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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. We Don't Have The Correct Dress Code (23.8.15)

      by , 08-23-2015 at 10:39 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      We Don't Have The Correct Dress Code (23.8.15)
      I'm out the front of a bungalow that has no blinds. It's my cousin Rach's place that she stays. I think that she doesn't have any privacy, and what if she wanted to have sex.

      I'm out the front of a night club, waiting in line. I realize I don't have the right pants on to be able to enter the club. I was wearing tracksuit pants. My brother gets knocked back due to his shoes. We walk into a near by toilet where he changes them. The shoes he is now wearing were going to be tight putting on, but he had some spray which must make his foot slide into his shoes much better.

      I get a taxi back to my old house with lee and my brother. I feel a nice confidence about myself when talking to Lee. I run inside and get what I needed. Now that I think about it, I thought I had spare pants that I could change into when I was out front of the club. So I could have changed in toilets with brother.
    2. Casey's Here, Off To A Bad Start (17.7.15)

      by , 07-17-2015 at 01:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Casey's Here
      I'm in my bedroom at my house, but it's my old bedroom. I think I was sleeping when Megan came in. Megan says I should get up or something. It felt rude. She says that her old friend was over. Megan leaves the room. I take a massive drink from my water jug, finishing about 80% of it. I'm disappointed that I finished that much, as that needed to last my the whole day. I begin getting ready and try some clothes on. I try a heavy brown jumper on. I quite like it, but it's a tad big maybe. I go through a lot of clothes, with a lot being ugly or too big etc. I think one of them is dads. Daryl comes Into the room with a massive plastic water container, which he places on my bed. I hear Casey's voice in the house. I anticipate Jane or someone coming in to get me to come out and socialize. As I come out, the guests have left. I sit on the couch eating a small tub of coleslaw. Jane walks in and asks if I'm ready for a bike ride. I'm not sure if I'm keen at first, but decide I probably should. Jane shows us some food that we can have, which was a sourdough roll. I get up and walk over to the bench. Daryl is telling me that this place really brings out his beautiful eyes. I examine them closely and see that they're light blue mostly. They seem to be still changing as its a bit patchy.

      Off To A Bad Start
      I'm at a house and there seems to be a bit of a gathering going on. I'm on the toilet which is in a bedroom. I have the runs. It doesn't have a pleasant smell to it. I wipe my ass and get shit on my jumper or something. It drips onto the floor and leaves a stain. I'm not feeling too good about that, and try to see if I can rub it out, or blend it in with the carpet somehow. I try to find some more toilet paper, eventually finding some near the toilet itself. My brother is now using the toilet, and he realizes I still need to use it. He grabs the toilet bowl and moves it closer to him. Im a bit shocked with what I just saw. He is pissing into the bowl and almost filling it to the top. The toilet bowl falls over and piss goes everywhere. I feel a little better about myself that I'm not the only one that made a mess in the bedroom. A bit of piss gets onto the side of the bed. I smell the sheets to see if it reeks of piss. It doesn't.

      I'm in the kitchen and there are people at the table. I decide to play a game where I have to sell product to them. I see 3 vita biscuits on a plate. I pick up the plate and tell them my pitch, which goes a bit like this.
      "Ok I have these rare biscuits here. The reason they're rare is due to the ingredients and the culture of them. You know how normal flour is used for making biscuits? Well this isn't normal flour. This is MOON DUST Aka Moon Flour. Also If you look at the 3 biscuits, they have a different color to them. I call this the multicultural biscuits. One is dark, other is medium and last is lightest of the colors."
      I had a black hooded jacket on, with the hood over my head when doing the pitch. I really put some professionalism into the pitch, even put on the goofy fake voice they do. As I finished, I continued my act and walked out like I was overly cocky with what I had achieved. I feel a bit embarrassed with what had just happened.

      I'm outside and there's an announcement of a man performing a triple backflip on a BMX and eventually landed it after many tries in practice. I think to myself that someone recently performed a quadruple backflip on BMX and that this may have been the one he was talking about. It's night time and I see the set up for the show. It looks like nitro circus which is sponsored by red bull. I see a man go down a big ramp, he's connected to a metal chariot. The horse is made out of metal also. He's flying around the track and notice that he's in a wheel chair. He disconnects from the chariot and flys across what looks to be water. He doesn't make it all the wave and falls off the side of the narrow path.

      The scene changes and I'm seeing Daryl run from a girl. Everyone is playing hide and seek. I decide to join in and hide behind these thick trees. There are a lot of trees near one another. Daryl climbs the tree and is hesitant to go any higher. I think that's the right option as there isn't much to hold onto, apart from the trunk. I keep an eye on Daryl incase he falls onto me. I imagine if I was up there and fell, would anyone catch me? And if they did, would it work out ok. I see the girl coming my way. I decide to run to the side of her, hoping to be covered by the trees. She spots me and I run quickly towards a safe zone. I reach the safe zone, but the hole to enter it is too small. I think I try another hut which allows me in. The roof is cut off the hut. Me and the other guy in there are poking our heads out. We're talking about Julian Wilson the pro surfer.

      I meet up with some people from the gathering. I don't feel too comfortable due to drinking the night before. I see my cousin Trev. He's sitting in a covered area. There's a lot of cars on top of the small hill. I see Trev's dad, and give him a wave. My dad is walking towards me also. I'm a bit shocked to see him come to something like this.
    3. Marleigh's Birthday (10.7.15)

      by , 07-09-2015 at 11:37 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Marleigh's Birthday
      I'm at a party and its being held at Rita's. A lot of the people I can recognize, including Marleigh and her mother. We're in the kitchen, sitting at the table and There's a lot of food on the table because it's Marleigh's birthday. There's some strange looking cakes. One of the cakes looks extremely detailed and life like. I walk over to that certain cake and observe it. The cake has props on it, where I thought everything was made from ingredients. No one is willing to be the first to eat. I look in an compartment in the cake itself and I see a lot of Mini solid Easter eggs. I grab a golden one and notice that it has 2 layers of wrapped around it. I eat it and it taste like it should. I sit back at the table and people are now eating. I see a glass with thick chocolate in it. Im eyeing it off but not willing to try it just yet. I think I eyed it off before I checked on the detailed cake, because I noticed that majority of it was gone when I sat down. I see that Jessie has it, except it more looks like Coco Pops and milk in a cup. I think about all the crap I'm crap I'm eating and think about completing another Fast to clean my body out. Either way I try to limit myself on how much I eat.

      We have now left he house and are in my street. We're all fucking around having a bit of fun. At some people I put my arm around a few people and run towards others to make them join. We decide to begin walking towards my house. I didn't realize that everyone was going to come into my house. As I enter, It's not my house, it's Rita's house. Dad is sitting at the computer eating. I tell him straight away that we're going into another room because I knew he wouldn't feel comfortable. I try and find a room to chill in. The first room feels too small and has a tiny TV. I settle with a room that looks to have open space and is a kitchen? I ask if anyone wants a drink and try to hand them out because I feel they may be a bit hesitant to accept. I try giving something to lesbian Kym, but she doesn't drink what I offered. I try again and she settles for a coke. The coke was an odd shape. I see a Carlton Draft beer and that looked different too. I offer it to Daniel and he is also hesitant at first but couldn't help himself in the end and has it. Now that I've done drinks, I look around for some food. The pantry is a weird set up. I can see the herbs and spices on the outside of the doors, nothing supporting them. Someone yells out that Kym will be happy with just Doritos. I try to find some chips but I can't.
    4. Drink Up To Bad Health (18.9.14)

      by , 09-18-2014 at 02:02 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I make some kind of potion which is suppose to enhance longevity and health. The indigence are strong substances that you would think are toxic. Your average person wouldn't be able to get their head around it.

      I'm down an isle in a supermarket. My brother is in another isle, about to drink the potion. I'm yelling out to him to not be a pussy and that it's good for you. I'm unsure if he actually tries it.
      Daryl has tried it and he comes to me and says he tried it. I'm holding a glass which has the dark liquid in it. It's only filled up about an inch. I take tiny sip and my whole mouth and throat close up on me. It's the weirdest feeling. It's like I had just drank pure poison. This freaked me out a lot, changing my perspective on what I had created. I wasn't convinced that this would be beneficial, and that it would be down right dangerous.

      Dream Fragment

      I can see the Honey I had bought today. It wasn't in it's original container and now is in a squeeze bottle.
    5. Post-Fight Sour Grapes (5.9.14)

      by , 09-05-2014 at 02:34 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm at a UFC event, watching Uriah Faber fighting an unknown person. Both fighters are grappling and Uriah gets the better of the exchange and wins the fight. There's a bit of a story behind the two. They're both in the marine corp and they both wanted to see who was the tougher marine. I think they had fought before and had a bit of mutual respect for one another, but still didn't like one another.

      Uriah is getting interviewed in the cage after the fight. He tells the reporter that his opponent has grown on him. I think he even started liking the guy.
      They now interview the opponent and he doesn't hold back with his words. He tries to bring down Uriah by mentioning that he used to fight in fixed fights. Uriah responds and tells him that it was a common thing back in the day. The crowd find it disrespectful of the opponent to say such a thing after a fight, and majority of the people (myself included) on the floor area closest to the cage, leave the arena to show support to Uriah. I don't leave the arena but take a seat near the back. I see my brother and he's talking to a female that's got a sleeve tattoo on her arm. I think he knows this girl. She has a unique style of tattoos on her. Brother gets a marker and begins placing dots on her arms.
      I start to intentionally annoy the man behind me. He talks back to me in another language and I ask him what that even means. His buddy sticks up for him starts having a to at me, talking in another language also. I could figure out a few words, which were stop it. I listen to him and agree to stop what I was doing.
      I look to my left and notice that there's a cafeteria with fruits and vegetables.

      I make my way back towards the front of the arena where the seats are still empty. I take advantage of this and choose any seat I like. I try a seat but find it's a little too close to the action. I notice my brother and Daryl are with me and they are pretty happy with the seats.
      I ask some people around me if these seats are reserved and they say yes.

      A female likes me, and says she will call me. At first I was f sure if she was meaning that I was going to call her or she call me.

      Dream fragment

      Josh says he's taking a girl out on a date.
    6. Brothers Spare Dick (4.9.14)

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:20 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm outside in a neighbour hood street with my Brother and a few mates (Daz and Josh?). I think we stayed overnight, sleeping in an old car. The car looked like it was from the 80's or 90's, maybe an EL?
      We made a camp fire near the back of the car. Someone said it was a stupid idea. I'm assuming it's due to the car could possibly catch fire. I begin to throw something over the campfire. I think it may have been petrol.
      I'm holding a piece of plastic in my hand and I hold it need the flame but if doesn't light for me straight away, but eventually it catches fire. I thought this was odd.
      I walk off to gather some firewood in the neighbourhood. I can see a lot of logs in people's front yard but I assume that they're either too heavy or embedded in the ground. I come across some sticks and begin collecting them.
      I make my way back to where the car is and there's a man being aggressive towards us all. I'm unsure why this man is trying to fight us. My friends are fighting him and I coward out and don't help my friends. I keep my distance from the fighting.

      I'm now at a house party in the same neighbourhood. The inside of the house is very tight. It consists of a hall way with multiply rooms to the side of it.
      I'm at the front room of the house and I can see Carissa Barrete. Her job is being Britney Spears. I also see her Mother who is also talking to me. I think one of them find me attractive and fancy me quite a bit.
      I make my way into another room where I see people. I'm trying to find something that belongs to me. Clothes? Someone in the room points out where my clothes are that I've been searching for.
      Now I'm in another room, where I can see a screen. It's showing the medalists of the Olympic Games. Notable one is an MMA fighter Marina Shaffer. At the bottom of the screen it shows how much money they make for winning the medal, some higher amounts then others. I have won 2 olympic medals and hope that I get to see myself on the screen, so others are impressed with my success. I hope that maybe someone has recorded the telecast so I can watch over it.

      I see my brother through the window next to a car. The car looks a little beat up and not looked after the best. Brother seems to be working on it. I notice that my Dad and a few others are near the car also.
      The car bonnet is being held up by a dick. My brother must have two dicks and is using his spare one on his car. I look back at the dick again and notice that it's tripled in thickness. It's the size of a brick.

      Dream Fragments

      1. I'm sitting at a table with Daryl. I see that he's smoking. I'm a bit surprised by it, cause he's recently giving up smoking. I ask him if he wants the deck of smokes that he told me to hide from him, but he would only use for mixing with weed. He says ok, sure.

      2. Dad calls me dumb or uneducated. I agree with him on the basis of mathematics due to my arachnoid cyst troubling me, but insist that I did well when I was younger and symptom free. I tell him that I could do my 1-12 times table no problems. Josh tells me to do them, so I attempt my 4 times tables. I start off decent but start going on reverse as I get higher.
    7. Safe Good Driver, Max The Hacker, Snow Beach, Bank Confusion, LD#40 (28.8.14)

      by , 08-30-2014 at 03:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm in a car with Kayley and she asks if she's a good driver. I tell her the truth and tell her the difference between a good driver and a safe driver. I tell her she's a safe driver. She doesn't take it too kindly and she seemed to think she was a good driver.

      I'm now on foot and walking towards a house flat. I see Jamie Pennys kids at the door step. I decide to turn around and leave. As I turn around a corner I see Jamie himself. I mention to him that I saw his kids out the front of his house.

      Kayley seems to have bailed on me and I have to figure out how to get home. I start to think about the long distance it'll take to get home. I have a backpack on so I check for money inside of it, and find a few coins. I see a man on the other side of the road and he's standing next to a car and looks a little suspect. He just doesn't look like a guy with good intentions. I'm taken back by the size of the man, hes very tall. He offers me a smoke which is unlit but looks to have been already half smoked. I keep insisting to him on why I don't want the cigarette. I tell him I quit a long time ago. I have a feeling the cigarette itself has something wrong with it and would cause harm if smoked. I end up taking a couple of drags of the cigarette. I tell him his very tall and he tells me his 6'8. I have a feeling his taller than that.
      I can now see a scene of the guy in a nightclub. Two males approach him and they're taken back as well by the size of him. They tell him jokingly ''Where's your cousins at?!'' meaning that they must be tall as well. Now he's cousins come into the scene, and they're just as tall.
      The man asks where the bus is, and I look into the distance and see one coming. The bus looks weird from the distance. It looked skinny. I tell him ''There's a bus coming, but I doubt it's yours''.

      Dream 2

      I'm sitting at the computer, about to play some online poker. I enter a table and notice that Max is sitting at the table also. He name is odd and consists of Max in it. My avatar is a picture of myself and I quickly leave hoping he hasn't seen me.

      My computer shuts down from being hacked. I figured it was Max, he must have seen me before I left. I walk over to my Dad, who is in front of his own computer. He seems to be having problems as well. He tells me that Microsoft Office isn't working. I tell him about Libre Office, which is FREE.

      Dream 3

      I'm walking down a street. As I'm walking, I'm pissing at the same time, leaving a trail behind me. I see that there's two males on their bikes heading towards me. I get worried thinking they're going to know I left a trail of piss behind me. I get on my skateboard and start to try and build up speed, but seem to struggle with power and cardio. I look back where I had previously pissed and see that it wasn't as noticeable as first thought.

      I reach a beach which is windy and overcast. I see that there's snow and rocks leading towards the ocean. There's a flash of lightning which hits the ground only meters away from me. There's a lot of people looking towards the ocean. I have a look to see what all the fuss is about and notice that the waves are swelling a lot and that there looks to be a lot of seals in the water. The waves begin to come over the concrete barrier where I am standing and begins to flood. My shoes get soaked but I feel no sensation of wetness or cold in my foot. As I'm leaving the beach I throw some snow at a kid and he gets pissed off at me. I think he's a bit of a sook, so I flick sand up towards his face to toughen him up.

      I'm now at Josh's old house in Strofford Ave. I enter the house through the backdoor and notice that there's a dog trying to enter the house also. I have to push him back to stay outside. I stroll through his kitchen and notice that his bench top is different and see a toaster near the sink. I leave the kitchen and walk into the lounge room. I see Dad standing next to what looks like a iron board. Dad begins to question me, as if I had done something wrong. I keep insisting that everything is fine but he keeps digging for answers. He asks if I'm hiding a female in my room. He now goes on about something I may have done outside. I start to get confused on why he's questioning me so much.

      Dream 4

      I'm on Dreamviews IRC and I'm talking to gab. Gab asks me a question and I don't seem to be paying enough attention to what she asks and I respond with the answer. Gab asks me to explain my answer and I feel I have been caught out not paying attention.

      I'm now sitting down talking to some people that work at the bank. I begin to tell lie to them about having a house and that I have been living in it for 3 years. I hope that Daryl is over hearing our convocation cause he would find it funny that I'm making shit up as the convocation goes along. I start to get confused and can't seem to follow what the bank employees are telling me.
      I see Daryl sitting at a table with three young ladies.

      Daryl takes me to another room inside the bank. He introduces me to another bank employee. I tell him I didn't understand what they were telling me earlier. He hands me some paper.

      Dream 5 - 9:25AM (Lucid - MILD, DEILD)

      I'm watching a female get ready for a fight. She is standing where the fighters are usually checked by the referee. I begin to come aware in the dream and I start concentrating on her facial features, until I realize I am dreaming.
      I think I'm in a class room and I kneel down to stabilize the dream and start to feel/smell/rub face/lick the carpet. I dream still feels a tad unstable. I begin to feel as if I'm still in bed and have something covering most of my vision (probably sleeping mask). I successfully attempt to bring on a false awakening to restart the dream, by falling backwards with my eyes shut. I feel my body float to the ground. I start to visualize the last thing I saw in my dream which works instantly. I'm back in the dream but only for a few seconds before I wake up.

      Side Notes

      Night 2-3 of practicing MILD with success. I become lucid just before my wake up alarm goes off, this is a common thing for my lucid dreams.
    8. Forgetting A Necklace (24.8.14)

      by , 08-24-2014 at 03:56 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 9:30AM

      I'm at Stone Hill house with Josh and Brother. I'm having some pre-drinks before heading out. Brother offers Josh a beer, but he declines. He say's that he doesn't want to wake up with a hangover and that he will drop $20 on drinks as soon as he gets there.

      I'm now sitting in the backseat of a car. Daryl is driving, Josh is in passenger seat and Brother is sitting in the back with me. We're driving down the road where epilepsy OP shop is when my Brother realizes he has left his necklace at home. We insist that we will drive back and get it, but Brother say's no due to being a hassle. Daryl looks to second guess himself a couple times, missing the turn off each time. Eventually he pulls into the turn off and begin to head back to get the necklace. I tell my Brother that he was using reverse psychology
      I begin to think if I have left anything at home as well. I see a checklist of things that pop up in my vision. Some of the text is different colors. Designer underwear isn't checked, so I must be wearing normal underwear.

      Dream Fragments


      1. Jail

      2. I see a picture of a famous person being used for a meme

      3. Talking to Josh about leg size decrease due to not training for a month

      Side Notes

      Head had larger amount of pressure last night due to big day and cheating on my diet

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    9. Cash Counter, Angry Birds, Tyson Goldsack Interview (23.8.14)

      by , 08-23-2014 at 12:56 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 4:34AM

      I'm outside of a shopping center. I'm laying out money on a bench, and seem to be struggling to count properly. I have to count it multiple times to confirm it's correct. I leave the money on the bench and walk away from it, but can still keep an eye on it. Daryl walks over towards it and pretends to be suspect, and acts as if he's about to steal the money.

      I think my Brother and Dad at one point.

      I'm now down the street I take my dog, and it's night time. I see an Indian man on the side walk and he seems a little bothered by something. I try and act cool, and not make him feel as uncomfortable. I start to ride my bike, except it's majorly over sized. I find this odd. I begin to worry, as I have forgotten a helmet and didn't want another fine (got fined earlier this year :X). I am now seeing a scene of a 2 Collingwood players in a tackle. One is a rookie and the other is Scott Pendlebury. The tackle ends with the rookies neck getting cranked into a weird position. At first the rookie means to put his head in an awkward position but eventually it becomes a bit more serious. Scott gets off the rookie and he pats the rookie on the head.

      Dream 2 - 8:15AM

      I'm in a house with Kayley. Someone mentions about grandfather (pop) being angry? pop enters the room and complains about something in particular.

      I leave the house with Kayley. We're outside and Kayley is getting attacked by two birds (one of them is a lot more persistent then the other). It starts to bother me and I pick up and pillow and through it at the bird.

      I'm now in different location. I'm holding a baby which weighs a lot more then it looks. It like I have a led blanket strapped onto me. I look at the baby and it looks ugly as hell. I think its Kayley's child and I have the nerve to tell her.

      I'm outside and I see a baby in the pram, I think it's the baby from earlier. The bird that attacked earlier is now human, a female. She tells me she wants Kayley's boyfriend. I don't mention anything to Kayley, in case it would get her jealous or stressed out.

      I'm at another house, which is missing half its roof and walls. The bird is still attacking Kayley.

      I think I have a False Awakening, and notice that my Dad and Kayley are in the house. Kayley comes into my room.

      Dream 3 - 9:30AM

      I'm at a house and I see a Collingwood AFL Player, it's Tyson Goldsack. He's getting interviewed via video link. I see bunch of males sitting on plastic chairs. They're watching the interview and smiling. I expect Tyson to mention about distilled water and the amount of health benefits it gives you, so it can convince a few people I know. I begin to realize he wouldn't bring it up as in why would he?

      I think I'm in my estate and I see a massive photo in the sky. It's a picture of Jayde. It's showing 3 separate photos of her side by side. The picture on the left is extremely cute, she has short hair. The middle is kinda fugly as her hair is abnormally long, and the right is an average photo.
    10. Quick Step, Ferlingo Twin, Teddy Bear Biscuit Friends (21.8.14)

      by , 08-21-2014 at 04:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 7:18AM

      I'm at Jane and Tim's house and I'm sitting at the table in the dining area. Tim and I are talking. I get up and decide to mock the quick step. I'm moving my feet up and down quickly. I find it pretty funny, but I think I enjoyed it more then anyone else.
      I walk back over to Tim and notice he had recorded what I was doing. I see myself on the screen but he seems to have only recorded from my knee and up, missing the whole point of why we were recording. At the end of recording, he does move the camera down so you can see my feet for a few moments.
      Tim looks to have uploaded the video clip on Facebook.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a pubic bathroom setting. I see that Daryl is with me and one of the Ferlingo twins. Ferlingo is eating a icey pole. On top of the cubicle is 5 icey poles sitting on top of the door. I try one, but it wasn't one that was on the door. Ferlingo doesn't seem to be as snobby as I expected and seemed nice. I notice that my hair is long, similar to theirs. I mention about my hair being like theirs. He tells me to shave the side.

      A lot of people start to enter the bathroom.

      Scene must change and I'm outside of a gold course. I see Tiger Woods and he's explaining about his earlier career. He says that he was broke and that he slept in his car at this course, awaiting the game the next day. I think this course was for the Australian Open.

      A scene comes up of a Croatian Golfer who must have won the Australian Open. He was getting carried by his supporters. He was ecstatic.

      I figure I'm in a restricted area and begin to blend in by searching for golf balls. I find a bunch and hand them to the man that collects them. I notice a few of the balls look odd. Some look small, big, cut in half etc. The man collecting notices this too.

      I'm now outside the course, lining up with Jane and Daryl. Jane pushes in line and drags me in with her. I feel it's rude, so myself and Daryl go to the back of the line.

      Dream 3 - 9:30AM

      I think I was at the shops buying meat with my brother.

      I'm in the car. Kayley is driving, Dianne is in the passenger and I'm in the back. I notice Dianne is eating a packet of Arnott's Teddy Bears. She looks to have already finished a row of them.
      Attachment 7551

      I have a plastic shopping bag on my lap and I look through it and find that I too have a Teddy Bear biscuit, expect I only have one. I take it out and place it next to Dianne's and pretend they're hugging one another. We find it funny. I think Dianne mentions that mine isn't a legit teddy bear biscuit and is probably a rip off of it. I continue searching through my bag and see that I have some steak in there. I open it up and realize its uncooked. I'm a bit pissed, as it's not sealed anymore, so I think of using a bag to wrap it. I see another steak, which is smaller compared to the other. I think I may have my brothers steak in here.
    11. Playing Football (20.8.14)

      by , 08-20-2014 at 04:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 7:40AM

      I'm on range bank's oval playing Aussie Rules Football. I'm standing in the forward line talking to the opposition teams player. I see Brent Macaffer (Professional AFL Player) and he has a word to me about something. I think it may have been something to do with chatting and not playing.

      I think I kick two goals for our team.

      I run over towards one of the oppositions teams players and man up with him. The ball goes over our heads and we both run after it. I beat him to the ball and side step passed him. I see one of my team mates a little too far away for me to kick, but I try to kick it as far as I could, which ends up just being enough to go over the oppositions players head but not far enough for my team mate. I feel a little bummed considering the shitty distance I was able to kick the ball. I think about strengthening my legs so I can generate more power in my kicks. I relive the moment and this time I kick the ball differently. I kick a torpedo, which makes the balls spinning formations similar to a spinning spin top. The ball goes further this time.

      I'm now at my old house, standing in the kitchen. I see Arpie and I explain to him and my Dad about my dream I had. I mention about a female and dating, and that I was playing football where I kicked the ball over the oppositions teams head. I mention to Arpie again that it's just a dream, cause he starts talking about the girl and dating part as if it was real.

      Another scene change, I'm at a random house and I see two females fighting in the lounge room. One of the females gets pushed over a chair.

      I begin telling Dad about the dream again.

      I'm standing up heading towards a door. I think I'm a female, a somewhat famous singer named Joelle, or maybe I'm just promoting her, I dunno. I see my profile open up and I edit it, putting in something about Joelle.

      Dream Fragment:

      I bite the tip of my finger nail, and bite some off. I'm a little disappointed due to biting them, as I've kicked the habit in real life.

      Side Notes:

      Felt uneasy last night and couldn't sleep for at least 3-4 hours due to having heart palpitations. Weird. Assume they're water detox symptoms.
      Been practicing visualization with great success. I feel it flowing instead of being forced and stressful. It's more of a passive approach.
    12. Spirited House, Surprising Daryl, Mind Reader, Daryl's Birthday, Hide And Scare (18.8.14)

      by , 08-18-2014 at 02:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 2:10AM

      I can see towards a house. It's located near my estate over the old train lines rump. As I'm observing the house I can hear a man talking to an interviewer. He's telling the interviewer about everything I'm looking at. He house seems to be a spiritual house from what the man is saying. He's talking about meditation. I see a door which has a webbing design going across it.

      I see the house from a distance again and the man explains about the Winter Olympics coming here, or had recently been. I think I see the house with snow around it.

      Dream 2 - 6:40AM

      I'm at my house and I see my brother and someone else. They're talking to Daryl and his Mum on Skype via the computer, which is in the rumpus room. I don't seem to want to chat to Daryl, but I walk up to the screen anyways. I'm shirtless and Daryl spots me, and tells me I'm looking leaner then the last time he saw me.

      I make the journey over towards Daryl's house. He doesn't know I'm coming over as it's a bit of a surprise. I'm standing in front of his house and it feels as if I've been here before (in a previous dream). The funny looking boat in the drive way even looks the same if not similar. As I'm walking towards the door I see Daryl's Mum. I greet her and tell her she's lost weight. Her face was a lot thinner and sunken in a tad. She says yes, and puts her head down as if she is thin for the wrong reasons. I have a strong feeling she is unwell and maybe been diagnosed with cancer. I feel bad for telling her she lost weight, just in case that was the reason behind the weight loss. I look across the road and see that 2 men are walking their dogs. One of the guys says to the other, something about the way he walks (dog walks in between his legs), is the reason he finds it difficult. The mans dog which walks it strangely, starts to urinate. It looks as if the man is holding the back legs up, making it do a hand stand while in mid stream. The dogs penis looks massive from the distance. The other man walks in the opposite direction, back over the fence into the grassy area. Daryl comes to the door and we greet each other. A dog comes to the front door. It's looks like a grey hound. Daryl's Mum is holding their dog, which looks like a black Labrador. Jane puts her dogs paw towards the other dog so it can sniff her dog.

      Within no time, the Labrador is laying it's head on the grey hound, as if they're best mates.

      Dream 3

      I'm walking across the road near the ice cream shop, when I can read a mans intentions from the distance. He's intentions were to act as if he is a homeless bum, and to attack me. I can see 2 dogs at the end of the lights where the man is. As I'm walking across the road, I walk at a 10 o'clock angle to try and stay away from the man. He does the same and walks in my direction. (Feels like I have been here before and done a similar thing) I begin to make a run for it and head towards an undercover car park. I see a man inside a little booth and hope he's able to help me, but he locks himself in and doesn't intervene. I throw my wallet down on the ground. Moments later I turn around and punch the man chasing me in the face. It's a good hit, and drops him on his arse. I start to think about the damage I would have done to his eye. I eventually make my way back to towards the wallet. In the process of walking there, I see a picture of a achievement unlock for missing item not acclaimed. It says that I failed to complete finding my wallet, and that it had been taken by the man chasing me. Another picture comes up showing the amount which was left in my wallet. There was around $1000 in it. I can see similar threads to Kayley's, when looking for wallet?

      Dream 4

      I'm sitting on the ground and Daryl is showing me pictures of his friends son and daughter. The kids look a little odd looking. Daryl seems to favor the son. The photo of the son was of him standing close to the camera, whereas the daughter was amongst other people sitting on a couch.I can see a picture of Daryl receiving a birthday cake off of his friends in Yeppoon. They got him a ice cream cake.

      Daryl is standing at a fridge. He's holding up the box which has the cake in it. I catch a glimpse of the brand on the box which doesn't look familiar. Daryl offers me some but I decline. I do eventually try a little just to get the taste. Daryl raves about how good it tastes but i don't seem to rate it as highly as he does. It's good but nothing special. As they're sitting down, his Mum explains that it would be much better if it had some kind of fruit in it, as well as other stuff. I debate what would be good for the cake and show them a cooking article, which looks to be on a kindle looking device. Daryl unfolds his, now looking like paper.

      Dream 5

      I'm in a bedroom with my brother. He tells me to hide, because a women in red is coming into the room and he wants to play a prank on them. I hide under the bed which doesn't have a mattress on it. The only thing that's making me less visible is the wooden slats connected to the bed. I worry that I'll be seen. The old women walks into the room and we both lock eyes. I'm sure I've been caught hiding but she doesn't see me. As she walks up a few steps to exit the bedroom my brother hits the button which plays a scary sound, hoping to scare the shit out of the people entering. Another victim walks into the bedroom, and this time it's a young black women. She reminds me of my brothers old girlfriend, except she was white. The black women seems very energetic and is acting all excited. She looks to be stealing stuff off the bed and I realize I left my phone on bed. She doesn't grab the phone. She starts dancing and singing, while eating some kind of treat on the bed. It was inside a box. As she leaves my brother hits the button and scares her. A man walks into the room for a moment then leaves. I don't get to see him, but I heard that he threatened to kill whoever scared him. The door that they all exited out of was my dad's bedroom door.

      We're in the kitchen. This time Josh is with us. We tell him what we had been up too and I found it hilarious. My brother didn't seem to think it was as funny as I thought. I notice I have an erection and not wearing any pants, just underwear. I see Dale Thomas (AFL Player) in a scene, he's talking about how he wired up the connections for the clubs internet. I can now see another AFL Player kick the ball up into the air next to a goal post. I think they're looking to shorten the posts. Dale notices the player is kicking wrong and he helps him kick correctly.

      Dream Fragments:

      I'm in my house and I fart a little too hard and at the wrong time. To sum it up, I shat my pants. I can feel the warmth of the poo sitting in my pants and feel it running down towards my feet. I rush myself toward the toilet, looking like a person who just shat themselves. Lol.

      Side Notes:

      Swapped mattresses. Felt a little soft. Got to sleep quicker then usual. Woke up around 5AM and struggled to get to sleep for an hour.
    13. Snake (17.8.14)

      by , 08-17-2014 at 12:22 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 8:00AM

      I'm walking around a place with escalators. I see a guard in my way, I keep hitting him until he moves. He eventually gives in and offers to pull down a leaver which was on the wall, and does it. Im standing near a wall and it opens a special storage box inside the wall. There's brick like things in the way. The scene has changed to my rumpus room sf my house but still see bricks etc. Ben and I begin to take bricks off and as we almost reach last brick Ben gets cautious. He puts a cloth over the area, as If he was expecting some sort of creature to come out. A snake comes out. Ben tries to pick it up and it hisses at him. It's now on the floor. it's small medium size black snake. Ben is dad now. Dad puts a shoe over it and tries to cover hole where it may escape. I try to fix it so the hole is completely sealed but i make it worse. Snake escapes again and it can shrink itself into small blob and still move. It makes it's way under the couch. It comes out again and dad throws something over it again. I put a jacket over it but the snake pushes it's body and head up and it looks as if it's standing with a sheet on its head. I see Rex underneath the snake and snake bites Rex's ear, I freak out and stop it by pulling it away. Rex doesn't seem bothered and is still laying there.

      Dream Fragment:

      I'm outside and I see people. At a petrol station?

      Side Notes:

      Neck felt much better tonight but recall was shit once again. I've been putting effort into my affirmations and not getting rewarded. Not sure what's up but will just keep on keeping on.
    14. Fighter vs. Interviewer, Friendly Insults, Mysterious Slow Cooked Chest (14.8.14)

      by , 08-14-2014 at 01:24 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      DREAM 1 - 4:30AM

      I'm at my house in the bath room. I see Joe Rogan interviewing a dark skinned fighter. The fighter flips out on Joe and starts throwing punches at him. He's not happy with the way Joe criticises his guests. Joe moves out of the way of the mans attacks. I feel disgraced in the fighters actions towards Joe, as it's not a good look at all.

      When Joe was interviewing it looked dark.

      DREAM 2 - 6:30AM

      I'm at Daryl's old house sitting in the lounge room. I can see Brent Johnston and his girlfriend. Brent and I start insulting each other for fun and I say some pretty funny stuff. He comes closer to me and I see what looks like black birth marks over his arms and shoulders, but is actually a cover up of his tattoos. He tells me about laser removal of his tattoos. He mentions that to get a small area removed it will cost $1000 or $2000 for all, and then points over towards his friend showing me how much of his tattoo he got removed. His friends tattoo on his leg looked stretched and blurred.. It was still there. I assume the army has changed him or they wanted him to remove his tattoos.

      I continue insulting Brent and bring up about his goofy looking hat. Looks like a wizard hat, but at the time I was calling it a Willy Wonka hat.

      I leave the lounge room and walk into kitchen where I see his girlfriend. She's standing at the fridge and mentions about her and Brent being back together and had been broken up for some time.

      I'm back in the lounge room but this time, NAKED! There's a few people with me and I'm looking out the window. I see an old friend Josh Rooker. I embrace him and happy to see him as well as he is. He's got a candle in each hand. The candle is lit up and he is trying to prod me with them as a joke. I'm avoiding them at all costs, due to them being pointed at my arse... F THAT. I look outside and notice a car pull up with a group of people.

      I'm now in the bathroom and I'm washing my hands with soap. I see a scene of one of the people that was out the front in the car. He's a famous Croatian football player who had the whole countries weight on his shoulders. He was their hope on winning the World Cup. I see a team run onto the field. I walk into Janes room and feel as if I shouldn't be here.

      DREAM 3 - 8:55AM

      I'm at Daryl's house In the kitchen area. I'm sitting at the kitchen table and I see dogs laying on a blanket, on top of the chair. Jane tells me to put the dogs out when I get up. My brother checks for piss stains where they have been sleeping and notices a couple stains. We try and justify that it's not pee and could be something else.

      I walk outside where the veranda is and see that there's a slow cooker on the table. It's cooking some kind of stew. I think I try a small amount and think about giving some to Dad to try. I forget about that and put the lid back on. I see that there's dirty water on the lid and I think about if I should just put it on anyways, but decide to clean it.

      I'm out the front of Jason and Louise's house, next to my old house. I see the slow cooker in front of me but it's not a chest. I feel as if the chest has something magical or mysterious about it. The chest is from a TV series, and to find out what the chest has in it and the meaning of it, we have to watch the rest of the series.


      1. I'm at a house and I'm with my brother and friends. We're deciding to head out for the night I think. I worry about not drinking enough distilled water. I realise I have my water distilled running and think about doing a second cycle before I go out. Water distiller jug is not made out glass. I knock it over and it makes a different sound.

      2. I'm at my house in the kitchen area and I'm explaining to my cousin Trev about my arachnoid cyst and how it effects me.

      I used holo sync binaural beats to induce theta state so I could perform my mantras that way. I also put effort into my mantras before bed. I feel this helped a lot even on the first night. My head felt clear and on point upon awakening throughout the night. Not perfect but big improvement.
      Performed some SSILD but was finding it too hard to get back to sleep. Was awake for at least an hour from 5:30^
    15. Gmans Backyard, Stealing Petrol/Older Lady (12.8.14)

      by , 08-12-2014 at 04:10 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I'm at Germain's house in his backyard. Lachlan and I are talking about something. We're standing near a car which is I'm the backyard and he asks if I'm able to drive. I say yes. I can now see Lachlan's wife and I'm talking to her.

      Dream 2:
      It's night and I'm at what looks like Marinda milkbar, but is a petrol station.
      A man is filling up his car and let's it fill automatically, as he walks away. While his cars unattended, a guy that I'm with decides to steal his petrol and siphon it into our car. I help the man siphon and feel a bit nervous as the man may come back at anytime. As the fuel stops, we quickly pack up the equipment we're siphoning with.

      I'm now at my house and standing in the kitchen. Dad walks into kitchen and he's talking about the person who is trying to break into the house. He keeps insisting that he won't get in. I feel a little uneasy with the idea of just letting a person try and break into your house while you're home. We can hear rattling sounds coming from the door. After half a minuet or so it stops and Dad walks back to the kitchen with a couple brochures that was left at the door. I kind of have a sigh of relief come over me as it was probably not someone trying to break into our house. One of the brochures was to do with a religion. Maybe jehovah's witnesses?

      An older lady is in the kitchen, she would have at least been in her 60's. I feel attracted to her. She's looking in the pantry for something to eat. I tell her that there's not a hell of a lot and will be shopping on Wednesday. She mentions about giving my mother $7 for her birthday. $1 for every year she had passed. I start to feel strong emotions of sadness as I think back to when my Mum was still alive.

      We both walk over to where Dad is, he's on the computer listening to music. I show him trick or fix something that will make listening to music a lot easier for him.

      Dream Fragment:
      Someone walks into my room and it has a strong fart smell.

      Side Notes:
      Poor sleep as I was too awake. May have been from Hemi Sync.
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