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    Hopeless Wanderings

    "Hold me fast, 'cause I'm a hopeless wanderer
    I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under"

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    Completed 2015 Lucid Goals:
    [X] fly
    [X] walk through walls
    [X] ask a DC the meaning of life
    [X] visit space

    Completed 2016 Lucid Goals:

    [x] summon someone(summoned M)
    [x] get an answer(kind of, but want to try again)

    2018 Dream Goals:

    [x] reach 200 entries
    [ ] reach 50 dream entries for the year(CURRENT COUNT: 9)
    [ ] Meet M again
    [ ] ANSWERS
    [ ] Meet someone dead IRL
    [X] Be ES
    [ ] Have 10 lucids(CURRENT COUNT: 8)
    [ ] Memorize a good chunk of a song playing in my dream and write it down
    [X] fly(why not I guess)
    [ ] build something(like a mini-world, house, bridge, etc)

    Current re-occuring dream themes: being in high school or college

    Total LD Count(only counting the ones recorded here): 67

    Happy dreaming!

    1. Blue October Concert Interrupted

      by , 12-13-2015 at 07:53 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I was shown the venue at a Blue October concert, and then I was somehow there. About 1/3 of the seats were still empty, so Justin told everyone to move up closer to the stage to fill the seats. I was in the front section a few rows back. The band was singing and I had no idea how many songs they'd arleady sung because I had just gotten there but I hoped the concert just started. I tried to sing along with the songs but for some reason I didn't know them too well. I hoped he would sing a song I love. Then, the band took a break and Justin put a preview for a movie on the screen(like maybe he was being paid to show a movie preview?) and I stopped paying attention because Anthony showed up. He had gained a lot of weight. He asked me to give him directions home because his GPS would only give him freeway directions and he didn't want to take the freeway home. I noticed that the theater was right next to the Ice Skating Arena so I figured I could give him directions from there, so I took his phone and looked at the map but I couldn't figure it out. I was annoyed at him for asking during this awesome concert. I got the song "My Never" stuck in my head and was anticipating it to come on next. The movie preview ended and the band was going to come back on but, what do you know, I get a text from Anthony that wakes me up.
      Tags: blue october
    2. Sitting by Justin, Blue October Performing

      by , 09-20-2011 at 06:01 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I don't post dreams anymore because I'm just too damn lazy but I just had to post this one because it kept coming back to me and I keep remembering how amazing it was. Of course, I've forgotten 80% of the dream already but I'll still give it a try.

      Blue October was in town(I guess they are always in town in my dreams haha) and I was going to go see them of course. At one point I remember sitting on a stone ledge, just relazing for awhile, and Justin came to sit next to me. For some reason it seemed so normal. I don't think we talked about anything, but afterwards I realized that I had just been sitting next to my all-time favorite band's lead singer. I kept getting a strong urge to smoke a strawberry cigar(because in RL I smoked my first one and it was pretty good) and I had one in my purse, but it was back in a building or something somewhere. So I walked to it and when I finally got my purse, I got the word that Blue October would be performing soon, so I put my purse back down and hurried off the the place where they would be. I was scared that I would be late but when I got there, the place was still pretty empty. There were small rows of bleachers and people slowly lining up on them. There weren't that many people there, and I guessed that it was because they were performing at my college so not that many people have heard of them, and the fans who normally come to their shows were unaware that they were performing here. This made me happy because I could get a good spot right up in front and enjoy a more intimate show. The area around kept changing. The bleachers turned into regular seats and vice versa and I kept switching seats. It took awhile for them to start but when they finally did it was awesome and I was singing alone to some songs. I don't think I heard the whole concert...
      Tags: blue october
    3. Blue October in my Kitchen

      by , 05-16-2011 at 03:07 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      very short. forgot too many details. I'm posting this too late.

      I had seen a Blue October concert and was at my house and in the kitchen appeared Justin from the band. My family was gathered around the table and he sat with his guitar and started playing a new song, Feel Again, which he played at the concert in real life. I didn't know any of the words, so I tried lip syncing along with the lyrics but that soon failed so I just watched him in awe. He looked at me a few times, which made me feel really special. Then he started to pick the second song off of his laptop, Say It, but he only played the first few lines and then all of a sudden it was my sister sitting there in place of Justin. She was performing some of his songs and I was still super excited and on a concert high(you know.. when your heart is pounding really fast and you're all jumpy and into it because your fav. band is playing) until I finally asked myself "Wait.. it's just my sister singing.. not Justin. Why am I so excited?" So then it turned kind of boring. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
      Tags: blue october
    4. Blue October Concert

      by , 04-26-2011 at 05:01 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I'm going to see my favorite band of all time- Blue October- in about a week and I'm so excited! I think it showed in this dream.

      Part One
      We arrived at the big stadium seating auditorium and took our seats way up high in back, which was weird because when I ordered the tickets in real life I got them early and it says you can pick your seats and go in early so we were supposed to have really good seats. Instead of my sister, who was supposed to go with me, I was there with my friends, Niki, Aub, and either Dani or Britt.. or both. Niki had the best view and there was a giant pole in my view so I asked Niki to switch with me but she wouldn't, which made me upset because she had barely even heard this band before and it was like my favorite band ever.. so I decided to stand next to her somehow. Someone came on stage and started singing, I think it was either a band member or one of those bands who plays before the main bands. During that time me and my friends decided to sneak up to the very front of the stage and get super close up seats. I don't remember much during this time, I think we were just mostly waiting for Justin, the lead singer, to come out. Then when they called his name, I screamed like any normal fan would, except my voice sounded really strange and everyone looked at me and no one else seemed as excited as I did. He came out on stage and seemed a bit awkward like he didn't know what to do. Then the security forced everyone to go back to the far away seats so the first two sets of seats where completely empty. We were still the first ones in the front but now we were way back and high up. Justin started messing around with lyrics and walked back and forth around the auditorium singing without music about Christmas or something.. it seemed like he was making up lyrics as he went and didn't really know what he was doing. And his singing wasn't that good either. I remember making some kind of connection with him though, and at one time he was lost and didn't know what to do so I told him to sing "Into The Ocean" because a lot of people who know the band like that song. Instead, he called 29 random people from the audience up on stage, sadly not including me(well I was sad until I saw what they did). He had them dress in costumes, half of them dressed in yellow chicken suits and the other half dressed like sasquatches. He motioned them to swing back in forth, the row in front going one way and the row in back going another. It was really strange. After that debacle of a show, he sang some actual songs.. I think.. but they were still pretty bad.

      Then I woke up, went to the bathroom, and fell back asleep(half glad that it was just a dream so I can relive the concert.. in a better way)

      Part 2
      I don't quite know where I left of this dream or where I caught up, but I know I was there for at least one more song in which Justin had a video recorder and was walking around and stopped by me, and I had the biggest smile on my face and it looked a bit silly, but I couldn't help but smile as Justin was videotaping me for awhile. He took pictures too, apparently, and I somehow got a hold of one of them. You could say that I felt pretty special that night, haha. The show was over and mostly everyone was emptied into the main hall area and going home, including me and my friends. But I had left some of my stuff in the place so I told my friends I would be back in a second and went off to go get them. As I went back in, I saw Justin there, wondering around. He came up to me and I think we talked briefly about something, and then I asked him to sign the picture I got, and he did. I tried to get my stuff together, which included a backpack for some reason, and papers, and an assignment notebook. I fumbled and fumbled around but it took forever to gather everything up while Justin was still there, talking to others and watching me. I finally got up and left and the place turned into my school and I was walking out to the parking lot with another one of my friends, Katelyn. I just assumed she would give me a ride so I followed her but then she got in a police car with her grandma and a police officer.. I think.. and they just drove off without me. I ran back to the front of the school to try to catch my bus but it was too late. It started to rain and I got out my cell phone and tried to call someone to pick me up but it wasn't working. I got extremely frustrated as some people were staring at me wondering what the hell I was doing. I finally gave up and somehow hopped in a car with some black dude, who pulled out of the school and drove recklessly, bumping into everything, but I didn't really give a crap. Then I saw Katelyn's car with the police officer in it, who was chasing after our car now. I felt bad for my friend who was stuck in that car and hoped she wasn't getting hurt, even though I was the one being thrown around crashing into trees and such. Yea... then I woke up again.