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    1. Jan 24 alrighty then?

      by , 02-11-2011 at 11:11 PM
      Expendables characters shooting and moving all crazy like, then someone had a plan that tipped over all the sailboats within a mile of this one port, then the water drained from the large body of water. Me and my brother brett were with some special ed kids protecting them from any dangers. One special ed kid that had bowl haircut in the summer heights high uniform, decided he was no longer going to take shit from these navy d-bags, he ended up headbutting one of the guys into the ground and all you could see was his hair(will was in this dream along with some gay guys).
      At home my brother recycled alcohol from our house to go somewhere with my mom, then I picked up one of the bottles, it said apple zinfadel and it was a wine bottle. The label was also a holograph and had green apples on it.
    2. january 6th, cake and druggies.

      by , 01-07-2011 at 01:13 AM
      january 6: in a motel setting but it appears very wealthy-like (almost feels like a hotel, but I know it's motel) the rooms all combined so there was a bathroom sink on a wall in the center of the room. Pat Frankenthal wanted to have some cake and mentioned it. sure enough I turned around and saw some cake in a pan on the sink of course. the cake was extremely soft, yet chewy but very delicious.

      phase 2: In a car by alex vincents house with a kid and some goofy ass dude. He smokes a giant blunt filled with heroin or something he mentioned. the blunt is about normal sized by his mouth but the width of the end part is slightly smaller than a paint bucket (it was nuts). I got parnoid that cops were going to arrest me for hanging with the junkie, so I ran out of shotgun and ran to where it seemed like a ditch would be; the chrome bars that prevent people from falling were there. So I swung around the edge of the smooth chrome bar (which seemed new) and found myself a crumbly rock formation. I jumped backwards into what appeared to be a lake or ocean. the water was colored faded light blue. I then went for the beach and there were some people there.
    3. yes i know.. im behind on the times.. sept 28 bombing of an abandoned highway.

      by , 01-05-2011 at 01:15 AM
      going to blow up a bomb (call of duty like bomb) with conor on an abandoned highway. There was a skinny coyote walking around about 15 steps away from the bomb, i was look out and keeping the coyote away i guess. conor was planting the bomb near a dead end of the highway that dropped into water about 15-20 ft below. Conor hits the coyote and the coyote bites back but i grab it to hold it down. then i woke up