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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Mir Destroys Cormier, Naked Bike Rider, The Apprentice (17.9.14)

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:25 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm watching an MMA fight against Frank Mir and Daniel Cormier. It's not in an octagon like majority of MMA, but in a boxing ring instead. Frank Mir doesn't look 100% like him. To my surprise, Frank is beating Daniel up. Daniel isn't looking right, he's turtling up as if he has stomach cramps. Frank feels like he's given enough punishment to Daniel and is looking confused on why they're still fighting due to Daniel not looking as if he wants to fight. Frank turns his back to him to allow the ref to stop it. I see a scene replay a few times of someone turning their back and then throwing a spinning back kick to the opponent to surprise them. I think to myself that maybe Daniel will attack Frank as he turns his back, but he doesn't end up doing so.

      I'm now at my old house and I decide to rewind the fight and see exactly what happened to Daniel to make him react in such a way. I find the part im looking for and see that Frank hits Daniel with a devastating blow to the body. I see my brother come into the lounge room and I try and talk to him, but I sound as if I have severe brain damage (errrrghhghgh) lol. Dad is with me and we talk about something.

      Dream 2

      I'm riding my bike through a park. As I turn into a street I realize that my shorts and underwear are down to my knees. I try and pull them up while still riding. I find this difficult to do.
      I hear voices of someone saying that they're going to sue me due to riding around naked. They said there family, including kids and grand parents saw me. I reach the park again and I see a man
      running across the park straight towards me. He's wearing what looks like a Nike T-Shirt that Josh wears to the gym. He's running very fast. I make a get away on my bike, feeling worried
      that I will ride into a dead end, giving him a chance to catch me. My thoughts race again, I'm now thinking about if I was to reach a mans house for hiding that if I was to lie to him
      and tell him I lived at shore street, that maybe the guy who was chasing me would ask where I lived, going there and realising its a false address. I was worried that the man might take it out on the guy helping me.

      Dream 3

      I'm outside in an open area with huge tree's near me. I am being trained for something. My master jumps up into the big tree and purposely disturbs the birds. A whole lot of cocktails are now coming our way. Master tells me to run, so I head towards some kind of underground hide out. It's sticking outside the ground a bit, allowing you to enter through the small opening. I reach the hideout and have a look behind me and can see the birds coming towards me, but I wait for the last few seconds before they approach before I enter the hide out. I enter the hideout through a hole. It's like a drain hole. I try to put the lid on the hole but struggle for a few moments before eventually getting it on. I'm now inside the hideout, looking at a few doors. I think about going into one of them but decide not to.

      I'm now in a lounge room with some people. I think my master is here, and he's looking at a phone of mine. He tells me it's the enemies and I explain that I defeated him and decided to make it mine. Master tells me that he was dumb founded when he first saw the number come up on his phone. Master decides to hack the phone to try and get some information off of it. He plugs a lead into where you charge the iPhone. The phone begins going through the hacking process and I can see paper coming out the back of the phone, as if i was typing out on a type writer. I can see pictures of everything I've done on the phone, from seeing the volume go up and down etc. I begin to worry about pictures i don't want him to see. Mostly the pictures of my dick. The pictures are coming and going very quickly, but you can still make out what they are. I see a picture of someone holding their dick. There's multiple pictures so it's easily seen by master. I can now see pictures of me having sex with someone. The phone that's been hacked, now belongs to some female. Her boyfriend of husband, who's an AFL player, has seen the photos. He pushs her and is upset at her. I know it's my phone but I don't own up to it.

      Dream Fragment

      I can see the X Factor judges sitting at their judging spots. Dannii Minogue has a King Charles Cavalier dog in her lap. The dog was very good looking for that breed. I think to myself how much of a cutie Dannii is and that it made sense that she was
      holding a cute dog. Redfoo calling her as another name, I think to myself that it doesn't sound anything like Dannii and that maybe she has changed her name due to having a more appealing name.
    2. Spirited House, Surprising Daryl, Mind Reader, Daryl's Birthday, Hide And Scare (18.8.14)

      by , 08-18-2014 at 02:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 2:10AM

      I can see towards a house. It's located near my estate over the old train lines rump. As I'm observing the house I can hear a man talking to an interviewer. He's telling the interviewer about everything I'm looking at. He house seems to be a spiritual house from what the man is saying. He's talking about meditation. I see a door which has a webbing design going across it.

      I see the house from a distance again and the man explains about the Winter Olympics coming here, or had recently been. I think I see the house with snow around it.

      Dream 2 - 6:40AM

      I'm at my house and I see my brother and someone else. They're talking to Daryl and his Mum on Skype via the computer, which is in the rumpus room. I don't seem to want to chat to Daryl, but I walk up to the screen anyways. I'm shirtless and Daryl spots me, and tells me I'm looking leaner then the last time he saw me.

      I make the journey over towards Daryl's house. He doesn't know I'm coming over as it's a bit of a surprise. I'm standing in front of his house and it feels as if I've been here before (in a previous dream). The funny looking boat in the drive way even looks the same if not similar. As I'm walking towards the door I see Daryl's Mum. I greet her and tell her she's lost weight. Her face was a lot thinner and sunken in a tad. She says yes, and puts her head down as if she is thin for the wrong reasons. I have a strong feeling she is unwell and maybe been diagnosed with cancer. I feel bad for telling her she lost weight, just in case that was the reason behind the weight loss. I look across the road and see that 2 men are walking their dogs. One of the guys says to the other, something about the way he walks (dog walks in between his legs), is the reason he finds it difficult. The mans dog which walks it strangely, starts to urinate. It looks as if the man is holding the back legs up, making it do a hand stand while in mid stream. The dogs penis looks massive from the distance. The other man walks in the opposite direction, back over the fence into the grassy area. Daryl comes to the door and we greet each other. A dog comes to the front door. It's looks like a grey hound. Daryl's Mum is holding their dog, which looks like a black Labrador. Jane puts her dogs paw towards the other dog so it can sniff her dog.

      Within no time, the Labrador is laying it's head on the grey hound, as if they're best mates.

      Dream 3

      I'm walking across the road near the ice cream shop, when I can read a mans intentions from the distance. He's intentions were to act as if he is a homeless bum, and to attack me. I can see 2 dogs at the end of the lights where the man is. As I'm walking across the road, I walk at a 10 o'clock angle to try and stay away from the man. He does the same and walks in my direction. (Feels like I have been here before and done a similar thing) I begin to make a run for it and head towards an undercover car park. I see a man inside a little booth and hope he's able to help me, but he locks himself in and doesn't intervene. I throw my wallet down on the ground. Moments later I turn around and punch the man chasing me in the face. It's a good hit, and drops him on his arse. I start to think about the damage I would have done to his eye. I eventually make my way back to towards the wallet. In the process of walking there, I see a picture of a achievement unlock for missing item not acclaimed. It says that I failed to complete finding my wallet, and that it had been taken by the man chasing me. Another picture comes up showing the amount which was left in my wallet. There was around $1000 in it. I can see similar threads to Kayley's, when looking for wallet?

      Dream 4

      I'm sitting on the ground and Daryl is showing me pictures of his friends son and daughter. The kids look a little odd looking. Daryl seems to favor the son. The photo of the son was of him standing close to the camera, whereas the daughter was amongst other people sitting on a couch.I can see a picture of Daryl receiving a birthday cake off of his friends in Yeppoon. They got him a ice cream cake.

      Daryl is standing at a fridge. He's holding up the box which has the cake in it. I catch a glimpse of the brand on the box which doesn't look familiar. Daryl offers me some but I decline. I do eventually try a little just to get the taste. Daryl raves about how good it tastes but i don't seem to rate it as highly as he does. It's good but nothing special. As they're sitting down, his Mum explains that it would be much better if it had some kind of fruit in it, as well as other stuff. I debate what would be good for the cake and show them a cooking article, which looks to be on a kindle looking device. Daryl unfolds his, now looking like paper.

      Dream 5

      I'm in a bedroom with my brother. He tells me to hide, because a women in red is coming into the room and he wants to play a prank on them. I hide under the bed which doesn't have a mattress on it. The only thing that's making me less visible is the wooden slats connected to the bed. I worry that I'll be seen. The old women walks into the room and we both lock eyes. I'm sure I've been caught hiding but she doesn't see me. As she walks up a few steps to exit the bedroom my brother hits the button which plays a scary sound, hoping to scare the shit out of the people entering. Another victim walks into the bedroom, and this time it's a young black women. She reminds me of my brothers old girlfriend, except she was white. The black women seems very energetic and is acting all excited. She looks to be stealing stuff off the bed and I realize I left my phone on bed. She doesn't grab the phone. She starts dancing and singing, while eating some kind of treat on the bed. It was inside a box. As she leaves my brother hits the button and scares her. A man walks into the room for a moment then leaves. I don't get to see him, but I heard that he threatened to kill whoever scared him. The door that they all exited out of was my dad's bedroom door.

      We're in the kitchen. This time Josh is with us. We tell him what we had been up too and I found it hilarious. My brother didn't seem to think it was as funny as I thought. I notice I have an erection and not wearing any pants, just underwear. I see Dale Thomas (AFL Player) in a scene, he's talking about how he wired up the connections for the clubs internet. I can now see another AFL Player kick the ball up into the air next to a goal post. I think they're looking to shorten the posts. Dale notices the player is kicking wrong and he helps him kick correctly.

      Dream Fragments:

      I'm in my house and I fart a little too hard and at the wrong time. To sum it up, I shat my pants. I can feel the warmth of the poo sitting in my pants and feel it running down towards my feet. I rush myself toward the toilet, looking like a person who just shat themselves. Lol.

      Side Notes:

      Swapped mattresses. Felt a little soft. Got to sleep quicker then usual. Woke up around 5AM and struggled to get to sleep for an hour.
    3. Lost, 2 Short LD's, Backyard 4WD, Grand Theft Auto (8.8.14)

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm outside standing in an open area. I can see the trees, and if looks like botanical gardens. I get a message from Germain telling me they're lost. I get another message shortly after from my brother with a similar message.

      I think I get in contact with my brother on the phone and he tells me to look for a green sign (highway direction sign). I look around and eventually see it in the distance. I think Kayley was with me at the time and she has gone towards where the green sign is. She finds a car with Germain and my brother. I think there was a couple others with them.

      Dream 2 - DILD

      I'm standing in a bathroom with my top off. I'm looking at my body and flexing and posing. I look more muscular and ripped then I look IRL. The bathroom doesn't look familiar but has a nice fresh look to it. I see a few odd things happen which makes me wonder if I'm dreaming, so I so a reality chick. I see that I am missing a finger but I'm not fully convinced and check check again. This time I have half a finger.. K I'm convinced now and realize I'm dreaming. I leave the bathroom and see that I'm at Germain's house. I don't stabilize the dream but try something that I haven't tried before but thought it would be interesting to see if it works. To find that pill which prolongs a dream. I reach into my back pocket and don't feel anything, but instead of give up I turn it into a false memory and think to myself "it's not in my back pocket, it's in the kitchen drawer. I walk into the kitchen and open the drawer and can't seem to find it. I awaken shortly after.

      Dream 3 - DILD

      I'm near a bush/tree and it has a massive sack of liquid around it it. Like a massive ball of puss. It ends up being cancer. Not sure if it's the trees cancer or someone's cancer. I walk around the tree and have a closer inspection.

      A story starts to get told to me and I see scenes etc. it's about a aboriginal man that had everything going for him. He had a career in the NFL and was a nice healthy muscly man. The man comes into my view in front of me and see that he is not the man he used to be. He has his shirt off and looks pretty thin and notice his skin is sagging. I ask him what happened and he tells me he got sick (I assume his cancer was what was on the tree). I see flash backs of his life and see him at a party. One of the scenes is a photo of him in his day and he looked totally different. He was a lot faller in the face and didn't look like he has aboriginal in him. The scene is now showing me more of the party and I see Bruce Buffer (UFC ring announcer) in his younger days. He's connected to a human train.

      I'm now in my house and I let my dog outside without supervision. I freak out and quickly go and check on him as i don't usually let him out by himself. I see him up the street. I walk towards him but see a lot of cars and I start to panic as my dog has no road sense what so ever.

      Im inside my house and I see that Dad gets off the computer and heads over towards the front door. I see that someone is still in the computer room and think that's odd that it's only myself and dad that is here. I do a RC and notice finger is half missing. I'm only lucid for a few moments before awakening.

      Dream 4

      I'm outside in someone's backyard. It looks familiar. I'm watching a 4WD driven by I think Luke Stool. He's spinning the wheels and doing 360's on the grass. I decide to jump on the side of the 4WD. He starts spinning the wheels again and I think a child is now driving the 4WD. I start to worry about he dangers of me being on the side of the 4WD while they're driving like this and eventually get off it. I see them drive off into an extended area out the backyard. It's as if they have their own track. I think about Ash Comp in the garage waiting for them to get back.

      I walk inside and Kayley tells me that Daniel was in the 4WD, drunk and as a passenger. His friend Barlett was driving. I walk into the lounge room and see that Daniel is sitting down and Barlett is laying on a beanbag. It looks like they're playing Xbox. I shake both their hands and start a convocation with them. Dani offers me a beer but I decline. He gets me one anyways and I take it. I look at can of Victorian Bitter and notice that it looks weird. It's wider than a normal can and looks to have curve going downwards between 2 cans. The hole which you drink out of looks flush with the can. A nice smooth finish. On the right hand side of the can looks like someone has punctured a hole in it. I become suspect that he may have put something in it without telling me.

      Daniel asks if me if I would like to play cricket in the lounge room. I grab the bat off him and line up at the end of lounge room. The item that's placed on the ground in front of me that was marking the crease falls over as he bowls the ball towards me. He bowls out but I tell him I was distracted by the falling crease and was about to fix

      It as he bowled. As I'm fixing the crease I see a lot of random shit on the ground that could be used for a crease but i pick something simple like a straight piece of plastic, the size of a ruler. I hear voices in the background, and soon realize it's guests. I recognize them, it's Jane and Sonja. Jane looks pretty good looking and has toned her body up nicely. Sonja invites me to come for a smoking session with them. I explain that I don't handle most weed too well, it tends to make me anti social and dumb. They tell me about one of their friends who is quite similar when it comes to smoking.

      Dream 5

      I'm walking with Daz up Germain's court and we see a white car. I think about stealing it but soon realize there's a man in the front seat. Daz doesn't care too much and decides to attempt to steal it anyways. I jump in the passenger side and rip the man out of the car and throw him in a pool which is 5 meters away. A man walking in the distance saw what happened and calls the police. I jump in the drivers seat and try to drive away. The man that called the cops is running over to the car to stop me. I try to drive faster but the car hasn't got much acceleration. I get away and head for the main road. I see a group of people half way down the court. One of them tries to stop the car but I avoid him. It looks to be raining and turns dark as I reach the main intersection. I feel as if I'm still getting chased and am in a hurry for traffic to allow me to cross the road. I see my chance and go for it. As I'm driving I notice that Daz isn't in the car with me but is on a motorbike. I ask him if he wants to come inside the car did to it raining. He likes the idea and tries to come to a stop and ends up going straight over the handlebars into a pond. I don't think Daz was wearing any protective clothes that would keep him warm either.

      Side Notes:
      Alarm hasn't been waking me up. Seem to be having natural awakening. Kept forgetting to continue sleep breathing upon awakening to try and bring on a dream. Tried it once but I think I was too awake. Time to follow a routine and stick to it without changing things up.
    4. Jason The Biker (26.7.14)

      by , 07-26-2014 at 03:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 8.00am

      I'm at Daryl's old house with Dianne and Kayley. We're sitting in the lounge room and talking about movies. Dianne mentions about owning all the need for speed movies and that she kept them all tucked away under the TV in the unit. I have a look and notice that she had about 3-4 movies of need for speed [there's only 1 need for speed movie IRL. I figure she meant the Fasf and Furious movies]. Dianne mentions about putting on the movie Gladiator. I get excited and tell them that it's my favourite movie. I see a scene of Russell Crowe in the battle arena. He's angry and starts to attack the enemies. He lunches and stabs the man in the throat. It looks pretty gruesome and real.

      I'm now sitting down on the floor in a room full or people. People are introducing themselves by saying their name. I tell everyone I'm a faggot. Most people have a laugh and some are rather confused at why i randomly said that. I think quick of an explanation on why I said that and mention to the people sitting in front of me that they should probably move away from me and give me front row view. We must have been watching something for me to say that.

      Im with Josh and we are inside a pub. We're purchasing tickets for something.

      I walk towards the entrance of my primary school and just hands me a ticket with a envelope. The envelope has the ticket number written on it in blue texture.

      We make our way back into the pub and I give them my tickets. They tell me it's invalid and I cannot use it. I check my pockets for another ticket in case I grabbed the wrong one, but couldn't find anything. I start to feel a sense of danger and quickly grab a few things off the bar and leave the pub, leaving my wallet behind.

      I'm thinking about Jason, the nemesis of Freddy Krueger. I see him coming my way and I try and hide by walking around the medical clinic as he walks around if also. Keeping out of his sight. I'm now about 100m up from the clinic and I see Jason coming my way on a motorbike. He doesn't look as big and scary as the real Jason but similar. He is quite slow at trying to grab me and I keep pushing him away as he gets closer on his bike. Eventually he gets a hold of my arms and he seems pretty strong. I pull free and grab a nice sized stick that's not too far away. I begin hit Jason with it, over and over again. It doesn't do enough damage as I was intending too.

      I'm now in the clinic of pub and I ask for my wallet that I see on the counter. They mention about my invalid ticket and give me a refund, and tell me it may have been due to me not showing my concession card. I tell them I didn't show my concession card as I only thought I had to if I get asked. They tell me that I was lucky not to get a $50 fine also.

      Side Notes:
      Reminder to add an alarm which turns itself off after a couple seconds.