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    1. Older dreams (Part 2)

      by , 08-11-2013 at 03:15 AM
      More entries from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Wild Google" (LUCID)
      Type: WBTB/WILD[/B]

      After being in SP and feeling those intense vibrations and sensations, I try having my room appear in front of me. It does for a second, but it is not clear enough, and keeps drifting away. I still focus my mind and expect to enter a dream. A few moments later, I see a computer screen in front of me, and a keyboard I'm typing on. I am aware that it is a dream. An internet browser is open on the screen. I go to Google, and see that whatever I type is unstable and keeps changing. I laugh about it, and I keep reading the funny text that doesn't make sense. Then I decide to go to Lotto.de, to see if I find some numbers and memorize them. I go to the website, but it looks nothing like the real website Lotto.de. There is alot of text to scroll, so I scroll down a bit. Now I see some numbers, but there are many of them, and they keep changing and changing. All of this fades away, and leads me to a non-lucid dream.

      [B]Thursday, 28. April 2011: "1994"[/B]

      I have somehow travelled to the past. I am in a house located on a big field. Lots of trees and grass. It is daytime, but cloudy weather. There is a man inside the house, a bosnian, but I don't know him in reality. In the dream, I am somewhat familiar with him. I ask him, "koja je godina trenutno?" ("what year is it now?"), and he replies "1994". Immediately upon hearing this answer, I begin to feel many emotions, and I start crying. I don't fear for my life, but I fear for his. I am sensing a big threat, and I tell him that war is about to begin, and that there will be a big massacre. He seems surprised by this, but he also believes me. I tell him I am 100% sure this will happen, and that we must flee as soon as possible. It seems that the time travel aspect of this dream is why I don't fear for my life. Nonetheless I insist that we both flee immediately. We get outside, and it seems that he doesn't have a car. Now this is a strange part of the dream, because at this point I know it is a dream, but I don't really feel lucid, because I simply go along with the plot of the dream, and don't try to generate a new scenery. I try to create a car for us to use, and I concentrate, tell myself that I can create anything in a dream, but still, it doesn't seem to work. However, a few moments later I remember me and him being in a car, and he is driving. We are on our way to "escape" the danger.

      [B]Saturday, 30. April 2011 "The Beard"[/B]

      It is nighttime, and I am in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I keep looking at the beard I have. It's not a strong beard, but the one I usually have when I don't shave for a couple of weeks. While looking at myself, I realize that I shaved this beard off that same night, and only left a goatee. I feel that it could be a dream, so I push my right finger against my left palm. I look at it, and it doesn't go through. I actually feel the resistance just like in reality. I step outside into the living room, and do a reality check on the alarm clock. Voila, I become lucid. Everything is clear, but it begins to fade, as usual. I rub my hands for a moment, then stop, and then I try to calm down and think about what date it is, because I planned to do this a couple of days ago. I come up with April 24th, which is not true, but close. I go into the yard, and the dream begins to fade once again. I rub my hands, but it seems to lead to a false awakening. I don't notice that it's a false awakening, and I don't remember what happened after that.