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    1. March 9th excitement is surely a downfall, October 14th a failed search.

      by , 11-09-2011 at 07:05 PM
      March 9th: I had been in a library discussing life in general with an older man, but eventually we got to the topic of dreams and he chuckled a little as he said " You haven't realized it yet? You happen to be dreaming. I quickly became lucid and made a crazy jump kick towards the old man in attempt to harness fire (that failed, but the kick looked cool) from my feet and test skills, but I awoke before the kick could connect with the man. I speculate if this man may have been my dream guide.. if so it would make sense that he hasn't shown himself since; he may think i'm not ready to see him again.

      had lding in the back of my mind before sleep and after watching baccano.

      October 14th: I was with a new group of friends, it felt odd though because they claimed to be an awkward group, but they were just a bit annoying.
      The next phase in the dream I was with only one of the girls in the group, she looked like Ennis from Baccano, she had ice super powers and a rock ufo that could fly around with her. We flew over a lake at night, she managed to keep me up somehow, then we landed in an area that was a field of rainbow colored benches that were multicolored (for each bench) and morphing colors in a matter of a second. We both sat down to talk for a little bit. The first thing she told me was that I was dreaming, not willing to let this go by I repeated " I'm dreaming" lucidity immediately ensued and I jumped into the air and flew near a skyscraper, the sky and ground now had become white with no perception of it as a material, then I continued to fly around for a few more minutes. I soon realized flying was one of my lesser goals; I needed to search for my dream guide instead. I searched everywhere and saw Michael Jordan, Scooby and Shaggy, a woman and other people. At one point Michael spilled milk on the woman and I sucked it off with my hand like a vacuum. I soon found a door slightly opened and decided to use the door to search for my dream guide. When I opened it I saw a drawl looking house and remember a woman swiftly ran from my view in towels. after that my dream faded too quickly to reverse.
      I believe either the old man, ennis, or the woman in the house is my dream guide, but at the same time they might not be my dream guide at all

      I'm pretty sure it's good I went lucid a few times, I wasn't trying at all during that time, but now I'm back and ready to increase my LD ratio and find my dream guide
    2. Jan 28: made me laugh a little due to confusion Feb 5

      by , 02-11-2011 at 11:22 PM
      I was walking around then I ran into this Asian dude decked out in an all blue track suit with crazy red hair, listening to green day on some large headphones, I believe I mentioned how the only green day I dig is their older stuff.

      Feb5- Played an intense scary game with alex pisano running through , a scary building that seemed run down and affected by the environment
      FA: killed a spider above my bed by clapping in slow motion.
    3. Jan 10 game and chill party.

      by , 01-11-2011 at 05:49 AM
      In some bleachers spectating a game of some sort it was night and the sky was completely black not a cloud in sight nor star, Ni.da H came over and sat on my lap then she was F**king around with me and moving around saying "you like that?" I then saw the scene change sort of to a house party (done by parents though so). I went to the food table because NH decided to go talk to some people she saw. The table was round and had a large cloth and food on it. I only remember like giant jumbo shrimp in a metal bowl with ice cramped in it, I took one and took a bite, but didnt like it. I asked someone if they wanted it.

      january 11: n/a (stress?)

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    4. January 7th 6 fragments

      by , 01-10-2011 at 02:01 AM
      1st: I'm in India ( I think) I'm in a building that has tiny thread-like pieces of wood tied together as a carpet of some sort. there was a pillar on the left side of the room (the way i was facing). a few Indian men standing in white shirts, and have no shoes on. the two men drop to the ground in a low pushup position facing the Tarantulas that appeared on the ground before they dropped down. I worried for them.

      2nd: at my dads side of the families get together, the room looks like my parents living room (red carpet, tv, 3 couches 2 white one red) I was in one of my gaming rocking chairs(that is black), and I was facing the back of the house, they had a rotweiler apparently(which we don't have never had), it didnt seem like a happy rotweiler at all. I dont know what I did, but I pissed it off and it came at me trying to maul my face, think I closed my eyes and fought back pushing it away, eventually it got to me eventually i dont remember taking damage too much though, I was just shocked. I then walked toward another room (located where the kitchen of my parents home).

      3rd: I'm in a pure white room, and I feel how intensly the white is. I was at a white round table on a cushiony pillow, the whole room was white, as in everything in it too. My dad walked in and told me they cant put the dog down, it had only so much longer to live. I felt disappointment.

      4th: I crossed a dam at night in storm there were woods on my left and behind the house located on the right side of the dam, but it was located a little lower than the top of the dam. I then went into the wooden house and talked to two really kind parents, but I realized they had their kids swimming in the dam water in the storm. I thought that was nuts, but they said that it was the only time they could go swimming recently. The kids were a young boy and girl either 8 or younger, there was a speed boat in the water too.

      5th:Stormy Forest Night same as the last phase sort of. I was looking for fireworks.

      6th: didnt remember setting, but i questioned if I was dreaming, but then said "nah" and didnt do a reality check.

      January 8: no recall.
    5. 1/5/2011 finally caught up.

      by , 01-06-2011 at 01:40 AM
      close to getting WILD, but failed
      Dream 1: I were running with christian merkau through snow (its night) down running down wilke a little further from lous house towards mcdonalds and BK. we were headed for taco bell though. we got to the area with the dry cleaners ( but that wasnt there ) and gas station, christian started to head behind the gas station and then face planted into the snow on the uphill slant, then I thought wait... taco bell isnt near the mcdonalds or bk im headed to. I must be dr......eaming... I woke up.. once again denied by my dream.

      dream 2: in a pub of some sort i played pool never remembered any of the shots and also wanted to impress a chick and I broke the pool stick at one point I think.
    6. forest dream and psychic september 23

      by , 01-04-2011 at 04:32 AM
      dreamed i was in an area by a forest and after a gathering i sped off to the forest down a long path. I decided to come back very quick and i used my ipod flash lightat a person wearing an orange t shirt, he was bald. I then got to a crossing point and jumped to a broken bridge(glass) that didnt cross and was blocked by a fence a light was behind it facing me flashing light down upon the mini river. went on an island under me. bridge to my right covered in overgrowth that crosses all the way but too far away. i was either too stressed to jump back or i didnt want to swim or jump with my backpack on.

      phase2: at moms store(she doesnt own one). she is a modern psychic and utilizes wrist bracelets with beads clip on and forsee the future. she would hang them on a pole infront of the door after use. I asked her about going to cross country and she said she didnt want me to go to practice because one of our sheets said some vulgar words on it.
    7. Zombies, eat some shoe. Sept 19...Im behind :/

      by , 01-04-2011 at 03:58 AM
      It's night, but not necessarily too dark though. I was outside kicking zombie ass near a man made lake about the size of lake arlington in a more natural setting. I ran to the left side but realized i needed to activate a gate. so i ran back the path to the right side kickin zombie ass along the way. then i ran back after i did whatever to the left side passed through a grassy and natural area almost covering the nights sky, I headed toward a highway and saw a coyote come, i scared it a little, but it kept coming back more and more pissed. eventually i got bit, so i kicked it.
    8. September 17 2010: donut shop to bar, and christian running from cops

      by , 10-11-2010 at 11:09 PM
      phase 1: I went into a a donut shop with Ian and Danny Vavernik We wanted a dozen donuts, and decided to leave it at that. the dozen only cost 2 bucks and before we even got the donuts I had randomly had donuts in a box in my hand already one was chocolate circle and one was a vanilla long john. then the donut setting changed into a bar setting. it was the same people + my uncle chet and tim and my mom. Danny apparently got along with others while eating his cheese fry wedges a certain style. those cheese frys were good.

      phase 2: I was out roaming at night by a new housing project area. there were many police cars going by (which some were suspicious of me) and I ran into christian merkau as well as a travelling family and mr. phillips (running coach) we were by a hotel and an extremely huge ditch. christian told me he was in trouble with the police (he was on a bike) and he told me he needed to make sure his brother was safe(he doesnt have a brother but in the dream he did) so apparently mr. phillips being ignorant of the situation tells christian to travel back home with a travelling family that is following a dark paved path to cross a major road.