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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 03-19-2012 at 06:43 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Entry time.

      ‘Cause I promised I would and everything seems to be telling me to get back into the whole dreaming thing.

      Not a five star entry, so no recording for this one. >.>

      Fun House (Non-Lucid)

      Both of us peek inside the wooden crate sitting on my deck. Inside sits an assortment of bottle, each a different blend of some sort of coffee mixture intended for consumption before the special event I’d set up for the two of us later that night. MTM grabs the most potent bottle of the lot and downs it before I can protest. I sip something much more mild, but the effects of the drink are immediately apparent.

      I frown, knowing that MTM has probably already been compromised, but preparations continue, as the two of us glide down to a field behind my house. Words were exchanged with the man in charge of tonight’s festivities, a suave twenty-something with short, blond hair and a red jacket over a black undershirt. After a few winks and candidly coded responses between him and MTM, I confirm my suspicions: she works for them now.

      Looks like I’ll be doing things alone.

      The day passes, night falls, and the real fun begins. After a mostly uneventful day filled with brief bits of uninspired HvZ and other campus shenanigans, I find myself riding a motor-powered skateboard, racing to the big event. Not satisfied with the speed, I kick things up a notch and transform the motor-power into rocket-power and the wheels into anti-gravity pads.

      Tearing through the streets, blanketed in the glow of yellow-orange street lamps and rushing neon lights, I make my way to the first check-point and blaze past the rag-tag line of people assembled in front of the entryway, up the concrete stairs, and over the dingy, dark-red carpet. Finally, in the first chamber, I dismount in a flash of sparks and approach the table where the first challenge awaits.

      Several guys in dark blazers stand there, hunched over the table in the center of this poorly lit room, watching me approach. Only one person sits, flourishing a deck of cards, grinning as a I approach. Without hesitation, he deals out the cards in front of him, forming rows and columns as the Chinese symbols on the face of the cards, begin to glow a shimmering blue and purple gradient and rise from the cards in a ghastly fashion.

      The first to rip itself from the card floats towards me and attaches to my forehead, causing the world around me to shift and distort. I know the game immediately. If I didn’t do something about these symbols, they’d attach to me and mutate my perception, driving me to insanity. Grabbing the board I’d rode in on, I manage to get the exhaust to create a shower of sparks. Quickly, I douse the symbols with those fiery sparks, extinguishing their power and clearing the game.

      As I walk toward the stairs, leading up to the next chamber, I notice two other tables and games set-up in front of the stairs. The world sways around me, and I realize: these are just illusions created by the symbol; I can move on.

      Ascending the stairs, I’m met with another challenge. This time in a more home-like setting, a woman, who looks like a grade-school teacher smiles briefly at me before finishing up the colorful board she’d been working on. It’s one of those peg boards frequently used in classrooms, decorated with a bright, wavy yellow border and big blue letters on a cerulean background. The letters spell the command: “Ask Margie about H2O.”

      In the corner of the room, to my left, rises a giant girl. She can’t be older than eight years old, but she towered over me, bloated and disproportional, with an expressionless look upon her drooling face. One look is all I need to determine the only winning move is not to play. I continue upwards as a fellow challenger comes up the stairs from the first chamber. I hear her ask ‘Margie’ about water. Then come the screams...then silence...

      Upstairs now, I make my way to the porch, where I meet the man in charge for the second time today and MTM standing beside him. He expresses surprise that I arrived so early. Not in the mood for bantering, I let him know that he needs to fix whatever was wrong with MTM or he’d regret it. Smugly, he reassures me that I simply need to complete one more task, but I sense betrayal and deceit in his words. Delving deeper, I discover his identity as a vampire and the entirety of his plan. Oblivious to the fact that I know everything, he takes me and MTM into a room with another giant, disproportionate child, this time a toddler.

      The door locks behind us and the man stands behind the monstrosity. My final task is simple, he tells me: “Defeat this child.”

      Scornfully, I remark, “Don’t insult me. The two of you are so far beneath me I could blow you both away with a single blast.”

      “Then do it,” he laughs harshly.

      But I’ve already charged up a blast, or at least, tried to. When I release the stream of energy, forming a Kamehameha pose, the blast is imperceptible and simply passes through the head and body of the giant infant. Improvising, I modify the stream’s frequency as it passes through the thing’s brain, mutating it further, restoring its free will and rational thought.

      When I’m finished, the giant baby and I have a short, intelligent, discourse, much to the dismay of the suave twenty-something. We bargain out a deal, wherein I let the giant live and he grants me the win. He even offers, very casually, to kill the guy standing behind him, but I insist that honor falls to me...
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-15-2010 at 07:31 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Eight (Non-lucid)

      The aerial surveillance camera pans quickly and zooms in, tracking the movement of eight military transport jeeps as they blaze through the pine forest, kicking up light brown dirt into the air behind them.

      "Eight?!" says a voice. Was it my own? "There are supposed to be nine. . . You don't think he. . ."

      The boy, Achilles, stood before us, as his men removed the dark burlap bags from our heads. He begins talking gently to us, still trying to win us over, but the feigned kindness quickly turns into malicious indignation as he remarks on what all of us have already noticed.

      There are only eight of us.

      What happened to Crazy Tom? Abandoned? Left for dead? That's certainly what this scumbag wants us to believe. . .

      I have to know the truth. So, when Achilles finally finishes his tirade and turns to leave, I make my move. Toggling Super Jump I leap into the air, higher and faster every second. Still airborne, 150' up, I turn myself back from whence we came and start the search for our comrade at arms.

      Traveling at speeds in excess of 200MPH tends to get you places quickly. Soon enough, I spot an opening in the trees. I know this is where I'll find Tom. More than that, I know Achilles set a trap here. Still, that's not going to stop me.

      Setting down, I immediately spot the remains of a crashed and burnt jeep, but upon further inspection I fail to find any corpses. Determined to locate some kind of evidence, I venture further into the forest, which quickly turns to swampland.

      A woman's laughter echoes behind me. Could this be the trap? I ponder as I whip around toward the source of the surreal sound. There, in the pale moonlight, amidst the moss covered trees was indeed a woman, and she wanted me to follow her.

      She takes me to a thin veil of vines under a large fallen tree that has created a natural archway. Beyond the green mess I can see movement and activity. It doesn't take my curiosity long to get the better of me after the woman passes through the gateway. Cautiously, I make the plunge.

      The dark swamp is now a resort, with people everywhere, lounging about and in the many clear watered pools. Something is off. A sinister presence becomes apparent as several of the 'guests' and the woman from before slowly circle around me, moving ever closer.

      Shaking my pitchfork at them, I shout, "What have you done with him! Where's Crazy To--" Lethargy strikes me as I feel a sharp prick on my neck. The swamp-woman is biting me, and there's nothing I can do about it. I feel drained, helpless, but it doesn't hurt. . . No. . it actually. . . feels kinda. . . go--NO! With a burst of will, I right myself and try to shake her off, but the other guests take their bites, too. . . latching onto my flesh. . . I really am helpless. . . aren't I. . ?

      No. . . My struggle is weaker this time, and last only a moment. The power they have over me is remarkable. Most of me wants to give in and enjoy my demise, and the part that wants to fight, to live, is quickly fading. . .

      I die, willingly.
    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-23-2010 at 07:59 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Best Picks of The Lot (DILD)


      Dream: Tearing it Down
      There has been a recent strand of some kind of white powdery substance circulating the streets. People who take it are usually never heard from again. As it turns out, this stuff makes anyone into a demi-vampire whose uncontrollable transformation turns the unfortunate soul into a young girl (age ranging from the late teens to early twenties).

      After unwillingly becoming one of these beings, I partake in some shenanigans whilst transformed, seducing an 'important' person in my old church, only revealing my true intent once I had gotten him into his car. He ran screaming, to my delight.

      Afterwards, I'm conscripted by two true vampires and a small band of demis who reveal to me, along a tropical stone beach, the source of the white powder. Lining the ocean-side, as far as the eye can see, are oil-rig-like structures pounding the ground into a fine, magic dust and releasing pillars of smoky pollutants into the atmosphere.

      We destroy everything, sparing no one.

      Lucid Dream: Taking a Bite Out of Crime
      Ridiculous people are being ridiculous.

      Their ridiculousity triggers my lucidity, but everything is super hazy. I stabilize by grabbing something extra weird and purpley and then chomping down on it with mine mouth teeths. The rush of sensations is enough to pull me into the dream, and solidify my control.

      I'm outside on a town street. Various shops and other places of interest frame the sidewalk. Some cars pass by on the intersecting street up ahead, but the few cars on this street, including one puke-green PT Cruiser, are parked in a parallel fashion.

      Naiya shows up out of nowhere and we immediately stop a criminal using basic dream powers like TK, or something. After that, we hang out for a bit before I let myself wake up.

      Really wish I could remember more of this one. =/

      Fragments: Do You Remember That One Time At Band Camp?
      Several fragments of me seeing Naiya in what I believed to be RL, and asking her about the dream from before, go here.

      Dream: Into the Stratos!
      I have the pleasure of being pre-Shippuden Naruto and joining all the needless drama going on with Sakura. She gets upset and runs off, just before some bad dude comes and stops the squad from leaving. Sosuke tries to leave by fighting his way out, but gets put in his place quite handily.

      Switching perspectives, I'm now myself, hanging out in tall grass for gods know what reason. But no matter, it's time. . .

      Teleporting to the meeting location, I find Sakura standing there, wiping her face. I ask if she's ready to go; she nods. Taking her arm, I teleport to the next target. The kid--he couldn't be older than ten--sees me and waves. I motion to him and we all begin to run toward the ship. By now, they'd be looking for us.

      Time was short, so I decided we needed to move faster. And what's faster than teleportation? Pulling the three of us together, I instantly transport everyone to my space cruiser. We get inside, I take the controls, and we take off.

      Unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble getting the damn thing out of the atmosphere. I waste a lot of fuel, and burn out most of the ships engines, before switching to auto-pilot. At that point, I have to actually fuel the ship with my lifeforce in order to keep us all from plummeting to our deaths.

      Now well on our way, but with me on the verge of death, Sakura is kind enough to transfer some of her life energy in order to keep me alive. But not until I ask nicely.

      Dream: Adventure Time!
      Flying over Africa, I can't wait to explore the vast and exotic stretches of water below me. There were small basins, large bayous, medium sized lakes. So many environments to adventure through!

      And adventure I did.

      Dream: Beached
      Hanging out in front of the beach-front property me and my friends were planning to stay at, I wait for them to show up. . .

      Still waiting. . . . .

      Maybe I should read this sign again?

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:38 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Raptors (Non-lucid)

      I wasn't going to write anything today, but I can recall bits and pieces of a pretty freaking cool dream. It was one of those dreaming of being lucid kinda deals. I don't think I realized I was dreaming once throughout the whole thing.

      I'm in a parallel universe in which me, my Mzzkc persona, is, in actuality, a vampire. I'm in a group with some other vampires, a lot of people I know from college, it's like a fraternity of sorts. I'm accepted as a part it, however I am not truly one of them. As I become aware of this back story, as if by magic, we are tasked with taking apart a maze of piping, surrounding a small building, in order to obtain metal rods and free the girl trapped inside.

      It is then that I realize I can fly. My flying makes quick work of the pipes and before I know it, we're on our way to God knows where. Some stuff happens, I'm still flying. My DCs don't like the fact that I am flying. Jeff makes a cameo when my brother needs help with a particular problem. I think it was adjusting to the dream world, or playing music, or something. They go off somewhere to do their thing. And now here I am, with a bunch of DCs, and I get the crazy idea I can start to make stuff happen. So, I summon a jaguar to attack all the people nearby. Lo and behold, it works! What fun!

      Oh, wait, I think, I can summon Raptors, too! So, I summon a Raptor. It appears from behind the nearby fence and starts eating everyone that it can get ahold of. Sweet! More Raptors! As a torrent of Raptors starts to appear, one after the other, I fly up into the sky, away from harm.

      Before I know it, Raptors are appearing by themselves. While I am aware of the moment each one comes into existence, I start to fear they will turn on me. Oops. They come at me, one after the other. I TK throw two of them away, but another one gets too close for comfort. I grab its head and direct it away from me. Then, using a method (it's a will based, attention shifting technique that I can't explain in words) I developed in previous LDs, I forced it and, subsequently, all other Raptors to leave me alone.

      The dream progressed from there, I ended up in a large crowd of people I supposedly knew whom were celebrating something. They were trying to keep some object in the air as they walked into this large atrium. I spoiled their fun by setting up a sort of TK barrier that bounced the object up everytime it hit it. I thought I was helping.

      I kept going by myself, and wound up in a small bedroom having a conversation with a girl in my scholarship program. After that, I went into the other room where Jeff and my bro were playing acoustic guitar and bass.

      Another dream branched off of this one, but it wasn't quite as awesome. Unless, you consider my friend, CTB, buying Hasbro's Nerf division for $100,000, and appointing me as one of the Head Developers, awesome.

      I think I finally figured out why DCs don't seem to like it when I display any kind of power in my dreams. >.>