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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 19-07-11 Chased by T1000 at Mall

      by , 07-11-2019 at 05:45 PM
      I entered a very large indoor parking garage. The place had very high ceilings (easily 100 feet). To my left was the exit, and right in front the entrance of the mall itself. There were large windows overlooking the garage from the inside of the mall. There were people walking around, and a car driving to find a place to park. It was the 1980s, judging by the way people were dressed and the car. I walked in, fully expecting to see the T1000 waiting for me in the distance. I saw a dark silhouette lurking behind a pillar on the opposite side of the room, and assumed it was probably him. Note: the whole dream felt like it was in virtual reality. A program. I was analyzing the mechanics of the experience while experiencing it. Anyway, when I walked in, the T1000 emerged from the shadows right behind me. All the exits were suddenly blocked, and the lights went out. The T1000, who I'm not sure was Robert Patrick or a woman. The T1000 butchered quite a few people. There was nowhere for us to go, so we just ran around the car park while the T1000 fast-walked after us (it did not sprint). At some point some survivors built a fort out of pillows and boxes? I was like "that won't do much"...
    2. 17-10-06 German Resistance, Flight

      by , 10-08-2017 at 03:48 AM
      I'm in a room with a bunch of other people. We're the German resistance, rebelling against the current German government (present day). Much to my surprise, my grandmother (deceased since 2009, she was a Nazi and fled Germany when the Soviet army invaded from the east) was also a part of the resistance. But then, the government (presumably) sent in a T-1000 (Terminator 2) to hunt us down. We scattered and ran in various directions. We were now in an industrial area, resembling the kind of chemical plant I used to work at. I sprinted as fast as I could which admittedly wasn't fast. Then, I suddenly "remembered" I could fly. I just felt I could. I took off, and flew away from the industrial area, over the river where it was located. I was afraid I might lose altitude and fall in the water, as I hated getting wet, feared drowning and knew I could never take off again from the water. I reached the opposite shore, where there was a city. I was at the waterfront, and saw a man and a woman at a bench. The man was doing magic tricks, though I saw no audience. I was just hovering two feet above the ground instead of walking, and showed it to him saying "I can do magic too!". He did not look impressed, and waved his hand underneath me, thinking there would be a wire or some kind of other object supporting me. But when he saw there was nothing, he realized I was hovering for real. They both looked flabbergasted no. I said I could fly, too. I found it hard to take off from a level surface, so I jumped off the waterfront path (into the water). I flew, and gained some altitude. People were watching now, and to be honest I was being vain and I enjoyed the attention. I did some more stuff like fly up and walk across a building' walls horizontally (briefly).

      In a later scene, I was in a supermarket. I met a former colleague (Gaspard). I greeted him and we chatted a bit.