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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-07-17 Pennywise Grants Power, Kill Bully

      by , 07-22-2018 at 01:01 AM
      Pennywise from 'It' and I made a pact. He granted me a power, telekinesis. I approached a guy who had always been bullying me. He was perhaps 10, and I think so was I. I wanted to just lift him with TK and pull him towards me. To scare him, maybe hurt him. But when he was suspended in the air in front of me, he looked dead. Like, I'd accidentally snapped his neck by pulling him so violently or something. That's when Pennywise began haunting me. I could feel the terror building inside of me as he got creepier and creepier, but then my real-life alarm clock went off and saved me. Phew.
    2. 17-02-19 Dark Version of Reality

      by , 02-19-2018 at 03:38 PM
      I was in a room with a DC. A younger girl, I think. She had a 'condition', or rather 'unwanted ability'. At some point, she started crying when she felt it coming. We both 'shifted' into a nightmarish version of reality (that was her ability, to move there). It was dark, gloomy and everything looked dilapidated. In the room we were in, we were attacked by a kind of shadow monster. It was smaller than a human (size of a large dog) and moved on all fours, and its legs had sharp claws to them (but made of shadow). There were a few 'lights' on its body, which I assume were eyes. They reminded me of the monsters from the sidescroller game 'Claire', which also features a nightmare version of reality, and a girl who accidentally travels to it. I think I stomped the monster to death.

      I went through double doors into a corridor, but at the end there was the shadow of a person. This dark figure suddenly started screaming loudly, and lit up in flames. The flames spread rapidly, and moved through the corridor towards me. I screamed back, and somehow this 'pushed the fire back' until the dark figure was completely extinguished. I think I rushed at it with random objects laying around, and tried to whack it. The figure telekinetically flung stuff back at me, trying to stop my progress.

      I think I was trying to protect the girl until she could get us back.

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