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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. I Just Want To Party, Offered Some Work (18.8.15)

      by , 08-18-2015 at 01:20 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I Just Want To Party
      I'm outside and I see that PT trainer on my FB. Her body looks pretty damn sexy. I walk inside, and it seems to be a bit of a gathering. I think it's a new year party. I can see food.

      I'm now in bed with Joelle. I'm looking at her naked body, and notice that her body is not as toned as it usually is. I'm still attracted to her. I want to have sex with this girl.

      I'm walking around and see that Dave and Trev are in a factory with a lot of people. They're celebrating the new year with them.

      I'm in a warehouse. I'm in an area where it's higher up. I recognize some people. The PT is there I think. Dave and Trev seem to like it here, but I'm wanting to party a bit more harder, and this isn't the place to really do it in my eyes. I probably would have liked to be at the factory instead.

      I see a scene of a natural disaster. It's water going through a town, moving buildings down with the flow of water. A guy sitting down was telling me that something like this was going to happen.

      Offered Some Work
      Dave offers me work. He changes his story on what I had to do at work. I try and dig for more information on what I'm doing.

      I arrive at the worksite with Dave. It's a pretty busy area with other workers doing different trades. In front of me, I see two men, each next to a huge stump, wrapping a chain around it. The chain is wrapped from one to the other. I take a closer look, and notice that the chain has moulded itself into the top of the stump.

      Not too far away from the guys that were at the stump is the worksite I'm meant to be situated. It's pretty much just a frame of a house that's up. I see a couple workers on there. I go up a level and am confronted by a 4ft nothing guy. He asks how tall I am, but quickly realizes I'm taller then him and would be allowed on the site. I tell him my height anyways. I notice that the floor is weird, and that it's not the most solid flooring. I feel like something to eat and make some toast. The bread slicers have been broken into halves. I think about cooking some sausages up also. I ask the guys if they want some sausages cooked up. One of the workers thought I was going to cook up his sausages for everyone, and said its cool if we use his. I was going to cook mine anyways. He goes on about his dog and the sausages. He starts acting weird and dancing.
    2. Kicking Footy With Elite Movement, Party With Kokinarkis (2.8.15)

      by , 08-02-2015 at 03:57 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Kicking Footy With Elite Movement
      I was in narrow park kicking a footy. I booted the ball pretty far for my ability. I see some people now and then. I boot the ball and it goes through into someone's property. They had broken fence, which allowed the ball the go in. I go into the property and see that it's a car mechanics. Some of the workers come out to see what came into their yard. I tell them it was an accident and they're cool with that. They fetch my ball and I'm on my way. I use 2 trees as goals, and I'm on quite the angle. I kick and miss the goals. I start using my agility which is at an elite level. I'm moving quickly and very responsive. I even do the spin that would break a tackle.

      Party With Kokinarkis
      I'm at a shopping market where I see a vision of a prank someone was using. They would throw an item just In front of them which would make them fumble and fall over. I do the same thing, and throw some items. Someone looks to have knocked themselves out. I have something in my hand that I want to discard. I reach the checkout and security has put out cinema strapping to keep the line together. I duck under it. I tell them I don't want my items.

      I at house which looks familiar, maybe old house. There's a bit of party going on. I see kokinarkis with that Hayley Fits. He's looking to hook up with her. Kok is given a present from one of the tennis greats. Kok tries guessing, thinking maybe it's similar to what myself and Kyrios got. I can see a inventory menu come up at the bottom of the vision. It has the item that was given to me and Ky. I check out Kok's present which ended up being a cooler for beverages. It was a bit bigger then a microwave. I put my hand in and feel the coolness. Kok is kissing Hayley at this point and I leave them be on the bed. The cooler looks bigger in the pic, and different looking. I hear someone say if u leave the party, u can't get back in.

      Dream Fragments
      I've reached a dead end. I'm looking over a cliff basically
    3. Party In Franga (15.09.14)

      by , 09-15-2014 at 07:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm at my old house in Franga. There seems to be a party going on and Jamie Lenton is chasing me around the house, throwing some kind of discs at me. One of them hits me in the back and I feel a bit of pain, but I over exaggerate the pain, and act as if he got me good so he would stop throwing them. I start chasing him now and throwing them at him.
      I walk into a bedroom looking for him, and find that he's on the bed with 2 others. The 2 others looked as if they had just finished having sex. The girl looked like the type that would sleep with you at a drop of a hat. They all leave the room and I sit on the bed and talk to a female for a few moments before walking towards the door to leave. I have a balloon in my hand and let the air out as I leave, making a noise with it. I find this funny.

      I walk into another area of the house and see that Josh is with a blonde female. They seem to be sucking helium balloons. I walk passed them and see that there's some balloons hanging from the shelf above the heater. Some are deflated and others are still blown up.

      I'm now outside and I see some people going on a over sized bike, which seats 3 people. It's a 3 wheeler. I see a gate that's blocking my path, and I make my way through the door. I see Jamie again and he's a bit hypo. Jamie throws a bomb towards me, and he expects it to be too heavy for me to catch. I know it's light and catch it with ease. Jamie now has an even bigger bomb in his hand, and I realize that it's too big to handle and I make a run for it. I make my way onto the side of the road. I brace myself for an explosion, and know the radius of the explosion so I gather I'll be safe. It explodes and a few people are caught in the explosion. They get flung a couple meters backwards, but I think they'll be OK. I look into the sky and see a massive cloud which the bomb has produced. Around the boarder of the cloud, there looks to be intense burning going on, as if it's burning through the ozone layer. There's a guy beside me and I complain to him about what's going on, and say that Jamie's going to fuck this planet up with shit like this. I figure that it might produce a black hole and will suck us all into it. I tell the guy we need to do something about it, like ban him. The guy agrees with me.

      I'm now walking towards my old house and I see Daryl Grandmother walking back towards the taxi which is parked out the front of the house. I run towards her but she doesn't recognize who I am and thinks I may have bad intentions. She kind of rushes towards the drivers side door. There was no driver in the taxi, she must have been driving.

      Dream Fragment

      I'm in a public toilet. I see a TV screen which is showing Ash Mcgril under water with some of her friends. One of her boobs fully comes out of her bikini. Her boob looked perfect. I begin looking for the computer so I can get rip that video of Ash onto a computer. I figure i'll need to use Maxthon browser to do so. I walk into another area in the toilet. I almost slip over due to the floor being slippery. I see a computer in the room. It's monitor is the size of a plasma TV, which is mounted on the wall. On the screen is a game I usually play called Heroes of might and magic V. I see a disc on top of the computer tower, it's the game heroes of might and magic. I hear Daryl in one of the cubicals.
    4. School Dance, Water Protest (6.9.14)

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:56 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at my primary school in the gymnasium. It's been turned into a night club. I have Kayley with me, and I see Marleigh with her brother. We are all dancing and Kayley grabs Marleigh and pulls her towards us so they can dance with us. Marleigh looks at me and then grabs my cock, holding it with a tight grip. I kinda feel a little bit of pain. She's got a good grip, I can't even move.
      I start talking to Marleigh's brother on the dance floor, and couldn't help but notice his poor taste in fashion. He's about 5-10 years too late. I tell him nice beard (referring to his chest hair that could be seen. Hes first few buttons on his shirt were undone), and mention that it's an in thing those beards. I tell him about my chest hair and try to show him what I had, but I have too much clothes on. I jokingly try to send him a picture of it.

      There's a dance circle which had been formed and there was two black males with short frizzy haired dances in it. It looks like they're dressed up for a play or something. One of the males is sitting down on a chair when he pulls out a syringe and gabs himself with it, pretending to be sick.

      I begin to do some weird shit on the dance floor and start moving my hands up and down as if I was using a horn on a truck.

      Kayley walks over to Marleigh and Marleigh says that she probably wouldn't see us for another 8 years, and Kayley responds saying I doubt that.

      Dream 2

      I'm outside with Daryl and we notice a group of protesters. They're holding signs and all. I tell Daryl that these are the water protesters (wanting no chemicals in water).
      They all make their way up some steps and we follow. We reach a rocky area which is close to the ocean. They walk the long way to where they're intending to go, and I take the short cut. The destination wasn't far at all and it's to an entrance of a cave where an aboriginal was standing. I'm standing on the rocks above him and I think he notices me.

      We all are in front of the entrance now and the scene of the cave changes to a house. We begin talking to the aboriginal man for a few moments before we eventually enter the house.
      There's a party going on inside, and I can see a lot of people. They seem to be having a great time. I see that more aboriginals come into the scene and they seem to be stand offish, and keep to themselves.

      Everyone is dancing and I can't help but join in and feel the love. There's a hand railing in front of me.

      Sam tells me she's leaving. Shortly after a female tells me that she's going to find Sam, and I insist that I will come along so she's not alone.
      I can see a olympic barbell at the door, and a bike. It's blocking the path. I get passed them and head out and look for Sam. I see Sam and Ben in the distance, sitting on a chair. I reach them and see that Ben's holding some photos which are the size of an average painting. It's a picture of people playing Aussie Rules Football. It seems to be for Josh Arfods Dads birthday, and he isn't too sure on the photo.

      Dream Fragment

      1. Dave Clork is in a new relationship.

      2. I look down at my stomach and notice that I have a gut. It looks like its sagging and I see that one area looks like its bulging out more then the other side.
    5. Brothers Spare Dick (4.9.14)

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:20 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm outside in a neighbour hood street with my Brother and a few mates (Daz and Josh?). I think we stayed overnight, sleeping in an old car. The car looked like it was from the 80's or 90's, maybe an EL?
      We made a camp fire near the back of the car. Someone said it was a stupid idea. I'm assuming it's due to the car could possibly catch fire. I begin to throw something over the campfire. I think it may have been petrol.
      I'm holding a piece of plastic in my hand and I hold it need the flame but if doesn't light for me straight away, but eventually it catches fire. I thought this was odd.
      I walk off to gather some firewood in the neighbourhood. I can see a lot of logs in people's front yard but I assume that they're either too heavy or embedded in the ground. I come across some sticks and begin collecting them.
      I make my way back to where the car is and there's a man being aggressive towards us all. I'm unsure why this man is trying to fight us. My friends are fighting him and I coward out and don't help my friends. I keep my distance from the fighting.

      I'm now at a house party in the same neighbourhood. The inside of the house is very tight. It consists of a hall way with multiply rooms to the side of it.
      I'm at the front room of the house and I can see Carissa Barrete. Her job is being Britney Spears. I also see her Mother who is also talking to me. I think one of them find me attractive and fancy me quite a bit.
      I make my way into another room where I see people. I'm trying to find something that belongs to me. Clothes? Someone in the room points out where my clothes are that I've been searching for.
      Now I'm in another room, where I can see a screen. It's showing the medalists of the Olympic Games. Notable one is an MMA fighter Marina Shaffer. At the bottom of the screen it shows how much money they make for winning the medal, some higher amounts then others. I have won 2 olympic medals and hope that I get to see myself on the screen, so others are impressed with my success. I hope that maybe someone has recorded the telecast so I can watch over it.

      I see my brother through the window next to a car. The car looks a little beat up and not looked after the best. Brother seems to be working on it. I notice that my Dad and a few others are near the car also.
      The car bonnet is being held up by a dick. My brother must have two dicks and is using his spare one on his car. I look back at the dick again and notice that it's tripled in thickness. It's the size of a brick.

      Dream Fragments

      1. I'm sitting at a table with Daryl. I see that he's smoking. I'm a bit surprised by it, cause he's recently giving up smoking. I ask him if he wants the deck of smokes that he told me to hide from him, but he would only use for mixing with weed. He says ok, sure.

      2. Dad calls me dumb or uneducated. I agree with him on the basis of mathematics due to my arachnoid cyst troubling me, but insist that I did well when I was younger and symptom free. I tell him that I could do my 1-12 times table no problems. Josh tells me to do them, so I attempt my 4 times tables. I start off decent but start going on reverse as I get higher.
    6. Black Eye, Cat In A Hat (Short Lucid), Fish Burglar (31.7.14)

      by , 07-31-2014 at 07:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:15am

      I'm at the main shopping centre in my home town. I'm with my brother and I notice there's some kind of party going on. We see Nathan Carrot and he's looking a bit lost. I go over to him and get him a blanket, as if the blanket is some kind of in thing and cool.

      I'm standing outside the swimming pool entrance on the grass near the road. I'm with a few people including a security guard which ran the party I think, and a boxer. He is waving people back who're trying to come through the entrance. I see proctor and he's a bit upset at the guard who's telling people to turn back. He pleads his case about it only being 11pm.

      I'm in a clothes shop with only myself and the person that works there. I seem to be standing in front of an area of clothes for a while, and not doing a hell of a lot. I look back and see that the worker is dosing off at the counter. I think to myself that anyone who steals would go to town on this store if he fell asleep like that. He awakens as I start to walk out of the store. I say something along the lines of "bye sleepy head" lol.

      I approach a elevator and walk into it. I see a famous AFL football played by the name of Bryce Gibbs. It's just him and I in the elevator. I start a convocation regarding when he's next game is. He smiles and says something. I feel a little uneasy due to being In the presents of a celebrity.

      As I leave the elevator I see a group of people, which includes my brother and cousin Trav. I catch up to them and notice my brother is holding his eye. He tells me he got punched in the face by a women at the party. He seems pretty up beat about it though. He tells me he got punched due to lying about who was on the phone. He said that someone famous was on the line as a joke and for a fist to the face for it lol.

      I see either my cousin Rach or Sarah Wadsworth. They're waiting for the commonwealth games flame to be passed on to her. She offers for me to run with her and holding it at the same time. I think I will do it with her. She walks over towards the entrance of the place that sells dirt end stones and tells the girl with the flame that she's ready to take the flame off of her. I think to myself that she's in the wrong area and needs to be on the other side to get it off the person coming in the opposite way. The flame bearer mentions the same thing to her.

      She heads off somewhere and I wait for her at the bottom of a water slide. There's 3 or 4 possible water slides to choose from. I see a scene of people coming down the water slides and they look as if the speed they come down is slow. Some even come to a stop as they reach the bottom and have to push themselves off the edge into the water. I see personal belongings to my cousin or Sarah and expect the worst. I seem to think its Kaykey who's coming down the slide and that she pregnant.

      As I continue to wait I see 2 dogs which come up to me. They look similar to Trigger and Rex. As I pat them they growl, but I think in the sense of jealousy.

      I leave through a backyard and wait for my cousin/Rach/Kayley to hopefully meet me at McDonald's.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house, inside my bedroom. I see my brother and Germain.

      I'm on the computer playing the game 'need for speed world'. I'm using a dark silver car, and try to impress the guys with my driving. I seem to be hitting walls a bit but driving ok. I can see the lucid dreaming affirmations flicking on my screen while playing. I hear a noise in the background and it's Germain doing something with his saliva In his mouth, as if he was swishing it in and out of his mouth quickly.

      I am now on the side of the road. It looks as if I'm near the train boom gates down monohans rd. As I'm standing there, I see the main character of the cartoon/book. He walks passed on the opposite side of the road. He looks as If he is in stilts. He's at least 10ft tall. I think to myself "WTF" as he continues to walk but at a unrealistic speed. I'm pretty sure something is not right and do a hand RC. I notice that I have a finger missing.

      I see a car drive passed and I wave it down so I can talk to someone [I've never actually had a proper convocation with someone in a dream, and would like to start experimenting with it]. The car continues to drive as I stand onto the road. I see a man in the distance walking my way. I start to walk toward him feeling pretty great, knowing exactly what I was intending to do (talk to the DC about anything). I reach him and try to talk but my speech is slurred again (my previous lucid dream was the same). The man kind of looks at me. The dream fades out quickly and I decide to do a DEILD but as I await my legs become extremely itchy which disturbs my focus, and the alarm goes off anyways.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 9:05am

      I'm at the park near my old house and I see a sniped marksman in the distance, laying down on a hill. I think about scoping in and heading from a distance but I realize he has his back to me and decide to sneak up on him. As I get closed to him I hope that he doesn't hear me sneaking towards him. As I reach him he is kinda facing towards me and I panic and try and shoot him. All my shots miss, even a point blank range shot.

      We start talking after that awkward moment and he asks If I'm a noob and I kinda feel a little shitty at my performance as he says it, cause I rate myself a lot higher then a noob. I can see Rhianna the famous singer in the distance. I notice She's wearing fashionable clothes and just wandering around the park with a bit of a crowd with her. I think my brother and another person I know is at the skate half pipe across from the park. No one is there, so they can enjoy it for themselves.

      Dad comes over to where myself and the sniper kid is. Dad notices that the sniper has been fishing and steals his fish. The first fish has beautiful colors of triangles on it's back and front. Dad puts it in his own tub of water to keep it fresh. Dad grabs another fish from the kid, this time the fish is already in batter. He takes it out of the batter and places the fish down in the dirt. I think about the filthy ground with the fish on it and tell dad not to leave it there. He then places it in his water tub but the tub now has little water left. I start to fantasize about seeing Rhianna kissing me or someone else in public and see if it would end up in the headlines. I assume that with all the smart phones that the possibility would be high.

      Side Notes:
      I forget to stabilize my dream which doesn't help the length of the dream. I need to start reminding myself to really observe the surrounds and use the effective techniques. I seem to have a lot of lucid dreams around the time of my alarms go off. It's as if my body is beginning to awake itself which makes me more aware in my dreams which brings on the lucidity? I guess I can DEILD as my alarm goes off (I have preset alarms throughout the night which turn themselves off after a couple seconds)
    7. Hot Meal Of Death, Memory Lane (19.7.14)

      by , 07-19-2014 at 01:17 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:40am

      I'm walking around a party scene with my cousin Russell. I see Fraser and he's looking stylish as usual with 2 light dark women and a few guys. As Fraser does, he is working his game on one of the ladies by moving one of the girls hair out of her face, playing it cool and planting the seeds. Both of the girls look to have Aboriginal backgrounds. Fraser's girl has beautiful tight curly hair.

      I see a photo of the group together.

      I'm now at Blaxland and I'm with Jamie Coop.

      We're outside Pizza Hut and I allow Jamie to have a ride on my bike, expecting him unco on it, which he was. He looked very uneasy trying to ride the bike. He rode the bike with his hands close together, trying to steer the bike with not much luck. but to my surprise it was all an act and went from 0 to hero in a matter of seconds. He rides up a ramp which is placed in front of Pizza Hut and whips the bike out, getting some nice air. I'm gob smacked and couldn't believe he was acting up the whole time.

      Jamie jumps into a car and continues to show off his skills. Somehow I know he doesn't respect either American police or police in general and he continues to drive erratically.

      Jamie is now dead, I'm assuming it's from him driving and showing off.

      I'm holding a bowl of food. It's hard to tell what it is. It has kind of a watery texture to it. I either just know or have been told that Jamie is in fact dead and is in my food. I think that he may have been burnt in the car accident and this dish is trying to confirm it. I'm hesitating if I should eat the food, but for now I try and find parts of Jamie in my food. I move my spoon around, trying to find anything, except I can't really find a thing. It's as If he was cooked down to ash. Eventually I find a decent sized bit of bone with a pork chop sized bit of meat hanging off of if. I remove it from the dish and continue to look for more. I find another, this time a bigger sized piece.

      I'm at Blaxland and I see a piece of paper which has a list written on it. It had a list of drugs on it, about 7 or more. The drugs were explained by having what was in them etc next to them. I think it's what myself and Jamie were going to do for a cash making job on the side of things. I think about if things did go to plan that I wouldn't want to be known as a cook but just a distributor to people.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:55am

      I see a reality TV show. It looks as if they have famous people inside a house living together. There's already quite a few conflicts going on, mainly with the rough tattooed looking blokes.

      I see myself in the mirror and I look a little off.

      I've broken up with my childhood girlfriend Marleigh and she seems pretty upset. I'm extremely happy and can now do as I please.

      For some reason Im back with either Marleigh or Kylie (M or K), which I regret but I had to do it.

      I've moved back to Blaxland house and it's bringing back memory's. As I walk around the backyard I think about the times of playing cricket. The inside of the house looks different. M or K tell me about how the cat is going with the move. He's getting into meow wars with the rest of the neighbour cats. I go and check my the cat and see that he is over in Sue and Mikes yard, laying in the long grass down the side of the house. It's a black and white cat, so I assume it's Charlie. I get his attention and he climbs up onto the top of the fence. I start to pat him but he seems a little bit like my other cat Izzy, which tries to gently bite you when you pat her sometimes.

      Side Notes
      I awaken and this time I ask what was I dreaming about. I get caught up in non dream thoughts but drift back to dream recall soon after.
      Working my way backwards helped.
    8. Upset A Friend, Side Notes (17.7.14)

      by , 07-17-2014 at 03:31 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 4:30am

      I'm walking towards a petrol station and I see someone get out of their car which is parked near the pump. He looks familiar to me, and I think he recognizes me also. I have a python snake (lollie) in my hand which I need to pay for. I start eating it as I'm about to hand over the money, which was only $1. As I pay for it, I don't make any convocation due to stuffing my face with the python.

      I'm now at a office complex and it seems to be a bit of a party scene. Everyone is having a laugh and all in all, good time. I see Kayley and she looks as if she is wearing a burqa outfit without the coverings over the face. I tell her what she looks like but then quickly change up what I was meant to say, so she doesn't get offended. Either way she wasn't too happy. She can be self conscious and I probably shouldn't have mentioned anything.

      I see some of Kayley's male friends. I'm now looking at a score board which shows the amount of hook ups and how many times you've been denied (I think). I notice I'm on top and have a ration of 10 and 10, a %50 success rate, I can deal with that. There's 2 teams and I'm 1 point ahead of the leader on the opposing team but the numbers seem to change now and then. I get a little freaked out when my tally minuses by 1 and for some reason I think of Kayley has committed suicide.

      I leave the building but only when someone opens the door themselves, instead of myself opening. I see 2 people leave and I make my move and try and quickly get out before the door closes.

      Side Notes

      Struggled to remember my dreams tonight, felt pretty groggy.
      Tried a little bit of SSILD which had no effect.
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      non-lucid , side notes
    9. Dream Fragment

      by , 10-22-2013 at 11:06 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a party with Tash S and others that I recognize. We're in a backyard, elevated up on a ledge. It's a long bar (nightclub bar) and we're all standing next to one another. Tash asks me to check her legs out, so I look under the bar at her legs. I hear music and everyone is starting to dance (Melbourne Shuffle). I join in, but I don't seem to feel as fluent as I usually would when I dance.