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    Doctor's Dreams

    Welcome to my Dream Journal. I have a full year of dreams in the Grandfathered section and I'm trying to get another solid year here.


    1. Paper Fire

      by , 08-13-2013 at 01:10 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      The dream was a whole lot longer than I can remember but I think I was a combination of teacher of sorts and a private detective or something like thatl The environment was a side of a mountain pretty earthy with most buildings being made from a clay material and the roots of trees showing up where they could. was showing my frined how to do fire spinning but instead of fire on the end of the wicks, there were streamers that would automatically growna d shrink like real fire. This was just how fire worked in the dream. It was intensely beautiful, especially since the dream took part around the twighlight time of day.

      Well anyway, ,my brain sometimes equates fire spinning with fire bending because one kid keeps calling me Prince Zuko and because I like to think about it like that. Well anyway, one person came up to me telling me about how Prince Zuko's uncle made a house and lived in the roots of a tree for hundreds of years, and to make it crazy, this was supposedly also where Jesus was from, where he died and left all of his wisdom. Also, this was where all the hindu gods before Jesus had left their powers. When I was being told this, it was just being told to me like it was legend.

      After this, I was practicing spinning when 2 people surrounded me and started trying to encompass the immediate area with a long read banner. The top of the banner was slightly above my head and the bottom reached the ground and they were wrapping it around a basketball court sized area. This was my dreams version of fire bending since red paper was fire. It would've burned exactly like fire and also responding to fire bending moves the same.

      Before they finished wrapping the area, I ran through a way out and started running haphazardly downhill, using fire bending to deflect shots. Their leader was yelling at me why they were there. They too were looking for the almighty Jesus Hindu tree for it's power. I was running down the hill, skillfully jumping roots and dodging attacks when I awoke.
    2. Dec 31

      by , 12-31-2010 at 04:58 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Starting Fires, Fighting Madoff

      This dream starts with a false awakening. I woke up and I was on a dark colored, probably black, boxy couch. I looked around and I was in a very modern looking room. The color scheme was black and dark browns. There were panels that it looked like people dressed behind but the panels were hiding other couches. I saw on of my friends, Nikki, being followed around by two other girls. They were all laughing and looking at something attached to her foot. There was a chain attached to her black skinny jean and that chain was dragging behind it a metal match box looking thing. Every step she took it made sparks fly from the floor that it scratched. I asked her about it but I got little answer. Apparently this thing was new for everyone. Other people came out from behind the panels tried it on and danced and skipped with it. One guy ran and then did a sliding tackle, causing sparks to fly up like a dragon tail behind him. Nikki put it back on and started going around with it. She walked too close to one of the many couches and it lit aflame. Fortunately there were several fire extinguishers all around the place. Soon this became sport: setting things aflame then blowing it out. Some how this transitioned to several people, including myself, sitting in stations to blow out the flames where ever people started them up. At some point, it became apparent that we were in a war with a famous talk show host that had committed many crimes, including money laundering. My mind had instantly named him, Bernie Madoff. My ex, Olivia, put it on, caught something on fire and then we couldn't get it out. Me and my cousin, george, escaped and he gave me a small automatic rifle with a voice command grenade launcher. We headed down the hill and some zombie slaves of Madoff came towards us. I was able to shoot them in the head. We came next to a tree and I climbed it. George taught me how to use the grenade launcher. There was a switch on the nuzzle that would either turn the safety on or the grenade launcher, depending on which way you pushed, and once fired, you had to yell explode for it to go off. As a test I shot one right to the bottom of the tree I was at, where my cousin and Olivia were at and I yelled "Explode". I thought about what I was doing but it hit me right after I yelled so I jumped down right into the explosion. Lucky, there was no friendly fire in this dream so everyone was still alive. I then peppered the field of on coming zombies and then yelled explode. It was good.
    3. Oct 21

      by , 10-22-2010 at 05:03 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I Wanna Be Forever Young

      I was pretty much director of music at a musical performance that we had going. We were in a giant white circus tent and in between scenes, the pep band would play different songs. I had transcribed a song that I wanted them to play, "Black and Gold to the Superbowl" and was waiting for the OK to play that. I snuck around so that I could watch a little bit of the play and when I could see on stage there was a fat ugly lady who was blue and had a horrible chin. I remember the chin was especially bad. Someone behind me said they couldn't wait til the scene with the lesbian knife fight. Apparently this was a popular musical in the World. I hope that the fat lady is in make up because of her chin and I agree with the anticipation for the cat fight. I walk out of the tent and make my way back to the band stand when parents stop me and tell me that they enjoy the job I'm doing. I thank them. Almost back, Adam runs up to me and at the same time a loud blaring alarm goes off. He says that something electric had exploded and caused a fire in the tent. Suddenly everything I see bursts into flames and I watch the sky go red. We ran through the flames trying to get to a clear place but the giant circus tent was surrounded by a high chain link fence. We find at one of the fences, a small kids play ground I say that we can climb on this and then use it to jump to the other side. I show an example by jumping off the side but not jumping over the fence. He tries it and hurts his leg. I climb back on top of the playground and find a place where the fence is bent so that we could crawl through but it was in a small gap in the playground. We're crawling through and we both sorta have a hard time to it. He starts crying and the sky gets a little less red and acoustic guitar music is in the background. He started bawling about how life was easier when we were younger. A singer accompanies the music in the background that was sorta a rip of Forever Young. I start crying too and we lay there probably soon to be dead.