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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:44 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Making Fiends (DILD)

      I heard a knock coming from the back work room. I go to investigate, leaving my friend unattended. KA-KRACK! Lightning struck outside, illuminating the cold dark room and the sharp steel tools and saw blades that lined the walls. In the flash, I made out a figure climbing up the wet concrete steps outside. It looked back at me and I saw it was the hag from before, the witch I had given the human test subject to for experimentation!

      Oh, no. . .

      Had she come to return my gift? I needed to warn my friend.I rushed out to the main basement area only to be pounced upon by the creature I feared would be there. It tore at my arms and opened my skin. I was infected. I felt the virus starting to take hold and watched, helpless, as my friend, who had come to help me, was infected in the same manner I had been.

      Spoiler for MIND SCAR:
      A small amount of time passed, bringing my health back to it's previous state. Now, I wanted to go upstairs. Hmm, having something chase me up these stairs would be interesting. Let's try to create something! I focused on the darkness, but was only able to create vague shape. I turned back to the door for a second before looking behind me yet again.

      "GRAAAHR!" the ravenous zombie-like monster behind me yelled as it attacked me. I barreled up the stairs lightning fast and closed the door behind me. The creature kept right on my tail and apparently knew how to use a door handle. I stepped into the kitchen and turned around, watching the basement doors.

      I'm dreaming. I fear nothing as the infected bursts through the basement door. It snarls at me ravenously, but I hold firm. I make no effort to reach for my blade. I was going to break the cycle. "Hey, you can attack me and try to scare me all you'd like, but it's all pointless." As if to prove me wrong, it lunges at me at full sprint. I step to the side and let it pass, showing no aggression. It makes a sharp turn and tries again, but I dodge to the side leaving it back where it started.

      "See," I say, building up happiness as I speak, "why don't we be friends instead?" The zombie relaxes and puts its gnarled hands at its sides. Then, it transforms, shedding off its appearance in a swirl of dark purple energy. What remains is a girl, about my age, with long black hair and pale skin, clothed in a dark colored glossy dress.

      "Fine." she says, almost cautiously. I smile, walk over to her, and take her hand.

      What follows is a montage of us building a friendship. The scene cuts to me showing her around a cityscape that is plastered in images of me in my lucid state, but I don't look like me, I look kinda like Lucas from SSBB. And the only difference between my lucid state and non-lucid state is a small puft of hair. I explain my importance and the good I do for the people here while lucid. She tells me she's a dream demon.

      "Oh, what's your na-"

      "Michelle," she answers before I can finish. I smile again. I'm in a really good mood, now, as a direct result of the emotional control I displayed earlier. Michelle shows me some of the forms she has taken in past dreams. One of them is a disturbingly obese child that appears to have Downs or some other form of mental handicap. The gender is indecipherable and the bodily proportions of the kid are barely human. Thanks to the great mood I'm in, I find this hysterical.

      Michelle suggests I try out a "Chuckie" dream, and I agree. My lucidity is subpar at this point. The scene changes yet again and I find myself in a deserted trailer in the middle of a dark forest. I'm sitting at a desk and eerie music is playing. However, even when the doll, or whatever it is, attacks me from behind, I'm not frightened at all. I simply exit the body I was in and find myself looking down on Michelle as she hovers over a small box in a frenzied cackle.

      My new body is incorporeal and is attached to the old one by a stream of pale, wavy, blue, distilled light. The old body is in the box which is shaking wildly and emitting shouts and screams. Michelle doesn't seem to notice me behind her. Still, I'm not too concerned. I lift my right hand parallel to me and muster forth a bit of excitement. Sure enough, a bright white light builds up inside the box and the right side blasts off violently, expelling debris all over the the place. My other body flies out and gives Michelle a truly pleased and care-free look.

      "I win! ^.^" I somehow have it say, making sure to convey the emotion that is synonymous with that emoticon.

      "I hate you. . ." she states dejectedly.

      My brother's alarm goes off.
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:03 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Hamburger in Paradise (DILD)

      'Twas an Epic LD, lots of fighting, but I can't remember too many of the details; it was a long one.

      It started out partway into things. I was staying in this odd hotel. It was very large and sprawled out instead of up. The room I was staying in was like any old guest room you'd fine in someone's house, except it was about twice as large. and could fit at least 5 people comfortably. However I was the only one staying there.

      Some things happen that I have difficulty recalling in detail, but it involves further developing the area we are in. It turns out the hotel is part of this crappy public school and gang violence is on the rise. I decide I need to leave since this isn't even my school, and half the people here don't even know the school's alma mater. I leave with the counselor, but we are followed by this kid in a red jacket. As we enter the car he pulls out a switchblade and tries to mug us and take the car.

      All the while he had been following us I had been fingering the butterfly knife in my pocket and watching his shadow follow ours. I whipped it out and flipped it open, lunging at him. He's much more experience than I am and gets a solid cut across my arm, while I just nick his shoulder. I manage a few wrist cuts, but his form is much better than mine and he tears up my arm and neck, spilling blood everywhere. Not one to give up so easily, I manage to subdue him, and, with several stabs to the head later, he dies.

      He turns into a ghost and wonders why I can see him. I explain to him my role in helping people cross over, and give him a stereotypical speel on how he has to scare people in order to gain more energy. It's really dumb, but I don't think so at the time.

      I'm back in the hotel room, trying to lie down to sleep. Stuff happens that eventually has me with an old teacher and my brother at the arcade/casino of the hotel. There are some odd games there, one particular game they were playing was like a crane game, but with false gold and odd shaped things inside. They were playing that one for awhile. I told them how dumb it was and how worthless the prizes were, but my old teacher told me to stop spoiling the fun.

      At this point, my Chick-Fil-A and Burger King meals were ready, so I took them and started walking away. I wonder how I'm going to eat all this food, but a voice in my head blurts in, saying relax it's a dream, eat away.

      Yeah, you're right, it is a dream, I think strolling on as if nothing drastic had really changed. I make my way back to the front doors where this guy shouts, pulls out an uzi, and shouts something along the lines of "Everyone down, unless you want to volunteer to let us have some fun with you." I'm getting a kick out of all the people screaming and dropping to the ground. I just walk up to the guy, bags of food still in my right hand. I say to him, "Yeah, sure I'll volunteer," raising my other hand like you would to volunteer for something in a classroom. He looks at me weird, tells me to stay right there, and then runs back outside where he starts assembling his cohorts. There's a lot of them.

      Well, crap, now how am I gonna enjoy my meal. There's no way I can fight that many with only one hand. So I run away. At first they're hot on my tail, but a few short range TPs put enough distance between us for a little more comfort, not that I was worried. The TPs destabilized things a bit, due to the sudden and forcible change in scenery. I stabilized by rubbing my hands together and focusing on the room I was now in. White walls, and lots of people on little white cots. I go into the corner, behind a white shelf that blocks most of the room from view, and pull out the Whopper. I take a bite. I normally don't eat in lucids, but maybe I should, because god this was delicious. The evil dudes were still looking for me and even came into the room and kidnapped a few kids and threw them onto crosses and into cramped coffin like boxes. But, I was chill, knowing it was just a dream, so I just kept eating my burger. It was moist and hot and meaty, with crunchy toppings like cold lettuce and sweet onions and pickles, can't forget those pickles.

      At the time I didn't even know I was completing the basic task. *facepalm*

      When I was satisfied, I got up and decided to go help those kids from earlier. I needed some more practice, so I did a few more short range TPs until I reached this large archway, with a few henchmen a little further in. I looked at my hand and decided to try out some close range energy blasts, since I suck at them. I start to build up a charge in my right hand and rushed at the closest guard. When they see me, a few random DCs think I'm one of their favorite super heroes and call out what they think is my name. Dumb DCs distract me and all I end up doing is forcibly grabbing the dude's face. To follow up, I punch him in the kidney, bringing my leg behind his, and twist my body, pummeling his head down into the cement ground, creating a big indent in it. With him down, I move onto his friends.

      I figure I wouldn't do anything fancy here. Just brute strength and martial arts. A spinning jump hook kick to the head takes out one guy, and the other dude backs off, so I ignore him. Another group of henchmen go scrambling as I approach them. Before they can all get away I grab one by the collar and fling him violently downward, making my way to the carriages that housed the kids, on their crosses, in their coffin-like boxes.

      I find myself back in bed.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 12:34 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      A Night Out (DILD)

      There's an HvZ game afoot. I'm speeding down the road to my old high school because there's a mission going down in the area. My old Maxima handles beautifully at those speeds, but, with the traffic, I can't get to the left lane in time, so I'm forced onward. The roads by these residential townhouses were too small to drive through in order to turn around, so I had to wait 'till I reached the end of the street.

      When I got there, I parked, got out, and made my way through a building into a plaza, of sorts, with a colorfully tiled ground and a round stone fountain. It was a clear, almost eerie, night. A dark blue atmosphere lined the skyline, wafts of orange tint flowed through the countless stars. Each star burned brightly, making up for the lack of moon. The click of nerf guns could be heard in the distance. I had to get moving.

      Making my way back through the lightless building, a girl bursts through the front door, running wildly past me, dropping a bunch of sonic micros as she goes. Crap, I don't have any of my gear, I thought, frantically gathering as many of the darts up as I could. As I approached the front door, it started to open. Knowing there would be a zombie behind it, I chucked my load of newly acquired darts. My victim was peppered with black foam and orange rubber. Too bad she wasn't even playing.

      Not letting that ruin my fun, I magically made my way back to the school, on foot, via time lapse. Dreams are cool like that. The lobby had a sickening tinge to it, like you would find in an abandoned hospital. There were traces of mold growing in the corners. Black grime thinly coated the walls. My nerves were starting to get the best of me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I'm ambushed. But, this isn't your typical HvZ player, this is a full blown zombie. She jumps on me, digging her fingernails into my neck. There's no way this can be happening. This has to be a dream.

      It is a dream. The realization swept over me, and as the room around me started to become clearer and more vivid, so did the foul thing grasping onto me. I tried very hard not to look into its blue veined and rotting face as I attempted to rip off its head. However, the harder and harder I tried, the more she held onto me and the less her neck would budge. Brute force wasn't working.

      I hate that bird so much.

      Edit for clarification: My mother owns a bird that likes to squawk very loudly in the morning after it's been uncovered.

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-05-2009 at 12:13 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Staples (Non-lucid)


      Part 1: Glue
      So, I was back in High School, and everything was going great. I had a system of doing things that worked. I was getting good grades and my level of happiness was above average. Imagine my surprise when a new staff member was hired. Immediately, she started making changes for the 'safety' of the school. Outlawing anything and everything that could potentially harm someone or be disruptive. I became perturbed when she banned books from the classroom, because they were bound with staples, and staples could give you AIDS apparently. This affected me greatly, because I was a heavy reader, and couldn't make it through the day without my books. With these ridiculous rules in place, and my continuing effort to defy them, relations with my teachers suffered, as did my grades and happiness. I decided to fight back. What ensued was an epic, seemingly 4 hour long, debate over the merits of her actions. In the end it was concluded that books would be allowed, given the staples binding them were covered in Hot Glue.

      Part 2: Shitstorm
      This dream is a fragmented continuation of the "Staples" dream.

      We're on the bus, heading to our field trip destination: A KISS Concert. I get off the bus, and make my way into the stadium, only to be stopped by the teachers. They tell me my recent behavior would not allow me to partake in the field trip. This was all that bitch's doing, I said to myself. So, I found and told her that I would be going to the media and telling them of her recent 'safety changes.' "The shitstorm of bad publicity that'll come down on this school will lose you your job!" She backed off, and the dream ended before I could make my way back into the stadium, or unleash the aforementioned shitstorm.


      Dolphin Wars (Non-lucid)

      Killer Dolphins run amok, disguised as humans. They're harvesting humans for some unknown reason. Friends are disappearing left and right, and our only hope for salvation is the one force strong enough to take the dolphins down: more dolphins. On the outskirts of campus lies the Killer Dolphin colony. Lifelong enemies of the On-Campus Dolphins, they would go to war with them in a heartbeat. But, in the end one freakish dolphin dog thing holds the fate of humanity in its furry flippers. . .

      DOLPHIN WARS! The summer smash coming soon to a cinema near you! Seriously, this dream played out exactly like a really bad sci-fi movie.


      A Useful Night (Non-lucid)


      The night bore some pretty mundane dreams. I'll write only a brief synopsis, since these dreams aren't really worth remembering in a vast amount of detail.

      Fragment: Poison
      A few Bleach style action scenes involving Ishida and some random shinigami. Poison gas plays a key roll.

      This dream has some meaning because it's the first time I've dreamt about bleach.

      Dream: Needs Moar Nerf
      A brief dream in which the Dream Journal forum on DV suddenly allows posts relating to nerf guns and their modifications. I post write ups for a few of the mods I've done in the past, including my nerf lightsaber. In that write up, I mention that the small bit of hollow empty space in the bottom of the hilt can be used for storing socks for all your Humans vs. Zombies games.

      This dream proved useful because of the whole throw socks into the back of the nerf lightsaber thing. I can't believe I never thought of that before.

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