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    Doctor's Dreams

    Welcome to my Dream Journal. I have a full year of dreams in the Grandfathered section and I'm trying to get another solid year here.


    1. Feb 6

      by , 02-07-2012 at 12:20 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Post College

      I was 30 and in the dream that's when I graduated out of college. No matter how many times I did the math of semesters, that's who it always came out. Not that I had messed up but that that was how it was supposed to work and that everyone graduated at this time. I had a long talk with my mom and my cousin about this and I was shocked that not more people truly knew about this and why was 30 not the new 24 and that we really need to do something about that. after the conversation me and y cousin skated out of there and I kept thinking to my self that mow that I was thirty I had to start making the most of it because it seemed that I had wasted most of my college years away. Also, a lot of people were slipping on the cement sidewalk, I assumed it was because it was wet but it looked pretty dry. I should've thought about that.
    2. Dec 31

      by , 12-31-2010 at 04:58 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Starting Fires, Fighting Madoff

      This dream starts with a false awakening. I woke up and I was on a dark colored, probably black, boxy couch. I looked around and I was in a very modern looking room. The color scheme was black and dark browns. There were panels that it looked like people dressed behind but the panels were hiding other couches. I saw on of my friends, Nikki, being followed around by two other girls. They were all laughing and looking at something attached to her foot. There was a chain attached to her black skinny jean and that chain was dragging behind it a metal match box looking thing. Every step she took it made sparks fly from the floor that it scratched. I asked her about it but I got little answer. Apparently this thing was new for everyone. Other people came out from behind the panels tried it on and danced and skipped with it. One guy ran and then did a sliding tackle, causing sparks to fly up like a dragon tail behind him. Nikki put it back on and started going around with it. She walked too close to one of the many couches and it lit aflame. Fortunately there were several fire extinguishers all around the place. Soon this became sport: setting things aflame then blowing it out. Some how this transitioned to several people, including myself, sitting in stations to blow out the flames where ever people started them up. At some point, it became apparent that we were in a war with a famous talk show host that had committed many crimes, including money laundering. My mind had instantly named him, Bernie Madoff. My ex, Olivia, put it on, caught something on fire and then we couldn't get it out. Me and my cousin, george, escaped and he gave me a small automatic rifle with a voice command grenade launcher. We headed down the hill and some zombie slaves of Madoff came towards us. I was able to shoot them in the head. We came next to a tree and I climbed it. George taught me how to use the grenade launcher. There was a switch on the nuzzle that would either turn the safety on or the grenade launcher, depending on which way you pushed, and once fired, you had to yell explode for it to go off. As a test I shot one right to the bottom of the tree I was at, where my cousin and Olivia were at and I yelled "Explode". I thought about what I was doing but it hit me right after I yelled so I jumped down right into the explosion. Lucky, there was no friendly fire in this dream so everyone was still alive. I then peppered the field of on coming zombies and then yelled explode. It was good.
    3. Dec 29

      by , 12-29-2010 at 04:36 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Hide The Prostitutes!

      I had hired a prostitute. She was blonde, long legged, and very beautiful. We had a lot sex in my bed which I'll spare the details. Time goes on. I hear a door open to my house right as I finish. Obviously I' freaking out so I tell her to get dressed and I run out and go to greet whoever it is. It's my mom's friend (who I made up). She was a short black woman wearing darker earth tones kind of dressed how I would expect a gypsy from long ago to dress, with an ornate shawl and other stuff. She says hi to me and I'm still shirtless but we have pleasantries and all that. The prostitute comes out of my room and my mom's friend looks trouble. "Who is that?" I quickly tell her that it was one of my neighbors who was in the area and decided to drop by. My mom's friend believes this and then I hear more car doors slam shut as more people arrive. I rush the prostitute into the garage and ask her if she has a ride or if I was supposed to give her one. The reason I asked was because this prostitution service was a call and deliver kind of thing. I called and she was delivered. She wasn't answering me which was making me even more stressed out. I could hear more people enter the house. For some reason there were a lot of people coming into my house and I did not know why. Finally she answered that a ride was coming for her and all I had to do was stall.

      I opened the garage door and took her outside and into the front lawn. More people saw her, they were not family, and asked so I told them the same story. They gave her a lawn mower and told her to get started on the lawn. Reluctantly she did. While I made my way back into the house, my mom's friend told me that she was having trouble with the lawn mower. I looked, and instead of going in rows, she was mowing diagonally and was not hitting a bunch of grass. Silly prostitute! I told her how to do it correctly but then brought her back to the garage where she could be seen less and I think it was then that her ride came. It was a beaten up red gremlin, and the woman driving that did a horrible parking job. I got the woman to come back to the garage. She was hot too, probably another prostitute. I told them that if anyone asked, they were my distant cousins that were just in the neighborhood. I was only slightly aware that I had changed the story from before but I didn't mind too much. I shooed them away and they ran to the car and I could hear the screeching of tires. Finally safe! I waled out of the garage only to see that they had hit the curb rather hard and the front fender of their low riding gremlin was bent in. I ran up, told them that it didn't matter and rushed them off. Finally...safe.
    4. Dec 23

      by , 12-23-2010 at 07:30 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Try Living Without Money

      I was in what was close to my house with a black girl and my mom. They were arguing about something dumb but I don't remember what it was, I just wanted the argument to be over. I got in between them and told them to calm down and my mom just wouldn't shut up. The we got into an argument about how she doesn't listen to me. For the first time ever, I stormed out of the house. She yelled out, "Try living without money!" in an attempt to get me back in the house. I didn't listen and kept walking. It was night and I was walking up a green grassy hill. There was a pathway with some street lights around it but I wasn't on there. I passed my cousin, Asia, and she was walking the opposite way and was on the pathway. She said hi as she passed me. I looked and noticed that she was bald shaven. I kept walking. At the top of the hill was a rom with all glass walls. It was a computer lab. Before I got there, a guy, for some reason, wanted to fight me. We got into it a little and like most dreams that I get in fights in I became heavy and it was difficult to move. Our fight continued into the computer lab on the top of the hill. Because I was getting so heavy I did something I think is interesting. I took off three sweatshirts (recently as it is winter I've been wearing layers of sweatshirts). I was instantly tens of lbs lighter, and my sweatshirts aren't tens of pounds. I started putting everything I could into fighting him. I was tackling and throwing all of my weight (not much) at him but I was careful to not damage the computers. AFter the final time of taking him down, I ran out of the computer lab. The top of the hill on the other side was a cliff that fell into the sea. I jumped off the cliff, and faked my death. I later climbed out at another point, safe.
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