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    4th DJ-Attempt

    It's a new attempt to keep focused on my dream world, this time I would like to share as long as possible some of my experiences with other people who could get interested. Comments are welcome. I apologize if my English is not too good. I hope I do it at least understandable. Hope you enjoy it!

    My code of colors:

    - Non-lucid
    - Lucid
    - Semi-Lucid
    - False Awakening
    - Hypnagogic Hallucinations and thoughts while falling asleep
    - SP, awake and/or observations.


    1. Short DEILD to get sucked back into the plot

      by , 10-25-2014 at 04:18 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I briefly woke up, and now I'm staring at some books in front of me, I don't feel any dream body yet, just me laying on the bed, although keep looking in front of me as I'm standing, waiting when my arms will appear to hold a book in front of me. It doesn't take that much when I see my hand holding the book, and slowly start to feel my dream body. I love this feeling of transition! I hold the book with my both hands and now I can feel its weight. I start playing with it, turning it and throwing it up to hold it back again. Now I'm back into the dream. I let the book fall on the bed. I see my little one is still there from the previous dream. It's night and this room is not good illuminated. I take a look to the other books. I find my old big encyclopedic dictionary. I know I'm going to find what I'm looking for here. I know I just have to open the pages to see what I don't remember what is it. I open it but there's nothing special there. When I close it, there are two pictures of some ladies in the back. That's it, I want to get into a picture. I stare at one of them and apparently it starts to move. I don't see it clear. I want to go somewhere with more light. It's turning very interesting. The bathroom is a good place. I see its doors to my side. I want to get in when I realize I've confused it with the door of our closet which is next to it. I laugh while I ask my kid to go playing somewhere else. I turn the lights of the bathroom. The place gets brighter when I see my kid jumping to a second platform in front of the living room, which is separated by an empty space. It's dangerous there. I ask her to stop. I go there and hold her to show how deep is the fall. We see down there, it's around two or three floors fall. There are some curtains that I ask to move to show the empty space. I feel some vertigo because of the place is dark. We can see the floor down there. I pick up my kid and start complaining about how dangerous is to play that way. She starts to cry while I bring her to a safety place/...
      Tags: book, dark, light
      lucid , dream fragment