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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-12-06 Sewer Pig-Demons, Tank Farm, Getaway

      by , 12-21-2017 at 03:28 PM
      I'm in a room (in the sewers?), trapped. I look for a key to get out. Eventually I do. Eventually I'm driving a big vehicle (a truck?) through an industrial area closely resembling one of my (many) previous workplaces (tank farm, BASF). Someone sees me. It's my worst enemy from that time, Paul. I try to flee but give up after a short while. Turns out if not him at all, but a female fire safety officer (or whatever the role is called in English, we call it "veiligheidswacht" or "brandwacht). We talk for a bit, then I manage to leave. Back in the sewers now. A man-sized demon sees me. I flee, quickly climbing a ladder to a higher level. I crawl through a narrow space, but my passage through the next small room is blocked by a kind of smaller pig-demon. A fat guy is also stuck in that room. I kill the pig-demon with five shots from my shotgun. I got outside, onto the streets. My getaway driver arrives. The cops are watching from behind the windows of the building next to us. I tell the fat guy (who had a Hispanic name) to hurry up and get in the car before the cops get suspicious.
    2. 16-11-09 Nazi Chase, Resurrecting Dead Friends

      by , 11-12-2016 at 02:51 AM
      I was with someone else, standing on some train tracks in an industrial area. I worked there, as did the other person. On the platform next to the tracks stood two men. I thought they were guys coming from load/unload product (which is what I used to do years ago, load/unload train wagons and ships with liquid product). But for some reason, I knew they were bad news. I tried to slip away, and fled down the tracks. My friend stayed where he was. They weren't after him, perhaps. The two guys noticed me and chased me down. They were unnaturally fast. One of them simply ran past me, and blocked my escape. The other stayed behind me. I realized escape wasn't possible, so I ended up fighting. The fight went a lot easier than expected. They were quite weak, and I beat them relatively easily. I think I killed them by slashing them with a knife. By the way, I think they were Nazi's.

      The dream continued in an indoor area. A large room, perhaps a warehouse. I think I witnessed (as a camera, not a character) two of my former high school friends (we are not on speaking terms anymore) being butchered by someone (Nazi's?). One was cut up with a knife, the other killed in an adjacent room (he was in a chair, I think). From that point onward, I set out to fix this. I was suddenly back in a control room (like the ones I used to work in during that last job). A coworker whom I really f*cking hated in real life (mostly because he hated me, too) passed me a job, and/or made a remark. Surprisingly, I managed to laugh off the remark and keep civil, something I never managed before. I felt I was "undercover", and this was somehow vital to saving my ex-friends. In the end I found my 'friends' again, albeit dead. I had to "piece together" one friend bit by bit. His hand, still in a black leather glove, had been cut off. I put him back together, then injected him with a syringe containing a strange liquid. It healed and resurrected him. I thought about doing the other one as well, but he was suddenly alive again without my intervention. I met them later on, and they were very grateful. One called me a hero. I hate that term, it feels pretentious. Then again, I'm an egomaniac with delusions of modesty.
    3. 16-08-18 How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb

      by , 08-21-2016 at 02:31 AM
      I have notes of a "swamp", a "woman swimming", and "crocodiles". I remember none of it, except the crocodiles.

      Dream took place in my old family home again. My phone buzzed in my pocket (allegedly, I remember nothing, these are old notes). My dad was upstairs. In the dream, I think he was installing (or had already installed) a fixed air conditioner unit. I could hear the annoying sound. In reality, it as my own crappy mobile AC that I was hearing, and the sound "leaked" into the dream in this form.

      I think I was on a quay, I think. I came across my old colleagues from my previous previous previous job (Tankpark). We did not split on good terms. I greet them, they ignore me. I was like "okay then", and continued on my way.

      We were in a garage-like space, dismantling a nuke. Notes tell me Xiaoxi (Chinese lady I know) was somehow involved, but I don't recall how. Heroes' Matt Parkman was there too (no surprise, I had seen actor Greg Grunberg in Star Trek: Beyond the evening before). At some point, Arthur Petrelli showed up and tried to stop us. I ignored him, saying he was dead. Suddenly, he turned out to be an older man called "Manny". I was supposed to know him from the past when he was younger, but didn't recogize him. He argued the world was in terrible shape, and asked us to stop. I convinced him it would only get worse if the nuke went off. We got ready to leave. Matt was interested in a fish bowl with some fish still in it, randomly laying around in the garage. He took it with him. We crawled under the garage door, which was half closed. I felt extremely tired, physically. So did the others, according to my notes. We find ourselves in what looks like an underground parking garage. In the distance, I see armed forced enter from several entrances. Guys in full SWAT gear. I am suspicious. We get on our knees as if to surrender, and I think to Parkman (he's a mind-reader) to get ready to get us out of here if things go wrong. Not sure how he would have done that. He can't teleport.
    4. 16-07-08 Funny Chase, Kurt Russel, Thug Debt Collectors

      by , 07-08-2016 at 12:53 PM
      I was at a house/garden, which once again resembled our old family home quite a bit. I may or may not have been myself (was I a woman?) and may have killed some people (a girl) or gotten them killed indirectly. A father and a victim's sister were pissed off whatever the case may be, and in pursuit. I climbed rooftops, ran through gardens and kept ahead of the pursuers. Once we reached one end of the property, I turned around, ran past them somehow and ran to the other side. Only the Benny Hill music was still missing. At one point I may have considered escaping the property for good.

      We were on some kind of bleachers (?) overlooking what appeared to be an airport. I saw a large jet taking off, a Boeing 747. Above a barrier blocking my view, I saw a large road vehicle. I knew this was a "quad-decker bus", a bus with four flours. We got a different angle, and it looked more like a train. Multiple "wagons", and only the front had two levels, not four. I think we had been on vacation before, and were leaving again. I thought we were headed for the North Pole next. I said "Kurt Russel would know all about that!", referring to "The Thing", and I said this to Kurt Russel who was somehow walking with us. We talked about another movie. I tried to remember some line (from a song?), but neither of us could remember the whole thing. We laughed, and he said we'd work it out eventually. Anyway, were not headed for the North Pole. Some other guy said we had to be home by the evening, so we couldn't possibly go that far. We were headed to some boring place in my own country instead.

      I arrive at my house (not really mine), and two guys are waiting for me. Bad guy, one armed with a shotgun. I think they were gangsters, here to collect an old debt. I thought they'd execute me right away, but the armed thug said it as too soon for that. I'd get a chance to pay. We enter my house, and in the room to the left I see a corpse on the floor. The "dead" man suddenly got up. It was a trap. There were vigilantes all over the house, and a gun battle erupted. At the top of the stairs, I saw a female vigilante movie who may or not have been/looked like Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who tried to kill me, she had a knife I think). I suddenly realized I had "seen this movie before", and I pressed "pause" somehow and effectively froze time!

      I was in bed in the dark. Time was frozen. I looked at the woman who was sitting upright to my right, unmovingly. *REDACTED* It was actually quite creepy, only being able to see this perfectly still, dark silhouette - like a mannequin. I touched her head and moved it. She did not notice, as time was still frozen. She felt like plastic, strangely.

      Sailboat, harbor (walking tight path over water, one plank secured by rope). Thought about speedboating up and down the coast of Europe. Former shift leader (Stefan, possibly in one of the sailboats?) asks how I'm doing at the new plant (I left and have had two new assignments since then). I answer evasively (I plan to leave the industry entirely), saying I was learning the "condensation" area (I work at a chem plant, if you hadn't already figured), then quickly changed my mind and said something else. I tried to climb back out of the boat (ladder), but the fridge was still open and it was to climb past its door (very tight space). I said to Stefan I should have closed it first.

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