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    Hopeless Wanderings

    "Hold me fast, 'cause I'm a hopeless wanderer
    I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under"

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    Completed 2015 Lucid Goals:
    [X] fly
    [X] walk through walls
    [X] ask a DC the meaning of life
    [X] visit space

    Completed 2016 Lucid Goals:

    [x] summon someone(summoned M)
    [x] get an answer(kind of, but want to try again)

    2018 Dream Goals:

    [x] reach 200 entries
    [ ] reach 50 dream entries for the year(CURRENT COUNT: 9)
    [ ] Meet M again
    [ ] ANSWERS
    [ ] Meet someone dead IRL
    [X] Be ES
    [ ] Have 10 lucids(CURRENT COUNT: 8)
    [ ] Memorize a good chunk of a song playing in my dream and write it down
    [X] fly(why not I guess)
    [ ] build something(like a mini-world, house, bridge, etc)

    Current re-occuring dream themes: being in high school or college

    Total LD Count(only counting the ones recorded here): 67

    Happy dreaming!

    1. Terrorist Out To Get Me

      by , 11-17-2015 at 04:25 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Probably inspired by the recent terrorist attacks and the fact that my friend told me people can call your phone and hack it if you answer a certain number.

      There was a terrorist after me who wanted to kill me. I was in someone's house, maybe my house but different. I was trying to hide. My phone rang, a 715 number. I answer, and my phone goes weird, and I realize it's been hacked. I start freaking out because I know this means the terrorist can track my location now. I tell my parents to call 911 or do something
      but they just kinda stand there. I'm terrified. I try to sneak out of the house without my phone in hope that the terrorist won't see/follow me.(I would remember more of this dream if I wrote it down right after waking..)

      I'm not gonna say this was a nightmare but it was one of those dreams you wake up from and wait awhile before you allow yourself to fall back asleep to prevent entering the previous dream again.
      Tags: scary, terrorist
    2. Rape, Shopping

      by , 06-20-2011 at 06:04 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      So.. I was really unsure about posting this just because it's sort of.. intense. But I decided that it's just a dream and I've posted so many other not-so-pleasant dreams on here so I guess I'll post this one.

      This is my third(I think) dream about a rapist but the first one that involves.. me.

      I was in my house when some guy around my age barged in and started chasing after me. I tried to find a place to hide but he chaded me down and found me right away.
      Spoiler for a bit graphic:
      Afterwards, he acted like nothing had happened and so did I because I wanted him to trust that I wouldn't tell anyone so that he would leave. Unfortunately, he was too smart to leave right away. I tried to get away again but he would chase me down right away. So I just tried to be calm and casual and then he saw the hot tub in my backyard. I asked him if he wanted to go in it and he said yes. I told him I didn't feel like going in and that I would just stay in the house. I promised him that I wouldn't call or say anything to anyone or try to get away, and he actually believed it. He thought we were 'pals' then. So he went out to the hot tub and I quickly locked all the doors so he couldn't get back in. I ran to a room to find somewhere to hide but decided I was safe enough to stay where I was and call for help. I called 911 and told them everything. Then someone else was there with me, maybe a neighbor or something, and the guy was trying to get back in the door as the neighbor or someone blocked it. I was terrified that he would get back in so I held the door shut until one of my parents, my dad I think, came home. I told him what happened and we got in his car and sat there until the cops showed up. It seemed to take forever for them to arrive, but when they did come there was around six of them. I finally felt safe again..

      I had another dream about shopping for a birthday gift for my friend and I went to mayfair mall with one of my other friends to shop. I had a gift card to Victoria's Secret, which happened to be just a small makeup stand in a Khols, instead of a whole store. I had no idea what to get and my friend was helping me pick stuff out but I didn't really want to buy any of it. Then she just sort of ignored me and walked off to shop for some clothes and I followed her. I went to try something on so I sat in a waiting area with some other people from my school. They were laughing a little at me, I think because I was dressed in a hoodie and jeans while everyone else was dressed all fancy and 'cool'. I laughed to myself then and thought, "Yea well atleast I don't have to go shopping all the time and spend 1,000$ a month on clothes." I was happy the way I was.
    3. Scary Dorms, Pretending to Pass Out, Meeting a Fellow Cave Dweller

      by , 05-14-2011 at 06:57 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I remember a few details about a dream I had before this about being roomates in college with my friend(will be doing this in RL in just a few months!) and we checked into our dorm but it was haunted and I kept freaking out as my friend was just sitting there like nothing was wrong. I kept hearing noises, like the door slamming shut and floor creeking and I would curl up in a ball in my bed when my friend and sister would leave me alone. I just remember that it was really really scary!

      I was in school and it was about halfway through the day and I really wanted to get out of there, I think because I was just bored and wanted to go home. So I was standing at the back of the hallway where my locker is, holding my books and some loose change, and decided to just sort of.. fall over and faint. I dropped my books, trying not to think about all the people staring at me, and listening to the coins drop on the floor as I fell. I think my passing out was half real and half faked because I blacked out on the ground and woke up a few minutes later. Everyone had gone to their classes, and I found it weird that no one had stopped to watch or help me, except for one of my old teachers, Mr. Belan. He was the only one to come and he came walking down the hall with a wheelchair saying "Sorry it took me so long." 'Wow I don't think anyone cares that I'm laying on the ground barely awake right now..' I thought, slowly opening my eyes and trying to regain focus. He wheeled over to me and I was barely able to stumble up and sit in the chair. I don't know if he told me that someone told my parents or if I just assumed someone told them, but I was really afraid of them coming to the school to pick me up because I felt embarrassed. Mr. Belan wheeled me to my car, but as we went outside the scenery changed and we were in the beautiful mountains of St. Everest. But everything still seemed normal to me so he just kept wheeling me to my car(which seemed like I had been there in a previous dream and left that car there) and when I got there I realized that I had to tell him the truth, that I had faked(sort of) my fainting to get out of school. I slowly fished for socks in my car(no idea why) then turned to him and realized I was dreaming. (It took awhile for me to grasp the fact that this wasn't real and for a second or two I actually tried to wake myself up because I wanted to get out of there, but that failed and I realized this is a dream and I can do what I want) Wanting to get away, I told him "I just want to fly away," then turned to the face of a cliff of one of the mountains we were on to jump off, but instead I turned back to him and told him everything. I wanted to see what would happen, I guess. He got angry at me then started to run away from me down the small mountains. I was easily able to catch up with him though, as I took giant leaps and floated down each mountain. It was quite fun. Anyways, I finally caught up to him and he agreed to have a meeting with me to discuss what just happened. We went to this city and went in this white, old, run down, small building with only one room which contained an old rusty cheap table. As soon as we entered, I saw this strange character. It is hard to describe.. it looked like the cave dweller I had been drawing in real life(don't ask why..). Half human, standing tall, yet a dark green color with long ears down to it's shoulders. For some reason, I recalled seeing it in another dream and becoming good friends with it(though I don't think I ever really dreamt about this thing before as I think about it now) So I went over to greet it and then woke up.

      I drew a picture of the creature just for fun

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    4. Exploding a Little Girl's Head LD, Killer, Crash, Gymnast in the Air

      by , 08-18-2010 at 05:16 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      regular/lucid dreams: 8-18-10

      Exploding a Little Girl's Head LD(My first DEILD)

      I was starting to wake up, and that's when I realized I was lucid. I decided to look down at my hands just for the heck of it, and I had more fingers than I normally would(unlike in my last lucid, which I had less fngers). Everything seemed really clear and life-like, so I was scared that I would wake myself up but I think I'm getting better at controlling that, because I became very stable. I was in my house again, and decided to go outside and experiment and have some fun. As I was walking out across my lawn, I would jump in the air and see how high I could float. One of those times I decided to jump and then flap my arms and "swim" up and see how far I could go. I got to be about 4 or 5 stories up I think when I started heading back down. I'm not too good with flying yet. So then I saw these two sisters walking down the sidewalk, the older one(8? years old) pushing the younger one(around 4) in a stroller. I don't know why, but I wanted to make the younger one's head explode, just for a quick experiment before I went on to do something else. I focused on her head and imagined it exploding. I did this for awhile, and nothing happened except the little one started crying and the older one got really mad at me. I must have lost lucidity after this because I don't remember anything else.


      I don't remember the first part of this too clearly, so these are just some details. I was at my house with some older people, I don't rememer who, when some woman turned evil and wanted to kill me. She said that I "had to die." I ran to my dad's room and went on his bed and had an explosive in my hand that you would light up and the flame would go down the string uptil it reached the bomb part. When she came in, I tried to throw it at her but missed, then somehow got into the garage and tried again, but missed again and this time set the garage on fire. I had to get out of there, but she stood in the way of the door. I somehow managed to get out and on the roof. I saw an elderly couple walking towards the house as if nothing had happened, so I jumped off the roof down to them and kept screaming "CALL 911! CALL 911 NOW!!" but they kept saying "What??" like they couldn't hear me. I even screaming their ears but they still couldn't hear me! Then I ran to the bushes behind my house to hide and called 911 myself.

      Then I met this other girl in the bushes who was wearing this huge puffy pink dress. I called her by what I thought was her name, but later found out that she changes her name 4 times a year, depending on the season. Anyways, we ran into the neighborhoods behind my house and it was around midnight or so. Every once in awhile, I would jump up really high in the air and go above the trees and houses just for the fun of it. At one time, one of my neighbors came out of her house and complained, but not at us. Apparently her car? or something was making noises and keeping her awake.

      I don't remember what happened after this, but eventually I was back at my house and the next day, the cop finally showed up. He was cautiously going into the bushes, where I told him I was hiding. I went outside to tell him that I was fine and he was super late but couldn't find him.


      Me and Ali were planning on going on a road trip to this really pretty island thing in the middle of Colorado(which was only like 1 or 2 state away when I looked at the map, but in reality its more than that). She said she could get us free plane tickets(we took the car anyway, so what's the point?). So I told my parents and they said it was okay. We were going to take my sister's car and we were going to take my parents with us and drop them off somewhere on the way to Colorado. On the way to pick up Ali, my dad went the wrong way and went to my other friend's house instead(I don't know why, because its super easy to get to Ali's house, it's close by mine). I told him to turn right at the next stop sign but he turned left, and we went into this section where there were snow covered hills that looked like mountains and the road was really curvy and went up and down. It was like a smaller version of the roads you would see in Colorado, and I thought it was really cool. Anyway, we eventually finally somehow got my friend in the car, and started driving to CO. The roads were really dangerous now. They were up really high in the sky, and there were tons of cut-offs that you could take and go the wrong way on accident, really sharp turns, and all the cars were going like 100mph. Ali was driving and I was nervous for her because, well, the roads were terrible! We were approaching a tight curve when two cars in front of us crashed into each other. Time seemed to stop, and everything was going really really slowly. The cars were just in front of us now, and it seemed like there was no way to get around. Then my mom told us to back up, so somehow I helped as we slowly backed up as everything around us was frozen. This way, the cars could go off the side of the road(there weren't any walls in this section, which was weird because why wouldn't there be walls on the CURVED section??) and fall back to Earth.. and die. So we did just that and it looked like we were going to be safe..
      but then I woke up.

      Gymnast in the Air

      I was walking over this tall bridge/road thing when I saw an outdoor gymnasium. I looked down and saw some people down there practicing gymnastics. There was a billboard right by the bridge, and some girls from my school were on it, practicing(more like showing off) gymnastics on it with no safety ropes or anything. I don't know why, but I decided to go onto the billboard with them just to check it out. I somehow managed to get on it and saw more girls from my school doing gymnastics. One girl laid a balance beam(a floor one) down in mid air and started walking across it. I was really scared that she was going to fall off it, and I think I actually had to catch her and all the other girls at one point. They were hanging onto strings below me and I was holding them. It was really heavy but I had to hold on until I made it back to the bridge. I got back safely, but I think one of the girls died.
    5. Titanic 2

      by , 07-28-2010 at 05:23 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      regular dream: 7-28-10

      I woke up several times during this dream but wanted to continue it so I fell back asleep and landed right back into the scene. Some of this is filled with useless details, but I wanted to remember as much of this as possible.

      At some point during this dream, I put some money into a gambling maching type thing and out came 200$. I was like "yay! with this money combined with my other saved money, I now have enough money to buy myself a nice camera!" .... darn.

      Titanic 2

      Me, my mom, my dad, my sister, and pretty much all of my friends went on this huge boat, I think we were taking a vacation or something because I had three bags with me, one to carry all my clothes, one backpack, and one other bag, maybe a purse. The boat was split into two. The one we were on was currently on the water and it was about 1 story tall, while the other one was on an island close by and it was like 10 stories tall. Even though we were only on the first story, the boat was huge. The floor seemed to go on for miles. There were big red comfy chairs everywhere that people would sit/lounge on. If you walked further down the halls you would find all the bedrooms. It was pretty much like a standard hotel, only bigger. There were tons of people too, all on the first story out in the ocean.

      During some of the journey I was hanging out with my friends on the red chairs. Some of the people there included Aub, Britt, Rach, and there were more but I can’t remember. We were all having a jolly good time (: . At one point I had to use the bathroom so I got up and went into this room and sat down on the toilet but when I looked up, I saw three other people sitting there around me, including my sister, just talking. I was so embarrassed, I was the only one who actually had their pants down… so I got up and decided to go later.

      If you’ve ever seen Titanic(if you haven’t then whats wrong with you?), then you should know what happens in this dream. It was now lunch time, and everyone was gathering by the tables and pulling out their lunches. Something didn’t feel right. I think I realized that I was in the Titanic… or a boat that was similar to it. Sure enough, Water started pouring in through one of the halls. I don’t know where it came from, but later found out it was raining really hard outside and everything was flooding. It was like Noah’s Ark, but the boat we were on sprung a leak. The water was slowly coming up through the hall at one end of the boat. I was getting scared now. I wanted to leave right now and go to the other part of the boat on the island and go to the top story.

      But my mom insisted that we finish lunch first. I though she was crazy at first, but then I saw everyone else doing the exact same thing. I sat down at a picnic table with my dad and some other people and got out my lunch, which was some meat, I think turkey, in a bag along with carrots and watermelon. I wasn’t really in the mood to eat, but I forced the food down and asked my dad if he wanted the leftover watermelon but he said no. I think I might have thrown away the rest. I just wanted to finish up and get out of there. After lunch I went over by my friends who were sitting in the red chairs. I sat with them awhile until my parents finished eating.

      Finally, it was time to leave. I went back to the picnic tables to get my stuff, but the water had already reached them. It wasn’t that deep yet, so I grabbed 2 outfits of clothes, my backpack, and something else. There was now a different family sitting at the table and they had a baby. They seemed calm though, like there was nothing going on. They just sat there and started eating. I hurried back to my parents and we started walking down the opposite hall from where the water was coming in. At one point, I looked back and the water and wondered why I didn’t see anyone coming from those halls. Had they died? Didn’t they know about the water? Where were they?

      I don’t remember how we got off the boat and onto the island, but that’s what happened next. The water would be soon flooding the island, so we went into the second part of the boat, which was like 10 stories. There was almost no one in this boat, and the first story was just as big as the other boat out in the sea. I still had to go to the bathroom so I went down one of the hallways and found a bathroom. It was a toilet and sink that was right out in the open. I found a shade type of door that I pulled around like a curtain. It was like a one-way window. I could still see out but no one could see me. I could hear everything too. I looked through the window and saw a door to a room open and a person standing by the bed, talking to someone else in a different room by me. I could hear them loud and clear and this made me uncomfortable. Then I saw my mom standing outside the door waiting to use the bathroom. I got up and left, still not able to go to the bathroom.

      I went back to the main area, where their where more red chairs. I saw my dad standing next to them, looking kind of guilty. I think he might of hugged-or kissed another woman. My friend Aub came by and my dad greeted her, even though they had already met before. Aub looked kind of annoyed and said “uhh.. we already met.” It was kind of weird. But I ignored that and started to look for a way to get to the next story of the boat. There was an elevator but I didn’t want to use it for fear that it would get stuck. I saw my sister standing on top of a bed out in the open, reaching up to the ceiling. She had taken the ceiling tile down and was trying to find a way to get up to the next level. She said something like “I found Skully!” I didn’t think she was serious, but she then pulled out a skull from the ceiling. I was really grossed out and mad that my sister was making fun of the dead like that.

      Then my phone alarm went off and woke me up. I turned it off and returned to the dream.

      I was now stacking beds on top of one another so I could reach the ceiling, but I just couldn’t seem to stand on them because they were either too small or too wobbly.

      This time my phone rang, and I woke up for good.

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    6. The Ghost, Criss Angel At My Door, Huge Theater

      by , 07-24-2010 at 05:59 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      regular dreams: 7-24-10

      The Ghost

      I don't remember all the details to this dream since I didn't write it down right after I woke up so some of this might be guessing.

      I had a picture of something that someone gave me... I'm not sure what it was. I think it was painted by Charlie, who was now dead. I remember being really scared, like I just needed to get this picture off my hands. In one part of the dream, I appeared to be in a house with my mom and sister. It was haunted by the ghost of this Charlie person. I didn't believe in ghosts, but I started to change my mind throughout the course of this dream(until I woke up). I remember in one scene me and my sister were in this really small bedroom with plain white walls and a bed. On the floor there was a doll that appeared to be walking. It freaked me out and I knew that it was the ghost of Charlie.

      There was a lot more to this dream and it was really scary but I forgot most of it..

      Criss Angel At My Door

      Criss Angel and his manager were going around the block and ringing people's doorbells to give them fliers for something. Criss came to my door quite often, and I was really excited because I wanted to talk to him. But when he came over, all he did was say like one thing to me and then leave before I got a chance to talk to him. Then his manager came up to me and gave me this orange brochure.. I don't know what it was for but I don't think it related to Criss in any way..

      Huge Theater

      Me and my friends were at a screening of the Hannah Montana movie(who knows why..). I even think that I was hanging out with some of the people from the show The Buried Life. It wasn't even opening day but the theatre was packed. We were in this HUGE theatre. It was like 6 times the size of a normal one and the screen stretched all the way above our heads, like an IMAX theatre, only bigger, but the seats were all on the same level of ground, instead of a normal theater with seats on different levels. I wanted to sit close to the front but we ended up sitting in the back. Apparently it didn't matter though, because when a preview came on, it was amazing how we could see everything perfectly from the back row. It was really cool, even if it was a Hannah Montana movie. After the preview, the screen went black again. The actual movie was going to start in about 5 minutes. I started walking around and then saw Nikky, sitting by a bunch of random people. I saw a bunch of open spaces in the middle, where the seats were wooden(or maybe the seats were wooden everywhere..). I asked her if she wanted to sit in the middle with me and she agreed. I wondered why she would even want to see this movie... I woke up before the movie started.

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    7. The Longest/Scariest Dream in a Long Time

      by , 07-19-2010 at 05:22 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      regular dreams: 7-19-10

      Let's Have a Lucid!

      (this is not the one that the title is referring too)

      Me and my cousin Em and her dad were all in my basement, attempting to have lucid dreams. We had mats rolled out on the floor underneath the pool table and we were discussing how to have lucids. I think I fell asleep at one point, and may have had a dream within a dream. I don't know why I never bothered to do a reality check since we were talking about dreams and attempting to have a lucid one. I also remember my cousin wetting her pants for some reason..

      The Killer Teenager Out to Get Me and The Death of An Innocent Teen

      This dream was extremely long and vivid. Several times during the dream I woke up and fell back asleep.

      I was at my house with my parents when some kids came over to my house. They were all teenagers, and I only got a good look at one of them. He had long black hair that went down to his shoulders and a black baseball cap on(He looked kind of what Criss Angel looks like now, only younger). I don’t know why, but they wanted to hurt me for some reason.

      They came into my house and I told my parents to stop them. I can’t remember much from this part, but I do remember that they beat me up and my parents finally stopped them and they ran away. Those filthy scumbags.

      Then, my parents told me that they were going to do some grocery shopping or something. I couldn’t believe that they were just going to leave me after all that had happened. The teenagers were still out there and they knew where I lived. I went into my dad’s room and tried locking the doors but one of the doors wouldn’t work. My mom tried to help me fix it but it didn’t work. They left anyway, and I started freaking out. I locked all the doors in the house and then locked myself in my room(even though in RL there’s no lock on the door). After awhile of sitting in my room, I decided to come out for some reason, I think I wanted to get something. I went into the living room and turned around to look out the kitchen door. The black haired kid was standing right at that door, looking in through the glass.

      I started to freak out. I double checked all the doors to make sure they were locked, grabbed my phone, and ran into my room. I hoped that the guy didn’t see me grab my phone so that he wouldn’t know I was about to call the cops.

      Then I woke up. I thought about trying to have a lucid dream, but I really wanted to continue on with this dream (even though it was scaring the hell out of me) and watch that stupid kid and his friends get arrested. But it didn’t exactly work like that.

      “911 what's your emergency?,” some lady said on the other side of the phone. For some reason, she was so quiet that I couldn’t hear her. I had to ask her to repeat herself several times before I could finally make out the words. I wanted to be sure that I was calling the right number. “There’s this kid trying to get inside my house! He beat me up yesterday. Please send someone over now!” The lady replied “Okay, we’ll send someone over.”

      I don’t remember a lot that happened next. I think the teenager and his friends came back, and some of my friends came over. We played this long game of cat and mouse. Sometime, we appeared to be at the park instead of by my house. I just remember running for a long time. He would occasionally catch up to me and grab me, but then he just sort of let me get away again. I was wondering why the police didn’t show up yet so I called them again and told them to send a police car immediately.

      There was a huge group of people now. I didn’t know most of them or where they came from. We were on this balcony type thing in the park and the police still weren’t showing up. The black haired guy caught me again and I turned around to see a crowd of people, some sitting in bath tubs. My friend was one of them, just sitting there with a gun in her hand. I wondered if she was going to kill the guy who was after me. There was this guy in a bathtub across from her who was one of her friends. I don’t know why, but she held the gun up and just shot him in cold blood. I was in shock now. I watched the water in the bath tub turn red. Where the hell were the cops??? I looked for any sign of a police car. The park was right by a police station, so you would think that they would be here by now. I finally saw a police car come by and park by the scene and below the balcony. There was a policewoman and a policeman. They shouted “Everybody get down here!” or something like that.

      I followed everyone down the stairs until we came to this circle of chairs. There were around 20 or so people sitting. “You could have gotten here sooner!” I shouted at the policewoman, who looked annoyed. Then I took a spot next to my friend who shot the guy. Everyone had blue cups in their hand with some kind of liquid and a tablet. The policewoman said something like “It will help with your headache.” I chewed and swallowed mine, and was relieved that it didn’t taste like anything. After everyone finished their drinks, we started talking about the accident. I think the policewoman said something like “Okay, raise your hand if you think Ali killed this man.” Everyone but Ali raised their hand, including me. Ali looked sad and kind of guilty. I don’t remember anything else we discussed in that little circle thing.

      After that, everyone went home. I don’t know how I got home, but I appeared to walk in the door and my cell phone rang right away. It was Ali. “Did you tell your parents?” I asked her. She told me no. I walked into my room and my mom followed me. I was still in shock from what had happened. My mom said that I needed to wrap gifts for someone’s party. I told her no. I started crying on the phone with Ali and said to my mom “I can’t, I just can’t.”

      Then I woke up.

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