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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. 2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams (22.8.15)

      by , 08-22-2015 at 12:03 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams
      I'm across the road of my old house, sitting down. A rabbit which is red comes up to me. It looks beautiful. It's red that is blended in with the original color. I see another rabbit, which is purple, and just as beautiful. The rabbits are inseparable. They follow one another by the looks of it. They go onto the middle of the road. I begin to worry, as I can hear a car coming from around the corner. The car goes over them, and I'm uncertain if any have been ran over. The man stops his car to check something, maybe he knew he almost ran over rabbits. He drives off and both rabbits are ok. Close call, I'm relieved.

      I'm sitting on the grass out front of my house, and the rabbits jump over the fence. I feel like it may not come back and feel sad. I look over the fence where the palm tree is, and I see REX, but he doesn't see me. I move out of sight before he sees me, as I didn't want him to get excited from seeing me. Moments later the red rabbit comes running over to me from out of a bushes. Im happy to see it and pat it. The purple rabbit comes over also. Soon after, they both leave back over the fence.

      I'm in a house and one of the rabbits comes to the backdoor. It wants to come inside, so I allow it in. Moments later, the other rabbit wants to come in also. I open the door, but it seems to not be open wide enough for it. It stands up like a human and turns itself sideways, and squeezes easily through the gap. There's people I know here as well, and I'm happy they got a chance to see the rabbits.

      I'm with a girl that's my partner. She's beautiful. I feel extremely lucky to have this girl, and feel I'm punching above my weight for sure. I'm in the backyard, under the veranda in my home. I come up behind her as she's sitting on a chair and hug her. She feels around and notices my penis is half effect. I'm pretty aroused right now. I look at old photos of her and appreciate on how lucky I am to have her. There's something about the way she looks, that I really like.

      We're in the bathroom, and my girlfriend and Brooke Ky are dressed to impress in their sexy get up. My girlfriend looks to have a bit of weight on, more then I expected. Brooke's ass looks more impressive, as I see them both pose. They begin interlocking there bodies and get a bit of pussy on pussy action happening.

      I'm standing outside and there is a cooking competition going on with some people I know. A judge is about to try the first recipe, which is a multi colored drink. They called it the crazy drink or something similar to that. As the judge poured it into a bowl, the mixture was quite thick and had a awesome color to it. The different colors looked like a multi layered gob stopper, if I was to cut it in half. I see some motorbikes go passed in the distance. It was the contestants. I see Jon Rick preparing his meal in front of me. The judge is combining everything together for the crazy drink, and I bit falls onto the ground. I pick it up and try it. It's pretty good. I wasn't sure if it was Jon's or the Crazy drink.

      I'm in a room which has been decked out for the contestants. It's like a big brother finale moment, where they have to sit In front of a screen and talk to the host etc.
    2. REX Goes Missing(8.12.15)

      by , 08-12-2015 at 12:21 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      REX Goes Missing
      Im walking my dog REX in my estate. I take my eye off REX for a min and lose him. I start to panic as I know he won't here my calls or whistles due to being def. I think I have a moment where I think I may be dreaming, and decide to wake up to check. I'm laying in bed and realize it's just a dream. I quickly close my eyes and perform a DIELD. I wait for a scene of my room, which comes pretty quickly. I get up and head outside. I feel like going for a drive, so I choose from a few cars. My eye catches the blue viper, which looks pretty tiny. Almost like a kids car. It's parked next to my house steps, which makes it a little hard to get into. I find the door and slide in. I check a few common spots for keys when no luck. The car rolls down the drive way, onto the footpath. I see some teenagers walk passed. I try the ignition, which seems to have something i can turn over to start, but it doesn't work.

      I lose my lucidity as I'm back inside the house. Rob and Bro are in the kitchen. Rob offers me some small candy looking things. He says that they are capsicum candy. I try them and they don't taste like candy.

      I'm sitting in Robs lounge room with Cuzzo. He's just cooked some rissoles and REX goes over to him straight away, hoping to get a feed. I try to pull REX away but I only make a little effort to. Cuzzo pushes REX out of the way instead. I walk into the Kitchen and see that there's rissoles on the bench. I go over and try one, it's bland but I'm easy and enjoy it either way. Bro asks how the rissoles are, and I tell him they're alright. I wasn't sure if I tried his or cuzzo's.

      I wake up again and perform another DEILD which is successful. I'm only in the dream for a few moments before I wake up. I keep chaining the lucids together at this point. At one stage I'm using a phone in my dream bed to check when the picture is clear enough to get out of bed. I see someones eye on the phone camera. It looks like we're both trying the same thing. I get out of bed lucid again. This time I intend to find a women. I expect to see one in the laundry. It's dark and not the best to see. As I walk into laundry, I feel something I brushed passed, which scares me a little, which wakes me up. I try another DIELD which fails.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm playing COC and I notice that a pine tree has been placed almost in the same place as Christmas tree. I almost removed Christmas tree without knowing. This happened with 2 Christmas trees.
    3. Stained Carpet (7.8.15)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 03:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Stained Carpet
      I'm at my House and I see some footage of Eddie having sex with some girl. Shes above average in looks. Eddies dick looks dark brown and well endowed. Eddy is in Dave's room, which is eddies now. Ed asks for a drink and I go get one for him. I fill it up in a small glass that doesn't fit much in it. Someone is with me helping me through the process. The liquid looks weird, as it's looking like its overlapping each other. I take it to Eddy and notice a bad stain on the carpet. I stress out wondering how to clean it. Someone says to use a method where u clean it from underneath the floor boards. I ask about normal method of just dabbing it with a wet cloth.

      Im at the park in marinda. Im with a group of people that are complaining about the stain. They're looking to take the other person to court over it. I check the stain again and it's fine. The writing near the stain has been modified a little and is off its angle a bit. I change my mind and want to tell them that we should just let it be and not sue. I see a warehouse. I'm trying to find faults in it. I see a tire sticking out a bit and a few bumps in places. Another group is next to us and they are warming up for something by saying chants. I imagine getting out group to do same thing.

      I rock up at a house with brother. See Ron and older gentleman and someone else across the road. They're in garage sitting at a table drinking beverages. I give them a wave. I walk into the house we arrived and see Nat on the couch. Dave tries waking her up, and I join in and tug on her legs. Dave tells me not to do it, as she might get upset. Now Dave talks to one of a girls. I think a lot of these people are gay. I see 2 good looking girls come in, I think they're lesbians. One of the girls asses looked really small. I sit down on couch with my bro and the others. Bro tells me that we'll go soon due to thinking that I wouldn't want to be there due to everyone being gay. I say I'm cool with that, as I'm not anti gay. A guy sits next to me and pushes me into my chair a little. I say I recognize him. He tells me that he knows I recognize him because I wanted to beat him at anything. He's wearing a suit and looks important. Except his head looks a little big. He offers to challenge me at something. He explains the first step that is 5 draw poker. He says he's really good at poker. I feel I'm weak at anything that's not hold em poker. I see scene of cards, explaining the game

      Dream Fragment
      I'm sitting down at a school desk and Jane is the teacher. I think there's only myself and 1 other. I see text in my vision. It's got a few fruit emojis in the text. The emojis are spaced out oddly, so I correct them. Jane give a lecture on the reason why middle age women are not able to fall pregnant. She explains that it's in the mind and that young women don't seem to have that problem.
    4. Breaking The Fast (2.7.15)

      by , 07-05-2015 at 12:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Breaking The Fast
      (Too lazy to be more detailed)
      I was walking to a hotel room with Dave Clarke maybe. Get in room and see home and alone with 2 kids.
      They're pale. Back at home eating. Realize It may hurt breaking fast my fast. I start eating a plate of meat. I soon realize it's a dream and I can eat whatever. Someone laughs as if I should have known that already. I grab a fruit cake that's in the pantry. It's in a shape of a square firework.

      Side Notes: I was on a 4 day water fast when I had this lucid. It's been a while since I had a lucid dream. I wasn't fully lucid, just felt the freedom.
      lucid , side notes
    5. Aldo vs McGreggor (18.6.15)

      by , 06-17-2015 at 11:37 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Aldo vs McGreggor
      I can see Eddy Betts. He's just kicked a bag full of goals, maybe 8 or so.

      I'm at my home and I see Eddy and Connor McGregor outside, under the veranda. They're about to fight. A referee is also there, it's Yamasaki. As they're waiting for the fight to start, they are pretending to attack one another, by getting really close to each other, but not touching. I think Eddy is now Aldo. Aldo is the first one to crack, and actually begin fighting for real. They are both on the ground and grappling one another. Connor throws a reserve elbow from the ground and it brutally knocks Aldo unconscious. It's a sickening blow. I go over to Aldo to check if he's ok, but he's still unconscious. I think Aldo is my dog REX for a moment, before turning back to Aldo. I lay down next to Aldo and get him in a submission while he's still unconscious, by pulling his head a certain way which will cut off his ability to breath, causing him to pass out. He must wake up mid way through, as I feel a resistance. I feel this just as a wake up.
    6. James Road Rage, Singing Teachers (3.9.14)

      by , 09-03-2014 at 01:31 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm with Josh and Daryl either on bikes together or in a car, travelling down a dirt road. I see James Graham in front of us, in his ute. He's tormenting another person that is in a larger car. I think James felt as if the other driver was hogging the road, but it didn't seem that way from where I am. I tell Josh that it would be funny if I drove passed him or next to him to annoy him, and that I would end up on one of his YouTube videos. As I go passed both cars, they all stop on the side of the road. I turn back to see why and notice that people are walking in my direction.
      Eventually some of the people reach where I am. The first person I see if Michelle Sinclaire. I don't say hi to her and wait for her to say it first, but we both hold our ground. The scene changes a little and I can now see Jarred Frase. I envy this guys skill at picking up the ladies and hope that I could be one of his apprentices. Jarred walks over towards a door.

      I have a False Awakening either before or after this dream. I'm in my bed and I hear Daryl and Dad in the kitchen talking to one another. I start recording my previous dream with my voice recorder.

      Dream 2

      I'm In my rumpus room and 1up has written out on a white board a method to become lucid. If consisted of listening to something upon falling asleep. There was 3 steps.
      The pictures he had drawn in step one had someone laying down and shooting fire out of their mouths. Im unsure on the others steps drawings but step 2 had music artists written down. Some notable ones were skrillex and slipknot. Im sitting on the ground for some reason and Rachel, Josh and Ruby are with me. I try to make Ruby feel less left out by making her part of what we're doing.

      The scene changes and a group of people who're meant to be my primary school teachers, are not them. Some are famous people and some randoms. I remember seeing karl stefanovic as one of the teachers, except his hair was more curly and fuller. They all begin singing a song that has the word FUCK in it. It's a common word of the song. They feel they're breaking the rules, and shouldn't be singing such a song due to being primary school teachers, but they're having a good laugh about it and don't care.

      Scene changes and I'm now with a female. Someone comes to the door and makes the female feel loved. The man leaves shortly after. I can see the man near a car at night and he's talking to the father of the female who is on the front of his boat. I over hear them and realise the father had paid or made the man to act as if he was interested in his daughter.

      I'm now on the boat which feels like it's made out of blow up material which is filled with air. As I'm moving around I'm acting about how the owner of the boat (a large man) struggled to move around the boat and would almost fall overboard in the process. I think I fall down a hole or the scene changes.

      I'm in another room with a black man (think his from the beats by dre review on YouTube that I watched this morning). Two more black men come into the room. I have a feeling they have bad intentions. I think I call the first guy that's with me a nigger in a friendly way. I may have even said "what's up niggers" to the other two guys. There's some strange stuff on the walls.

      Dream Fragment

      An X Factor dream. It's down to the bottom 2, with one about to be eliminated from the show. Tee and another strong contender are standing on stage to wait the announcement of their fate. I find this crazy as they're both great singers and shouldn't be here. Tee gets eliminated.
    7. Shock Combo, Mrs Chillen (22.8.14)

      by , 08-22-2014 at 10:48 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 5:00AM

      I'm in an undercover area, using a Shock Rifle. I see an enemy 50 meters away. He's trying to reach the elevator which is on top of the ramp. I shoot the ball towards him and make the energy ball explode by shooting a single beam of energy at it. I damage the enemy (not sure if he died or not).

      I'm now outside where I can see a lot of water and a massive building in the background. I begin launching myself 15 meters in front of me with each leap, landing onto pads that are floating on the water. As I land on the pads, they help accelerate me forwards to the next pad.

      I'm now inside a building, standing next to the deli meat section. I can see chicken and salmon. Benny Lackman and some female are standing are not too far from me. Benny is making fun of the way people prep their salmon. He calls the white fish plain. I find it pretty funny the way he says things. I start to have a convocation with them both.

      Dream 2

      I'm female and getting taught how to ride a motorbike by a man. We're in the woods riding. We begin to start to get competitive and start racing one another. We're now inside a house and still racing. I begin to try some tricks, such as a bunny hop. I start to get a big lead on him and to make things harder for him to catch me, I half close some doors behind me.

      I'm now standing in my kitchen with a laptop on the bench. My brother sees the laptop and has a look at whats getting played on it. It's a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video. He tells me he did a video and that he nominated myself and a few others. I tell him ''F That, no chance''. He glares at me with a WTF look. I start to imagine what it would have been like when the bucket of ice water was being poured over my brother head.

      Dream Fragment

      I have my water distiller running in Dads lounge room, and I forgot to put the jug underneath where the water drips out (water distiller looks different to mine. I freak out and check the carpet but it seems dry. I see a plastic jug next to the distiller. I think I wasted about 1 liter of water.
    8. Gmans Backyard, Stealing Petrol/Older Lady (12.8.14)

      by , 08-12-2014 at 04:10 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I'm at Germain's house in his backyard. Lachlan and I are talking about something. We're standing near a car which is I'm the backyard and he asks if I'm able to drive. I say yes. I can now see Lachlan's wife and I'm talking to her.

      Dream 2:
      It's night and I'm at what looks like Marinda milkbar, but is a petrol station.
      A man is filling up his car and let's it fill automatically, as he walks away. While his cars unattended, a guy that I'm with decides to steal his petrol and siphon it into our car. I help the man siphon and feel a bit nervous as the man may come back at anytime. As the fuel stops, we quickly pack up the equipment we're siphoning with.

      I'm now at my house and standing in the kitchen. Dad walks into kitchen and he's talking about the person who is trying to break into the house. He keeps insisting that he won't get in. I feel a little uneasy with the idea of just letting a person try and break into your house while you're home. We can hear rattling sounds coming from the door. After half a minuet or so it stops and Dad walks back to the kitchen with a couple brochures that was left at the door. I kind of have a sigh of relief come over me as it was probably not someone trying to break into our house. One of the brochures was to do with a religion. Maybe jehovah's witnesses?

      An older lady is in the kitchen, she would have at least been in her 60's. I feel attracted to her. She's looking in the pantry for something to eat. I tell her that there's not a hell of a lot and will be shopping on Wednesday. She mentions about giving my mother $7 for her birthday. $1 for every year she had passed. I start to feel strong emotions of sadness as I think back to when my Mum was still alive.

      We both walk over to where Dad is, he's on the computer listening to music. I show him trick or fix something that will make listening to music a lot easier for him.

      Dream Fragment:
      Someone walks into my room and it has a strong fart smell.

      Side Notes:
      Poor sleep as I was too awake. May have been from Hemi Sync.
    9. Black Eye, Cat In A Hat (Short Lucid), Fish Burglar (31.7.14)

      by , 07-31-2014 at 07:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:15am

      I'm at the main shopping centre in my home town. I'm with my brother and I notice there's some kind of party going on. We see Nathan Carrot and he's looking a bit lost. I go over to him and get him a blanket, as if the blanket is some kind of in thing and cool.

      I'm standing outside the swimming pool entrance on the grass near the road. I'm with a few people including a security guard which ran the party I think, and a boxer. He is waving people back who're trying to come through the entrance. I see proctor and he's a bit upset at the guard who's telling people to turn back. He pleads his case about it only being 11pm.

      I'm in a clothes shop with only myself and the person that works there. I seem to be standing in front of an area of clothes for a while, and not doing a hell of a lot. I look back and see that the worker is dosing off at the counter. I think to myself that anyone who steals would go to town on this store if he fell asleep like that. He awakens as I start to walk out of the store. I say something along the lines of "bye sleepy head" lol.

      I approach a elevator and walk into it. I see a famous AFL football played by the name of Bryce Gibbs. It's just him and I in the elevator. I start a convocation regarding when he's next game is. He smiles and says something. I feel a little uneasy due to being In the presents of a celebrity.

      As I leave the elevator I see a group of people, which includes my brother and cousin Trav. I catch up to them and notice my brother is holding his eye. He tells me he got punched in the face by a women at the party. He seems pretty up beat about it though. He tells me he got punched due to lying about who was on the phone. He said that someone famous was on the line as a joke and for a fist to the face for it lol.

      I see either my cousin Rach or Sarah Wadsworth. They're waiting for the commonwealth games flame to be passed on to her. She offers for me to run with her and holding it at the same time. I think I will do it with her. She walks over towards the entrance of the place that sells dirt end stones and tells the girl with the flame that she's ready to take the flame off of her. I think to myself that she's in the wrong area and needs to be on the other side to get it off the person coming in the opposite way. The flame bearer mentions the same thing to her.

      She heads off somewhere and I wait for her at the bottom of a water slide. There's 3 or 4 possible water slides to choose from. I see a scene of people coming down the water slides and they look as if the speed they come down is slow. Some even come to a stop as they reach the bottom and have to push themselves off the edge into the water. I see personal belongings to my cousin or Sarah and expect the worst. I seem to think its Kaykey who's coming down the slide and that she pregnant.

      As I continue to wait I see 2 dogs which come up to me. They look similar to Trigger and Rex. As I pat them they growl, but I think in the sense of jealousy.

      I leave through a backyard and wait for my cousin/Rach/Kayley to hopefully meet me at McDonald's.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house, inside my bedroom. I see my brother and Germain.

      I'm on the computer playing the game 'need for speed world'. I'm using a dark silver car, and try to impress the guys with my driving. I seem to be hitting walls a bit but driving ok. I can see the lucid dreaming affirmations flicking on my screen while playing. I hear a noise in the background and it's Germain doing something with his saliva In his mouth, as if he was swishing it in and out of his mouth quickly.

      I am now on the side of the road. It looks as if I'm near the train boom gates down monohans rd. As I'm standing there, I see the main character of the cartoon/book. He walks passed on the opposite side of the road. He looks as If he is in stilts. He's at least 10ft tall. I think to myself "WTF" as he continues to walk but at a unrealistic speed. I'm pretty sure something is not right and do a hand RC. I notice that I have a finger missing.

      I see a car drive passed and I wave it down so I can talk to someone [I've never actually had a proper convocation with someone in a dream, and would like to start experimenting with it]. The car continues to drive as I stand onto the road. I see a man in the distance walking my way. I start to walk toward him feeling pretty great, knowing exactly what I was intending to do (talk to the DC about anything). I reach him and try to talk but my speech is slurred again (my previous lucid dream was the same). The man kind of looks at me. The dream fades out quickly and I decide to do a DEILD but as I await my legs become extremely itchy which disturbs my focus, and the alarm goes off anyways.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 9:05am

      I'm at the park near my old house and I see a sniped marksman in the distance, laying down on a hill. I think about scoping in and heading from a distance but I realize he has his back to me and decide to sneak up on him. As I get closed to him I hope that he doesn't hear me sneaking towards him. As I reach him he is kinda facing towards me and I panic and try and shoot him. All my shots miss, even a point blank range shot.

      We start talking after that awkward moment and he asks If I'm a noob and I kinda feel a little shitty at my performance as he says it, cause I rate myself a lot higher then a noob. I can see Rhianna the famous singer in the distance. I notice She's wearing fashionable clothes and just wandering around the park with a bit of a crowd with her. I think my brother and another person I know is at the skate half pipe across from the park. No one is there, so they can enjoy it for themselves.

      Dad comes over to where myself and the sniper kid is. Dad notices that the sniper has been fishing and steals his fish. The first fish has beautiful colors of triangles on it's back and front. Dad puts it in his own tub of water to keep it fresh. Dad grabs another fish from the kid, this time the fish is already in batter. He takes it out of the batter and places the fish down in the dirt. I think about the filthy ground with the fish on it and tell dad not to leave it there. He then places it in his water tub but the tub now has little water left. I start to fantasize about seeing Rhianna kissing me or someone else in public and see if it would end up in the headlines. I assume that with all the smart phones that the possibility would be high.

      Side Notes:
      I forget to stabilize my dream which doesn't help the length of the dream. I need to start reminding myself to really observe the surrounds and use the effective techniques. I seem to have a lot of lucid dreams around the time of my alarms go off. It's as if my body is beginning to awake itself which makes me more aware in my dreams which brings on the lucidity? I guess I can DEILD as my alarm goes off (I have preset alarms throughout the night which turn themselves off after a couple seconds)
    10. No Helmet, Hanging With Fame, Hailstones (29.7.14)

      by , 07-29-2014 at 12:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Record at 2:10am

      I'm at a road down linsell bull. I see a police officer and he catches me without a helmet while I'm on my go cart. He smiles and can't believe I'm not wearing a helmet. He walks over towards me and I think about making a run for it but expect that my go cart won't have quick enough acceleration. He sees that I've had a recent fine for the same thing and says that I only just for my license back as of today. I'm pretty pissed off as I knew the fine was going to be another $180. I start to think to myself that I hope this is a dream or I think that as I awaken.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:10am

      It's night time and I'm at a stadium. There's a group of people who are the siblings of all sorts of famous people. They're all around my age in the mid 20's. They being led out of the stadium and I choose to follow and be apart of them. A small group goes one way and the other the other, I see that the small group is less famous and I follow them. I think they're related to the owner of tackle world.

      We reach a car and a group hops into the back of a wagon (the boot), which doesn't have seats, it's just a floor. We all cram into the car boot and head off to our destination. As we're driving, some asks me to search for something and I can't figure out how to spell it. I think I even try and write it and it's as if I have fat thumbs and keep pressing the wrong letters. We're all having a laugh about what's happening. I start to feel apart or the group and feel as if I can hang with them. I look look around the car and notice more famous siblings are crammed into the front seat. I think I can see Frasier but can only see the back of his head.

      Dream 3

      Im walking down Blaxland with Dad because we heard off my brother that Jamie Lonen was moving just down the road from us. We look at the house from the outside and seem to think it's alright. We go in for a closer look and see the owner of the house talking to someone at his front door. Dad walks up the drive way and tells the owner he's just having a quick look up the drive way. The owner seems to look as if he thinks Dad is being rude by what he's doing and I somewhat agree.

      We're back home and it starts to hail pretty heavy, to the point of where it is hailing inside the house which is crazy considering the small size of the hail stones. I see Dad on the couch but he doesn't freak out about the hail stones coming inside.

      We get a knock on the door and I think I expect it to be Jamie but it ends up being Luke Brey. He's got a pram with him with a child in it. The child looks too old to be still in a pram. Luke looks to be wearing clothes that are fashionable.

      Dream Fragment:
      Daryl mentions about a fruit that combats against fat. I think that he's probably seen an advertise on a website and thought it was legit.

      Side Notes:
      Very rarely I remember a dream within only an hour or two of sleep.
    11. C4 Assassins, In Pour Taste, Pallet Life, Antics Before School, Paranoid (23.7.14)

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:36 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 3:30am

      I'm in the game of Battlefield 4. I check the score board and I notice that it's 5 vs 0. I decide to change teams with another player. We're in a tank together and we're getting snuck up on by the enemy which are trying to use C4 to send us to the heavens. I see them on a pile of rubble and hit the gas and make a successful get away.

      I'm walking down a street where the Beavers live and I see a scene of a person acting like they're a bouncy ball. They are bouncing back and forth through a tight spaced area. It seems as if it keeps going through a cycle.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 7:44am

      Im walking with Germain Ivanks and maybe his brother. Germain brings up convocation about Lachlan and that he is getting kicked out of his own house that he built due to being behind in payments. The building company will take money out of his house until he pays. He is going to be moving in with his parents again. Germain also mentions that his Bungalow isn't finished which I thought is where he would be staying [It has been built IRL].

      Germain talks about Hayley Ball and that she looks amazing since losing weight. I agree with him and mention she's pretty smokin' these days. I tell him that we use to talk to one another in Facebook now and then but eventually I started ignoring her.

      We're now in front of an open fridge.I see a Facebook comment area in my vision and notice that Germain has uploaded 2 photos. 1 of a minor trophy and the other a major trophy. Meaning that Hayley has upgraded from minor to major. I pour myself a shot of something. I put in which looks like dirty water with a shot of spirits. I take a sip and it tastes like absolute shit.. I scrunch my face up to it. I let the other fellas try and their reactions are pretty similar.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 7:44am

      Im working at my old job at Hafele. I'm looking at a pallet of goods. I see some eye glasses which don't have any lenses in them. The pallet looks pretty heavy and I'm worried it may be over the weight limit. I see a truck pull up which confirms that it doesn't matter too much about the weight as it's going via truck and not van.

      Dream 4
      Recorded at 9:00am

      I'm at my house sitting in my Dads lounge room with him. Someone is on the computer across from the lounge room.

      I see Luke Brea come through the garage entrance and we have a little chat. He walks over to the computer and talks to whoever is on it [think it may have been my brother sitting at the PC]. Luke says he's going now which was strange considering he had only just got here. I thought maybe it was because Josh wasn't here yet and didn't want to be here without him. Josh arrives shortly after and I mention to him about Luke making a brief appearance. [I think we're all meeting up before school starts].

      I'm now in a shopping centre in my home town. Im with a few people. Josh and maybe Dave Clarke are the only ones I remember. We are playing around and doing some silly moves to the music in the background, outside a cafe. I break out into a "what I think of" as a bit of a stylish dance. A couple of girls in the background which are sitting at a table smile and laugh at me. I feel happy that I made them laugh. There is 2 girls, 1 with blonde and other with ?brown hair?. The blonde hair girl looked like a mans.

      As we're sitting down chatting, I see Eddy Ivanks. I think that we may be late to school and see that it's almost 9.00am. I'm drinking bottled water the whole time I was sitting down.

      Not to far away from where we just were, is where you buy frozen ice blokes, which are in all different shapes and sizes. We all line up in a single line with the rest of the crowd. I remember that I've been drinking un-distilled water and feel not too happy about it. And to make things worse, I forget to bring it to school with me.

      I see Jordan Chichi near us and we greet him. I think Ben Forskin mentions his old nick name to him as he greets him. It brings back memories and I think it's great and laugh.

      As we leave the area I see a small shop selling food. Inside the shop is some kind of stage play going on. It's pretty high class stage show they're putting on. The food they're selling is only a small range. It's set up similar to sushi and I see a savoury piece with orange stuff in the Center of the savoury shell.

      As I'm about to leave the area I see Dave Clarke come by and he's wearing one of the most coolest suits. It really suits him, perfectly fitted. Dave's waiting at the small shop and he mentions about him being in a good head space and I agree with him and that I've noticed it in his persona and to continue doing what he's doing.

      As we all leave the area we're all feeling pretty hip and cool. Kind of have a certain swagger to ourselves. Those two girls from earlier are chasing Dave. They look as if they're in love with him and won't leave him alone. Dave doesn't want a bar of it and tells them to go away as he's not interested. I walk up to the girls and talk to them. They actually look a lot better then I first thought when seeing them earlier. I tell both girls, especially the blonde one that they both have majestic looking eyes, which they did, they really stood out, and that I wasn't trying to cut in on Dave but just had to let them know not too feel too bad about Dave as they could get a lot of guys no problems.

      We continue walking and reach a crowded area and have to stop. I continue talking to the girls and I feel quite small and hunched over for some reason. I hear about a fight break out in the distance and try and get a look but I'm too short to see over everyone. I catch a small glimpse of who was fighting.

      Dream 5

      I'm in court/street where Germain lives. I'm on the lawn of where we used to kick the light post. I have some devices set up on the lawn and using the power from the house without the owner knowing. I think I have a couple girls with me, or they're just observing. I start to feel a bit paranoid about the owner knowing what I was doing, as I am pretty close to the window. I see the certain's move as if someone is taking a little peak out the sides of the certain's. This makes me even more worried. I can now see the blinds nearest to be open up. I'm convinced they might be able to see me and decide to pack my stuff up in a tightly together and hope that they don't see it.

      Side Notes

      Pretty happy with my motivation last night. Coming off a poor night the night before last, I've now recorded the most dreams in one night since getting back into lucid dreaming.
    12. 3 Dream Fragments (21.7.14)

      by , 07-21-2014 at 12:38 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragments

      Recorded at 8:30am

      1. I read a Facebook message. Dave Clarke comments about the size of his dick in a way of that you kind of had to put together certain things he was saying to get the correct answer.

      2. I'm playing Battlefield 4 on one of my favourite maps. I'm killing the enemy. I get injured and make a run for it so I can regain health. I'm hoping that I don't get flanked. [i notice that the map is not identical and has certain things that are different]

      3. I'm at my house and hear of someone slept in their clothes, due to being cold [i think it was Dave]

      Side notes:

      Struggling to remember to recall dreams. Will try and sleep without sleep mask to see if that helps.
    13. Dream Fragments

      by , 10-20-2013 at 10:03 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment 1:
      I see a message from Josh D. It says that he has a plan. (This is why he said Na, to picking me up)

      Dream Fragment 2:
      I am standing in the kitchen with my Dad and RP. We're watching UFC related stuff on TV. Dad is comparing all the fighters to people he thinks looks like them. It goes to the panel. I'm tempted to put the main card fight on, but figure maybe they want to watch the lead up. Dad says to RP that he's going to play some Star Trek MOD, and won't be too long before he comes back. I now know Dad was bored of the lead up and was going change it over to the fights.
    14. Neighbor (19.10.13)

      by , 10-20-2013 at 09:32 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm in my garage and I can see my Brother and my Dad on a scaffold. Brother asks me to make him some mixture out of water and flower. I see a scene of 3 balls of dough.

      I'm in my house searching for items and I have a hard time getting things sorted. I look down and realize my pants are down to my ankles. I walk passed my Dad with my pants down, and it feels somewhat normal for me to be doing this.

      I'm in my TV room and I'm mixing up ingredients in a big bowl. I look over to the rumpus room and see Dad and brother working. I look into the bowl and notice I'm mixing peanut butter with water, which is making me a bit confused. I hear a knock on the back door, so I go and see who it is. It's my neighbor, so I let him inside. He walks over to the couch and starts fixing up all the cushions. I tell him that it must get annoying seeing the couch like that on a regular basis. I notice Dad hasn't acknowledged the neighbor at all. Neighbor finishes making the couch and now lifts up his leg and farts. We hardly know the guy and he seems to be very comfortable around us.
    15. The Grater (19.10.13)

      by , 10-20-2013 at 09:17 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at my house in my dads lounge room. I see Christmas tree's with decoration on them, that fill the room. Eddy I is with me, and I tell him this is year round, as I look towards the tree.

      I'm at my primary school. I see a big tracker or grater. It's going up and down quite aggressively, pushing dirt. It's quite close to me and I hear my Dad say that he better be careful. I see the grater full down a ditch, on it's side. It's leaning on what I think is my house, but it's a class room. I walk over to the grater to have a closer look.

      I'm now near the brick wall where we used to play cricket, where I see the grater. Myself and Dad see the man come out of his grater. He looks young, tall and fat. Dad starts to raise his voice towards the man, and I step in and try and settle him down. Dad asks the driver about the cartons. The driver says that pictures can be submitted to the milk companies, and they put the photo on the milk carton. The driver explains something about a killer being on the carton. I ask him can you put any pictures on there? like a dick? He says no. but you can put a girl with her fingers in her vagina. The driver is now making a sandwich. I see all types of ingredient and see him spread some onion cream on them. He has made them for us before we leave.

      I'm now with my Dad, in a shopping center. We are walking with our sandwiches in hand. I take a bite, and it tastes good.