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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 10-23-2010 at 11:09 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Familiar Places (DEILD)


      It's 1:30PM. I make a mental note of it before I start my session.

      WILD: Misfire
      A WILD puts me back in my house, though I'm far from home. Outside, several people are partaking in odd sporting activities. A young girl, for instance, is trying to playful blast her older brother with a Kamehameha. Attempting to intercept her translucent beam with my own, fiery and blue, I screw up and partially fry her head. Everybody goes back inside as things suddenly get very dark. . .

      DEILD: Creeper Teacher
      After waking, a DEILD tosses me into my room, and I'm confronted with an overbearing teacher at the foot of my bed, telling me what I can and can't do. Turns out she's a demon that wants to drag me to hell. I show her what's what, making use of my Katana and Super Strength, tying her in literal knots. After lugging her downstairs, in an effort to take her into the hot infernos, I wake.

      DEILD: Threads
      Another DEILD and I'm by my front door. I just lie there, surprised by my fortune, but something disrupts my zen moment as me and my dog, who was nuzzling me, get violently dragged across the floor. For some reason, there's a network of criss crossing strings scattered about my house, leading out the front door, where anyone can pull them. I cut the threads at their source, making note of the birthday decorations around my house's glass outer-door. It's still dark outside, so I venture into my court, touching our flag as I do. Without warning, a dark red, tricked-out car tries to run me over, but I jump on the roof and hitch a ride.

      Bored with the scene, still on the car, I start up a long range teleport and am soon thrust into a CoH club-like setting wherein I'm standing on a table, just like in the game. Reorienting myself, I discover this is a pumpkin smashing event a friend of mine is running. Not that interested, I leave, exiting into a dorm hallway. From there, I find Raven's room (because she obviously lives in this dorm), but it's occupied by a group of people playing Madden or some other football game, and I get escorted out by a half naked Aunt.

      Making my way through the building, looking for a good design on a wall or pillar to facilitate a portal, I come across my family who is on a tour of the area. Deciding to join them, we quickly end up in a place where a bunch of old Sci-Fi memorabilia is being showcased. William Shatner is there, too, and so is a “Time Machine” I could probably use to port out of there. I convince him to give us a test run of the contraption, but things go horribly, horribly wrong and Shatner is soon sprawled on the ground with several limbs missing. . .

      DEILD: Second Life
      Shatner is still here, along with C3PO, both limbless, comforting each other before their inevitable demise, as a group of “fans” looks on in awe. Reluctantly taking matters into my own hands, I heal them both with green energy, from said hands. Shatner is so overjoyed by my act of kindness that he takes me on a romp through the resort to a table where hundreds of sweets and pastries are laid out for my consumption. I spend the rest of the dream shoving as many delightful snacks into my mouth as I can muster.

      DEILD: Sharks? I'll Pass, Thanks
      The next one takes me into the back of some kinda Pizza Hut style restaurant. I break the large glass windows lining the walls to get outside, and quickly run into a blue haired girl that interests me. She's trying to avoid me, but I keep up with her using various travel powers. Noticing my abilities, as we walk along a busy boardwalk, she strikes up a conversation which is rudely interrupted by two heavy-set brothers. They have a bone to pick with me.

      I try not to fight them, I really do, but when they start to pick me up, in order to throw me into the shark infested water, I protest, utterly decimating them with my fists and feet. The final blows, which send them spiraling into the air, I follow with a large energy blast to make sure they won't bother us again. They don't, but neither do I get much time to chat with the girl. . .

      DEILD: Pocket Sized Adventures
      Pizza Hut again. Grabbing some grease laden pizza on my way out, I realize I'm in the same environment as last time. Maybe that girl is still hanging around. Exploring the green, partially industrialized, area, I eventually come across a different girl, much younger than the first, who wonders why I don't have a Pokemon adventure with my lucids. Letting her know I think it's an excellent idea, I toss out a Squirtle, my very first Pokemon.

      I contemplate doing everything from Squirtle's perspective, as I switch between his and mine, but decide against it. One of the girl's friends comes over and shows us her Fearow, which she uses to fly us all to a town hidden amongst the trees, of which I can't recall the name. Not that it matters; I wake up before we can land.

      Rubbing my temples, I look at the clock: 2:58PM.

      I need food. . .

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    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 10-02-2010 at 04:39 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ˇSingle Sentence Sizzler!®

      All in an Afternoon Nap (DILD)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      I evaded the Empire, joined the circus, and killed the source of all my fear; bits of black, rancid food, soaked in bile, showered down my body as I rent the thing in two.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-12-2010 at 08:58 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Ideals: The Hunt (Non-lucid)


      Gorrammit. There's too many.

      Countless mechs surround me from all sides, as I flee ever deeper into the cave. Capable of taking me out at any time, they seem to be making a sport out of chasing me. If they knew who I was. . . If they knew I was the Head Imperial General in charge of the war effort. . . I'd be dead right now.

      I consider using Geass to take them all out at once, but I'm not confident I can imprint that many at a time, and if I fail, then my power and identity would no longer be a secret. Everything I had struggled and fought for all these years would be for naught. I have to keep moving.

      Off to my right, on a raised rock ledge, their Ace Pilot comes into view. He fires a burst from his gun that glances off my armor as I veer to the side to avoid the brunt of the attack.

      Hmm. . . I've got an idea.

      I focus on the Pilot and activate Geass, feeling his mind wipe clean as my will overtakes him. Just like that, he turns his fire onto his former allies, in an attempt to protect me. He does pretty well, allowing me to make quite a bit of headway into the cave. Almost home free, I exit the narrow passageway into a huge, open cavern.

      Frak me.

      Lining the tiered walls are hundreds of mechs, waiting to to open fire. Their ambush sprung, there's only one thing I can do to defend myself. . .

      My Geass explodes outward in a shock-wave originating from my glowing eyes. I see every mind it wipes, all the desires, all the fears, all the intricacies that made that mind unique. It's too much; there're too many; I'm losing my grip. . .

      I awaken.

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-07-2010 at 03:20 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Ideals (Non-lucid)

      It's been decided. Tomorrow morning, I am to be put to death for my rebellious actions against the Empire. My comrades share the same fate. As we leave the presence of our judge--Vader himself--each of us is taken in a separate direction by our respective escorts.

      It's night-time on the snowy planet; I only have hours left to live. The prospect is overwhelming, yet the only thing on my mind is an incredible yearning to sleep outside in a bed made of snow.

      Taken by my subdued charm, the female guard arranges for this final request to be fulfilled. Time lapses by and, sure enough, I am presented with a mattress filled with soft, cold, pure-white snow. They place it in a trailer, open to the elements, on a bed-frame adorned with heavy leather straps. Contemplating how my last night on earth will be spent strapped down to prevent my escape, I barely notice the giant commotion going on around us.

      A powerful being of some kind is attacking the base with huge doll-like creatures. Each guard around me leaves the area, assuming I'll do the right thing and strap myself down. . . It's a good thing I'm no idiot.

      Panting, I duck behind a broken concrete barrier as the cold air rips in and out of my lungs. Far from the main compound, it will take some time for them to find me, especially if they think I'm still in the trailer. Now a fugitive with no way off the planet, I decide it's time to sever my ties with the Rebels and start anew. . . . .

      Years pass, and in that time I become a distinguished officer in the ranks of Stormtroopers, to the point where everyone at Central knows my name. I had gotten to my position by infiltrating HQ years ago, assassinating a lowly officer, assuming his identity, and avoiding contact with Vader and anyone else who might have recognized me, all the while making the right connections and moving up the chain of command. I was determined to change the system from the inside out, and I'm well on my way. . . . .

      Walking slowly along the run-down, grey-paneled corridor, my dark blue cape flows behind me as I walk. Stopping before the rental apartment door, my age-hardened face smiles weakly behind this forsaken mask. Even now, I, a High General of the Empire, second only to the new Empress herself, find it necessary to hide my identity, lest someone from my past recognize me.

      Things across the galaxy have changed since I received this new power. This power, the power of Geass, allows me to permanently imprint my will upon anyone I so choose. I've found it useful in reshaping the Empire into a sovereign entity that imposes happiness on the inhabitants of the galaxy, forcefully if necessary.

      Unfortunately, while it was easy for me to bring down the original Rebel Alliance with my newfound ability and former connections, this new resistance to our mission of peace, prosperity, and blissful ignorance is proving more difficult to tranquilize. So, in order to further my our agenda, I 'convinced' the Empress to re-allow the training of force users, assuring her I'd handle any rogues personally.

      Behind these doors was one such rogue. Obviously, a full-on confrontation would most likely end in my death. Thankfully, my Geass has grown strong enough to work with almost no restraints. The door opens.

      Across the room, leaning on a balcony rail overlooking the city, is the force user. He turns quickly, eyes going wide, hand raising up--but it's too late. My Geass has already taken effect, wiping away this poor fool's mistaken ideals and replacing them with a more perfect set. A set that will ensure his obedience toward the Empress, but more importantly his undying loyalty to me.

      The deed done, I leave with my new pawn trailing behind me. However, there is no time for celebration, I still have a war to win, and an entire galaxy of people that need my help finding happiness.
      memorable , non-lucid
    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-29-2010 at 11:26 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Mission Improbable (Non-lucid)

      I'm attending some kind of school function in the auditorium. It hasn't started yet, but the guest of the evening is everyone's favorite Emperor, Darth Lord Sidious. It's up to me to bring him down.

      First thing's first, I need to eliminate the prisoner who know's I'm coming. Unfortunately, he'll be well guarded, so I need an alternative means of entry. Spotting a bathroom next to the room they're keeping him in, I nonchalantly enter it, lock the door behind me, and push my way through the ceiling tiles. There's still a brick wall in my path, but that gives way when I apply some pressure.

      Looking through a slit in the ceiling tiles, I sneak behind the metal cage the Rebel prisoner is in, pull out my silenced USP and solemnly unload a few rounds into the back of his head, dropping him to the floor. The guard hears what's up, and turns around. It's too bad I've already got him in a lock at this point. He tries to shout for help, but I cover his mouth with my hand right before snapping his neck.

      Next on the to-do list: take out the Emperor's decoy. Using the ceiling, I make my way to the back of the auditorium. I toggle on Invisibility and Fly and fly down to the stage, where the Emperor and his decoy are speaking. The decoy has to go get ready for the presentation, so the two of them part ways. While it's tempting to simply take out the Emperor here and now, I know that I need to kill the other guy first. Quickly and quietly, I follow the decoy to a rear exit which eventually leads to the secondary guest quarters. Before the door can close, locking me out, I Teleport into the hallway. Now it's just him, me, and my silenced pistol.

      As he enters his large and ornate quarters, I pull out my pistol, turn off invisibility, and fire. Somehow ready for me, he dodges to the side and runs off behind a large golden fountain. Flying over to his hiding place, he jumps out at me, yelling maniacally at the top of his lungs. Still, it doesn't take much for me to move aside and put him in a headlock. Shoving my USP under his chin, I embed three bullets in his brain. For some reason, he refuses to die, so I'm forced to snap his neck like I did with the guard. Dropping the body, I mentally prepare to face my real target.

      Bursting through the rear exit, I stare down the cause of so much pain and suffering throughout the galaxy.

      "Your reign ends tonight, my lord." I spit out the last part as sarcastically as possible.

      "I beg to differ!"

      At that, he takes off, into the air, gliding effortlessly to the very center of the auditorium. Keeping up, I unleash a volley of Force lightning in his direction. With a crazed sneer, he deflects it and sends his own right back at me. Erratic blue electricity begins pulsing through my body, but he can't hurt me with my own weapon. Reveling in the sensation, I absorb the energy from the bolts, storing it for use at a later time. From the crowd, two people lift off the ground and help me surround Sidious.

      "Looks like you've started sooner than planned!" exclaimed the girl as she took out her blue lightsaber. Her male comrade follows suit, breaking out two green sabers.

      "I don't remember calling in for backup." I state, as I watch Sidious, still sneering, remove a saber from his black cloak. "Just stay out of my way."

      Sidious attacks me, lighting his red blade. I go to block, whipping out my light blue ice-saber, but the searing hot plasma cuts right through its polar opposite. Crap, I think as I jump backwards to avoid the slash. It needs more juice. Before another thought can even cross my mind, Sidious assaults me again. This time, my ice-saber, now being fueled by pure willpower, stops his cut. More than that, it begins to freeze his weapon. The two newcomers begin blasting him with force lightning from behind, preventing him from retreating as my unique weapon completely freezes his saber and hand.

      Pissed right the hell off, a strange, barbed, long, sickly-tan, mutant-like tail extends from under his cloak. With it, he knocks the others to the side, breaks off his own hand, and impales me in the back. The shock is enough to make me drop my ice-saber. Sidious starts laughing, as if he's already won. Grimacing angrily, I rip my Katana from my side, empowering the blade with black and red energy. A single upward swipe is all I need to cleave his monstrous tail in two. I followed that by shoving my sword into his stomach and twisting it up though his chest.

      No longer laughing, Sidious' expression changes dramatically as I watch the life fade from his eyes. Good riddance.

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    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:01 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Serious Business (DILD)


      I burst through the glass, quickly drawing my blade. Still arcing in the air to the grass below, I shout "Bankai!" releasing the true power of my sword. As I looked down on the lightsaber battle ensuing in my backyard, I see several friends caught up in the fray. Still falling, I bring my hand up to my face and tear down my Vizard mask, enjoying the rush of power. Landing skillfully on the grass, everyone notices my entrance. The clash of sabers ceases as I look up through my red and white mask. I pick a target.

      Walking casually into the battle, I relieve someone of his fight, pushing him to the side. Taking a relaxed stance, my blade in one hand, the young 'Jedi' acting as my opponent stares back at me, terrified. He makes a cautious pass at my left side with his green lightsaber. Sneering behind my mask, I parry, flick his weapon away, and stab him in the shoulder, all in one motion. As he staggers backwards, it's easy to see how pissed he is. He charges at me, letting loose a guttural cry.

      Still relaxed, I deflect each of his thrusts and slashes, but my complacency gets the better of me. The saber cuts through my side as I jump away, avoiding the brunt of what would have been a fatal blow.


      A sharp pain shoots up my right arm as I finally take notice of the other 'Jedi' who have come to aid their comrade. Surrounded, a feeling of panic blossoms at my core. Sensing my moment of weakness, the group attacks as one. I do my best to defend myself, but a few blows end up getting through. I shout violently, emitting a wave of energy that pushes them all backwards. My fiery rage burns away any previous inhibition. "That's it. No more of this fucking kiddie shit."

      In a flash, I cut down a 'Jedi' to my left, severing his body into 5 pieces instantaneously. Fear strikes the others as I stand there, bloodied blade in hand, 20 feet from where I was less than a second ago. Before the pieces of the man I just killed could hit the ground, they begin to run, but not fast enough. I speed from one victim to the next, dismembering and mutilating their bodies as I go. My speed and precision is unparalleled. And yet, despite my rampage, save the first, I leave them all alive. . . mostly.

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    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:58 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      That's interesting Nomad. Do you usually have wolf and dinosaur dreams? I know I've had dreams with dinosaurs on and off since I was a child. Wolf dreams are much rarer for me, though.

      This would normally be rated a two, but I had fun writing it. >.>

      I am So Aware! Look at How Aware I am! (Non-lucid)

      It's my brithday! Oh, what fun. People are giving me cards! Let's read them. . . *reads card* Phhbbt! This card has terrible grammar! And it's doing it on purpose to confuse me! Ah, well. At least they got me a gift! What is this I see? Zoh my gawd! It's a Star Wars Hoth CTF Lego set! Let's assemble it right now! Look gaiz, it's so realistic! It's like we're actually building a battle on Hoth like the one currently happening around us on a snowy planet that I seem to not really notice at all! Wow! Look at all the laser fire!

      *PEW PEW* Oh no! They blew it up while I was working on putting it together! Nooo! *Stops Time* *Reverses Time* It's back! ^.^ Let's use some TK to get it to safety. *Lifts up Lego Set with Mind* Blarg! I didn't grab all the pieces! *Tries to lift Multiple Things With Mind* Well, these aren't actually pieces from the set, but I guess they'll have to do! Lalala, let's get these out of harm's way!

      This random piece of randmoness was brought to you by the number F.