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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Old Martial Artist (8.8.15)

      by , 08-08-2015 at 01:39 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment
      An old fighter is telling me that he best up a legend. He tells me he beat up Bruce lee. I'm behind a door and his kicking it in trying to get to me. He can't seem To get in due to me holding it with legs. He's the brother of another fighter.
      Tags: fighting
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. X Factor, Rob The Prankster (30.7.14)

      by , 07-30-2014 at 01:24 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:30am

      I'm in a room where I see a shower. I get in the shower and wash my hair. I look in the mirror and like they way my hair is sitting and find myself attractive. It's a see through shower and I see Laura with a camera in her hand taking photos. I pull faces at her and give her a few poses. I take a good look at her ass and it looks very sexy.

      I get out of shower and forget to shampoo it. I go back into the shower and rub some in. I look back in the mirror and notice that my hair is turning blonde and find that I like the look of it.

      I'm still in the same room but it's a crowded room now and someone is talking to the crowd. I sit down in the corner of the room, not too far from the man speaking to everyone. I think everyone needed to be silent. The man comes up to me and I think we know of each other, may even be friends in the dream. He makes me laugh and I try to hold it in but I can't help myself but to continue to laugh. He's right in my face, it's as if we are extremely comfortable with each other. There're girls next to us and they join in on the laughter.

      I can see a scene of two men talking about each other from the previous year of X Factor. They joking around saying about how the other guy finally put some size on since last time, and that the other guy for choked out extremely quick. As he explains about the choke I see a scene of all the mates from the show are in a room and are all laughing and having a good time. One of the guys grabs the other around the neck and he passes out within seconds and they all start shaking him to wake up. As he wakes they all continue laughing and continuing to have a good time. All the guys look as if they're models, all great looking fellas. One of them looked similar to a prankster guy on YouTube.

      I'm sitting at a table in front of a nice looking Asian girl. I think she's the teacher of the class. She opens up a package and it's a square shaped cake. She mentions it's from Kayley and offers me a slice. At first I thought it had raw chicken breast through it. She cuts me a slice which is only very tiny, as that's all I wanted. I start to think about everyone else missing out on cake and think about if everyone could have a bit if small portions were giving out. I don't think it would of been possible, and it was a cake for the teacher.

      Dad asks me who created the recipe for the cake. I see a recipe and it shows how to prepare it. I guess and say Guy Rossi. As I say it, I continue looking for information on he recipe which may show the creator of it. Dad gives me silence as if I was wrong with my first guess.

      I can now see a scene of a girl from X Factor (she sung at a Beyoncé concert) and it was showing how talented she was. She showed how flexible, fit and even showed some martial arts skills which helped her kick a soccer ball with power and extension.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 9:00am

      Im in the car with Dave and Rob. I'm unsure of where we're going. Dave and Rob are talking about their work. I ask Rob a question about his job in Frankon. I feel as if I may have cut off their convocation but Rob was cool enough to answer me. Rob is mucking around and jumps into the passenger seat while driving and pretending to fall sleep. I don't feel too worried due to him probably having his hand still on the steering wheel. After 15 seconds of his antics, I begin to get a little worries because there's cars in front of us and unsure of how he's going to break if needed. He gets back in the front seat and let's the car veer slightly off the road and towards the safety rails beside the road. At the last second he pulls the car back into the road and continues to drive normally.

      We arrive at a turn off which leads to a main road. I see a old style car with no roof. Looks like one of those racing cars from the early days of racing. There's a man and women in the old style car and the man seems to be leaning over and talking to the girl without much attention on the road. I begin to think that it's risky. I see another car which looks similar to the previous that's in front of us. It turns onto the main road and puts his foot to the floor. They car has slow acceleration speed but after a couple seconds or so it really picks up in speed and has some power behind it.

      We reach a football oval and we're having a bit of a kick of the ball to each other. Rob boots the ball towards us but it bounces in another direction. Matt Hobs is in another group and he runs after it and kicks it back to rob. It's a great kick to him. Rob kicks to ball again to us but this time it goes over our heads. I run after it and expect no one to be after the ball. As I pick it up and turn, I see a person coming towards me. I try and do a cross over trick to confuse and get around the person but it doesn't work at all probably due to poor technique as I didn't feel too confident I'm my ability. I get a smack to the head as I tried to get around him. I wasn't too happy as we were only having fun, not playing serious. I get back to Dave and rob and explain about the cheap shot that was given to me. I think the attacker was of Maori descent. I look on a screen as if I am able to control who can play with us. I had the settings for who could play as ternease (something like that) which didn't have Australia in the category. I assume that maybe due to an Australian going after the ball, it came off as disrespectful. I find the setting for Australia which has Italy and a few other countries in it and select that.
    3. Jason The Biker (26.7.14)

      by , 07-26-2014 at 03:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 8.00am

      I'm at Daryl's old house with Dianne and Kayley. We're sitting in the lounge room and talking about movies. Dianne mentions about owning all the need for speed movies and that she kept them all tucked away under the TV in the unit. I have a look and notice that she had about 3-4 movies of need for speed [there's only 1 need for speed movie IRL. I figure she meant the Fasf and Furious movies]. Dianne mentions about putting on the movie Gladiator. I get excited and tell them that it's my favourite movie. I see a scene of Russell Crowe in the battle arena. He's angry and starts to attack the enemies. He lunches and stabs the man in the throat. It looks pretty gruesome and real.

      I'm now sitting down on the floor in a room full or people. People are introducing themselves by saying their name. I tell everyone I'm a faggot. Most people have a laugh and some are rather confused at why i randomly said that. I think quick of an explanation on why I said that and mention to the people sitting in front of me that they should probably move away from me and give me front row view. We must have been watching something for me to say that.

      Im with Josh and we are inside a pub. We're purchasing tickets for something.

      I walk towards the entrance of my primary school and just hands me a ticket with a envelope. The envelope has the ticket number written on it in blue texture.

      We make our way back into the pub and I give them my tickets. They tell me it's invalid and I cannot use it. I check my pockets for another ticket in case I grabbed the wrong one, but couldn't find anything. I start to feel a sense of danger and quickly grab a few things off the bar and leave the pub, leaving my wallet behind.

      I'm thinking about Jason, the nemesis of Freddy Krueger. I see him coming my way and I try and hide by walking around the medical clinic as he walks around if also. Keeping out of his sight. I'm now about 100m up from the clinic and I see Jason coming my way on a motorbike. He doesn't look as big and scary as the real Jason but similar. He is quite slow at trying to grab me and I keep pushing him away as he gets closer on his bike. Eventually he gets a hold of my arms and he seems pretty strong. I pull free and grab a nice sized stick that's not too far away. I begin hit Jason with it, over and over again. It doesn't do enough damage as I was intending too.

      I'm now in the clinic of pub and I ask for my wallet that I see on the counter. They mention about my invalid ticket and give me a refund, and tell me it may have been due to me not showing my concession card. I tell them I didn't show my concession card as I only thought I had to if I get asked. They tell me that I was lucky not to get a $50 fine also.

      Side Notes:
      Reminder to add an alarm which turns itself off after a couple seconds.
    4. Fight Night (18.10.13)

      by , 10-19-2013 at 07:43 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at Daryl's old house in my home town. I walk inside, and it now becomes a big factory.

      I'm now watching Connor McGregor and someone who may be or looks like Mike Pyle. It's the first couple of seconds of the fight, and Connor catches Mike with a right handed jab, which makes him stumble onto his backside.

      Now I see Diego Sanchez (DS). I hear someone say that they miss the DS of old. DS says that he could win the belt once he beats Connor.

      I'm walking outside, on a deck that's built above the water. I'm trying to make my way back to somewhere. As I reach the corner, I see that I'm blocked by 3 ladies. I think it's a ladies only entrance. Some of the ladies get up and allow me to pass. One of the ladies jumps into the water, so I decide to join her and follow. I reach a door and see a box. I open the box, expecting something to be inside, but it's empty. I wander around outside, searching for something.

      Dana White has told me that when I go inside the factory no one will be there. I realise I won't be able to see any dream characters etc. (I think Dana meant, when I'm not in the factory people are there, but as soon as I enter, they leave

      I try and sneak around through the front door to exit the back door to hopefully fool one of the fighters into thinking I'm not coming towards them. I start to wake up and I see the back door, but it looks like it's fading. I try to focus on the scene which makes it more vivid, but I lose it eventually.

      False Awakening:
      I check my iPod touch to see how long I have until I have to wake up. I guess the time would be around 8.50am, but it's 8.35am

      Dream Fragment:
      I fall over unco and I get back up.
    5. Skate Park

      by , 10-01-2013 at 04:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at the local skate park in my home town. I was with a few people and we were building an extra ramp.We left the skate park not long after.

      My local skate park.

      I decided to come back with Kayley, and continue what we started off. I noticed a table top in front of me that was made out of timber. I think it was something we had worked on earlier.

      I looked into the distance and saw a group of people, only to recognise a few of them. They were just standing there, looking at us. I waved them over I think.

      Eventually the group of people made there way over to us. I was talking to Pete R about what was happening. He's friend Bryce Gibbs (AFL Player) had did a mono and accidentally bumped into Pete. Pete kind of gave him the look of WTF.
      AIM users-temp-file.jpg
      Pete Radivo (somewhat famous BMX rider) - Bryce Gibbs (Australian Rules Football Player)

      I was going to start finishing off a few things on a ramp we were building earlier, but made sure I didn't leave anything around the skate park to be taken without me knowing. I noticed I had left a few tennis racquets under a chair?

      I made my way towards, where the community centre was in real life, but it wasn't there in my dream. I walked up onto the platform leading to where we were building earlier. It was a long narrow hallway looking obstacle. I proceeded to walk to the end with Kayley. I was looking around to what I could do. I saw pieces of timber laying on top of the nailed down timber, so I was trying to move that out of the way before continuing.
      I realised that I didn't really have the right sized nails to use to hammer into the timber, only a couple were the perfect size. I saw a scene of where I was looking at nail gun nails?

      I saw a black man coming our way, he looked South African. I showed him what we were doing here.

      Someone had pushed the wall at the far end down, as if they were doing what happened in the movie ''What Dreams May Come'', where Cuba Gooding. Jr had pushed the wall down, showing Robin Williams a new world (I had watched this movie last night for the first time).
      AIM users-what-dreams-may-come.jpg

      I was looking around and noticed that we were building in between 2 house fences, which gave us about 5 metres in width to work with. I saw houses in the distance that I've never seen before.

      I saw an old lady come over from next door. I started to feel a little bad, thinking I may be building on part of her property. She began to start mowing the lawn where we were building. She reached the area where there was a platform, and she tried lifting the lawn mower on top of it. I offered her a hand with lifting the lawn mower, as she was struggling a bit. She didn't want any help. I had a good look at her, and she had an unreal amount of muscle on her for a older women. I looked at her T-shirt she was wearing, it was white with 3 layers of photos on it, 1 under another. I knew the 3 people that were in the photos but only remember 2, which was Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in 2 of the pics. DJ was inside a wrestling/boxing ring in both of his photos. 1 of his photos he had longer hair, compared to the other. I could now see a scene in my head of the picture, but it formed into a full blown moving scene. DJ was fighting Mixed Martial Arts against someone. He was doing very well at the start of the fight, getting some good shots in. The tide turned when his opponent gave him some punishing shot back. The strikes were pin point, one after another. DJ was all over the shop, he was on the verge of getting knocked out, but showed great heart to stay on his feet. The ref (Big John McCarthy, MMA Ref) had a look at DJ closely, and noticed that the lights were on but no one was home, and stopped the fight, he thought he had taken enough punishment and saved him any unnecessary shots.
      AIM users-dwayne-johnson.jpg
      Dwayne Johnson (The Rock Wrestler, Actor)

      I heard someone mention that a mod or member from Dream Views had chosen to see a movie (Harry Potter) over an important meeting or something, regarding dream view staff. They had mentioned that he really wanted to do a certain thing in his next lucid dream, that happened in the movie. I could see a scene of what exactly he was intending to do. There was a cartoon looking character (similar to a character in angry birds), it was shooting itself out of a cloud into another cloud across the sky. It was continuing this process, from cloud to cloud. Someone said that this is where he stuffs up. The cartoon character was losing momentum and was on the decline.
      AIM users-angry-birds.jpg
      Angry Bird

      I had a brief moment when I was thinking about morphing myself into a character or a body part (something like that..) to surprise the people I was with.

      I started to feel as if I was wasting my time with the building. Nothing was really getting done. I said to Kayley that we should just pack it up for the day. She looked at me with disbelief, which made me re-think about what I should do. I think I continued, until I woke up.

      Side Notes: I tried to DEILD when my alarms would go off but I kept swallowing and focusing on it too often.