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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Ronda Attraction (14.8.15)

      by , 08-14-2015 at 01:50 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Ronda Attraction
      I'm at a basketball stadium and I'm sitting on one side of the caught and
      some other girl is on the other side talking to someone. I begin playing basketball with a football. Ronda joins in with a young kid. We're taking it in turns, but I'm getting skipped quite a bit. I throw a bit of banter at Ronda. She's not the best at shooting a football through a hoop. I feel there's attraction and sexual tension between us. I look at the game getting played next to us. They have swags and back packs on their backs as they're playing. I think it's a theme game or something. I tell Ronda that they're swags and she says "as they?"

      I'm at my house I just bought and I show Ronda the swag that they may be using. I get another rush of attraction towards us. I'm a little shy, as i don't like to make the first step. The house is near blacksland. I see a dog that is the same breed as REX. I think to myself maybe REX followed me somehow. I go outside, it's like in in a camping area. The dog comes over to me and I don't think it's REX. It looks too skinny. I think maybe he's just lost at lot of weight trying to find me. I put my arms around it a bit and it starts biting my arm. I think to myself that it's probably a feral dog, and may have rabies or something. The dog bite itself didn't hurt though, even while it was biting me. It was more the shock of it biting me. I think about putting urine on it to heal it.

      I'm near some kind of device that does something amazing. Its got a lot of meaning behind it. I try attaching a light on it, but it won't stick too well.
      Some people come over and rearrange things. I can't seem to il find the device.

      I see Jane eating at a table. I hear her offer a chip. At first I think she's talking to me, but soon realized, it was probably to who she was eating with. I walk inside and see a few chips on the bench. Jane mentions something about maybe having some Distilled water.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm at home and I'm with dad and bro. Dad says something about not watching shit on TV, and only watching cooking and something else.

      I see a scene of a mother cat sitting on a couch, watching their kittens play. One of the mothers is purring. There's a cat freaking out over a lead on the ground.
    2. Imprisoned

      by , 09-15-2014 at 06:28 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at a party with Daryl. I feel like I've had this dream before.
      I'm after a cigarette. I get it off either Daryl or some other guy. I grab the cigarette and snap it in half. Daryl walks over to a female and asks if he can share her internet connection. She isn't too keen on doing so but decides to do it anyway. I soon realize that he doesn't need to borrow it off her, instead he can buy WiFi from here.

      I leave with Daryl and begin to smoke the half cigarette outside. My head starts to feel fried from the cigarette and I begin to act as if I've had a heavy trip or drunk. A security guard notices how I'm acting and questions me. I soon realize it's illegal to possess drugs. The guard grabs me and takes me away. We are now outside and head towards an area that has what looks like horse stables. I feel like I know what's going to happen to me, due to being here before. He puts me inside the stable and locks me away as if I'm in prison. There's a peep hole that I can open and close. I know I'm about to be torchered so I close the latch. The man comes to my stable and opens the peep hole. I see that he's holding a weapon. I look behind me and see that I have a choice of weapons I'm allowed to pick. I choose the knife, but soon realize it's not as big as I first thought. I think about the range of the knife knowing it sucks.

      There's two options on how to get out of the stable. 1 is to fight my way out or second is to control the dragon. With the dragon, I need to control its path and make sure I'm following the cloud. It's really hard considering the controls are weird. The controls are not WASD or arrows, it's random letters which make it hard to remember which is left,right etc. I think about going into the options section and try to change them to what I'm used too

      Dream Fragments

      1. I see Kayley and she's with a new baby. It's a girl and I think to myself that she now has 2 girls, but soon realize that I'm mistaken and know that her first was a boy, so it's perfect for her.

      2. I'm playing basketball and I'm trying to recreate a Micheal Jordan moment, which is attempting to score 5 points in 5 seconds.

      To start off I steal the ball off the opponent and score which takes under 1 second, but feels like 5 seconds. As I score I run back down to the other end of the court and leap into the air towards the back wall. I grab onto the back wall and hang from it. I do this to show off my athleticism.
      I now let go from hanging and run back towards the other end of the court but I notice that my shirt is too small for me.

      3. I'm playing Heroes of might and magic V. I'm trying to upgrade my soldiers but I can't seem to do it.
    3. Street Basketball/Dream Fragments/A Struggle When DEILDing

      by , 09-20-2013 at 01:14 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment
      David was in hospital with his hands wrapped. I saw a few photos of him. He was being congratulated for staying calm?

      Dream Fragment
      I was at the basketball stadium outside.

      Dream Fragment
      I was on a jetty. I think I may have been with someone that was famous.

      Dream 1
      It was night and I was playing basketball by myself in the middle of a street. A car drove passed and they must have said something to me or they were hanging out the window. I shot the ball and it went over the backboard. I jogged after the ball as it was rolling down the street. I could see the car in the distance, I thought maybe they were thinking I was chasing them. I saw them crash into a ditch, but I ignored them and went after the ball, which rolled into a houses front yard. I couldn't find the ball.

      Dream 2

      I attempted the DEILD and I must of only just been conscious or struggling to get the scene to become clear, as I could only feel sensations of body contact at some points.

      I was at Daryl's house and I remember my ex being there (Marls). She had gone to the toilet and I must have been in her bed. I could hear someone calling my name. Silly me responded ''Yeah....?'', but I said it out loud from my waking body, as I wasn't in the scene completely. I remember her in the bed with me, and I was intending to have Sex. I could feel her pushing my body away as I was taking up too much of the bed. I even took off my pants off at one stage.

      (Could have this been because I was blinded by my sleeping mask?)