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    School 2

    Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

    My focus is our local school with a wand, flying and (a body made of good emotion)
    Welcome to the dreams...
    Group: Natalie, Justine, Glitters, Carly.

    I have: Orbited Moon, Seen the center of earth.

    Notes: 1) The pictures get edited down to minies after a few weeks. 2) June I will be adding a section of 5 to 10 favorites from my DJ Archives.

    Current focus: (_____)

    1. Cool Sight

      by , 05-27-2011 at 08:02 PM (School 2)
      Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

      1; "Ya, I miss the inner realms, they tell me I'm too interested in sex with my friends." He says, "Just think of the things you really want."
      2; I see the clouds and drift in flight through them...
      3; Harry Potter is in my attic, I laugh fully lucid and run out of the house. Flew through a tree toward a star, stopped. I Imagined stars burst into view all around me...
      3; Walking with vivid hues down street.

      2; Blue streams, flew under the water!.. Landed in a forest trail, asked DC, "What's up ahead?" "The Shire, don't forget to fight the bosses." He said. I duel on the trail, I get shot by an x-bow, I catch it and turn it into my wand, "Obscuro!" blocks his next attack, then, "Difindoe!" to his body.

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      Tags: flight, space, wand, wild
      lucid , false awakening , memorable