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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Europium (DILD)

      Trying to meet up with some family, I see the person I'm looking for. She looks. . . tense. I head through the crowded plaza, bumping into other nervous looking people. I notice exchanges of money as people passed each other. It was happening all around me.

      One person that bumped into me freaked out a bit and followed me, apologizing profusely. I kinda just ignored him. I made my way all the way to the other side only to lose her again. A tall man in a hoodie comes up to me and tries to push some kind of plastic baggy into my hands saying, "Hey, man, here you go."

      "What is this?" I asked, refusing to take the bag.

      "Europium, dude, now go sell it." He looked to his side, showing signs of paranoia.

      "Naw, it's cool, I don't do that kinda thing." I state bluntly walking away as he shook his head at me. I made my way into an open building without doors showcasing a light orange interior. Three men approached me.

      "Not, gonna follow the rules, eh?" The one in the tan sweat shirt says in a deep voice. "Then you're gonna have to face the consequences!" He whipped out what looked like a quarter and put it between his digits, making a fist and smiling broadly. "This here's a coin blade. It'll slice you up real nice." He swings at my head, but I put up my right arm to block. The coin cuts through my green trench coat and does, indeed, 'slice me up real good.'

      Fuck fuck fuck. This hurts way too much.

      Calm down. It's just a dream. I regain my composure. I stand, relaxed, with my hands at my side. I know this is my world. I have all the power here. "I'm impressed that you managed to cut me. I commend you for that. However, it won't happen again." He simply smiles that big toothy smile and comes at me like a maniac, swinging wildly. His mouth practically foaming.

      I block and deflect at his forearm, avoiding contact with his small blade. One of his friends tries to come at me from the side. I dodge his punch, grab his wrist, and hurl him into the man with the grey sweatshirt who is also in the middle of a punch. They end up exchanging blows with each other. Before they can recover, I proceed to properly disable them, practically turning them into joined pretzels.

      The other guy looks terrified. He takes a hesitant step back before deciding to come at me anyways. I just throw him hard into the other two. He gets back up, and I give him a strong glare. He takes a look at the two men lying crippled on the floor, gets the message, and scampers off the way I had came in.

      I walk out the back door. There's a large twisted walkway with large natural barriers on either side. I turn a corner only to come face to face with what I can only assume are more of these drug dealing nazis. I go to the big one that looks like the leader of the group. He's wearing a red sports sweater with some words on it. I treat him like an ordinary DC. "Tell me how to get out of here."

      "Why would I do that?" He asks, slightly perturbed by my presence for some reason.

      "Look, I just kicked the asses of the three guys you sent at me. And I'll do the same to all of you if you don't tell me."

      "Did you kill them?" he inquires in a somewhat expecting way.

      "No, I try not to kill if I don't have to. Now, are you going to tell me or not."

      Subdued laughter ripples through the group. One of them steps forward, wielding a Katana. He reminds me of Sasuke for some reason ((so that's what I'll call him)). Two others, one male, one female, join behind him, also wielding Katanas. I reach down to my side to pull out my blade. Unfortunately, I have trouble forming the handle and all I manage to pull out is the blade with a thin metal extension where the hilt is supposed to be. I know I can work with this, though, taking my stance.

      All three come at me. Sasuke starts his volley. I deflect every cut easily. The girl attacks from my left. I parry her blow, and flick my blade around her sword, pushing it out of the way. The edge of my Katana's blade now rests against her neck. She looks terrified. "You're done, step out." I say to her.


      "Don't argue with me. Step. Out." I apply a bit of pressure to her neck. She quickly drops her sword, backs off, and joins the others. I throw down my blade. I need a decent sword if I'm going to do this. I reach back down to pull out another blade. I feel the hilt form properly and begin to pull it out. I look down to help solidify it.

      Suddenly, from the corner of my eye I see Sasuke dart at me. I don't manage to draw my blade in time and am rewarded with a Katana piercing through my body. Sasuke removes his blade from my right lung, making sure to rip it out at an angle to cause even more damage. My eyes go wide. The hell? This is the most intense pain I have ever felt, dream or no. My body feels like it wants to shut down. . .

      . . .

      No. I can't give in. I stand upright, ignoring the searing pain in my chest. I rush at him. He parries almost all of my attacks, but even the ones I land don't do much damage at all. Screw this. I stop. I grab my right arm and hold out my Katana.


      Invisible energy explodes from my body, creating a huge gust of sustained wind that throws about the dust from the ground around me. I move at incredible speeds, closing the distance between us in less than a second. He is unable to match my speed, and the torrent of cuts I rain down upon him go un-deflected.

      Still no damage?! I swing harder, losing myself in attack as I push him back farther and farther. Out of nowhere, his blade comes in from the right. I jump to the side, but my reaction is too late. More blinding pain wracks my body. I push it out of my mind as Sasuke barrels at me once more. I dodge, throw my blade to my left hand, grab his wrist with my right hand, and attempt to sever his arm.

      Oddly, though, my Katana has transformed itself into a razor sharp metallic whip. I strike his arm several times in succession, each time tearing a large portion of skin and muscle from his right arm. Everything starts to fade. The fighting isn't helping matters. I start to run in the opposite direction. Sasuke isn't able to keep up with me. Once he's out of sight I sit and cross my legs. Everything is fading fast. I figure I'll just go peacefully. Sasuke's male henchman has other ideas, though.

      He's running towards me carrying what appears to be a large plaster board. I don't bother getting up when he reaches me. For some reason he starts lightly hitting me on the top of the head with it. "Look, dude, all you're doing is stabilizing the dream for me." Sasuke appears behind him and throws him off to the side. Gorrammit. . .

      Looks like it's not quite over, yet.
      I start to attack him, yet again, but he starts doing backflips away from me. This is just getting annoying now. "Getsuga Tenshou!" A streak of blue energy erupts from my sword, which was a Katana again. Every swing of the blade shot out another cyclical blast. I keep up the pressure as he flips over and dodges each one. Finally, one of them clips his side, tearing his baggy white clothes and knocking him to the side. I quickly close the distance between us.

      I point the tip of my blade at him. He tries to scamper away as he gets up. In a raspy determined voice I whisper, "Getsuga Tensou." Sure enough a brownish orange tornado forms from the tip of my blade and traps the bastard in its vortex. "Not so tough, now, are ya?" I bang his spinning, trapped, helpless body on the ground a few times. For some reason, my blade is now an ornate spear-like halberd.

      I start to walk back toward the others while Sasuke is still stuck in the violently swirling wind protruding from my newly morphed blade. Everything is starting to fade again. I doubt he's still conscious, but the tornado is sustaining itself just fine without any help from me, so I allow myself to wake with Sasuke still ensnared by my sword's power.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:41 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Yellow (Non-lucid)

      What a great night for dreaming. No lucids, but almost every non-lucid was quite a lot of fun.

      I was taking the role of Static Shock, and had just finished a rather interesting fight with two DCs. While they had the ability to use the others' powers, the most interesting part was how they fought: using fancy moves, bright colors, and lots of light effects. I don't remember who won the battle; regardless, I was now inside a store. In this store were several "Hoodies" signified by their wool caps. Turns out Hoodies and un-capped mutants like myself had been in a constant war with each other that was taking its toll on the community.

      I was making progress to ease tensions between the groups, befriending many of the Hoodies after bouts. I found this out while explaining it to some random person who asked, flying on my collapsible manhole cover, citing the lack of merchandise in the store. It was at about the time I finished talking that the girl from my fight earlier came into the store and approached me. She wanted me to accompany her to train, so she could learn to use my power. I said sure, and she jumped on my cover and off we went, in search of a training ground.

      This part was incredibly vivid.

      As we flew over rooftops, I felt a strange connection to this character. Similar to the one I felt when I first spent time with my first DG. People were outside on top of their houses, taking pictures of each other in the starry night sky. We passed over a miniature golf course where I spotted a friend who didn't notice me. Soon, the urban town was growing more old timely. I mentioned that I had always liked this part of town. She questioned me, asking why I would like such a creepy place. I had no answer.

      As the environment did indeed get much creepier, we came across a large caged dome, which apparently housed political prisoners. There was a large forest inside. Perfect for training. The Warden was nearby, luckily, so I asked him if we could use the area to train in order to help fight crime better or some such nonsense. He warily agreed and showed us inside. We found a nice clearing and that's when the fun started. She explained that you could use any ability if you had had it used upon you at all. Thrilled at the prospect we began to spar.

      She was using some kind of yellow light that could explode, lash out, and do a multitude of other things. I was using standard purple electricity. After a short while we overheard the Warden saying that now that I was trapped here it was just enough time for them to destroy the town. At this point a large being emerged inside of town, and my perspective cut away to it. It grew until it was fully formed. It was a Hollow, but not a real Hollow. Sure enough, a copy of the monster, with glowing red eyes and bone white mask came out of the ground before it. The first beast questioned it, wondering who it was. The second one responded, calling it an idiot and promptly absorbing the first.

      As it stood up, a large indent in the street was created, freaking out all the nearby DCs. Then, as it reached out it's hands, large bolts of blue electricity shot down from its fingers onto the streets and buildings. I had to stop it. Unfortunately, the Warden's henchmen, large, fat, round, fleshy, golem like creatures started to attack us. We went to work. I discovered that if I charge a blast with one finger, and direct the needle thin line of electricity at them, then I could use the yellow light to make them explode from the inside out. I did this to several of them, to spectacular results. It looked like we were thinning their number, but suddenly Menos started to materialize all around us. My new friend set up some kind of barrier of yellow light that slowly dissolved them as they appeared, but they were too resilient for it. For some reason, it made sense to draw my sword. I put my back against hers and released my Bankai. As energy swirled around us, and Menos made their way through the barrier of yellow light, I shouted: "Getsuga Tenshou!" a yellow stream of tornadoes shot out of my blade and started cutting through the Menos. As I sustained my ability, the girl beside me used her yellow light to slice through the Menos. We turned in one wide arc, together, cutting down our enemies in a wondrous fashion. When it was over, I took a look at my blade. A short silver blade with a large, black, blocky hilt that came around the front of the blade into a swept point. I wondered why it wasn't black.

      This led into a weird tangent that involved my WoW playing suitemate explaining that I needed to play WoW and collect "evil orbs" to change the stylizing of my character. Yeah. . .

      I don't think I did that dream justice.
    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:19 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Tornadoes (DEILD)

      After a WBTB that resulted in a somewhat interesting dream wherein it was Halloween and my brother decorated and renovated the house, making it extra creepy, I began to wake up as my mother came home and rebuked him for changing the house so much. As I awoke, I decided to try a DEILD. Soon enough, I was right back in the dream, but fully lucid this time around.

      "Come help me get what we need to undo all of this," my mother commanded of me. I just ignored her, knowing she had no power over me in this dream. As I walked up my front lawn, looking at the heavily decorated house, my brother in the garage, I decided I'd try out the advanced task. So, focusing on nothing in particular, I started to twirl the air in front of me, using my hair as a medium. Sure enough, after a bit of concentration, a thin outline of a tornado started to form and whip wind lightly against my face. I was only able to hold the form for a little while, and it was pretty disappointing. I figured I'd give it another go, so I did, and the result was less than spectacular. "Screw this small scale stuff," I said to myself, out loud, "Let's make a real tornado."

      Focusing my attention to the area above my own house, I imagined clouds gathering above it, which wasn't too hard since there were already numerous dark grey clouds in the sky. Recalling pictures of tornadoes I had seen the other day when I was looking for a good image for a previous dream, I began to form the tornado. Swirling the clouds around, I forced ever shrinking rings down from them. Between those rings I willed down a large funnel of swirling, destructive, air, and, sure enough, I had a tornado right in the middle of my house. In seconds the thing was torn apart, splintered wood and paneling flying about the yard. It was pretty sweet.

      I couldn't maintain enough control of the tornado to move it, so I just let it disappear, moving onto my neighbors' houses. I repeated the process, it was easier this time around, but the result was just as awesome. Soon, family members started arriving in the court. As I reached the last house, and subsequently destroyed it, my family was distracting me, trying to get me to stop. A little annoyed, I attempted to control this last tornado enough to move it into the path of a few of my family members. I managed to get it right behind them, but due to some falter in control, or my unwillingness to kill those I love, the tornado vanished just before it hit. I decided, that was enough control for one lucid and figured I'd just go with whatever my family wanted to do. Turns out they wanted to watch True Blood on their new entertainment system that had some weird features. Not really in the mood for that, I decided to wake up so I could record this dream.
    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:14 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      So Close, Yet So Far (DILD)

      Lots of random sword fights. Don't recall too many details. I did get lucid at one point during the night.

      I go to bed in my dream and experience a FA, but this isn't my room. Something is off. I think to myself:

      I must be dreaming, that's pretty cool I guess. I don't really feel like getting out of bed, though. Someone I know from college comes through the door and asks if she can watch a video.

      I pretty much lose all semblance of lucidity at this point, as I explain to her to go ahead, and not to worry about disturbing my sleep 'cause I can hear the video through my eyes, so it's all good. The video is one of the later episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and some guy gets angry about a character getting killed off because he hasn't watched this far in the series. Anyways, from there it devolves into me participating in an episode of SG-1, except the cast has been replaced with the cast from Atlantis. McKay's voice is different and annoys everyone for some reason. . .

      Not a very productive lucid. . .

      Why do I suck so much?


      Control (Non-lucid)

      Traveling through the halls of my old High School, there's quite a few people there I know. Most of them graduated before I did and were just visiting like myself. Since I'm a college student, and all college students have learned some form of secret elemental control, I show off my new abilities in the hallways by creating a wind tornado around my feet. I'm darting through the halls and flying down stairs, just having a good time.

      Aren't false memories awesome?