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    1. Jan 10 game and chill party.

      by , 01-11-2011 at 05:49 AM
      In some bleachers spectating a game of some sort it was night and the sky was completely black not a cloud in sight nor star, Ni.da H came over and sat on my lap then she was F**king around with me and moving around saying "you like that?" I then saw the scene change sort of to a house party (done by parents though so). I went to the food table because NH decided to go talk to some people she saw. The table was round and had a large cloth and food on it. I only remember like giant jumbo shrimp in a metal bowl with ice cramped in it, I took one and took a bite, but didnt like it. I asked someone if they wanted it.

      january 11: n/a (stress?)

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