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    Doctor's Dreams

    Welcome to my Dream Journal. I have a full year of dreams in the Grandfathered section and I'm trying to get another solid year here.


    1. 12/17/12 Starting up the DJ for the break to bring back to school

      by , 12-18-2012 at 05:48 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Inception Trampoline Portal Thing

      The farthest back I can remember this dream is that I'm in the left back seat of my mom's suv. There was a second steering wheel on the back of the driver's seat chair and for some reason that was the one that I had to use to drive the car I was in. Apparently the one in the front was used to control via radio another car that I had to move around earlier in the dream. I think the car that it might've controlled was a small sporty audi (which for in the dream I called a BMW). In hindsight the body of the car reminds me more of a jaguar car than an audi but it had the four rings symbol. Anyways, I was in the back of my house so using the strange second steering, I backed out of the driveway.

      While I was backing out I watched a scruffy homeless(y) white guy with long dirty blonde hair in a beanie go into the audi and drive it away. I had a feeling that that was bad but it didn't shake me too much. I continued on my way and drove about 20 ft until I noticed a large group of musicians, mostly string players walking towards my neighbor's house. I immediately knew who they were, they were musicians from a summer program that I was a part of even though the faces were mostly students from my college. I drove to the house they were talking to and fro from and found my neighbors. In the dream they were a wealthy white couple with straight light brown hair, late 20s to early 30s and they were dressed up for something. I got the feeling that it was a funeral except everyone seemed happy and the wife was in a red dress. My mom was there too but she wasn't dressed up. They saw me, said hi, and I brought up the black "BMW" that I saw being stolen and the wife started yelling crying and screaming. It was apparently their car. I left and drove a lot more with my friend peter and it got dark out.

      I found myself in some strange building, high ceilings with wooden rafters. It was a little more than dimly lit and a lot of things were painted red. There were two rooms next to each other, both about 30 yards long and 7ish yards deep, maybe 10 yards high. idk why I counted it in yards…one room had a bunch of twin beds and the other room I don't remember as well but that's where the story continues. There was a strange dark lanky figure that was holding open a portal. I think my ex was there and she was explaining to me that it was some type of portal of dreams that you go into and experience some sort of interesting dream dark something…I don't really remember the explanation. Me being up for most things, I said that I was down and, laying on my back I wiggled backwards into the hole and there was no floor supporting me on the other side. I fell into darkness for about 10 seconds then into another large room with the same low light and red paint. I landed on a trampoline and started bouncing around. I looked around and it seemed that this was all that was in the room so I was very confused that the hole of darkness only had a strange trampoline in it. I was jumping up and down really high, high enough that I could grab onto the ceiling's rafters (note I didn't notice that there was no hole that I could've from). Eventually after about a minute or so of bouncing I fell of the trampoline but instead of hitting floor I fell into another realm of darkness. In this darkness I had visions of myself with my arms amputated past the elbows. After a while of this weirdness I fell into another room with a trampoline. This all repeated itself again into another room with a trampoline.

      At this point I realized that the point of the portal, or at least my fate in dealing with it, was to be stuck in this loop going on and on forever, falling off the trampoline, through darkness, and onto another trampoline in a room with no source for me to enter through. Obviously I wasn't happy about this so I crouched down and did what I could to "wake up" which eventually worked. I woke up in the room stated above with a bunch of beds. My friend's were shaking me and when I got up they told me that I was in Kate's bed (dunno which kate, I assume Kate M). As they pulled me away, I noticed that I slobbered a little on the pillow so I wiped it off so no one else would see it. We were walking to the other room and the passage between the two had a bunch of mirrors. I saw one mirror where I had the amputated arms and I freaked out. I looked at my own arms and they were normal and when i looked back again to the mirrors, everything was normal.
    2. Jan 7

      by , 01-09-2012 at 12:49 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Weirdness sex at my house (FRAG)

      I was hurried....and i'm too lazy to piece this together more coherently

      one friend snuch into my house
      we were making out and having good time
      i see my bag of consdoms and i'm all should i get that
      then she's laughing and all giggly and eventually says yes but she has to get ready first
      so i leave my room
      check on mom
      she's in the kitchen cooking crazy shit
      conch cshell and other strange things
      I'm trying to make sre mom doesn't look down the hallway to my room by making convo
      I see the girl coming down the hall and i'm trying to wave her away but she keeps coming
      finally she passes me and my om sees her but its not my girl itts another that i don't recognize
      my mom does though and epxplains it to me
      i'm like oh
      then we go back to stove
      i'm all xmas is over you shold stop cooking
      she was slightly mad about that blah blah
      i' try to get back to my room but i was too excited
    3. Dec 29

      by , 12-29-2010 at 04:36 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Hide The Prostitutes!

      I had hired a prostitute. She was blonde, long legged, and very beautiful. We had a lot sex in my bed which I'll spare the details. Time goes on. I hear a door open to my house right as I finish. Obviously I' freaking out so I tell her to get dressed and I run out and go to greet whoever it is. It's my mom's friend (who I made up). She was a short black woman wearing darker earth tones kind of dressed how I would expect a gypsy from long ago to dress, with an ornate shawl and other stuff. She says hi to me and I'm still shirtless but we have pleasantries and all that. The prostitute comes out of my room and my mom's friend looks trouble. "Who is that?" I quickly tell her that it was one of my neighbors who was in the area and decided to drop by. My mom's friend believes this and then I hear more car doors slam shut as more people arrive. I rush the prostitute into the garage and ask her if she has a ride or if I was supposed to give her one. The reason I asked was because this prostitution service was a call and deliver kind of thing. I called and she was delivered. She wasn't answering me which was making me even more stressed out. I could hear more people enter the house. For some reason there were a lot of people coming into my house and I did not know why. Finally she answered that a ride was coming for her and all I had to do was stall.

      I opened the garage door and took her outside and into the front lawn. More people saw her, they were not family, and asked so I told them the same story. They gave her a lawn mower and told her to get started on the lawn. Reluctantly she did. While I made my way back into the house, my mom's friend told me that she was having trouble with the lawn mower. I looked, and instead of going in rows, she was mowing diagonally and was not hitting a bunch of grass. Silly prostitute! I told her how to do it correctly but then brought her back to the garage where she could be seen less and I think it was then that her ride came. It was a beaten up red gremlin, and the woman driving that did a horrible parking job. I got the woman to come back to the garage. She was hot too, probably another prostitute. I told them that if anyone asked, they were my distant cousins that were just in the neighborhood. I was only slightly aware that I had changed the story from before but I didn't mind too much. I shooed them away and they ran to the car and I could hear the screeching of tires. Finally safe! I waled out of the garage only to see that they had hit the curb rather hard and the front fender of their low riding gremlin was bent in. I ran up, told them that it didn't matter and rushed them off. Finally...safe.