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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Avoiding The Fine (6.8.15)

      by , 08-06-2015 at 10:47 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Avoiding The Fine
      Riding my bike down a road with people. I see police at last second and pull into a side area, expecting the others to pull in also. They keep riding on, getting chased by the cops. I walk my bike. There's a wall with victims of a tradergy. I move the victims around to what I thought was right. I see a movie scene of Johnny depp and Angelina Jolly. I think that Johnny would have tapped that no problems. Angelina had blonde hair and looked a bit trashy as she walks into the room. Im at Rita's now and I'm watching their foxtel. The controls are different. It's fatter and buttons r in diff spots. I get to a menu that lets me change the picture of a feature. I accidentally change it. I try and get it back to its original but can't. As I'm changing it, I come across Ronda Rousey pictures. I expect to settle with one of those. Rita walks into room with Bruce. Rita says about Ronda fighting. I ask if she wants to know results. Bruce puts down a piece of paper down on table, and puts down the battered fish. He offers some to me. I think hard about if I should or not. I decide to have 1. There's food in the middle of the table that's extra. I don't want to have any of that, because there might not be enough for everyone.

      I go on my way to the next down, but am unsure how long it may take. I first leave and realize i probably need to hug up more. I leave again, and I see a billboard in the distance with kids on it. A little girl is waving and blowing a kiss as if it's tradition for their culture. I do the respectful thing and do it back. I walk passed the board and on the other side is more kids. 2 of them are about to fight in MMA. They're both of Asian descent. One looks a little disabled in his appearance. He says something. Later on I hear about the fight and the disabled guy got knocked out. He says it's ok that he got defeated that way. I try picturing his body getting knocked out.

      Dream Fragments
      1 celebrity is talking about how another always sends him things about asteroid impact on earth which keeps being untrue.
    2. Mir Destroys Cormier, Naked Bike Rider, The Apprentice (17.9.14)

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:25 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm watching an MMA fight against Frank Mir and Daniel Cormier. It's not in an octagon like majority of MMA, but in a boxing ring instead. Frank Mir doesn't look 100% like him. To my surprise, Frank is beating Daniel up. Daniel isn't looking right, he's turtling up as if he has stomach cramps. Frank feels like he's given enough punishment to Daniel and is looking confused on why they're still fighting due to Daniel not looking as if he wants to fight. Frank turns his back to him to allow the ref to stop it. I see a scene replay a few times of someone turning their back and then throwing a spinning back kick to the opponent to surprise them. I think to myself that maybe Daniel will attack Frank as he turns his back, but he doesn't end up doing so.

      I'm now at my old house and I decide to rewind the fight and see exactly what happened to Daniel to make him react in such a way. I find the part im looking for and see that Frank hits Daniel with a devastating blow to the body. I see my brother come into the lounge room and I try and talk to him, but I sound as if I have severe brain damage (errrrghhghgh) lol. Dad is with me and we talk about something.

      Dream 2

      I'm riding my bike through a park. As I turn into a street I realize that my shorts and underwear are down to my knees. I try and pull them up while still riding. I find this difficult to do.
      I hear voices of someone saying that they're going to sue me due to riding around naked. They said there family, including kids and grand parents saw me. I reach the park again and I see a man
      running across the park straight towards me. He's wearing what looks like a Nike T-Shirt that Josh wears to the gym. He's running very fast. I make a get away on my bike, feeling worried
      that I will ride into a dead end, giving him a chance to catch me. My thoughts race again, I'm now thinking about if I was to reach a mans house for hiding that if I was to lie to him
      and tell him I lived at shore street, that maybe the guy who was chasing me would ask where I lived, going there and realising its a false address. I was worried that the man might take it out on the guy helping me.

      Dream 3

      I'm outside in an open area with huge tree's near me. I am being trained for something. My master jumps up into the big tree and purposely disturbs the birds. A whole lot of cocktails are now coming our way. Master tells me to run, so I head towards some kind of underground hide out. It's sticking outside the ground a bit, allowing you to enter through the small opening. I reach the hideout and have a look behind me and can see the birds coming towards me, but I wait for the last few seconds before they approach before I enter the hide out. I enter the hideout through a hole. It's like a drain hole. I try to put the lid on the hole but struggle for a few moments before eventually getting it on. I'm now inside the hideout, looking at a few doors. I think about going into one of them but decide not to.

      I'm now in a lounge room with some people. I think my master is here, and he's looking at a phone of mine. He tells me it's the enemies and I explain that I defeated him and decided to make it mine. Master tells me that he was dumb founded when he first saw the number come up on his phone. Master decides to hack the phone to try and get some information off of it. He plugs a lead into where you charge the iPhone. The phone begins going through the hacking process and I can see paper coming out the back of the phone, as if i was typing out on a type writer. I can see pictures of everything I've done on the phone, from seeing the volume go up and down etc. I begin to worry about pictures i don't want him to see. Mostly the pictures of my dick. The pictures are coming and going very quickly, but you can still make out what they are. I see a picture of someone holding their dick. There's multiple pictures so it's easily seen by master. I can now see pictures of me having sex with someone. The phone that's been hacked, now belongs to some female. Her boyfriend of husband, who's an AFL player, has seen the photos. He pushs her and is upset at her. I know it's my phone but I don't own up to it.

      Dream Fragment

      I can see the X Factor judges sitting at their judging spots. Dannii Minogue has a King Charles Cavalier dog in her lap. The dog was very good looking for that breed. I think to myself how much of a cutie Dannii is and that it made sense that she was
      holding a cute dog. Redfoo calling her as another name, I think to myself that it doesn't sound anything like Dannii and that maybe she has changed her name due to having a more appealing name.
    3. Party In Franga (15.09.14)

      by , 09-15-2014 at 07:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm at my old house in Franga. There seems to be a party going on and Jamie Lenton is chasing me around the house, throwing some kind of discs at me. One of them hits me in the back and I feel a bit of pain, but I over exaggerate the pain, and act as if he got me good so he would stop throwing them. I start chasing him now and throwing them at him.
      I walk into a bedroom looking for him, and find that he's on the bed with 2 others. The 2 others looked as if they had just finished having sex. The girl looked like the type that would sleep with you at a drop of a hat. They all leave the room and I sit on the bed and talk to a female for a few moments before walking towards the door to leave. I have a balloon in my hand and let the air out as I leave, making a noise with it. I find this funny.

      I walk into another area of the house and see that Josh is with a blonde female. They seem to be sucking helium balloons. I walk passed them and see that there's some balloons hanging from the shelf above the heater. Some are deflated and others are still blown up.

      I'm now outside and I see some people going on a over sized bike, which seats 3 people. It's a 3 wheeler. I see a gate that's blocking my path, and I make my way through the door. I see Jamie again and he's a bit hypo. Jamie throws a bomb towards me, and he expects it to be too heavy for me to catch. I know it's light and catch it with ease. Jamie now has an even bigger bomb in his hand, and I realize that it's too big to handle and I make a run for it. I make my way onto the side of the road. I brace myself for an explosion, and know the radius of the explosion so I gather I'll be safe. It explodes and a few people are caught in the explosion. They get flung a couple meters backwards, but I think they'll be OK. I look into the sky and see a massive cloud which the bomb has produced. Around the boarder of the cloud, there looks to be intense burning going on, as if it's burning through the ozone layer. There's a guy beside me and I complain to him about what's going on, and say that Jamie's going to fuck this planet up with shit like this. I figure that it might produce a black hole and will suck us all into it. I tell the guy we need to do something about it, like ban him. The guy agrees with me.

      I'm now walking towards my old house and I see Daryl Grandmother walking back towards the taxi which is parked out the front of the house. I run towards her but she doesn't recognize who I am and thinks I may have bad intentions. She kind of rushes towards the drivers side door. There was no driver in the taxi, she must have been driving.

      Dream Fragment

      I'm in a public toilet. I see a TV screen which is showing Ash Mcgril under water with some of her friends. One of her boobs fully comes out of her bikini. Her boob looked perfect. I begin looking for the computer so I can get rip that video of Ash onto a computer. I figure i'll need to use Maxthon browser to do so. I walk into another area in the toilet. I almost slip over due to the floor being slippery. I see a computer in the room. It's monitor is the size of a plasma TV, which is mounted on the wall. On the screen is a game I usually play called Heroes of might and magic V. I see a disc on top of the computer tower, it's the game heroes of might and magic. I hear Daryl in one of the cubicals.
    4. School Dance, Water Protest (6.9.14)

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:56 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at my primary school in the gymnasium. It's been turned into a night club. I have Kayley with me, and I see Marleigh with her brother. We are all dancing and Kayley grabs Marleigh and pulls her towards us so they can dance with us. Marleigh looks at me and then grabs my cock, holding it with a tight grip. I kinda feel a little bit of pain. She's got a good grip, I can't even move.
      I start talking to Marleigh's brother on the dance floor, and couldn't help but notice his poor taste in fashion. He's about 5-10 years too late. I tell him nice beard (referring to his chest hair that could be seen. Hes first few buttons on his shirt were undone), and mention that it's an in thing those beards. I tell him about my chest hair and try to show him what I had, but I have too much clothes on. I jokingly try to send him a picture of it.

      There's a dance circle which had been formed and there was two black males with short frizzy haired dances in it. It looks like they're dressed up for a play or something. One of the males is sitting down on a chair when he pulls out a syringe and gabs himself with it, pretending to be sick.

      I begin to do some weird shit on the dance floor and start moving my hands up and down as if I was using a horn on a truck.

      Kayley walks over to Marleigh and Marleigh says that she probably wouldn't see us for another 8 years, and Kayley responds saying I doubt that.

      Dream 2

      I'm outside with Daryl and we notice a group of protesters. They're holding signs and all. I tell Daryl that these are the water protesters (wanting no chemicals in water).
      They all make their way up some steps and we follow. We reach a rocky area which is close to the ocean. They walk the long way to where they're intending to go, and I take the short cut. The destination wasn't far at all and it's to an entrance of a cave where an aboriginal was standing. I'm standing on the rocks above him and I think he notices me.

      We all are in front of the entrance now and the scene of the cave changes to a house. We begin talking to the aboriginal man for a few moments before we eventually enter the house.
      There's a party going on inside, and I can see a lot of people. They seem to be having a great time. I see that more aboriginals come into the scene and they seem to be stand offish, and keep to themselves.

      Everyone is dancing and I can't help but join in and feel the love. There's a hand railing in front of me.

      Sam tells me she's leaving. Shortly after a female tells me that she's going to find Sam, and I insist that I will come along so she's not alone.
      I can see a olympic barbell at the door, and a bike. It's blocking the path. I get passed them and head out and look for Sam. I see Sam and Ben in the distance, sitting on a chair. I reach them and see that Ben's holding some photos which are the size of an average painting. It's a picture of people playing Aussie Rules Football. It seems to be for Josh Arfods Dads birthday, and he isn't too sure on the photo.

      Dream Fragment

      1. Dave Clork is in a new relationship.

      2. I look down at my stomach and notice that I have a gut. It looks like its sagging and I see that one area looks like its bulging out more then the other side.
    5. Full Bed, Dad's Custom Racer (20.8.14)

      by , 08-30-2014 at 04:42 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm in my bedroom with Daryl at my old house. There's two girls laying in my bed. I recognize both. One is the female I hooked up with a CQ Night Club and other is Ash Browns Girlfriend.
      I jump into bed with them and I feel a little unsure if they don't want me in the bed with them.

      A dog begins running around the bedroom and I follow it around the room.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my high school and I walk towards a shed. I enter the shed and I see a bike that I take with me. The bike a custom built racer bike, its a odd design but I like it. I see that it has a Facebook logo on it.
      I take it to where the community center in marinda park is, along the footpath near milk bar. I see my cats and they keep getting in the way of the bike. The cats eventually steal the bike and take it around the corner.
      I walk around the corner but area doesn't look like what it usually looks like IRL. I get the bike back and begin to clear the footpath of things that are in the way. I see a dog bowl on the path.
      I have to squeeze my way passed the cats , due to them being on the path. I begin talking to someone about the bike and telling them that it's vintage and would have cost a lot to do up.
      I talk to my Dad and ask him why he did the bike up. He tells me it's a hobby of his.

      Dream Fragments

      1. Someone is talking about Marc Marquez. They mention that he's American.

      2. Rita & Bruce are over at my house. Daryl is in his bedroom and yells out something to me. I yell back but he doesn't respond. I go to his room and find out what's up. I see that he's on dreamviews and is on my dream journal.
      He mentions that its running slow, so I hop on PC to check and it's running fine.
    6. Supermarket Request (25.8.14)

      by , 08-25-2014 at 04:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 7.00AM

      I'm at a super market and I'm heading towards the exit with a trolly full of items. There's 2 automatic sliding doors, and I think about going through them for some reason and then come back in. After contemplating what I should do, I see a women near me with a trolly (she was a larger women, maybe in her early 30's late 20). She tells me shes afraid to go outside and would like to know if I am willing to escort her out. I tell her ''not a problem. I can do that''.

      We're now on bikes together, just sitting on on the road. I get off my bike and look down towards my back wheel and see that there's an issue with it. There's a long bolt which needs to be connected. I attempt to fix it without a problem. We begin chatting about things and she brings up that she would like to have drinks with me one time. Soon after we begin looking at our phones.

      I have a False Awakening, which I fail to recognize. I wake up and I'm feeling horny. I'm in my bed when I hear my Brother yelling out to me something about glad wrap. I look above my door and I see 3 types of wraps. A roll of Glad wrap, Nonstick paper and Aluminium foil. I think of what to say to my Brother when he comes into the room, and I come up with a scenario if he was to ask for some Glad wrap. I was going to say look to the heavens, and hopefully he would see the Glad wrap above the door.

      Side Notes:

      I listening to some Stephen LaBerge mp3 files, expecting it to be the stuff I used to listen too, but it wasn't it (produced a FA, so I guess that's a plus). I downloaded the one I used to listen to today, so hopefully it puts me in a more of a lucid dreaming mind set before bed.

      I'm not using my alarms anymore due to not being able to sleep too well upon awakening. A swap back to my harder mattress has helped with sleeping. I recalled quite a few dreams last night upon awakening through out the night, but would zone out half way through and lose what I had recalled.
    7. Cash Counter, Angry Birds, Tyson Goldsack Interview (23.8.14)

      by , 08-23-2014 at 12:56 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 4:34AM

      I'm outside of a shopping center. I'm laying out money on a bench, and seem to be struggling to count properly. I have to count it multiple times to confirm it's correct. I leave the money on the bench and walk away from it, but can still keep an eye on it. Daryl walks over towards it and pretends to be suspect, and acts as if he's about to steal the money.

      I think my Brother and Dad at one point.

      I'm now down the street I take my dog, and it's night time. I see an Indian man on the side walk and he seems a little bothered by something. I try and act cool, and not make him feel as uncomfortable. I start to ride my bike, except it's majorly over sized. I find this odd. I begin to worry, as I have forgotten a helmet and didn't want another fine (got fined earlier this year :X). I am now seeing a scene of a 2 Collingwood players in a tackle. One is a rookie and the other is Scott Pendlebury. The tackle ends with the rookies neck getting cranked into a weird position. At first the rookie means to put his head in an awkward position but eventually it becomes a bit more serious. Scott gets off the rookie and he pats the rookie on the head.

      Dream 2 - 8:15AM

      I'm in a house with Kayley. Someone mentions about grandfather (pop) being angry? pop enters the room and complains about something in particular.

      I leave the house with Kayley. We're outside and Kayley is getting attacked by two birds (one of them is a lot more persistent then the other). It starts to bother me and I pick up and pillow and through it at the bird.

      I'm now in different location. I'm holding a baby which weighs a lot more then it looks. It like I have a led blanket strapped onto me. I look at the baby and it looks ugly as hell. I think its Kayley's child and I have the nerve to tell her.

      I'm outside and I see a baby in the pram, I think it's the baby from earlier. The bird that attacked earlier is now human, a female. She tells me she wants Kayley's boyfriend. I don't mention anything to Kayley, in case it would get her jealous or stressed out.

      I'm at another house, which is missing half its roof and walls. The bird is still attacking Kayley.

      I think I have a False Awakening, and notice that my Dad and Kayley are in the house. Kayley comes into my room.

      Dream 3 - 9:30AM

      I'm at a house and I see a Collingwood AFL Player, it's Tyson Goldsack. He's getting interviewed via video link. I see bunch of males sitting on plastic chairs. They're watching the interview and smiling. I expect Tyson to mention about distilled water and the amount of health benefits it gives you, so it can convince a few people I know. I begin to realize he wouldn't bring it up as in why would he?

      I think I'm in my estate and I see a massive photo in the sky. It's a picture of Jayde. It's showing 3 separate photos of her side by side. The picture on the left is extremely cute, she has short hair. The middle is kinda fugly as her hair is abnormally long, and the right is an average photo.
    8. Split In Half Tire, Attraction (16.8.14)

      by , 08-16-2014 at 02:44 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 3:50AM

      I'm at the park entrance, opposite dragon lady's house. I see Kayley's car or parts of the car, sticking upside down on the side of the road. The tires look to have been split in half. I walk over to my house and see Kayley in the drive way. I tell her that I moved the car but she doesn't believe me. She pokes her head around the corner to see if I was being honest.

      I'm now up the court of where Germain lives and I have my bike with me. I take it into his property and decide to pump my tires up. I'm with someone I know and they're pumping them up for me but isn't connecting the pump correctly. I help him out and show him how to do it. He wasn't pulling down the lock function when connecting it to the wheel. I keep looking towards the front door of the house to see if the door is open and it's closed. Sometime later it opens and I hear Shonnie mention something. I leave and then shortly come back. I move bike over towards the trailer and begin to lock it up with a chain. I'm struggling to connect the chain together due to it not stretching far. Before I leave I think about leaving a letter on the front gate saying how much of a nice guy Shonnie is. I walk out onto the road and see that there is a few people stealing clothes from someone's front yard. There's a lot of clothes. I join them and take my fair share of clothes. They look brand new. I carry them over to my house which isn't far at all. As I reach my house it starts raining. I walk around the back which has an under cover area. I see my dog Rex at the back door, he seems to have a dog bone in his mouth.

      Dream 2 - 7:18AM

      I'm at my old house and on the PC behind the bar. I see a girl and we both seem keen on one another but don't show it. She has work the next day but we still intend to go to bed together. I walk into my room and begin to brush my teeth. I think about putting a condom under the mattress without her knowing, in case we hit it off but didn't want her to know my intentions if hers were not alike. I think she decides to brush hers too but can't find a tooth brush or toothpaste. I walk into my parents room and have a look in their if I can find anything.

      I'm in bed with her but forget what happens. I wake up but with the bed on the opposite side of the room. I see her lying their asleep. (I had strong emotions in this dream)

      Dream Fragment:

      1. I think West Coast football club or the Suns win a game of football. They are celebrating as if they won a grand final but I think all they did was beat Collingwood. A team they always struggle against. As the winning teams players run on the field, I see that the stadium is empty apart from their members area which is a few levels high. The team is running in a single line holding up flags with their club on it. One of the players is Jade Herrix, I don't think he played in the game and may have been a sub or emergency player. I was focusing on him and see that he was the most excited about the win then any other player. They all start hugging and congratulating one another, making sure no one missed out.

      2. I see a conference table with well dressed adults. I'm not sure what they're talking about but do notice they are all accompanied by one of their children (under 10 years old). One of the kids asks a question to one of the other adults but tells their own dad the question so he can say It out aloud. The father asks the question which is something like "can you leak a confidential phone number?"' The man that was asked is black. He shakes his head and says no. They try and tempt him with money and offer a maximum of $100,000. The black man looks to pause a little as if he is thinking about it, but insists with a no. I start to think that maybe if they asked him for a vowel he would open up to that idea.

      Side Notes:

      Another poor nights sleep. Struggling to get back to sleep after recalling a dream. Sore neck is still uncomfortable to sleep with.
    9. Think I'm Tough, Johnny Rollins (28.7.14)

      by , 07-28-2014 at 04:05 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 8:00am

      I'm at my old house and I'm sitting on the couch with my brother. Across from us is someone my brother knows who is also sitting on a couch. I'm playing a game on a device where you beat the other person up while they're eating. I tell my brother i would beat up his friend in this game. Deep down I think I would lose to this guy, but I keep acting as if I could. Brother friend says he's not feeling too well and I begin to think i have scared him out of a battle. He farts and says he's feeling much better now. I feel as if I need to fight him now that he's not pulling out.

      I'm outside a house, about to leave in a car. I see my bike near the door and notice it's not locked up. I walk over and lock it up to something. I put the lock through the spokes in the rim.

      Dream 2

      I see Johnny Rollins from 'The Voice' Australia. He's in a studio was Kylie Minogue. He's singing and gets up on the bench and really gets into his singing. Kylie and her famous friends start digging his performance. Kylie gets on the drums and starts singing along with Johnny.

      I see Johnny showing a game he's been working on. It's not fully finished. He has a hand in the game that reaches over to the enemy's side of the map. He shows some fruits in the game that are lined up. He mentions a few are coming out the same due to coding problems in the game. I see a donate button in case anyone wants to support his game.
    10. Hot Meal Of Death, Memory Lane (19.7.14)

      by , 07-19-2014 at 01:17 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:40am

      I'm walking around a party scene with my cousin Russell. I see Fraser and he's looking stylish as usual with 2 light dark women and a few guys. As Fraser does, he is working his game on one of the ladies by moving one of the girls hair out of her face, playing it cool and planting the seeds. Both of the girls look to have Aboriginal backgrounds. Fraser's girl has beautiful tight curly hair.

      I see a photo of the group together.

      I'm now at Blaxland and I'm with Jamie Coop.

      We're outside Pizza Hut and I allow Jamie to have a ride on my bike, expecting him unco on it, which he was. He looked very uneasy trying to ride the bike. He rode the bike with his hands close together, trying to steer the bike with not much luck. but to my surprise it was all an act and went from 0 to hero in a matter of seconds. He rides up a ramp which is placed in front of Pizza Hut and whips the bike out, getting some nice air. I'm gob smacked and couldn't believe he was acting up the whole time.

      Jamie jumps into a car and continues to show off his skills. Somehow I know he doesn't respect either American police or police in general and he continues to drive erratically.

      Jamie is now dead, I'm assuming it's from him driving and showing off.

      I'm holding a bowl of food. It's hard to tell what it is. It has kind of a watery texture to it. I either just know or have been told that Jamie is in fact dead and is in my food. I think that he may have been burnt in the car accident and this dish is trying to confirm it. I'm hesitating if I should eat the food, but for now I try and find parts of Jamie in my food. I move my spoon around, trying to find anything, except I can't really find a thing. It's as If he was cooked down to ash. Eventually I find a decent sized bit of bone with a pork chop sized bit of meat hanging off of if. I remove it from the dish and continue to look for more. I find another, this time a bigger sized piece.

      I'm at Blaxland and I see a piece of paper which has a list written on it. It had a list of drugs on it, about 7 or more. The drugs were explained by having what was in them etc next to them. I think it's what myself and Jamie were going to do for a cash making job on the side of things. I think about if things did go to plan that I wouldn't want to be known as a cook but just a distributor to people.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:55am

      I see a reality TV show. It looks as if they have famous people inside a house living together. There's already quite a few conflicts going on, mainly with the rough tattooed looking blokes.

      I see myself in the mirror and I look a little off.

      I've broken up with my childhood girlfriend Marleigh and she seems pretty upset. I'm extremely happy and can now do as I please.

      For some reason Im back with either Marleigh or Kylie (M or K), which I regret but I had to do it.

      I've moved back to Blaxland house and it's bringing back memory's. As I walk around the backyard I think about the times of playing cricket. The inside of the house looks different. M or K tell me about how the cat is going with the move. He's getting into meow wars with the rest of the neighbour cats. I go and check my the cat and see that he is over in Sue and Mikes yard, laying in the long grass down the side of the house. It's a black and white cat, so I assume it's Charlie. I get his attention and he climbs up onto the top of the fence. I start to pat him but he seems a little bit like my other cat Izzy, which tries to gently bite you when you pat her sometimes.

      Side Notes
      I awaken and this time I ask what was I dreaming about. I get caught up in non dream thoughts but drift back to dream recall soon after.
      Working my way backwards helped.
    11. Jail Time

      by , 10-03-2013 at 08:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was working my old job, but it was located where Bodyworks is. I walked up stairs, and it lead to what I thought, was my aunties house, but it wasn't. I must have been living there. Jade was living there also. I felt a little nervous thinking about that Jade was living here also. I walked into, what I thought was my room, and to my surprise, Jade was standing there. She said ''hi babes'' expecting it to be her friend Amy H. I said to her, is this your room?. She wasn't too happy with me barging in, and said that I was invading her personal space.

      I was walking with some people and I must have murdered someone . I was now in jail, and I was looking for a way to escape. I saw a soda water bottle, and was going to use the gas inside of that to blow my way out

      I was allowed to have time out of jail now and then.

      I think this was the same dream, but continued.

      I was going to head over to Natasha S's house. She had sent me a text message saying ''u come over or i come over. I've lost all my friends'' I wrote back ''yes''. I was riding my bike at night down the street, I think it was my home town, where the church is. I rode passed a lady, and she said something about her going to church. I came across another church, and could see someone through the glass in the distance. I rode through a park, which was very dark.
    12. The Mansion/Bunnings Warehouse/DEILD/False Awakening

      by , 09-19-2013 at 03:02 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream ended - 5:50am
      Time Lucid - 20 secs
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      Dream 1
      I was in a mansion. I was with some people I knew. Only remember Jane. I saw my Chloe (Dog), she was laying on her bed. Next to her was Rex (Dog), doing the same thing. I was excited to see Chloe, because she isn't alive any more. I giving her a pat and a hug, putting my face to her face. I gave Rex a pat. I must have been sky diving, because I laid on the ground pretending that my parachute didn't deploy (acting dead).

      DEILD 5:50am
      I think as I laid down on the ground I woke up and did a DEILD. I remember being in the same dream, except I was levitated off the ground, as if I was laying in a bed. I rolled out of bed and did a RC (Checked hand, conjoined finger, turned away to double check, now had one of my fingers cut almost completely off). I walked over towards the mansion and was greeted by Rex, I gave him a pat. I was trying to stabilise the scene and rubbed my hands together (for some reason, it feels weird when I rub hands together). I entered the house and the dream ended.

      Dream 2
      I was at Bunnings Warehouse with my friend Josh D. We picked up a air compressor. I was now wheeling a bike through the store and it felt as if the bike's brakes were rubbing on the tire, as it was hard to wheel the bike around. There was a female standing outside the door. I was looking for Josh, and figured he would be parked in the delivery area. I saw his car in the distance and told him I would meet him out the front, as I forgot to bring the compressor with me.

      I was now on roller blades. I was near the entrance we used to play cricket/footy as kids, except there was a massive incline in the ground which had puddles through out it. I roller bladed through it, skimming the water.

      Dream ended.

      False Awakening
      I woke up in my bed I think. I had a strong feeling this was a false awakening and tried to get out of bed, but struggled. I then woke up.
    13. Locker Room (15.9.13)

      by , 09-16-2013 at 01:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was out in town, where shopping centres were. I must have been on my bike or something as I was moving faster than walking speed.

      I went into a complex of shops (Think I had been here in a previous dream). There was two ladies were in front of me walking. The first thing I saw was a vegetable market and a place that sold phones? I left the area as this is what I didn't come for. I was still behind the two ladies. I tried to over take them, but one of the girls kept moving in each direction I took to pass them. The other female noticed what I was trying to do, and pulled the other girl aside so I could pass. We all reached the next group of shops, and to get there, we had to slide down a steep path. We all slid down, it was pretty fun. I think one of the girls said something and I acknowledged her and said something.

      I went into a room, which was a locker room/toilet. I couldn't see the toilet, but I assumed it was behind the doors. I was thinking of putting my bag in or bike in the locker. I was curious to see how much it costed to do so. I saw a cubical which had a spin combination lock. I think it was for disabled people only.