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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 22-08-14

      by , 08-14-2022 at 10:45 AM
      Incoherent dream involving some FBI guy threatening us with "more lockdowns" unless we did exactly what he wanted us to do. I think he wanted us to attack someone/something? I had a weapon that's basically a pebble from a river that explodes like a grenade.
      Then we're inside a wooden house, like a tavern or something. Still in the same town. My brother was there, as well as my old classmates (Fenn & co.). At some point I get caught on something and dragged outside?
      Tags: fbi, fenn
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 17-12-25 Bad Time Traveler

      by , 01-01-2018 at 04:50 PM
      I had somehow ended up back in time, probably the early 50's (or before). I was showing off an AR15 carbine to a few guys, who were messing around with a Thompson SMG (where is why I assume it was no later than Vietnam, where the M4 replaced the Thompson). Someone, possibly my former friends Barra and Fenn (yes, these guys again) judged me for being such a braggard. For my crimes of being a "bad time traveler" I was punished somehow. I recall my Fenn walking past me as if he didn't know who I was or hadn't seen me. Barra, someone who hates me even more than Fenn does, did stop to speak to me. I was quite emotional and felt a lot of regret. Not for anything in particular, just generally. I don't remember what he said. Nothing too damning. He came uncomfortably close while speaking to me, but didn't care because of how emotional I was. Anyway... I found another job as security guard for some rich guy, to guard his villa. Using the AR15 carbine.
    3. 17-10-24 Talking to Old Friend

      by , 10-24-2017 at 02:34 PM
      In this dream I spoke to an old (former) friend, Fenn. From the way he spoke (and from what he said, I guess) he was no longer friends with MichaŽl, his best friend and former classmate of mine. They had a falling out of some kind. Our conversation was surprisingly pleasant.
      Tags: fenn
    4. 17-10-09 Unpleasant Meeting With Former Friends

      by , 10-09-2017 at 02:25 PM
      Met my old friends again, which I will call F and B. Or at least I considered them friends... Until for some reason they started hating me, the reasons mostly political. As the world grew more polarized, so did we. I'm a rationalist and centrist (from my point of view, I know), they were very much on the far-left of the spectrum. It didn't work.

      So I met them again somewhere, and F talked about his time in university (which was ages ago in real life). He said they "at least banged the (forgot subject) teacher before the end of the year". I was a little... surprised he would speak of such explicit things, but I just said "really, cool!" or something like that. Then he said it was more of a gangbang, and the teacher was a dude. This really surprised me, as I realized this meant he was gay - a fact I didn't know about him. I don't recall what I said (it was a rhetorical question, out of surprise, not negative judgement), but he instantly interpreted as if I was being homophobic (they have always seen me as a Nazi, just for not buying into their radical leftist ideas) and offensive. The disgust on his face... summarized exactly how I feel my former friends feel about me. Clearly, I'm not over it. Then the other 'friend', B, suggested I was an antisemitist. Not sure how the conversation went that way. I defended myself and said I wasn't... because I'm not, the suggestion is ludicrous. He dismissed my defense, with that same look of disgust as the other friend from before. They hated me... for being something I am not! If only they could see through my eyes, or look into my mind, and see I am none of the things they think I am. Anyway, he pulled out his phone, opened Facebook and showed a comment I made on a picture as evidence of my "antisemitism". It was a pro-Israel post condemning atrocities committed against them. Despising hypocrisy, I replied something sarcastic, reminding them of how the atrocities they are committing themselves (in Palestine, presumably). And that was, from B's point of view, evidence I was a Jew-hating Nazi.

      I felt miserable when I woke up. The world has gone insane. Or is it just me who has gone insane?
    5. 16-11-09 Nazi Chase, Resurrecting Dead Friends

      by , 11-12-2016 at 02:51 AM
      I was with someone else, standing on some train tracks in an industrial area. I worked there, as did the other person. On the platform next to the tracks stood two men. I thought they were guys coming from load/unload product (which is what I used to do years ago, load/unload train wagons and ships with liquid product). But for some reason, I knew they were bad news. I tried to slip away, and fled down the tracks. My friend stayed where he was. They weren't after him, perhaps. The two guys noticed me and chased me down. They were unnaturally fast. One of them simply ran past me, and blocked my escape. The other stayed behind me. I realized escape wasn't possible, so I ended up fighting. The fight went a lot easier than expected. They were quite weak, and I beat them relatively easily. I think I killed them by slashing them with a knife. By the way, I think they were Nazi's.

      The dream continued in an indoor area. A large room, perhaps a warehouse. I think I witnessed (as a camera, not a character) two of my former high school friends (we are not on speaking terms anymore) being butchered by someone (Nazi's?). One was cut up with a knife, the other killed in an adjacent room (he was in a chair, I think). From that point onward, I set out to fix this. I was suddenly back in a control room (like the ones I used to work in during that last job). A coworker whom I really f*cking hated in real life (mostly because he hated me, too) passed me a job, and/or made a remark. Surprisingly, I managed to laugh off the remark and keep civil, something I never managed before. I felt I was "undercover", and this was somehow vital to saving my ex-friends. In the end I found my 'friends' again, albeit dead. I had to "piece together" one friend bit by bit. His hand, still in a black leather glove, had been cut off. I put him back together, then injected him with a syringe containing a strange liquid. It healed and resurrected him. I thought about doing the other one as well, but he was suddenly alive again without my intervention. I met them later on, and they were very grateful. One called me a hero. I hate that term, it feels pretentious. Then again, I'm an egomaniac with delusions of modesty.
    6. 16-10-18 UFO Attack, Flashbang Boobytrap

      by , 10-18-2016 at 03:09 PM
      I was in bed with a woman. She was older then me, but not much, perhaps in her late 30's. I think she had red hair, or dark hair. I wondered to myself how I got this lucky. And I realized this was very unusual for me.

      The house was in a suburban neighborhood of almost identical houses. When we were downstairs again, I saw something. It was a flying saucer. It looked like the city destroyers from Independence Day, but smaller - about 50 meters (150 feet) in diameter. It had an opening in the bottom center of the saucer, but this wasn't a weapon. It was more of a tractor beam. I think I got really excited, and ran outside. Our neighbor was also on the street, gawking at the ship. I took out my phone and started filming it. But the saucer went hostile. It started snatching people up using the tractor beam. I saw that the "beam" was more of a thin white wire, people got tangled in it, and pulled up to the ship. I ran back inside as my neighbor got taken. I kept filming through the roof (there was a skylight), but the battery power dropped below 8% and shut down my ability to record video before I could get the saucer itself in the image. So instead, I took some snapshots of my neighbor being lifted up by the white "thread". At some point, whoever was flying the saucer became aware I was in the house. I was grabbed by the thread through the back door (which was still closed, it was thin enough to fit between the door frame and the door). It tried to pull me through, but I resisted with all my might. I pulled so hard, I was pulling the wire back, instead of the wire pulling me back. It was during this struggle that I saw something. On the wall there was something that looked like a soap dispenser, and it had English writing on it. Strangely I thought this proved the saucer wasn't piloted by aliens, but rather by humans. I questioned it for a second, realizing the dispenser wasn't part of the ship, but the situation was too hectic for it to fully sink in. Anyway, suddenly the wire gave up, and the vanished again. I went outside, hell-bent on getting out of that neighborhood. I ran around the house and considered climbing a fence, but it was high, had spikes at the top and a high hedge behind it. Luckily, I saw I didn't have to flee anymore, as I saw the saucer fly off in the distance. Interestingly, the girlfriend had disappeared from existence somewhere mid-dream!

      I ran away from the house, joining a column of people walking on a dirt road, in the fields next to the houses. I was very emotional by what had just happened, and desperate for someone to believe me. They saw I was very shook up, and realized something must have happened to me. Suddenly I 'realized' the day had been 'reset'. This had all happened before, only then I was the one who didn't believe the UFO believers. The previous day started with this exact event, the column of people walking through the fields (it was a false memory though, I had no such dream).


      A later dream had me crawling through a ventilation duct, and disarming a flashbang grenade attached to one of the exits as boobytrap. I managed to do it, but there was still lasers and a turret attached to the lasers (cross one of the beams, it riddles you with bullets). I exited the vent same way I got in, and ended up in a supermarket? My ex-friend Fenn was there, and quite of few other people. I talked to him about the trap (I think). His buddy (another ex-friend of mine) Barra was nearby, and looked pissed because I was talking to his best friend. At some point I was wearing a long, white leather coat with fur around the collar (I casually adjusted the collar, that's how I found out).

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