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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-09-08 Russian Nuclear Attack

      by , 09-10-2018 at 12:45 AM
      I saw multiple mushroom clouds on the horizon. I felt the usual terror. I ran inside and saw a strategic map of the world on TV (news broadcast). Multiple missiles were flying back and forth. Russia was one of the aggressors (I was hoping they weren't). Even when surrounded by detonations, I still hoped it wasn't Russia. They have thousands of nukes and if they fired them it'd surely mean the end of civilization.

      I'm going to start labeling 'outbreak of nuclear war' dreams as 'nightmares'.
    2. 18-01-18 War PoW

      by , 01-18-2018 at 07:03 PM
      There was a kind of war going on. It was the modern day, and I was in a trench of sorts with other people of my 'side'. At some point, they were all gone and I was surrounded by enemies. I had my chest pressed against the side of the trench, which was odd because I wasn't being restrained or anything. I was surrendering, I guess. I still had my pistol in my hand, and for a second a tried inserting a fresh magazine (presumably to kill some of the enemies by surprise) but I decided against it because I knew I'd undoubtedly get killed myself. So I surrendered, but I still had my gun in my hand, and I couldn't drop it because my arm and hand were stuck between the wall and myself. To release the gun and show them my hands, I'd have to move. And I knew the slightest unexpected movement might cause them to shoot. Anyway, after a lot of shouting, eventually they got my gun and I showed them my empty hands. Curiously, they didn't restrain me or tie me up. In the next scene, I was at a large round/oval table where the enemies who had defeated us were seated. All of their head honchos were there, but everyone was dressed like regular people. Even more bizarrely, they gave me my gun back, loaded and everything. I laughed at their naivety. I think they realized and took it back? Not sure. Anyway, I sat down next to one of them, and made the finger gun gesture to their leader sitting across from me. I guess I could have blown him anyway, but I like living so I didn't. Both 'sides' had a colour. Mine was orange, theirs was blue. The 'meeting room' was bathed in orange light, which I thought was odd. At some point I heard reference to a Professor X, who I think was our leader. I think my side was into developing super-powered mutants, or something. The blue guys opposed it. They said something like 'Professor X won't succeed". My plan was to escape at some point and rejoin my own side. I really despised the enemy and would not let them win.
      Tags: glock 19, trench, war
    3. 17-01-15 Gun Violence

      by , 01-17-2017 at 05:44 AM
      I'm in some kind of apartment, a rather crappy looking one. For some reason, I was getting shot at. It all felt very raw and "realistic" (the bullet impacts into the walls and doors). There were several armed persons, and I was armed myself. I opted to stay in the doorway for cover. I had an ally, a fellow I know from real life called Victor. He's... absolutely not suited for this role. He's peaceful, a scientist and gay. I'm pretty sure he abhors violence. Not this version! Victor, also armed, rushed in and pulled a Leeroy Jenkins on me. He actually killed several perps, with gun and/or bare hands (smashing them into walls!). But this spree didn't last, as he was violently shot dead. It looked awful. I continued the fight, until only a black kid aged 8-10 was left... he was armed too, and kept shooting at me. He left me no choice. I shot him in the head. It was a mess. I had a bit of a mental breakdown, asking the dead kid why he forced me to do this.

      A group of people, including me, running. It was night? We run past a trailer/RV. In third person, I saw a man I recognized, perhaps a former colleague, walking through some curtains into his trailer. He engaged several persons in a gunfight. He fought valiantly, but was shot from the side and killed.

      War scene. I was in a trench, preparing for an upcoming battle along with the other soldiers. The weapons were guns I recognized from the Vietnam era, an M14 and an AK with collapsible stock. The battle started when we charged the enemy. Now it gets weird. I may have died a few times, but every time the scene "reset" to just before the battle. Like in the movie "Edge of Tomorrow". I remember being crouched in the mud, seeing death and destruction all around me, and feeling... traumatized? In a later attempt, I think I tried to escape the scene. I'd actually memorized where most of the hostiles would be coming from, and what they would try if they spotted me. I entered a small warehouse-like room, and saw two hostiles. They were talking and hadn't spotted me yet. I tossed a grenade. That's the last I remember.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 16-09-01 School Shooting, Lost in a Dream, Flying to War

      by , 09-02-2016 at 06:04 AM
      I think I was in a school, and there was a shooting. I was hiding in a room, along with Fernando Alonso (the F1 driver). I was terrified, but Fernando had a plan. He stayed calm, and started crafting makeshift guns from junk laying around the room. In the end, we both had a gun (that resembled a Sten) with 11 bullets. We decided to leave the room. I wanted to move crouched with Alonso standing behind me, to cover more ground with our fields of fire. In another scene, a man showed up at our door (before we left). There was a group of people roaming the area, and I felt we could trust no one. I had a pneumatic rifle now, with a long piece of metal shoved into the chamber as improvised ammo. I stuck the gun through an opening in the door, and shot him in the face. It didn't do much to hurt him.

      After having survived this ordeal, I found myself in a different location (Dallas?). I "knew" I was thousands of miles east from where I was earlier. I was walking with others, a little confused as to where I was and how I got there. I think a woman told me where I was. Anyway, I am stopped by the police. They asked me if I have guns, I say no. They search me (my bag?) and find the makeshift guns from the previous dream. I realize how screwed I am. I would never convince the cops of my innocence. I couldn't even explain how I got here myself, so why would they believe me? I sat there for a while. I got a strange feeling. There were a lot of people, talking loudly. A marketplace of sorts? I felt like this couldn't be real. I didn't know how I got there. And why am I in America? I somehow made a conscious decision to "wake up", and yup... my reality shifted and I woke up in my own bed. The transition was really weird, and cool.

      I was flying a propeller plane far away (in the Pacific?) to fight in a war of sorts. My sports plane was outfitted with missiles. I encountered an old friend (Eros) and his girlfriend too. The bastards had a jet. At some point I think I had landed on a carrier. My mom was there? I was trying to turn to take off again, but forget to let her get on?