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    1. January 12... my recall is dieing im going to ease off tonight.

      by , 01-13-2011 at 02:46 AM
      My older brother and I enter a gray 3/4 level parking garage, The parking garage is located right on a narrow path cliff and water lurks a good 20 feet or more down. the sky is beautiful covered by clouds partly with sun glimmering through the majority of the sky. We went to the top level of the garage somehow. I then ended in an office with family the office was messy and the lighting had a bluish tinge to it.

      Im not going to attempt anything tonight, im just going to get a good nights sleep and wake at 6 in the morning.. hopefully something differs.. for the better.
    2. hooray. out of my 4 day dream recall dry spell

      by , 09-16-2010 at 12:30 AM
      Sept 15: I was at what apparently looked like a carnivores(game) prehistoric-esque setting like this

      (it looked like the land and water/ similar plants similar appearance but not in terms of layout/ elevation) I had gotten into a rut with a flesh eating dinosaur earlier in water and jumped really high over to a minature island (which is like a tiny patch of land amongst some water, about a little ways off from the coast. to my right diagonally there was n shaped cliff. which looked like the halo 3 Last Resort maps cliff except the cliff I saw was more natural as opposed to being built/rubble and the cliff i saw went into a body of water.

      I then saw a Stegosaurus running underwater, although for some odd reason there was no water because i had perfect sight on the stego, but the water was there...(tough to explain).. anyways i pulled out a shotgun that looked like this

      and i shot 4 quick shots at the stegosaurus in the body and the stego went down ( there was no blood in the aftermath). after doing that I saw hunters or a hunter in a jeep a ways away (towards the begining incline of the n shaped cliff but to the left of it from my stance) I then shot a shell at their(his) jeep ( in my mind I assumed this dude was an evil guy out to torture dinosaurs that looked like colonel custard or something) so immidiately I jump away because he is possibly angry. I jumped to the left and got on top of an elevated sandy/hilly path. I was apparently designated to protect an ally jeep so I had to attack the hunters jeep so I thrust myself toward it and I think I hit just under the car door on the right side (of him) and his jeep was tossed about a foot or two into the air and then his jeep dropped towards the water (which was now visible) then before the jeep dropped I saw a shocked luigi icon pop up. apparently luigi was in the jeep and I might have killed him. it's all vague from that point on. to be honest I don't have a clue if luigi was an ally or the hunters, but I dont remember 2 jeeps going by.. hmm