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    1. Jan 17 a lot of dreams to rr'member jan 18 nada

      by , 01-19-2011 at 01:05 AM
      Phase1 non-lucid: Olivia R, now lives where The Snelsons had lived, the house is now in a "L" shape and is all white. I help bring in a couch for her with some friends (jordan). Her house felt very cluttered and her mother or grandmother (who was asian strangely) wanted us to put the couch by a wall that had cluttered items like a bike nearby and random trinkets in the room, the house was dim lit, it felt like blinds covered the windows in the home. My friends left and told me that it was a waste of time working that out. I looked back to where the couch was and it apparently had disappeared. A random wave of stress came over me and I was questioning what happened to the couch. After awhile I gave up and was about to head out then I saw olivia headed to sit with her friends, she had a Mtn. Dew voltage in her hand (missed my dreamsign) I then decided to head out after saying hey to her and her three friends sitting at stools on a bar-like table. I opened the door and her front of her house altered, it now had stairs instead of one stoop. I held the door open facing the door for the girls because they wanted to leave to. Teddy Atte0 appears in the scene and said to me stop trying to be a "gentleman" (my friend recently had a revelation that the word gentleman may be used as a word to describe a scum out to get something). He then hit me with the door a few times because he was behind it. Then we walked toward a pool down a street and talked. Atte0 wanted to get one of the girls, I denied him a chance a few times then gave him a shot. I then pat his back (he was wearing a white long sleeve abercrombi shirt with a strange texture). He then said "Are you gay? whats your hand on my back for?" I then said back " You're weird if you have a fettish for having a hand on your back. He laughed and then they went further down the street and I went into the pool building. The building had no doors or entrance other than a weird cavern like path (that didn't span even 3 steps) I could also see it was transparent, and the spikes on the roof were suspended in mid air. I then saw brian pena who also saw Alex pisano and said hey to him. After awhile of treading water in a pair of stripped boxers that aparrently were unbuttoned at the front, I buttoned up my boxers, and talked to a life guard, the life guard had mentioned that sugar ray was in downtown arlington and playing/ recording a new song in downtown arlington. I then decided I was going to go for a bit because I like sugar ray. the dream faded

      phase 2:I was in gym and just had ran downstairs and mentioned something how girls shouldn't try so hard( kind of referring to one of the students, and pat frankenthal came up whispered to me while jogging still that one of the women teachers was pissed at me.

      Phase 3: At someones house, I got Pokemon that were on yugioh cards, I was excited to use them on my one friend scott, because his yugioh deck is bannanas, (lol im such a nerd)

      phase 4: In a movie scene in the UK then we ran into a problem , then this really hot brunette chick about in her 20's thought she could solve things by showing her tits for some odd reason. she fell and I caught her in my right arm, she looked at me seductively and I felt her up (she had some perky nipples lol enough description) Then a real mother f**king problem arose the Polyforce crew of summer heights high school appeared out of ahead of a door by a sewage like area with uzis!

      They shot down quite a few people, but I darted toward them then to the right down a another sewage like path I searched for guns with ammo, but all the pistols and machine guns I picked up were empty, I picked up a pistol and hoped for some ammo, but sure enough it was an empty mofo, Jonnah then came over about 10 ft away from me and said "what are you trying to pull mothafucka!?" he also threatened to end me. I said "nothing" then managed to stun him momentarily by punching him i think. I ran backwards and toward a building I saw I then turned left and hopped a few sewage pipes and saw a fence and behind it some houses. I followed the side of the building out then viewed the distant sunset behind the homes silhouttes in the background on the horizon. I then believed I was in the UK and wondered how a british man would sound like begging as I slowly walked toward the empty road only a few feet away.. then the dream faded.

      Jan18 +19+20+21: no recall because i got finals...

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