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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-31-2010 at 03:29 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Enter Nomad (Non-lucid)

      Transformed, behind us, likely screwing around, is Nomad, disguised as a container of sorts. Similar to the ones my friends and I had been rummaging through earlier. I know it's him because my perspective had switched to third person omniscient moments ago. He is clearly goofing off, likely without any grand motivation.

      Well, I can mess around, too. I think, as I break off from the group and draw my blade. Propelling myself forward, I shoot through the air, mere inches off the ground, straight toward that metallic container. Swiping upward, the world flashes as I make my cut, rendering the object in two. Times slows enough for me to see Nomad's shocked face as he drifts backward in the air, now in his own body.

      Landing smoothly, he grins before breaking apart into a platoon of smaller versions of himself. They rush me. I dart into the air, but the little buggers are too fast; They're all over me, taunting and laughing like little madmen, as they tear at my body.


      The rush of energy throws them all off, scattering them on the concrete below. I don't hesitate. Raising my sword, I form a tornado that quickly ensnares all the miniatures in a whirling vortex. The sight reminds me of how Raven divides herself, which reminds me of the Disturbed song of the same name. Feeling creative, I play through a key part in the song, but change the lyrics ever so slightly to "Form together and combine!" Sure enough, all the copies trapped within my tornado lump together into a full sized Nomad. But I wasn't done just yet.


      A bolt of lighting tears through the air, piercing the tornado and the man within it. Nomad drops to the ground as the tornado dissipates, no longer amused. I wonder if he knows who I am. Maybe I should've introduced myself first. My thoughts are interrupted as a distortion in the air brings my attention back into focus. A woman I recognize as Raven appears from the anomaly and drops down next to Nomad. Nomad brings me to her attention, and she immediately takes a defensive stance.

      "Hey," I say, nonchalantly, while motioning with my dual blades, "Why don't the three of us have a spar? You two versus me."

      They stare at me, shocked, before turning to each other, as if to confer. Looking back at me, Nomad nods solemnly. I'll take that as a yes, then.


      I start things off by striking the two of them with another bolt of lightning, but I had the source come from directly behind them this time. It was just enough to throw them off guard as I lunged forward, ready to strike.

      I woke up.

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    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-29-2010 at 11:26 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Mission Improbable (Non-lucid)

      I'm attending some kind of school function in the auditorium. It hasn't started yet, but the guest of the evening is everyone's favorite Emperor, Darth Lord Sidious. It's up to me to bring him down.

      First thing's first, I need to eliminate the prisoner who know's I'm coming. Unfortunately, he'll be well guarded, so I need an alternative means of entry. Spotting a bathroom next to the room they're keeping him in, I nonchalantly enter it, lock the door behind me, and push my way through the ceiling tiles. There's still a brick wall in my path, but that gives way when I apply some pressure.

      Looking through a slit in the ceiling tiles, I sneak behind the metal cage the Rebel prisoner is in, pull out my silenced USP and solemnly unload a few rounds into the back of his head, dropping him to the floor. The guard hears what's up, and turns around. It's too bad I've already got him in a lock at this point. He tries to shout for help, but I cover his mouth with my hand right before snapping his neck.

      Next on the to-do list: take out the Emperor's decoy. Using the ceiling, I make my way to the back of the auditorium. I toggle on Invisibility and Fly and fly down to the stage, where the Emperor and his decoy are speaking. The decoy has to go get ready for the presentation, so the two of them part ways. While it's tempting to simply take out the Emperor here and now, I know that I need to kill the other guy first. Quickly and quietly, I follow the decoy to a rear exit which eventually leads to the secondary guest quarters. Before the door can close, locking me out, I Teleport into the hallway. Now it's just him, me, and my silenced pistol.

      As he enters his large and ornate quarters, I pull out my pistol, turn off invisibility, and fire. Somehow ready for me, he dodges to the side and runs off behind a large golden fountain. Flying over to his hiding place, he jumps out at me, yelling maniacally at the top of his lungs. Still, it doesn't take much for me to move aside and put him in a headlock. Shoving my USP under his chin, I embed three bullets in his brain. For some reason, he refuses to die, so I'm forced to snap his neck like I did with the guard. Dropping the body, I mentally prepare to face my real target.

      Bursting through the rear exit, I stare down the cause of so much pain and suffering throughout the galaxy.

      "Your reign ends tonight, my lord." I spit out the last part as sarcastically as possible.

      "I beg to differ!"

      At that, he takes off, into the air, gliding effortlessly to the very center of the auditorium. Keeping up, I unleash a volley of Force lightning in his direction. With a crazed sneer, he deflects it and sends his own right back at me. Erratic blue electricity begins pulsing through my body, but he can't hurt me with my own weapon. Reveling in the sensation, I absorb the energy from the bolts, storing it for use at a later time. From the crowd, two people lift off the ground and help me surround Sidious.

      "Looks like you've started sooner than planned!" exclaimed the girl as she took out her blue lightsaber. Her male comrade follows suit, breaking out two green sabers.

      "I don't remember calling in for backup." I state, as I watch Sidious, still sneering, remove a saber from his black cloak. "Just stay out of my way."

      Sidious attacks me, lighting his red blade. I go to block, whipping out my light blue ice-saber, but the searing hot plasma cuts right through its polar opposite. Crap, I think as I jump backwards to avoid the slash. It needs more juice. Before another thought can even cross my mind, Sidious assaults me again. This time, my ice-saber, now being fueled by pure willpower, stops his cut. More than that, it begins to freeze his weapon. The two newcomers begin blasting him with force lightning from behind, preventing him from retreating as my unique weapon completely freezes his saber and hand.

      Pissed right the hell off, a strange, barbed, long, sickly-tan, mutant-like tail extends from under his cloak. With it, he knocks the others to the side, breaks off his own hand, and impales me in the back. The shock is enough to make me drop my ice-saber. Sidious starts laughing, as if he's already won. Grimacing angrily, I rip my Katana from my side, empowering the blade with black and red energy. A single upward swipe is all I need to cleave his monstrous tail in two. I followed that by shoving my sword into his stomach and twisting it up though his chest.

      No longer laughing, Sidious' expression changes dramatically as I watch the life fade from his eyes. Good riddance.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:48 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Raven: The Spar (DILD)

      "M---?" Hrm. . ? Someone is saying my name. "M---!" The room around me starts to come into focus. My consciousness catches up with me and I encounter the woman calling my name whom I recognize as. . .

      "Raven?" She hugs me in response, but I can't make out anything above her neck; it's just one big blur. "Why is your head blurry?" I ask.

      "I don't know. Try focusing on something." I comply and go through some focus exercises. I turn toward the scene around us: a nice sized house with wooden furnishings and squared archways between rooms. Sure enough, her facial features becomes clear and defined. Medium length black hair fell about her smiling face. I controlled my excitement to prevent waking up. This is what We've planned for.

      I pull out my blade. "Don't take this personally or anything, but I want you to remember this." I dash in for a strike. She whips a Claymore out of nowhere and deflects my blow. She steps in for an attack, but I spin around, stopping the thrust with my Katana, above my head. She's fast. We're both fast. I'm pulling off moves that surprise even me. One of them, a horizontal slash to midsection, manages to make contact. I barely feel resistance as the tip of my sword passes through her belly.

      No blood, odd. This brief moment of wonderment allows her to get inside my defenses and thrust her blade into my stomach. I manage to jump back just in time to avoid being run all the way through. Surprisingly, I don't feel any pain. I decide to turn it up a notch. Bankai would be unnecessary, but I could try a bit harder. Again, I start my attack. A few fancy moves later and my blade finds its way jabbed into her heart. I stop it before it can do any real damage, but we both agree to call it at that.

      In the fray I had failed to notice the presence of a small boy. On a second glance, I realized, at a deeper level, this is no ordinary boy.

      Upon waking I recognized him as that one boy from the X-Files. The child who held the key to everything Mulder had been searching for all these years.

      I speak with him for a moment, but everything he says is difficult for me to comprehend, which is saying something. I turn my attention back to Raven, who seems to be distracted by something. "Hey Raven!" She looks up. "I want to try something on you, specifically your Witchblade, do you mind?" She shakes her head. "Cool!"

      I put my left arm out, Katana still grasped in my right hand. "Chidori!" Screaming blue electricity enveloped my left palm and arm. I ran the electricity along the length of my Katana, creating a blue strip of powerful energy along the middle of the weapon. I swing it at her to test it out. Her Claymore flips out again to stop my playful swipe. My blade starts to slide into hers a bit, but her blade seemed to be actively resisting being cut. I pulled mine back.

      "Chidori!" I follow the same procedure as before, but this time I spread the energy out over the entire sword. "Theoretically," I tell her, "This should be able to cut through anything." I thrust at her. Jointed blue armor forms around her body. The tip of my Chidori charged Katana makes contact with the armor covering her chest. A loud crack resounds through the room as my blade causes the Witchblade to crack and splinter around its tip. Despite this, however, my sword gets stuck before it makes its way all the way through the armor.

      I pull it out and toss it to the side. "I hope I didn't startle you too much. That's just something I've been wanting to try for awhile." She seems distracted again and wanders off into the house. I turn my attention back to the child. There's another presence here now. Something I can feel, but cannot see. I pay it no mind.

      The boy and I spend the rest of the dream discussing various topics. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to understand him. After awhile, I inform him that I was going to wake up now, since I had already spent so much time in the dream. He nods solemnly and I take my leave.
    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:44 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Making Fiends (DILD)

      I heard a knock coming from the back work room. I go to investigate, leaving my friend unattended. KA-KRACK! Lightning struck outside, illuminating the cold dark room and the sharp steel tools and saw blades that lined the walls. In the flash, I made out a figure climbing up the wet concrete steps outside. It looked back at me and I saw it was the hag from before, the witch I had given the human test subject to for experimentation!

      Oh, no. . .

      Had she come to return my gift? I needed to warn my friend.I rushed out to the main basement area only to be pounced upon by the creature I feared would be there. It tore at my arms and opened my skin. I was infected. I felt the virus starting to take hold and watched, helpless, as my friend, who had come to help me, was infected in the same manner I had been.

      Spoiler for MIND SCAR:
      A small amount of time passed, bringing my health back to it's previous state. Now, I wanted to go upstairs. Hmm, having something chase me up these stairs would be interesting. Let's try to create something! I focused on the darkness, but was only able to create vague shape. I turned back to the door for a second before looking behind me yet again.

      "GRAAAHR!" the ravenous zombie-like monster behind me yelled as it attacked me. I barreled up the stairs lightning fast and closed the door behind me. The creature kept right on my tail and apparently knew how to use a door handle. I stepped into the kitchen and turned around, watching the basement doors.

      I'm dreaming. I fear nothing as the infected bursts through the basement door. It snarls at me ravenously, but I hold firm. I make no effort to reach for my blade. I was going to break the cycle. "Hey, you can attack me and try to scare me all you'd like, but it's all pointless." As if to prove me wrong, it lunges at me at full sprint. I step to the side and let it pass, showing no aggression. It makes a sharp turn and tries again, but I dodge to the side leaving it back where it started.

      "See," I say, building up happiness as I speak, "why don't we be friends instead?" The zombie relaxes and puts its gnarled hands at its sides. Then, it transforms, shedding off its appearance in a swirl of dark purple energy. What remains is a girl, about my age, with long black hair and pale skin, clothed in a dark colored glossy dress.

      "Fine." she says, almost cautiously. I smile, walk over to her, and take her hand.

      What follows is a montage of us building a friendship. The scene cuts to me showing her around a cityscape that is plastered in images of me in my lucid state, but I don't look like me, I look kinda like Lucas from SSBB. And the only difference between my lucid state and non-lucid state is a small puft of hair. I explain my importance and the good I do for the people here while lucid. She tells me she's a dream demon.

      "Oh, what's your na-"

      "Michelle," she answers before I can finish. I smile again. I'm in a really good mood, now, as a direct result of the emotional control I displayed earlier. Michelle shows me some of the forms she has taken in past dreams. One of them is a disturbingly obese child that appears to have Downs or some other form of mental handicap. The gender is indecipherable and the bodily proportions of the kid are barely human. Thanks to the great mood I'm in, I find this hysterical.

      Michelle suggests I try out a "Chuckie" dream, and I agree. My lucidity is subpar at this point. The scene changes yet again and I find myself in a deserted trailer in the middle of a dark forest. I'm sitting at a desk and eerie music is playing. However, even when the doll, or whatever it is, attacks me from behind, I'm not frightened at all. I simply exit the body I was in and find myself looking down on Michelle as she hovers over a small box in a frenzied cackle.

      My new body is incorporeal and is attached to the old one by a stream of pale, wavy, blue, distilled light. The old body is in the box which is shaking wildly and emitting shouts and screams. Michelle doesn't seem to notice me behind her. Still, I'm not too concerned. I lift my right hand parallel to me and muster forth a bit of excitement. Sure enough, a bright white light builds up inside the box and the right side blasts off violently, expelling debris all over the the place. My other body flies out and gives Michelle a truly pleased and care-free look.

      "I win! ^.^" I somehow have it say, making sure to convey the emotion that is synonymous with that emoticon.

      "I hate you. . ." she states dejectedly.

      My brother's alarm goes off.
    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:29 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      The Atrium (DILD)

      Around me was a gathering of students of all trades and disciplines. Okay, most of them were Comp Sci, students, but that's not the point. The point is, the group seemed diverse. All of us were inside of this huge atrium. The Balcony above us surrounding the area, the tunnels that branched off, and the general architecture had the look and feel of Hogwarts.

      However, there was no magic going on in these walls. Instead we had all been assigned a winter break project that was due tonight at midnight. It was already 10:54 PM and all of us had to write a two page paper on the functionality of the memory allocator we wrote before break. I questioned a STB about it, wondering if we had already done something similar. He rebuked me, and stated he had already finished his paper and had given it some fancy name. A guy who was supposed to be our professor laughed from across the room and commended STB.

      After that we started to toss a Frisbee around. One side of the atrium, vs. the other. I kept missing my opportunity to get the Frisbee, and everyone on my team was sucking something awful, so I started to cheat. I used TK to do some fancy throws that weren't even possible. I also used my powers to direct the Frisbee into my hands whenever someone threw it. However, after a long time, it seemed as if my TK was waning.

      Wait, this is a dream, how can I be getting tired from overuse of my TK? I can't even properly lift that balloon over there. This is pathetic. I lift off into the sky and float over to the second floor balcony that wrapped around the middle of the atrium. I decide to test how much energy I really have left.


      Blue sparks fly from my right arm, a massive charge builds up in my palm, and all the while an all encompassing screeching fills the room. I slash my arm into a nearby stone wall to test it out, and sure enough, it cuts into it with ease, but not as deep as I would have liked.

      I decide to have a bit of fun, completely forgetting any and all goals. I jump down into the middle of the crowd, and shout, "Alright! This is how it's gonna go down! All of you, against me!" Everyone looked at me funny, a few people to my left start to come at me. I whip out a bo-staff and begin to twirl it around, charging at them. I knock a few to the side, before drawing them into a small foyer that leads to another hallway into the the atrium. Several of the people from the room attack me, grinning wildly, but a few good knocks to the head and chest take them out quite handily.

      Suddenly, a girl walks through the archway. She is dressed much more ornately than these previous louts, and carries a huge staff-like sword. Several sweeping halberd-esque blades protruded from the long, thin staff at the blade's core. They shone brightly and were framed from behind with beautiful red and gold waves. Well, that's cool.

      She swings it at me, but I parry it to the side, stepping in and hitting her shoulder with my simple black staff. She tries for another swipe, but I block, and return a strike of my own, this time across her head. We go back and forth like this for awhile, before her frustration builds to a peak. A downward strike from her blade is met with a swift kick from my boot.

      Hilariously enough, her blade gets lodged in the thick leather bottoms of my boot. She tries to pull out her blade, but can't, a look of surprise on her face. I twist my foot and disarm her, taking her blade for myself. I ditch my staff, and test out my new bounty. A quick slash cuts away at her poofy clothes, but does not draw blood. I thrust the blade into her. "Oh, fuck." She says, looking down at the gaping wound in her chest. I can see the life drain out of her as she goes limp. I pull out my blade and head back into the atrium.

      Everyone inside is playing some silly game in groups around the room. "What the hell is this?! I thought I told you all to fight me." I take a large arcing slash at the people in the group before me, cutting into the necks of everyone there, spilling their blood onto the floor. They just turned in shock and stared at me, in a semi-circle. I took to the air as people started screaming around me and running for the doors. Soon enough, the room was completely empty except for a few people scattered around the room who just stood there calmly.

      "Where did everyone go?" I asked them.

      "All the stupid ones left." One of the remaining people said.

      I wanted to investigate further, but the dream started to slip and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

      Well, I guess I could have tried to stay in a little bit longer. >.>

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    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:13 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      I dedicate this entry to Loaf, for making me want to keep up with his awesome DJ.

      Rebellion (MILD)

      I MILDed before bed. This is something new I'm going to start doing consistently. Wish me luck.

      The dream up until the point I got lucid was somewhat interesting. It all took place in this large facility that was a mix between an academic building and a hospital. Some friends of mine were playing some kind of game of catch, most likely Frisbee, when I suddenly thought to myself,

      Wait. . . This is a dream. I was so sure in myself that a reality check was not needed. Everything was strikingly clear and felt so real, from the tan pillars that rose into the ceiling of this atrium to the people and their detailed clothes and expressions. I turned away from my friends, taking myself out of the plot for just a moment. I should stabilize a bit before trying anything. I take my hands and rub them together, focusing on the sensation, I turn to the pillars, see their textures, and run my hand along them, wrapping my arm around it as I went.

      Now, I felt grounded and confident. I decide to try out my TK on some nearby object, but something seems off. I can't make the connection with the objects like I normally would, so it fails. Slightly disappointed and taken aback by this, as I had just recently (in another lucid) ripped an entire house off its foundations and thrown chunks of it at some enemy DCs and was now failing to lift a small ball of fluff, I did not lose focus. The plot was still progressing around me, and it was somewhat interesting, so I decided to play along.

      I opened the front doors and the light poured in, obscuring my vision for a moment before coming back into focus. To my surprise, this building was located right smack dab in the middle of a large body of water! And there were Viking-esque ships rowing around the complex! I took a step back from the water. It looked so real and menacing with its clear waters followed quickly by a dark and murky drop off; it was scary.

      One of the ships stopped rowing and everyone on board stared at the people at the door ferociously. The DCs around me dropped to their knees. Only I remained standing, but the stares continued. I tried to flip their boat over with my TK, but it didn't work for the same reasons, so I decided it would be best to drop down as well to avoid confrontation.

      It was then explained that these Vikings were keeping all the DCs in here hostage. I figured it would be fun to invoke a rebellion. I take to the air and hover over the Building DCs rallying them to my cause. And so it began.

      I left them to do most of the planning .In the meantime, I was testing out some of my abilities. I was having trouble with my ol' electricity attacks, so I just took a stance and let loose a Chidori. The signature blue lightning encompassed my arm and the accompanying screeching clawed at my ears. I sliced my arm at the nearest wall and it cut through like butter for a good two feet. This is going to be a fun attack.

      Some time passes and the plan is set. We're going to escape out the back and destroy any opposition that faces us. Most of the destruction will be up to me, apparently. Might as well get some help. A cool idea that crosses my mind would be to summon some Creatures from the Magic: The Gathering universe. I decide to start small with a card we all know and love, Mogg Fantastic.

      Sure enough, I manage to summon the guy and oh boy does he look cool being all realistic and such. He was wearing a grey trench coat, though, which was weird, but I didn't question it. I told him the game plan and what he had to do. He seemed pretty capable. Next up, Slivers.

      For the uninitiated, Slivers are Creatures that become exponentially more powerful with each additional Sliver in play. I only summon about five or six, but they're the biggies. All the Legendaries, and some of the more powerful Non-Legendary ones. I have them lead the charge out the back door. I fly right behind them, the rest of the DCs at my rear. The Vikings are waiting for us and unleash a volley of nerf into me. I just take all the hits, I mean, seriously, it's Nerf. . .

      From there, the dream degrades into me deciding what kind of darts to use in my Longshot clips. I wake up shortly after that.
    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:51 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Enter Ice (DEILD)

      Falling back asleep. Rawr. . .

      I'm in my darkened living room. Family is in the kitchen. Suddenly, I hear rustling under the dining room table. Crap what is that. A dark wispy doglike figure shoots from under the table at ludicrous speed darting back and forth towards me.

      Shit, I need to wake up, now! It's right in front of me now, my eyes are closed and I hear the most sinister growl I've heard in my life. Screw waking up. Let's face this head on.

      I woke up. . .

      Time to DEILD. I want to see what this thing is.

      I'm back in my living room. It's much brighter this time around. Still dark, though. I see my dog coming from the kitchen. I go to grab him and pet him. Keeping him in a friendly state, just in case. I try to think of what that thing could be. Could it have been the ghost of my old dog? Back for revenge. No that's silly. Sure enough my old dog comes up to me as well. I wrap an arm around each and embrace them. Still a bit wary. I hover over to the kitchen and they follow.

      I get the idea of turning into a dog and running around with them. So, I take on the appearance of a dog, run to the garage door, and open it. The garage is open! Let's make a break for it! I dash on all fours out into the court. Fellow dogs nowhere to be found.

      My vision is obscured by my hair and I can't seem to push it away. In the center of my vision a white creature of some kind starts dashing towards me. It doesn't look like it's actually moving anywhere, though. And it's rather transparent. Regardless, I use my TK to throw it to the side. No effect. As I turn away, to ignore it to death, the creature, what I can only now describe as some kind of yeti, jumps into the center of my vision again. I try to turn away once more, but the same thing happens.

      It starts to take a different form, becoming solid this time. It's a man. An incredibly well built and muscular man with spiked silver hair. I hear a loud crackling sound behind me. I know I shouldn't look, but my curiosity gets the better of me. As I turn, I see a grin upon his face. Behind me are many discs and chunks of ice being readied to be hurled at me. He makes a throwing motion with both arms and they start to fly toward me. A dream reflex kicks in and I start to eject myself from the dream. Wait dammit! I want to fight! Everything starts to fade, faster and faster. I have no time to stabilize. This looks like the end of the dream for me. Suddenly, though, everything snaps back into focus.

      While surprising, I didn't give it too much thought. I'm just glad I get a chance to fight this guy. I try to throw him around with TK, but it doesn't do anything at all. Fine, let's try a new trick. I point my finger at him, hand outstretched. A charge builds upon the tip of my finger and fires out in a bolt the width of a pin. He tries to dodge it at first, but when I direct it onto this body, like a laser pointer, he just starts calmly walking towards me. I smirk as I make the yellow light burst forth from his body and rend him to pieces. Crap. That didn't work either. No longer smirking, it seems like I was going to have to play this one a bit differently.

      I rush around him and try to build a charge in my hands. I stare at my hands and watch the blue electricity start to form and jump between my palm. I lift my hands up and face them toward him. I attempt to shoot some bolts, but nothing comes out. This is just not my day. I figure I'll just taze him, so I grab onto his shoulder, expecting the charge in my right hand to do all the work. No luck. He just looks down at my hand and shakes his head.

      Fine back to basics. I think as I whip out a knife. I come at him, slashing away at his shirtless body and arms. We end up in a grapple. A girl appears out of nowhere and hands him an ornate blade. She tells me that I wouldn't be able to cut his right arm, but I could cut his left hand off if I wanted to. "Well, thanks for that." He said sarcastically as I pushed my blade through his left wrist, severing it. I jumped back. He didn't seem too concerned about his lack of hand.

      He readied his blade. I threw aside my plain ol' knife and tried to whip out my katana. Nothin' but air. Oh well, let's just pretend I've got one. I grip the air like I would a katana, feeling the hilt in my hands. I rush at him. He starts to back up as I swing and parry his swipes. Each time our blades would have crossed I shouted "Cling!" or "Ching!" He looked really confused. I didn't let up. My form was terribly sloppy, though and I didn't manage to land a single hit. I figured I'd turn it up a notch.

      "Bankai!" I shouted and the air around me started to fly apart violently as my energy exploded forth. My blade was visible now. The same blade from that one night. He had a sword now too, and his left hand was back. I swing my blade shouting "Getsuga Tenshou!" The environment turns white as a streak of black energy tears toward him. I keep swinging. More black streaks fly at him and explode on his chest. Slowly at first, but then an incredulous volley of crisscrossing energy pours itself from my blade. As they hit him, they all explode in a puff of grey smoke on his right shoulder. He just stands there and takes the hits.

      Frustrated, I dash teleport into position. My blade was now ornate and golden. It shone brightly in the sunlight. Crossing blades with his I whisper, "Getsuga Tensou." Slowly but surely a small tornado extruded from the tip of my blade. It tears at the cord at the end of his hilt. All of this is happening right in front of his face. There's no way he can't pay attention. My tornado tears the blade from his hands. I grab it and drop down. I now have two blades to his none.

      He walks over to me. "That was fun, I say. How about we just call it a tie, though." He looks at me funny.

      "You've still got a lot to learn." He shoves his left hand into my stomach. I grab at his arm. Trying to keep it from going in further. He looks like he's about to do something, but changes his mind.

      He pulls out his hand. "I'm here to teach you. It'll take another year to set all this up, to pull you in again." He pauses for a moment. His brow furrows, "There are words that only have meaning in dreams. I'm going to be talking to you, but I'm not going to explain everything. It'll b--"

      "It'll be up to me to figure out their meanings for myself, right?" He nodded. "So, what now?"

      "You need to wake up and write all of this down."

      "Yes, sir." He looked at me with distaste.

      "No. Don't call me that. There are too many out there like that already. . ."

      "How about sensei?"

      "I have bad associations with that word as well."

      "Figured as much. Okay, off to record all of this."

      I've decided to call him Ice for the time being.

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    8. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:48 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Two LDs last night. The first lasted a few seconds and turned into a FA in which I got lucid again and had a small bit of fun before the dream ended in another FA which I did not get lucid off of.

      Will put up entries for the second LD and yesterday's in a couple minutes. Hang tight.

      Also, that makes 9 LDs this week so far. I'm on track for breaking my record for most LDs in a week. Okay, maybe not. It's going to be hard to get 9 more in 5 days. x.X

      "Could Be Anybody" (DILD)

      FA. I have to pee. I get up and make my way through the kitchen of the restaurant I'm in, toward the bathroom. I enter the large restroom and go into a stall. Hmm, something is off. I try to RC, but it's not working quite right. I look at the mirror in front of me and think, If this is a dream, when I close the stall door, and open it again, there will be someone right behind me. I close the stall door. And open it again.

      Well would you look at that. A man is now standing right outside my stall. I close the stall door again. And raise my hand to head level. I create a spark of electricity that dances between my fingers. Yep, definitely a dream. I ready my blue lightning. Electricity courses down my arm as my right hand becomes envoloped by furiously dancing bolts. I slam open the door behind me and unleash a torrent of electricity into the man standing outside my stall. He convulses painfully, his eyes growing huge as his body pulsates and glows. His life was ending.

      I put right hand on his shoulder and pushed him down, stopping the current's flow. As he lay there, dead on the floor, he looked a lot like someone I knew, or, maybe, used to know. I couldn't quite place the face. Interesting, I thought, but he really could be anybody. Even me. At that I started to morph his face, creating for him different personas, until I finally had it rest upon one similar to my own.

      *BANG BANG BANG* My suitemate's father knocked on my door. They were going to go see a new idiotic movie and I was going to come along. I was not dressed, but I needed to go out into the common room. I tried to wrap my sheet around me as I got out of bed.

      *BANG* My suitemate slammed the bathroom door shut. Stupid FAs. . .
    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:41 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Yellow (Non-lucid)

      What a great night for dreaming. No lucids, but almost every non-lucid was quite a lot of fun.

      I was taking the role of Static Shock, and had just finished a rather interesting fight with two DCs. While they had the ability to use the others' powers, the most interesting part was how they fought: using fancy moves, bright colors, and lots of light effects. I don't remember who won the battle; regardless, I was now inside a store. In this store were several "Hoodies" signified by their wool caps. Turns out Hoodies and un-capped mutants like myself had been in a constant war with each other that was taking its toll on the community.

      I was making progress to ease tensions between the groups, befriending many of the Hoodies after bouts. I found this out while explaining it to some random person who asked, flying on my collapsible manhole cover, citing the lack of merchandise in the store. It was at about the time I finished talking that the girl from my fight earlier came into the store and approached me. She wanted me to accompany her to train, so she could learn to use my power. I said sure, and she jumped on my cover and off we went, in search of a training ground.

      This part was incredibly vivid.

      As we flew over rooftops, I felt a strange connection to this character. Similar to the one I felt when I first spent time with my first DG. People were outside on top of their houses, taking pictures of each other in the starry night sky. We passed over a miniature golf course where I spotted a friend who didn't notice me. Soon, the urban town was growing more old timely. I mentioned that I had always liked this part of town. She questioned me, asking why I would like such a creepy place. I had no answer.

      As the environment did indeed get much creepier, we came across a large caged dome, which apparently housed political prisoners. There was a large forest inside. Perfect for training. The Warden was nearby, luckily, so I asked him if we could use the area to train in order to help fight crime better or some such nonsense. He warily agreed and showed us inside. We found a nice clearing and that's when the fun started. She explained that you could use any ability if you had had it used upon you at all. Thrilled at the prospect we began to spar.

      She was using some kind of yellow light that could explode, lash out, and do a multitude of other things. I was using standard purple electricity. After a short while we overheard the Warden saying that now that I was trapped here it was just enough time for them to destroy the town. At this point a large being emerged inside of town, and my perspective cut away to it. It grew until it was fully formed. It was a Hollow, but not a real Hollow. Sure enough, a copy of the monster, with glowing red eyes and bone white mask came out of the ground before it. The first beast questioned it, wondering who it was. The second one responded, calling it an idiot and promptly absorbing the first.

      As it stood up, a large indent in the street was created, freaking out all the nearby DCs. Then, as it reached out it's hands, large bolts of blue electricity shot down from its fingers onto the streets and buildings. I had to stop it. Unfortunately, the Warden's henchmen, large, fat, round, fleshy, golem like creatures started to attack us. We went to work. I discovered that if I charge a blast with one finger, and direct the needle thin line of electricity at them, then I could use the yellow light to make them explode from the inside out. I did this to several of them, to spectacular results. It looked like we were thinning their number, but suddenly Menos started to materialize all around us. My new friend set up some kind of barrier of yellow light that slowly dissolved them as they appeared, but they were too resilient for it. For some reason, it made sense to draw my sword. I put my back against hers and released my Bankai. As energy swirled around us, and Menos made their way through the barrier of yellow light, I shouted: "Getsuga Tenshou!" a yellow stream of tornadoes shot out of my blade and started cutting through the Menos. As I sustained my ability, the girl beside me used her yellow light to slice through the Menos. We turned in one wide arc, together, cutting down our enemies in a wondrous fashion. When it was over, I took a look at my blade. A short silver blade with a large, black, blocky hilt that came around the front of the blade into a swept point. I wondered why it wasn't black.

      This led into a weird tangent that involved my WoW playing suitemate explaining that I needed to play WoW and collect "evil orbs" to change the stylizing of my character. Yeah. . .

      I don't think I did that dream justice.