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    1. <span class='glow_8B0000'>Zhaylin</span>'s Avatar
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      What a tale (and Grrrr, for the earworm lol).
      Glad my snippet made you smile
    2. <span class='glow_9400D3'>EbbTide000</span>'s Avatar
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      I changed my avatar
      To that baby elephant
      The Tiger killed
      In someone's backyard
    3. <span class='glow_9400D3'>EbbTide000</span>'s Avatar
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      I'm Ba ack


      I'm back again with exciting thoughts ...

      The Tiger (to me) is my late rvdc's life LIVING
      long time partner.

      During the 2017 iasd 2 week online conference
      While the Dream Remote Viewing Experiment competition was running the Australian football Grand final was on.

      It was between the Adelaide Crows (representing meee)
      (me, baby elephant avatar at that conference)
      And the Richmond "Tigers"


      The Tigers WON

      THE tiger killed the baby elephant meeee
      Because I actually live in the Adelaide Crows Territory.


      rvdc loved the song

      Row, row, row your boat
      Gently down the streem
      Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
      Life is but a Dream.

      His partener (Tiger) and friends
      Held hands, prayerfully, around his hospital bed
      And sang it quietly, over and over while he,
      who was in deep coma
      due to a masive and sudden brain stem stroke
      And he slipped away. The Great rvdc died ��


      as I was Googling around
      during the Dream Remote viewing contest
      in the 2017 online dream conference
      I found a clip
      that explained where the tune for
      the Richmond Tigers anthem cam from. Whatch THIS

    4. <span class='glow_9400D3'>EbbTide000</span>'s Avatar
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      I have copy-pasted this DJ entry
      Into my tablet colournotes app.

      I am especially attracted to the Tiger killing the baby elephant.


      My bestest dream facebook friend ... well I called her a tiger in a 2009 online dream conference and my avatar in last years online dream conference was a baby elephant.

      For me ... the reason there was a killing ... is to make sure you remembered that dreamlet ... so you would post it here ... to make me Smile ... 😁😁😁

      I love this Dream Journal entry



      Now I got an earworm

    5. <span class='glow_FF1493'>DawnEye11</span>'s Avatar
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      Perhaps, after some time you will recall it or something might trigger recall. It does sound like a exciting dream though. Do you know why you were scared of your animals? Maybe the zombie game influenced it?
    6. Nebulus's Avatar
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      Wow, loved the dream. That was interesting about the crumbling to dust wonder what that was about
    7. <span class='glow_FF1493'>DawnEye11</span>'s Avatar
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      Lol Your dream was as strange as mine but still a good read. There's no better word to describe these kind of weird yet creepy dreams.
    8. Nefets's Avatar
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      why people having sex dreams?
      I never have ,and when i have , the dream ends in the moment i create contact with the girl D:
    9. <span class='glow_8B0000'>Zhaylin</span>'s Avatar
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      lol, glad I could be an inspiration
    10. Verre's Avatar
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      Dildo Christmas zombies? Best combination of key words ever! Now I know the theme of my next holiday party...
    11. <span class='glow_8B0000'>Zhaylin</span>'s Avatar
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      Bah! Now I must leave in 13 minutes for another appointment

      I had a very strange dream of a man being tackled and forced to have sex by another man. It wasn't rape though. They were both giggling. Then the dream changed and I had to power something by sticking some weird, wired dildo up my butt Then the dream changed again and I was being kissed by someone and he told me to keep things interesting or he would leave me. I laughed and told him he better get going then because there wasn't an interesting bone in my body and I was okay with that

      In another dream, I met up with some old JW friends. It was Dan, his wife.... and now I have to leave. Nope. I got out of it.
      Anyhow. It was Dan, his wife and his nephew who they were raising. They were getting ready to celebrate Christmas and I was livid. I asked how they could be part of "false religion" and still be Witnesses in good standing. They said it was a matter of conscience. I told them I don't return to the Witnesses because I vape. I asked if he knew what that was and I said no. I told him it might as well be an asthma inhaler with nicotine added.

      The last dream, I only recall snippets: trying to get to my base and past zombies. I woke a bunch of sleepers and had to fight them off. Then a zombie dog came out of nowhere and I killed it with my club. I set down frames to get up to my ledge and tried picking them up (7D2D style) but I was attacked from the ledge before I could.

      And nope. Didn't get out of it after all. Gotta get to this other appointment
      Updated 01-24-2017 at 06:27 PM by Zhaylin
    12. naturespirit's Avatar
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      Oh dear! Hope you get better!
    13. <span class='glow_8B0000'>Zhaylin</span>'s Avatar
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      Thanks for the comment It was definitely a "wtf" dream lol
    14. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
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      Hey there, Zhaylin!

      Ooh. That doesn't sound pleasant - especially the part about feeling that you were causing her unnecessary suffering! Definitely one of those "WTF" dreams!
    15. YotaLife93's Avatar
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      That was really quite amusing. xD
    16. JoannaB's Avatar
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    17. <s><span class='glow_FF1493'>Alyzarin</span></s>'s Avatar
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      The night before last, I dreamed I was using my bandanna to glide through the air.
      That's so awesome, it sounds like a lot of fun.
    18. <s><span class='glow_FF1493'>Alyzarin</span></s>'s Avatar
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      I should have then realized it was a dream, because as I looked at the signature page of the document, the signature changed size and color and I was actually mesmerized by it lol

      You cannot deny the all-powerful signature!
    19. sinoblak's Avatar
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      I was more worried about the table with members from my old Congregation sitting at it
      I would be too. Even Witnesses, they are not made of iron, in the end.

      Just when I think the dream will be good and peaceful, something else is thrown my way.
      yeah, same here.
    20. <span class='glow_8B0000'>Zhaylin</span>'s Avatar
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      hehee, they acted as if they didn't even notice. I was more worried about the table with members from my old Congregation sitting at it

      And yeah, Aly, that gets on my last nerve. Just when I think the dream will be good and peaceful, something else is thrown my way. I dream about twins frequently, though, so that in itself isn't out of the ordinary.
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