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    1. Jan 13 Oh nice.

      by , 01-19-2011 at 12:19 AM
      Phase 1 non lucid- Ghosts in a supermarket, one looks like a red clad assassain, the other was a golem (or was it me?). A chase ensued between the ghosts and 2 agents that were after them.

      Phase 2 non lucid- Brother was about to set off some fire works once we got of the garage, the garage somehow stretched and he blew off some bottle rockets inside on mistake. We tried kicking the box of fireworks outside, but instead it landed right by a rack stacked with the same firework boxes, me and Brett tried removing the boxes that were being lit, but they kept on lighting, but not entirely.

      Phase 3 non lucid- At a party for my moms friend pam. The scene is surreal; the sky was purple, there was talk of giant chicken noodle soup being served and a huge foaming or bubbling water slide i ended up going down it.
    2. January 7th 6 fragments

      by , 01-10-2011 at 02:01 AM
      1st: I'm in India ( I think) I'm in a building that has tiny thread-like pieces of wood tied together as a carpet of some sort. there was a pillar on the left side of the room (the way i was facing). a few Indian men standing in white shirts, and have no shoes on. the two men drop to the ground in a low pushup position facing the Tarantulas that appeared on the ground before they dropped down. I worried for them.

      2nd: at my dads side of the families get together, the room looks like my parents living room (red carpet, tv, 3 couches 2 white one red) I was in one of my gaming rocking chairs(that is black), and I was facing the back of the house, they had a rotweiler apparently(which we don't have never had), it didnt seem like a happy rotweiler at all. I dont know what I did, but I pissed it off and it came at me trying to maul my face, think I closed my eyes and fought back pushing it away, eventually it got to me eventually i dont remember taking damage too much though, I was just shocked. I then walked toward another room (located where the kitchen of my parents home).

      3rd: I'm in a pure white room, and I feel how intensly the white is. I was at a white round table on a cushiony pillow, the whole room was white, as in everything in it too. My dad walked in and told me they cant put the dog down, it had only so much longer to live. I felt disappointment.

      4th: I crossed a dam at night in storm there were woods on my left and behind the house located on the right side of the dam, but it was located a little lower than the top of the dam. I then went into the wooden house and talked to two really kind parents, but I realized they had their kids swimming in the dam water in the storm. I thought that was nuts, but they said that it was the only time they could go swimming recently. The kids were a young boy and girl either 8 or younger, there was a speed boat in the water too.

      5th:Stormy Forest Night same as the last phase sort of. I was looking for fireworks.

      6th: didnt remember setting, but i questioned if I was dreaming, but then said "nah" and didnt do a reality check.

      January 8: no recall.