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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-03-07 London TV-Show, Mars

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:24 PM
      This entire dream played out as a TV show. I was the dreamer 'dreaming up' the scenario, but I also controlled one of the characters within the story.

      One building in London was central to much of the plot: a futuristic (and massive) trapezoid building, almost entirely made of glass. The windows themselves were triangular in shape. It was called the London Naval Shipyard Headquarters. Or something similar. I saw NYC in one scene, but noticed the old World Trade Center was still there, meaning I was in the past, pre-2001. Then I was in a car, in one of the back passenger seats, driving through London. The sun was bright red. The person next to me in the car, said this was due to "red-shifting" - due to the dimensional/time-traveling we were doing. I arrived at the location where the large building mentioned earlier was supposed to be, but instead there was only an empty plot of land - telling me I was still in the past, and it hadn't been built yet.

      The show had less than 10 episodes total. It had many characters, and each episode had different characters in it. I think the character I played, was the only one that featured in all of them, so kind of the 'main' character. It was all quite tragic, though I can't recall any details. The main character experiences several disconnected events (each self-contained story was an episode) that were still all connected in some way; but in a way not obvious to the characters themselves - only to the viewer/dreamer. In the end, the events of all the episodes ended in the main character being held at gunpoint by a man, a man I knew (as dreamer) to be a good guy), who mistakenly thought the main character had killed someone, or did something terrible. I (as character) was forced to me knees, and I heard him say "don't fucking move", but I heard pain in his voice. Maybe he thought I killed someone dear to him? Either way, the event he blamed on me actually happened in a previous episode, and was done by a completely different character.

      The whole dream had an amazing soundtrack, but especially the main theme at the end of the last episode was beyond awesome. It sounded mysterious, like the soundtrack of Half-Life: Decay, but with a very sad violin at the end, reflecting the tragic nature of the story.


      Second dream. Someone (a rather attractive blonde woman in her late 20's) had bought our old house from my dad. There was a massive 'basement' below the house, which I'd never noticed in the years living there. The basement was large, clean and very well-lit. In fact, it didn't look like a basement at all. It was made into a kind of museum, where books and other stuff owned by the woman were put on display. I had a look at the books, and eventually left.

      I found myself on the surface of Mars. The 'air' was breathable, and the temperature non-existent (I can't feel temperature in dreams). Along with a group of other 'visitors', we walked past several large buildings, looking for a place called the "Moon Dome" (inspired by the Moon Dome from Wolfenstein: The New Order?). We walk the Martian surface, until we find a mountain 'bowl' - a place completely surrounded by (not very high) mountains on all sides (except on one side, we came from a flat plain). I saw some kind of monument in the distant, up against the mountains. I started running in that direction, and noticed the ground was on a downward slope. I started floating because of this, and quickly learned to change that into flight. It was easier than usual, thanks to Mars' low gravity. From the air, I see a child (a little girl) falling behind from the rest of the group. I dive down, land, and help her get back to her parents.

      At some point, some guy said something that pissed off Alex Moore, a guy I know in real life. Alex got really pissed and started chasing him as he fled, along a rainy street at night (clearly on Earth now). The guy had to stop to unlock a door, which is when Alex caught him. I can't recall what happened next.