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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-24-2015 at 08:10 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Have been out of state on vacation this weekend. Picked up a cute little pocket-booklet that I can easily bring to work and jot down quick notes about my dreams. Had notes for a couple, but I didn't feel like trying to type them out on a phone, because ew. Am home now, which means it's time for another....



      Ugh, this always happens when I need to do it in real life. In and out of bathrooms I go, unable to find relief. My anxiety over using restrooms in public doesn't help matters. Neither does finding that all stalls in one of the bathrooms are weird plastic pod things with seats that are pretty much totally exposed. Even when I finally score a suitable stall--a nice roomy one against the wall--and lock it, somehow another girl barges in right as I'm sitting down. I consider waking up, but decide trying to scrounge up a shirt to use the actual bathroom isn't worth the trouble, and instead head back into the theatre.


      This can't be happening. No. No fucking way.

      I hurry out of the car, reaching for my phone, as the man who just shot my father notices me and steps around the vehicle. Black jacket, spiky white hair, he's obviously a punk. A punk with a gun leveled at my head. I manage to get the police on the line and quickly relay the fact that my dad has been shot, but realizing it's going to be several minutes before any help arrives I hastily toss the phone to the tiled ground.

      For my dad's sake, I take matters into my own hands.

      Dipping behind a triangular structure, I bait the punk, pointing my finger at him like a gun and saying "bang!"--like a damn child. Nothing's happening, so I consider switching to a sword, but decide No, I can make this work. At this point, the punk has fallen for the bait, following after me as I swing around the freestanding obstacle. He's on the other side now, expecting to catch up to me around the corner, but he's also an idiot, so it's only natural he looks so dumbfounded as I seemingly defy gravity and vault over the barrier. As I descend in a long arc, I pull from my Modern Warfare 2 and Halo Archetypes and fire a few rounds from my finger gun, which has taken on the properties of both a Desert Eagle and M6G Pistol. One of the shots connects with his shoulder and I hear that trademark soundclip signaling I've made a hit, but he's still standing.

      Running even.

      Leaping down, into an atrium.

      I leap after him, but he's landed and already taking aim.

      He shoots...it's a perfect shot.

      I'd be dead to rights, the bullet taking me between the eyes, but this is me we're talking about.

      My perception slows as I track the searing lead. Moving at inhuman speeds, I dart my head to the side, avoiding the shot completely. Again, the punk seems surprised. Landing on one foot, I immediately push off towards the walls, dashing and gliding along them whilst unleashing a flurry of bullets. Most find their mark and punk finally goes down...

      Later, at the police station, I embrace my father. He's alive and healthy, and I couldn't be more relieved.

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    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 12-29-2011 at 06:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ˇSingle Sentence Sizzler!®

      Intervention (WILD)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      After meeting up with a close friend, we sneakily escape notice during an assault on a nearby high school, but instead of running I decide to take matters into my own hands, burst through the back doors, and show those thugs what happens when you disrupt my lucids; when all was said and done, we put their still-living heads in a large case for proper disposal at a later date.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 03-24-2011 at 06:13 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Moonlit Mafia (Non-lucid)

      Tall grass blows gently outside the locomotive, as the passengers spill onto the tracks. The train has stopped, some sort of malfunction the conductor says.

      We have no choice.

      By the end of the night, this dark, gravely track must be drenched in blood, deep and red.

      “But who?” we wonder amongst ourselves, three groups, one innocent, the others not. In time the answer becomes clear: we'll vote, and the one we vote for will die by all our hands.

      My group, my family of mafioso, begins planning, talking in hushed whispers within compartments, between train-cars. Our plan is a complex one, and it'll be hard to pull off, but the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

      Step one, talk with the leader of the other mafia group, our enemies, convince him to join us and vote for the charismatic innocent riling up what would otherwise be sheep to our slaughter. He agrees, and the plan goes forward.

      Step two, put forward our votes, and make contact with the leader of the innocents. Let him know we're on his side, as long as he votes for the leader of our enemy. He does, and before it's too late, we all switch our votes.

      It's done. I think, grinning, as our victim is forcefully dragged away, into the swaying grass, where soon he'd struggle no more.


      I'm shot.

      Dragging myself across the city street, I feel the hole in my chest, my lung. I sense the wet blood on my back, seeping through my blue dress shirt, mixing with the dirt and dust, still falling to the ground.

      “Boss. . .” I spatter, reaching my hand up to the man in the purple suit and fedora walking away from me, revolver in hand. He turns, as I violently hack up blood onto the cold rocky ground. A raise of the arm, a pull of his finger, and another piece of molten lead fires into my back.

      Everything fades to black.

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 10-25-2010 at 04:07 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Networks (Non-lucid)

      Stretched out against a vast, black aether, they weave and twist about, branching down into unfathomable depths. At the head, a name for each: Walms, Naiya, Raven, and so many more. Delving down, I explore their reaches. The expanse below Walms' is the largest by far, and twines itself about the others more and more the deeper I go. Naiya's is closest to Walms', their trees the largest, while Raven's name is drifting, slowly pulling away from the others.

      The scene shifts into a game of conquest, and here I find MoSh, willingly under the control of a female presence I never get to see. She guides him well; his troop placements are precise, his movements coordinated. I find myself under pressure. . .


      The dark conference room, with its expensive wooden tables and high-backed chairs lined up against the walls, is deserted. Making my way to a table across the room, the other High Aide walks in, aghast.

      “They're not here,” she sounds frustrated.

      “No. It's not like Congress to be here in a time of crisis. I expect they're safe somewhere, probably out of country.”

      “Point taken, but that still leaves us. The enemy is descending upon us, as you well know, but what are we supposed to do about it?”

      “Keep things under control,” I pick up a pink slip of paper with several ornate signatures scrawled across it. “A standing order,” I tell my coworker.

      “What does it say?” the other Aide asks quietly.

      “We have to evacuate.”

      “Then let's get out of here. . .”

      We walk through the white-walled building, all the way to the heavily populated atrium. A commotion erupts upon our arrival, and I drop the book I wasn't carrying moments ago. Stepping on it, I notice there's something under it. . . is that?

      “NOBODY MOVE!” A man in a black leather jacket and slacks steps out in front of me, back turned, left arm locked around a secretary, right hand handed aiming a gun at her head. Just like the one beneath my book. I scoot backwards, dragging the book and gun underfoot, taken aback by the occurrence. Why would terrorists be attacking the House at a time like this. No one is here, except us two. Slightly dumbfounded, and fearing for my own safety, it takes me a moment to realize the man doesn't know I'm behind him.

      Reaching down, I grab the gun; it's an old five shot revolver, I'm not really sure on the make. I point the weapon at the man's back and move slowly, silently forward. Putting up my other hand to steady the shot. . .


      A hole appears in the back of his jacket, followed by blood. He slumps to the ground, dead, but he's not alone. His accomplice comes at me from the left, swiftly. I try to aim the gun at him, but my hands are shaking too violently. A shot rings out, and a bullet wizzes by my head, tousling my hair. I fire wildly, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG. Each shot either goes wide or spirals out of control, missing the mark. The accomplice fires back at me four times. One miss, two miss, three miss. . .


      The bullet rips through my chest and my mouth opens in shock, spitting up blood. I stagger for a moment before my eyes go wild and I look at my killer with a maniacal glint. I let him know, “I can regen, mother fucker!” I charge him, quickly regenerating the wound in my chest, pushing out the hot lead. Pointing my empty gun at him, I demand his weapon. He hands it to me, terrified; it's got one shot left. I put it against his head, and he whimpers like a puppy. As I pull the trigger, I grimace as. . . the shot bounces off his skull?

      The anticlimactic ending stifles my rage, and the two of us have a chat. “You know the only people of any importance here right now are the High Aides, right?” I ask him.

      “Oh, really. . ? Well, we should have figured as much with Rob moving in on Cambodia [Kaomea?] in the west.”

      “Yeah, I still have to let the Adamarill know.”


      “That's what I said.”

      Another shift and I'm streaming a video of Galactica's CIC. Starbuck let's Adama know the current situation, and I can't help noticing the HAL eye at the bottom of the screen. I remember that signifies this is one of my Dream Journal Entry. Wait a second. . .

      My phone rings.

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    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-17-2010 at 01:23 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ˇSingle Sentence Sizzler!®

      Tugging at Heartstrings (Non-lucid)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      After murdering the Chief of Police's son (before he can murder me), I cunningly convince the Chief to adopt me and another young orphan girl when he starts questioning us.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-24-2010 at 01:50 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Originally, I was going to be writing about helping some DV members build a literal dream house, but an afternoon nap cropped up this gem. Part 2 will follow later tonight.

      Good Cop (Part 1 of 2) (Non-lucid)

      Feeling less than safe, even with my Riot Shield and full SWAT uniform, I quickly crouched and raised my shield as two thugs came up the stairs. I turned as they moved past me and MTM, making sure to keep the both of us safe in case they decided to start shooting. Glaring as they passed, I could see they were making their way further up into the mall. Maybe we should be going down, then.

      Motioning to MTM, who was armed with a G36C, we began moving down the stairs. As we went, I would jump over the ledge each time we reached the halfway mark, making the descent even faster. Soon enough, we were on the tiled ground floor of this vertically structured mall.

      PING! PEW! PING!

      Becoming very much aware of the bullets ricocheting off my shield, I ducked down, protecting the both of us from the fire raining from above. I looked up to see the thugs from before firing at us with a G18 and a Mini Uzi from a balcony several floors up. Calmly, I took out my Intervention, and peered through the thermal sights. Taking a breath, I fired a warning shot at each, hitting the barrels of the assault rifles hanging from their necks. Although, they seemed un-phased as they switched to their ARs, which were functioning perfectly fine despite the holes I had made. . .

      MTM took cover behind the stairs and lay down suppressive fire; I moved in closer to try and stop them. I made it a good distance, but a stray shot clipped my arm rather badly while I was putting my Riot Shield onto my back. Just like that, I was down for the count.

      The world faded in and out, as the amount of gunfire increased twofold. An old squad-mate ran over to me, unconcerned for her own safety, as she stood over my failing body, firing up at the goons who started this mess. It looks like the calvary has arrived, I thought as everything turned to black. . .

      Images flashed before my eyes. First, a scene of the two low-lifes explaining their position and admitting they were wrong to start shooting me like that, especially when they realized I could have taken them out at any moment. They showed the camera the damage I had done to their guns. Then, my time in the hospital drifted past my faint consciousness, and I became painfully aware of the toll the recovery process took on my psyche.

      A meaner, more bitter cop than before, I would no longer hesitate to take out a perceived threat if they even looked at me funny. The only thing that kept me from going off the wall was my family, who weren't taking my personality change very well. I feared they could leave me at any time. . . .

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    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-12-2010 at 08:58 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Ideals: The Hunt (Non-lucid)


      Gorrammit. There's too many.

      Countless mechs surround me from all sides, as I flee ever deeper into the cave. Capable of taking me out at any time, they seem to be making a sport out of chasing me. If they knew who I was. . . If they knew I was the Head Imperial General in charge of the war effort. . . I'd be dead right now.

      I consider using Geass to take them all out at once, but I'm not confident I can imprint that many at a time, and if I fail, then my power and identity would no longer be a secret. Everything I had struggled and fought for all these years would be for naught. I have to keep moving.

      Off to my right, on a raised rock ledge, their Ace Pilot comes into view. He fires a burst from his gun that glances off my armor as I veer to the side to avoid the brunt of the attack.

      Hmm. . . I've got an idea.

      I focus on the Pilot and activate Geass, feeling his mind wipe clean as my will overtakes him. Just like that, he turns his fire onto his former allies, in an attempt to protect me. He does pretty well, allowing me to make quite a bit of headway into the cave. Almost home free, I exit the narrow passageway into a huge, open cavern.

      Frak me.

      Lining the tiered walls are hundreds of mechs, waiting to to open fire. Their ambush sprung, there's only one thing I can do to defend myself. . .

      My Geass explodes outward in a shock-wave originating from my glowing eyes. I see every mind it wipes, all the desires, all the fears, all the intricacies that made that mind unique. It's too much; there're too many; I'm losing my grip. . .

      I awaken.

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    8. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-02-2010 at 09:09 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Dragon Slayer (DILD)

      They're probably going to die.

      I watch the dragons slowly descend upon two neighbors from inside my doorway. Fearing for my own safety, I shut the red metal door and casually step away.

      "Hurry up and get over here." My brother states from his fancy wooden seat at the dining room table.

      "There's dragons out there, man."

      "Don't worry about that." He brushes me off, as I take a seat next to him. Plopping down in my chair, he starts talking about something in his usual way, but I can't help thinking about that horde of dragons, the ones from the LD I just had a few moments ago before my. . .

      DEILD attempt! Right! This is a dream! I realize excitedly. Taking a look at my brother, I wonder if it's Burmes. "Hey, Burke." He looks at me as if I've got three heads. "Sorry, Burnes--Burmes right?"

      "No, not exactly." He states coldly.

      "Well, whoever you are, you're pretty convincing. You had me fooled for sure." I stand up and head to the door. I figured I'd help out those people in the court. Those dragons did refer to me as prey, after all.

      "Where are you going? Hey! Get back here!" My brother shouts at me.

      "I'm alright, thanks." I respond kindly, opening the front door to reveal a dragon hanging off the awning over my porch. Leaping out the door, I grab onto its head just as it begins to launch itself toward the center of the court, where those two people still were. Utilizing Super Strength, I break its neck, sending it hurdling onto my car-less, sloped, concrete driveway where it slides down a bit before stopping, dead in its tracks. The rest of the dragons were quick to notice.

      One, two, three, four, five, six. . . and probably more just around the corner. Better get started, then. Taking to the air, I pull out a bow from behind my back, and grab an arrow from much the same place. With a burst of will, I light the tip of my arrow ablaze, draw my bow, and aim it at the heart of the nearest dragon, 50 meters away.


      My shot is right on target, hitting its mark in the exact center of the dragon's chest. Stunned, the dragon looks down at the arrow protruding form its deep red and orange scaled body. It stumbles forward, but doesn't go all the way down. That's cause enough for me to switch to my Barret .50 Cal. Sniper Rifle. I take a quick shot without scoping, but it goes rather wide. Resigning myself to obscuring my vision for a short while, I peer through the scope, line up the dragon's head in the cross-hairs, and let off a round, which creates a rather large hole in the thing's forehead. Before it can hit the ground, and after dealing with gun's recoil, I put another bullet through its skull for good measure. Yeah, there's no way it's getting up from that.

      Off a ways from all this, I see and hear a dragon howl ominously into the afternoon sky. The narrator in my head explains that this particular dragon was upset because his last living brother had just been killed. I was also informed that the dead dragon in question was the one whose neck I had snapped moments ago. They probably shouldn't have started screwing with my dream, if they didn't want me to fight back.

      Dropping the gun, I pull out a weapon from a more civilized age (No, not that, you silly Star Wars fan, you). My steel Katana glints luminously in the slowly failing sunlight. The mass of dragons--plus one enraged ex-brother--smoothly move in my direction. I too move forward, as one of them takes out a missile launcher. Oookay? I think as he fires it, sending a missile careening toward me. . . very very slowly, I might add. Watching the missile sputter out halfway and drop to the ground, isn't too surprising. However, I don't expect the resulting explosion to be as large as it is. If I had been any lower in altitude, this could have ended badly. I need to deal with this before things get even more out of hand, and if there's anything I've learned about efficiently dealing with large groups of enemies from my HvZ exploits, it's that you should always rush them before they rush you.

      Shouting ferociously, I fly at high speeds toward a dragon to my left. Raising my sword high above my head I scream, "Getsuga Tenshou!" tearing at the air before me in a dramatic swipe. A blue cyclical wall of energy erupts from my blade and flies forward, hitting the dragon and creating a huge gash along its entire body. Feeling confident that would be enough to put that one out of the fight, I turn my attentions to the others around me, just in time to block a claw from removing my head. I back off from my attacker, and start to fly around him, being sure to make a note of the positions of the other dragons. Right then, that asshole with the missile launcher tries his luck at blowing me out of the sky again, but my next maneuver will put me well out of range of the blast.

      Flash Stepping into striking range, I unleash a flurry of slashes on my attacker, before Flash Stepping to the other combatants and doing the same. I finish just in time to feel the shock-wave of the explosion behind me. Unfortunately, my strikes barely break through the dragons' skin, and I'm forced backward yet again in order to avoid being cleaved in half. I let off another Getsuga, but this one is deflect by. . . A dragon with two gigantic sabers? Fuck me.

      I strafe aerially in a wide arc, carefully watching not only this new threat, but all those still in the fight. It's then I notice the second blade in my off hand. How'd that get there? I wonder for a moment before realizing how unimportant that information is. All I know is that now I should be able to take on that monstrosity slightly below me.

      Changing my flight path, I dart diagonally toward the dragon with the giant twin blades. "Getsuga Tenshou!" I yell, but my blade fails to perform the technique. Ignoring my seeming lack of control, I engage her in direct combat. Yet, as it turns out, fighting with two swords is a lot harder than you'd think, even when acting on instinct. Despite my best efforts, each attack I make, no matter how complex, is subsequently parried and met by a counter. What's worse is some of my opponent's attacks actually manage to nick me a bit. What gets me is that here's this target five times my size, I can't even land a single blow, but she manages to make contact with my skin on several occasions!

      "Come on!" she taunts me, "Is this the best you've got?!"

      "No, actually." I state as coolly as I can in my agitation.

      "Well, then bring it!"

      Jumping backward, I warn her, "Remember, you asked for it." Then, throwing my arms out to the side, I proclaim, "Ban--kai!"


      The energy deep within me bursts forth in a remarkable fashion, violently throwing about the air around me. My dual blades are now wider, more ornate in design, and encased entirely in glowing, bright, yellow energy. But that isn't the only new thing I have to show off. Moving toward her, my speed is so great that the world blurs around me and she herself seems to be stuck in time. I circle her, once, twice, three times, four times in less than a second, with each pass I cut into her with a volley of slices faster than even I can make out.

      "I'm not quite done, yet." I comment with a grin as I slow down enough for her to register where I am. "Reverse Bankai. . . Resurrection!"

      At that, my body is covered in white light as I immediately transform. I switch to the third person to get a good look at my new form. I'm completely shirtless, with smooth pale skin, flared white sleeves sporting two lavender and orange squares overlaid on top, and white bone-like gloves. My shorts are also pure white, and my feet and lower legs are fitted in a bone-like material as well; they too bear the colored squares. My medium length green and blue hair spikes out to the side, flowing subtly in the warm twilight air. A metal loop is affixed to my stomach, from which a thick silver chain is passed through. On the end of that chain is my new weapon: a pair of red marble nun-chucks with gold plated tips.

      "But that's still not all I've got lined up." The dragon's eyes are visibly wider now as they continue struggling to follow my movements. Reaching my hand to my face, I rip down my Vizard mask. I feel a cold wave flow out from the center of my being; my desire to utterly destroy this creature rises as the numbing current overtakes me. Allowing myself to act on the impulse, I Flash Step in front of the target of these urges, bringing my weapon down hard across her head.


      The explosion from my strike sends overpowering vibrations throughout my neighborhood. Standing behind my opponent now, I slow down time for the both of us and explain to her why she's missing half her face and falling to the ground, while I'm completely unharmed.

      "It seems every time this weapon makes an impact with something, it lets out a fairly powerful blast. I'd say the actual force is around ten times as strong as what those missiles your friend was shooting could produce. Luckily for me, this new form has a built in perk that protects me from attacks below a certain level. Unfortunately for you, its limit is high enough to let me use something that devastating as my main attack. I don't think you're body will be able to handle it like mine can. Let's find out, shall we?"

      Resuming the flow of the battle, I move back in front of her and begin my assault--and what an assault it is. Every blow from my viciously spinning nun-chucks is coupled with an enormous explosion. Smoke, fire, and smoldering flesh flies around me as I continue my attack, each strike taking a good sized piece of her body with it. She drops her blades, but I'm not just going to let such massive weapons go to waste. Snatching them from the air, I use a bit of chain from my stomach to bind the sabers together, creating a pair of sword-chucks three times the size of my body. Expertly utilizing both weapons, it's only a short time before all that's left of the dragon is an unrecognizable husk of meat and bone.

      My brother comes up to me, his mannerisms completely different from before. "Well, if that doesn't scare them off, I don't know what will."

      Nodding to whom may have been Burmes, I turn to the rest of the dragons. Staring them down, shock splayed against their collective faces, I instruct them, "Run, while you still can."

      The dream fades as I watch these beasts who once thought of me as prey vacate the area with a hurried purpose.

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    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-29-2010 at 11:26 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Mission Improbable (Non-lucid)

      I'm attending some kind of school function in the auditorium. It hasn't started yet, but the guest of the evening is everyone's favorite Emperor, Darth Lord Sidious. It's up to me to bring him down.

      First thing's first, I need to eliminate the prisoner who know's I'm coming. Unfortunately, he'll be well guarded, so I need an alternative means of entry. Spotting a bathroom next to the room they're keeping him in, I nonchalantly enter it, lock the door behind me, and push my way through the ceiling tiles. There's still a brick wall in my path, but that gives way when I apply some pressure.

      Looking through a slit in the ceiling tiles, I sneak behind the metal cage the Rebel prisoner is in, pull out my silenced USP and solemnly unload a few rounds into the back of his head, dropping him to the floor. The guard hears what's up, and turns around. It's too bad I've already got him in a lock at this point. He tries to shout for help, but I cover his mouth with my hand right before snapping his neck.

      Next on the to-do list: take out the Emperor's decoy. Using the ceiling, I make my way to the back of the auditorium. I toggle on Invisibility and Fly and fly down to the stage, where the Emperor and his decoy are speaking. The decoy has to go get ready for the presentation, so the two of them part ways. While it's tempting to simply take out the Emperor here and now, I know that I need to kill the other guy first. Quickly and quietly, I follow the decoy to a rear exit which eventually leads to the secondary guest quarters. Before the door can close, locking me out, I Teleport into the hallway. Now it's just him, me, and my silenced pistol.

      As he enters his large and ornate quarters, I pull out my pistol, turn off invisibility, and fire. Somehow ready for me, he dodges to the side and runs off behind a large golden fountain. Flying over to his hiding place, he jumps out at me, yelling maniacally at the top of his lungs. Still, it doesn't take much for me to move aside and put him in a headlock. Shoving my USP under his chin, I embed three bullets in his brain. For some reason, he refuses to die, so I'm forced to snap his neck like I did with the guard. Dropping the body, I mentally prepare to face my real target.

      Bursting through the rear exit, I stare down the cause of so much pain and suffering throughout the galaxy.

      "Your reign ends tonight, my lord." I spit out the last part as sarcastically as possible.

      "I beg to differ!"

      At that, he takes off, into the air, gliding effortlessly to the very center of the auditorium. Keeping up, I unleash a volley of Force lightning in his direction. With a crazed sneer, he deflects it and sends his own right back at me. Erratic blue electricity begins pulsing through my body, but he can't hurt me with my own weapon. Reveling in the sensation, I absorb the energy from the bolts, storing it for use at a later time. From the crowd, two people lift off the ground and help me surround Sidious.

      "Looks like you've started sooner than planned!" exclaimed the girl as she took out her blue lightsaber. Her male comrade follows suit, breaking out two green sabers.

      "I don't remember calling in for backup." I state, as I watch Sidious, still sneering, remove a saber from his black cloak. "Just stay out of my way."

      Sidious attacks me, lighting his red blade. I go to block, whipping out my light blue ice-saber, but the searing hot plasma cuts right through its polar opposite. Crap, I think as I jump backwards to avoid the slash. It needs more juice. Before another thought can even cross my mind, Sidious assaults me again. This time, my ice-saber, now being fueled by pure willpower, stops his cut. More than that, it begins to freeze his weapon. The two newcomers begin blasting him with force lightning from behind, preventing him from retreating as my unique weapon completely freezes his saber and hand.

      Pissed right the hell off, a strange, barbed, long, sickly-tan, mutant-like tail extends from under his cloak. With it, he knocks the others to the side, breaks off his own hand, and impales me in the back. The shock is enough to make me drop my ice-saber. Sidious starts laughing, as if he's already won. Grimacing angrily, I rip my Katana from my side, empowering the blade with black and red energy. A single upward swipe is all I need to cleave his monstrous tail in two. I followed that by shoving my sword into his stomach and twisting it up though his chest.

      No longer laughing, Sidious' expression changes dramatically as I watch the life fade from his eyes. Good riddance.

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    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-20-2010 at 04:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Plastic? Really? (Non-lucid)

      My weapon was complete. An M9 Combination Pistol-Laser Gun bound to a Derringer with much the same function. It was time to leave our safe-hold and venture across the woodland to a new home. As soon as the large metal blast doors open, we run for it.

      I'm barely keeping up with my ragtag group of survivors, as we do our best to stay out of sight of the larger predators, like that T-Rex over there. Unfortunately, the raptors spot us. Running for our lives, we open fire on the raptor pack as we dart around trees and jump over deep trenches. I unload an entire clip into the heads of two of them, bringing them down. Then we hear it. . .

      "Shit!" our leader shouts over the blood curdling screech, "Mecha Raptor on our six!"

      But it's already on top of us. To specific, it's on top of me. I shove my gun into its metal mouth as it tries to chomp on my head. I let off some rounds, but it's not having any effect. It opens it jaws and tries again, but I jam my gun in again, this time using the high powered laser beam. The laser quickly melts through the plastic insides of the green Mecha Raptor's throat. It dies on top of me, spilling the hot molten plastic onto my stomach, painfully scalding me. My group works together to push it off me, and soon enough we're on the move again. . .

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    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-13-2010 at 04:33 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Just Another Night (DILD)


      Dream: Office Shenanigans
      It's another day at the office. I'm working on changing certain security settings for specific accounts, but am distracted when a lively character comes into the office. She starts up a racing circuit of some kind that involved jumping, running, and phasing over, around, and through cubicles. She invites me to join, since there's only three racers in the circuit, but I'm hesitant to take her up on the offer.

      Dream: Bringing Down The House
      I storm into the headquarters of what seems to be a corrupt syndicate, headed by a man with silver hair. Confronting him directly, as women and guards surrounded him, I let him know I was going to bring his whole operation down. When I called him by his name, he freaked out and fled.

      He managed to get away from me in the most bizarre and surreal manner, but I knew about his most recent plan. It involved putting on a play for a local school as a front for a much larger ploy, and that was my ticket in. I go to the school and work my way further into the operation, taking out or avoiding any opposition along the way. The dream ended before I could complete my objective.

      DILD: Numbah One
      Hey, it's a dream!

      The bird wakes me up.

      DILD: Numbah Two
      That's right, this is a dream!

      The bird wakes me up. . . again.

      DILD: Numbah Three

      Oh cool, I'm dreaming! I really hope. . .

      Gorram bird. . .
    12. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:51 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Edit: Fixed for craptastic writing and grammar.

      Undercover (Non-lucid)

      "What the hell is wrong with you?!" I screamed at my mother as she slammed her foot on the accelerator, the van door still wide open as we sped away from all my new friends. She didn't answer. I had just stepped into the vehicle and hadn't even gotten a chance to sit down. In a matter of moments, the people, with whom I had recently become acquainted, were nothing but specs in the rear-view mirror.

      Well this is just great, I think to myself, slightly agitated by my mother's reckless actions. After a little while of driving, a police car shot up alongside us, quickly overtaking the van before cutting us off. The police car screeched to a halt, but my mother was able to brake just as quickly. We had come to a stop right in front of a dank and sketchy dock. Two officers jumped out of the car and apprehended a man near stairs leading to the murky water. Suddenly, several men further down the dock, to the left, opened fire upon the two officers. My mother yanked me down to the floor of the van.

      After what seemed like a good while, I looked up and saw a man knocking on the window. However, I was no longer in the van. It turned out I was down at the station, and the window belonged to the door of the interrogation room. Two officers, different men from before, stepped in and began questioning me. I answered their inquiries fully and with such detail that I myself was actually able to see my tale visually unfold around me.

      I'm back in the car, by the dock. The policemen have already approached the man near the stairs. Behind them and to the right, someone appearing in civilian dress pulls out a handgun and shouts at the two officers to watch out. It turns out he's an undercover cop who had been placed at the scene for some reason unbeknown to me. The undercover guy starts firing at the group across the dock, and they respond in kind. The two officers let their attention stray from the man they had approached just long enough for him to sneak around behind them, take the gun from the third officer, and put down all three policemen.

      With the officers gone, nothing is stopping them from eliminating witnesses. They unload everything they have left into the van. Remarkably, neither myself or my mother were killed. And we were so good at hiding, that when they came to check the car, they somehow managed not to spot us. . .
      Tags: 3 star, guns, mom, police, thugs
    13. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:10 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      The Search For Ice: Consultation (DILD)

      *non lucid about a perverted yeti and shooting it with a Barret .50 Cal. goes here*

      *realization that I'm dreaming after worrying about opening and closing a door and having the yeti reappear goes here*

      How vivid! Thus the apple juice has proven its worth, three nights in a row. Now, to the air! As I fly off my front porch and skim the grass, the girl from before rushes out, still angry at me for not trying to take out the yeti any sooner, keeping up with my speed. "Wonderful dream we're having." I comment, smiling widely. She smiles back, anger disappearing, and rushes ahead. Goodbye, character of my mind, I will never see you again.

      Oh, what to do? I think to myself, rising slowly into the air. Oh, yes, I need to speak with my Dream Guide. This won't be too hard, I think. "When I turn around, my Dream Guide will be in the court below me." The sun shines off the sleek black roof before me. I can see the reflection of everything behind me, but I ignore it verily. TURN! Aha, what is that figure dressed in green lying on the asphalt so far below? Surely, it is my Dream Guide!

      I fly toward the female, dropping to the ground as I get closer. I reach out my hand and pull her up. Oh, I'd recognize that face and this strange feeling of, what, connection(?), anywhere. But, alas, something is amiss. She is so young and petite. It is her face, her hair, her presence, but much younger than I've ever seen. We greet each other with a smile. And I go right into why I've called for her. "I have some questions for you, about Ice."

      "I know, but first you have to do something for me."

      "What is it?"

      "Take me to Narnia Castle."

      "Okay, let's go."

      *change in tense and style because I'm getting lazy*

      We head off. She runs ahead of me, taking my hand and pulling me along. My hands are dry, so I wet them and rub them together. She tries to take my hand again, but I don't want her to have to grab my wet hand, so I let the sleeves of my green Trench Coat fall past my hands.

      I have no idea where we're going, or why she'd want to go to a place like that, whatever it may be. "Narnia Castle will be right up there when we pass those houses." I see buildings past the houses on the left street from my court. And straight ahead a strange could formation is being created at building level. "Or, if not, it'll form from those weird clouds right there."

      We make it all the way to the end, but there's no obvious castle or building which we should enter. Suddenly a person calls out to us, pointing out the building behind them as the entrance to where we wanted to go. We head inside. She lets go of my hand and I start to feel myself slipping away. I can't hold onto the dream, and sure enough, I wake up.

      Well, looks like I have some time to write this all down. De derp. All done, now to publish it. De derp. Great. I guess I'll check some email before the test. Oh, look my Dream Guide has replied to my journal. I am currently not noticing that I am in some kind of metro eatery style place or something and my DG is right outside the window. Instead I am having this conversation as I'm reading it. Hearing our voices as I go through. "What did that Castle thing have to do with Ice? Oh, you were trying to give me a clue? Is that where I should go to find him?" She gave me a look that, in retrospect, could be taken as either she didn't want to reveal something, but I was on the right track, or that what I was saying was just plain idiotic. I took it for the former. "So, he does hang out there a lot! Okay, so then he's just a DC!"

      "No," she says. "he's a person, like me." I go silent. My Dream Guide has always been nothing more to me than an extension of myself, a way to reach and interact with my subconscious thoughts. I had never payed the connection I felt around her any mind. And at this time, I still wasn't. I felt awkward. Does she not know she's a DC?

      "Well, look, some people are posting comments on my journal. I should attend to that."

      And then I woke up for real.
    14. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:25 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Wrath (DILD)

      I go outside the Restaurant/Bed and Breakfast. They've been shot. Before me lies a ragged body, riddled with bullet holes. Some other teenagers are running around with Uzis, but they didn't do this. Someone else did.

      As I start my investigation, I see someone across the street, behind a car door. He tips his fedora down, and levels his sniper rifle at my chest. Oh, he better not, I think to myself. The bullet pierces through my chest, into my heart. Blood starts gushing out.

      "Now you're gonna get it! Fucking with my dream?!" I start toward him, "What's it like existing solely within my mind?! Knowing, at any moment, you are subject to my very whim! Knowing, I could utterly destroy you with a thought, you stupid bastard!" A look of horror rolls across his face. He doesn't answer me in words. Instead, he starts to run.

      He's getting away. I won't let that happen. I hurl a nearby car at him, using my telekinesis. It misses, and he's getting farther and farther away. I won't let that happen! I ready my short range teleport, point and click. Everything vanishes for a moment, before the dream scene is forcibly changed around me, bringing me within arms reach of the man I wished to end.

      He keeps running. I need to move faster. My strides become longer and my speed increases three-fold. Before I know it, I'm upon him. "Now you will know my wrath!"

      I forget what I did to him. >.>
      Tags: 4 star, fight, guns
    15. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:12 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Tractor Scoop Thingy (Non-lucid)

      I'm required to play a point and click simulation type game where you convert an area of ascii characters over a plot of land into marketing districts. The more you convert the bigger your cursor get, and the larger the payout. There's a special ability that lets you wipe the board completely for whatever everything is worth at the time. I soon find out this is not the way to go, and before long my cursor has grown to several mile diameter. I'm now playing this game with Dwight Schrute from the Office. We've ranked up over 100 million dollars in revenue from our districts. Suddenly we're attacked by a bear. We run away, I expect Dwight to fight the bear with his bare hands, but instead the bear runs past us in fear and dwight hits it with a one of the construction tractor thingies with the large scoop on the front. <.<


      'Cause That's How Currents Work (Non-lucid)

      The previous dream continues into what seems like a survival situation. The "storm of the millennium" hits and starts to destroy the landscape around us. We're in a city, on the bay, but there's large ice formations all over the place. I'm on one of the ice formations when the storm hits. It break apart and sends me hurtling into the bay. The only way I can survive is by letting the the ridiculous currents take me around the world and back to the states. Yeah, it was weird.


      Behind Enemy Lines (Non-lucid)

      A military scenario evolves from the previous dream. Myself and a company of about six men are in a large canyon. Surrounding us is literally an entire army. They're on a mission to eradicate us, but espionage ensues and we somehow manage to get them to follow orders to leave us alone. We all make our way back to the nearby high school, snipers and other weapons in tow.


      Sketchy Much? (Non-lucid)

      Uh-oh, I'm late for my class. I just had two classes and it already seems like it's been a ridiculous day. My hardest class is up next, but it turns out it's not what I expected to be. Instead of a Data Structures class, it's a class on Lucid Dreaming! Yay, what luck! A subject I already know so much about! The start of the class is pretty basic and seems legit enough, but when the teacher starts bringing up sketchy topics, and turning into a demon when she starts covering "conspiracies", and then summoning the "prince of darkness" into our classroom. . . Well, let's just say I decided to leave before things got even more out of hand.


      I Call Hax (Non-lucid)

      I fire up the Xbox, and make a new silver account. There's this new game that comes out free on all Xbox's. It's a foot race game where you try to get the best times against people around the world. I start the game up and make my avatar, it looks more Mii-ish than usual. The game itself has sluggish controls. I'm actually inside the game as my avatar, but that's normal for me whenever I play games, so I pay it no mind. Anyways, I'm having some trouble moving at a fast pace, and the obstacles in my way are getting annoying.

      So, I remember the course on Lucid Dreaming I just got out of. I figure it must be possible to do all that control stuff in video games so I just TK throw enemies and obstacles out of my way. As the path gets steeper and the ice slipperier I decide to simply fly over everything. In no time, I'm at the finish line, but I have to drop down for the game to register that I'm there. I get down just in time to beat everyone else who was racing with me. My time is so fast that it's the second fastest in the world by about two seconds. Yay.
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