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      I was standing with a man near a pool. He was dark toned and i had my black heels on and i was looking very dressed up. I was trying to flirt with the man who was much older then me and he shooed me off.
      I was looking into the pool and noticed it was moving into a whirl pool and it was sucking things up. The man decided to come with me into a big house to have s*x with me.
      He grabbed scissors and started to well yeah....

      Interpretation :
      I dreamt of the man who reminded me of an old friend named max he had similar appearances and he had alwayd admired me. He is in his mid 20s and i have dreamt about him near pools on occasion

      The water represents my thoughts that night as i was drawing ways to represent my year 12 art major and it represents a chaos sea.

      The scissors represent what i was using that night for a few hours. Cutting sketches of nude women.

      Me being dressed up represents my thoughts on an upcoming engagement part that i have in the next few days and ive been wondering what will i wear with my heels? In the dream i dont remember what im wearing only i know that it was fancy and all i remember is my heels.

      The big house represents my constant thoughts about my desires of having a bigger house. The day before i was thinking about my 16th birthday partt that i had. No one was in my house as it was to small.
      Also thoughts about my boyfriend coming over and having no where to sit as the house is tiny.

      These thoughts and desires of recent times pop up occasionally within my dreams.

      excuse the *** in my journal as i cant put it in there as im working from this site at school and it will block the site if it has those words in it... sigh..