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    Type 1a: Dreams in Space

    I'm finally really getting serious about this again. After missing a couple days in my physical DJ, I figured if I'm really serious about this, then starting one online would be a good way to motivate myself. So here it is. A detailed inventory of little glimpses into whatever my subconscious happens to be doing at the time. Hope it's not doing anything private...

    1. (very dark) Fragments (Aug 14 2011)

      by , 08-14-2011 at 03:52 PM (Type 1a: Dreams in Space)
      Had a very creepy dream last night.
      I don't remember exactly how we got into the situation we were in, but from where I remember: me and a few of my friends were in a situation where 3 people had been killed (we had nothing to do with that), but due to the circumstances we were afraid that if we told anyone we would be blamed, so we put the bodies in a car and drove out to a remote point between a river and some woods . We were trying to figure out how to hide the bodies, understandably freaking out a bit. Finally we decided to go up a hill and bury them by the edge of the woods. Don't remember any ore of that.

      There was another dream later that had something to do with being in a store. Don't remember much at all of that, but the part of the store that I was walking towards looked, from where I was, sort of like the inside of a store that I had been in another dream a while back.