. I also recall biting into a bikini-clad girl's hip for some reason.

      I was Spock (Zachary Quinto), dressed in a bizarrely effeminate outfit, doing a funny walk and finally attacking some enemies like a total badass. I wondered how this character could have been so popular when the first movie came out, if he looked this queeny.
    7. 16-07-18 Alien First Encounter, Superhero Punchout, The Time War

      by , 07-18-2016 at 03:03 PM
      I was once again in my old family house. There was an alien in the basement, and I knew it. The basement door was still closed, but I knew it was going to come out. I opened my camera app on my phone. I wanted to record it - footage of the "first encounter" would make me rich and famous. My mom came out the hallway, and I warned her to get out of the way, as the alien was coming. It burst out of the basement. It was dark green in color, almost spherical, and quite slimy. It had a few teeth in its wide mouth, but not very large ones - they didn't look too practical for eating meat. And eyes that were far too small for it's big, headless shape (it was basically just a fat green torso with no head). I thought it was scared, as it shrieked and rushed past me at great speed and, I think, disappeared into the garden - into the night. It covered me in goo as it flew past. I got some good footage, though! That night, I slept on some blankets on the floor, alone in the living room - close to the garden door. My mom slept upstairs. At some point, I noticed my cat (Fleurtje) was acting weird. She ignored me completely, and if I approached her, she hissed and attacked. She bit me in the finger at one point, and almost broke it! I had to struggle to get her off of me. I "knew" that the alien had bodysnatched my cat. Or had morphed into my cat, like the monster from "The Thing". Then, it was my other cat, Sylvester. I rushed upstairs to warn my mother. To my amazement, even that incident wasn't enough to convince me to sleep upstairs.

      The camera moved through a wide corridor or tunnel, and showed a lot of Marvel superheroes fighting out a massive free-for-all battle. They looked a little generic, with cheap costumes. Clearly stand-ins. I thought to myself that the rest of the franchise would be full of retcons, as they couldn't possibly stick to these cheap looking actors and costumes. Anyway, I was now standing by one of the heroes, clearly a main character. We were confronted by another, who had yellow glowy eyes that either drove you mad if you looked into them, or just killed you. Fortunately, my buddy revealed that he was blind. He had these (also almost glowy), milky-white eyes. I was more interested in my surrounding world. I saw the skyline of the city. Extremely modern, almost futuristic-looking skyscrapers. Massive flags hung by their sides, some red, some blue. The red flags looked like the German flag during World War 2, but with the Canadian Maple Leaf logo instead of the German cross. The blue flags had a star I think. I figured this was Canada, either in the future, or in another universe (or both). I yelled to the heroes that I suspected Canada had become Nazi.

      There were a lot of events in this dream universe preceding these events. The general plot was this: the world was at war with aliens, creatures resembling the Necromorphs from Dead Space (perhaps the same bastards I encountered in my first dream?). The war was not going well at all. To make matters even more weird, time was bent "onto itself", and our war in 2016 was now happening at the same time as World War 2. The future and past had been merged. I was in conversation with two high-ranking individuals of the US military. One looked like actor Zeljko Ivanek (Blake Sterling in The Event, Danko in Heroes), the other was a taller man with short, light-grey hair. Both generals, probably - judging by their uniforms. Ivanek told me we were to avoid interfering with the events of World War 2 as much as possible. He asked if I remembered a previous operation, in which operatives came in contact with people and events from that war. I said yes. He handed me an envelope, containing what I think was an item (an old fashioned skeleton key?). Inscribed on it was a date relating to a historic event of the war. Ivanek said that after the mission, the date had changed - implying that the operatives had accidentally changed the timing of a major event of that war. I noticed Ivanek's skin was a strange tone of green. Anyhow, I think we were on an important mission, possible a last ditch effort to end the war against the aliens in our favor. I remember clumsily climbing through a window to get outside and link up with the others (?).

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    8. 16-07-08 Funny Chase, Kurt Russel, Thug Debt Collectors

      by , 07-08-2016 at 12:53 PM
      I was at a house/garden, which once again resembled our old family home quite a bit. I may or may not have been myself (was I a woman?) and may have killed some people (a girl) or gotten them killed indirectly. A father and a victim's sister were pissed off whatever the case may be, and in pursuit. I climbed rooftops, ran through gardens and kept ahead of the pursuers. Once we reached one end of the property, I turned around, ran past them somehow and ran to the other side. Only the Benny Hill music was still missing. At one point I may have considered escaping the property for good.

      We were on some kind of bleachers (?) overlooking what appeared to be an airport. I saw a large jet taking off, a Boeing 747. Above a barrier blocking my view, I saw a large road vehicle. I knew this was a "quad-decker bus", a bus with four flours. We got a different angle, and it looked more like a train. Multiple "wagons", and only the front had two levels, not four. I think we had been on vacation before, and were leaving again. I thought we were headed for the North Pole next. I said "Kurt Russel would know all about that!", referring to "The Thing", and I said this to Kurt Russel who was somehow walking with us. We talked about another movie. I tried to remember some line (from a song?), but neither of us could remember the whole thing. We laughed, and he said we'd work it out eventually. Anyway, were not headed for the North Pole. Some other guy said we had to be home by the evening, so we couldn't possibly go that far. We were headed to some boring place in my own country instead.

      I arrive at my house (not really mine), and two guys are waiting for me. Bad guy, one armed with a shotgun. I think they were gangsters, here to collect an old debt. I thought they'd execute me right away, but the armed thug said it as too soon for that. I'd get a chance to pay. We enter my house, and in the room to the left I see a corpse on the floor. The "dead" man suddenly got up. It was a trap. There were vigilantes all over the house, and a gun battle erupted. At the top of the stairs, I saw a female vigilante movie who may or not have been/looked like Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who tried to kill me, she had a knife I think). I suddenly realized I had "seen this movie before", and I pressed "pause" somehow and effectively froze time!

      I was in bed in the dark. Time was frozen. I looked at the woman who was sitting upright to my right, unmovingly. *REDACTED* It was actually quite creepy, only being able to see this perfectly still, dark silhouette - like a mannequin. I touched her head and moved it. She did not notice, as time was still frozen. She felt like plastic, strangely.

      Sailboat, harbor (walking tight path over water, one plank secured by rope). Thought about speedboating up and down the coast of Europe. Former shift leader (Stefan, possibly in one of the sailboats?) asks how I'm doing at the new plant (I left and have had two new assignments since then). I answer evasively (I plan to leave the industry entirely), saying I was learning the "condensation" area (I work at a chem plant, if you hadn't already figured), then quickly changed my mind and said something else. I tried to climb back out of the boat (ladder), but the fridge was still open and it was to climb past its door (very tight space). I said to Stefan I should have closed it first.

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