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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new and improved DJ! I decided to start a new DJ in the hopes of improving my recall and giving other members some insight into my mysterious mind. I'll try my best to be as descriptive as possible
    This is my previous DJ: BigFan's Dream Journal


    Finally, I love and welcome any comments. I'll also write my thoughts on the dream if applicable. Let's get started!

    1. July 15, 2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 01:58 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I infiltrated some base with my sister. We had some shortcomings and fixed them. We also had a list of things to accomplish.

      Thoughts: Unfortunately, I couldn't recall any more details of the base, the shortcomings and the things that we had to do

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      Tags: mission, sister
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. May 30/31, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:57 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Napoleon's Tomb and Fish Sticks:
      Far in the distance, there is a large building with a dome at its center. It was black and yellow all over with yellow being the dominant color. It's pretty much close to, if not the building that houses Napoleon's tomb in France. There are two chinese people(husband and wife) that are standing a far distance from this building and they were asking about breakfast, to who I have no idea. In the distance separating them from the building, there were large light brown fish sticks. They were like dominoes standing there and curving a bit towards the building from the left and right sides.

      I was on a mission to secure a specific type of airplane for my return journey home. The plane had to have small screens* in the back of each seat to get some good entertainment for the time to fly by. I made it to some building, possibly their HQ. It was circular inside. My dad tried to help him, but, he ended up messing the form and changing the food order instead. I think I saw what appeared to be the pilot and his assistant as I navigated the building. I think I did end up getting what I wanted. The plane was about to take off and we flew for a bit because of the bad conditions which included cloudy, very dark and a lot of rain. We then used pods which have seats for one person only to fly through some wormhole which was shaped similar to a spider web but the lines were curved like a circle instead of being in a cusp.
      *See thoughts for more details

      Thoughts: Interesting dreams and they seem to be incorporting elements of real life into them. I saw the building housing Napoleon's tomb that day or before and I was hoping that the plane I fly back home had those small screens since they do pass the time much faster. For those who don't know what I mean by that, there are some planes that have small screens in the back of each seat. They give you access to a lot of different types of movies to watch as well as some games, songs, etc.... and I find that they usually have great movies to watch such as iron man, spiderman 3, train your pet dragon, etc.... which I've watched on these planes.