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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 19-07-10 Reversing Time

      by , 07-10-2019 at 05:06 PM
      I was at the first floor of a house. I looked through the window and saw my cat (Lotje) being chased by a large feline, like a mountain lion. It clawed at her, and caused heavy bleeding. I think she died not much later. I rushed downstairs and outside, brandishing a sword. I attacked the beast, but it was too late. Then I reversed time. It was really cool, and the first time I ever did that in a dream. It wasn't like time travel, but rather like reversing a video tape. While time was reversing (roughly at twice the speed), my own past movements were reversed as well. But my mind stayed normal, just not in control of my body. I was holding my breath while doing it, as it took immense concentration. I had to stop because I was out of breath. I was back in the house. Rather than rush downstairs, I grabbed my carbine, opened the window and shot the lion before it could hurt my cat.
    2. 17-12-25 Bad Time Traveler

      by , 01-01-2018 at 04:50 PM
      I had somehow ended up back in time, probably the early 50's (or before). I was showing off an AR15 carbine to a few guys, who were messing around with a Thompson SMG (where is why I assume it was no later than Vietnam, where the M4 replaced the Thompson). Someone, possibly my former friends Barra and Fenn (yes, these guys again) judged me for being such a braggard. For my crimes of being a "bad time traveler" I was punished somehow. I recall my Fenn walking past me as if he didn't know who I was or hadn't seen me. Barra, someone who hates me even more than Fenn does, did stop to speak to me. I was quite emotional and felt a lot of regret. Not for anything in particular, just generally. I don't remember what he said. Nothing too damning. He came uncomfortably close while speaking to me, but didn't care because of how emotional I was. Anyway... I found another job as security guard for some rich guy, to guard his villa. Using the AR15 carbine.
    3. 17-12-07 Japanese Time Portal, Dad Being a Dick - Act II

      by , 12-21-2017 at 03:50 PM
      Notes say 'heroes in city', not sure what that refers to. I do vaguely remember some kind of 'time portal' in a wall (an ancient Japanese wall, with gorgeous paintings). There was a soundtrack. At some point Hiro Nakamura shows up (comes back from the past or future), but with prosthetic limbs, and a coffee machine on his head?

      Second dream. Dad being a dick again and talking shit about me because the model airplanes I made as a child look like shit in his opinion. He says I'm as lazy as my "good-for-nothing brother". I feel powerless and enraged by it. I fantasized about murdering the shit out of him by ripping off his head. That's what tends to happen when I feel powerless. It's like I become a cornered wild animal. I get really, really mad. I woke up breathing rapidly, still upset. And disturbed by the level of imaginary violence I just unleashed on someone who did nothing to me in real life, and I'm supposed to love.

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    4. 15-10-XX Various

      by , 10-24-2017 at 12:59 PM
      I procrastinated for 2 years to write out these dreams. Yes, really. I barely remember any of them, so many will just be the one-word description I wrote down after I woke up.

      October 17: Time travel, home 2007. This does vaguely mean something to me. I'd somehow wound up 10 years in the past (8 from when I had this dream), and I'd gone to where we used to live as a family (now only my dad live there with his new wife, Debby). I think I ringed the doorbell and talked to my mom. Who didn't seem to notice I was 8 years older. Or was that a different dream...? Not sure.

      October 18: Time travel, Mexico.

      October 19: Miami, jet engine + cockpit - killer robot, Stig/Claire/Debby.

      October 20: Lava, Travis Dane (villain from "Under Siege 2")?

      October 21: Going nuclear.

      October 23: Chased by killer CIA (?), Eros (old friend of mine), car - school, 220 km/h, LA, Green Mile - cloning, restrained, grey alien.

      October 29: Hallucination, guy hits me in face repeatedly (brother?), knocks me to ground, sits on me, keeps hitting nose hard, I feel nothing/little, realize must be bleeding.

      October 30: Escape from huge research (?) building, 30 floors under the water or under ground, 160 above. I was chased by something on stairs, I jumped down. Elevator, slow down, roll away?

      Final boss robot, defeat, next game - walking through Las Vegas, remember/miss Claire, have to contain tears (powerful sorrow).

      October 31: City destroyed and on fire, airships and normal ships, landing at airship, difficult approach, hook won't attach, ship crew doesn't want us there.
    5. 17-04-16 Time-Travel Nightmare, VR Nightmare

      by , 04-16-2017 at 07:20 PM
      I was in a room, I think on the first floor. There was a puddle of water on the floor. Suddenly, something happens. The water starts moving... towards one of the walls. The puddle splits up into many smaller puddles, and they start crawling up the wall. Gravity starts shifting, and the air turns "electric". I could feel static electricity as I moved my hands through the air. Drops of water floated in the air. Suddenly, there was a "flash". I was still in the same house, but everything was different. All the furniture was in different places, and there were boxes everywhere. I recognized the mess from when I moved into this house, a year ago. It dawned on me that I had somehow ended up in the past, but I could not yet believe it. I was terrified, and wanted out of there ASAP. Outside, I found a person. I immediately asked him what year it was. It was 2016 according to him. That's when I moved in here. The whole dream, despite seeming like sci-fi when I read my notes now, was a complete nightmare when I was having it. I was terrified. I then had a false awakening. I saw a "picture" of a certain fictional character I fancy, and her eyes went black and started weeping black tears. Then I had another awakening, this time the real one... for several minutes, I was very paranoid about my surroundings, frightened I was still dreaming. I wasn't.

      I was having another frightening experience in a large, condemned building. After a while, I knew this was a "VR game". I navigated a few corridors in the the open air, on walkways above the ground. I caught a glimpse of a "thing" in the distance, and thought it was a monster that had now seen me. Another "thing" approached from the opposite direction, the direction I was headed. I was pretty scared, until I saw the thing was just an older woman. I think she was a teacher. She started talking to me, and I amazed at the graphical quality of her animations and the realism of the world around me. I could now "feel" the VR goggles on my head.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    6. 17-04-11 Chilling With Others & Past Self

      by , 04-16-2017 at 07:09 PM
      I was sitting on couch with a few others, talking. Across from my sat my "past self". I guess we were time-travelers or something. I gave him a 'knowing look', and knew
      we could do some serious damage together.