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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I have had many types of dream-like experiences from hypnogogic and hypnopomic hallucinations (visual and auditory), nightmares, sleep paralysis, false awakenings, lucid dreams, dreams from the mind, dreams from spirit, astral projection, remote viewing, sleep deprivation hallucinations, drug induced closed eye hallucinations, drug induced open eye hallucinations, spirit visions from playing music, visions from listening to music, and visions from chanting.

    Well, I have to tend to my waking life, but I will begin adding entries soon. Some will be dated, but they are from my dream journal that I've been keeping for the past year, and I want to transfer some of the entries here, because some are significant.

    Check out my non-lucid DJ: Nomad's Dreamtime

    Tasks Completed:
    Annual Tasks:
    Visit the Massoleum of Mossolus
    Visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Visit the Great Pyramid
    Visit the Temple of Artemis 8/31/09
    Visit the Statue of Zeus at Olympus 9/9/09
    Visit the Massoleum at Mossolus
    Visit the Collosus of Rhodes


    Monthly Tasks:
    Ask a Dream Character what it feels like to be in a dream
    Make a Tornado
    Make leaves fall off a tree and put them back on 09/09/09
    Scare a DC
    Ask a Ghost How it died

    Powers I have right now:
    Breathing Underwater

    as of September 1st, 2009:

    transform into Pan
    transform into a frog
    walk on water
    create a fireball
    disintegrate people
    bend earth
    bend wood
    super strength

    as of 09/09/09

    summoning rabbits
    summoning locusts
    morphing into a wyrm
    becoming giant
    morphing into a huge tree
    morphing into a mountain
    morphing into a volcano
    creating leaf tornadoes
    creating a locust tornado
    air bending

    Dream Goals:

    Do dream drugs:
    Smoke some dream salvia [ ]
    Eat some dream magic mushrooms [x]
    Smoke some dream cannabis [x]

    Meet my spirit guides:
    Michael [x]
    Koomo [x]
    The Trader, Francois [X]

    Meet a dream guide [x] 8/31 (gnome)
    - The Red Dragon, Zaphor

    Meet my 'aumakua:
    He'e/Kanaoloa [x]
    Pua'a/Kamapua'a [x]
    Pueo [x]

    Psychic abilities:
    Teleportation [x]
    Telekinesis [x]
    Make something big small [x]
    Make something small big [x]
    Walk through Walls [x]

    Superhero abilities:
    Invulnerability [x]
    Super strength [x]

    Alien Contact:
    Grey Alien [x]
    Reptilian [x]
    Martian [ ]

    Earth Conversations:
    Elephant [ ]
    Dophin [ ]
    Merperson [x]

    Places to go:
    A populated planet in the Milky Way Galaxy [ ]
    Macchu Piccu as it was being abandoned [ ]
    Visit Koomo's planet [x]

    Dream Body Changes:
    Transform into a Faun [x] (Pan)
    Switch Genders [X]
    Explode [X]
    Change into a Vapor [x]
    Change into a Water Elemental [x]

    Summon a dragon spirit [x]
    Summon a magic wand [x]
    Summon lightning [x]

    Become a wizard [x]
    Become a summoner [x]
    Become a dark knight [x]
    Become a superhero [x] Ion, Green Lantern
    Become a god [x] Pan, Juargawn

    Create A Dream Home, a living banyan tree [x]
    Create A Dream Temple, where I am worshiped [x]
    Create an army of dream warriors, fantastic creatures [ ]

    DC conversations:
    Ask a DC the name of my dream world [ ]
    Ask a DC what they think about 2012 [x]
    Ask a DC what my Dream Name is [ ]
    Ask a DC what they want most out of life [ ]

    Elemental alterations. ok, bending:
    Bend Earth - cause the ground to spike up [x]
    Bend Water - walk on water [x] 8/31/09
    Bend Fire - engulf myself in flame [x]

    Flying goals:
    Fly in a vertical body position [x]
    Hover [x]

    More Dream Goals:

    Find Zaylon [ ]
    Dream about the next day [ ]
    Become a millionaire [ ]
    Evacuate the negative energy from my house [ ]
    Access the Akashic Records [ ]
    Talk fluently in my sleep [ ]
    Induce lucid sleepwalking [ ]
    Bodysurf with Kaipo in a dream [ ]
    Appear in a dream to my sister as Juargawn [ ]


    Allies of Nomad:

    The Great Dragon - I called to be rescued by the King of Dragons, and met a very feminine dragon, who gave me two of her babies as allies in combat

    golden dragon, Skyfire - an eastern looking dragon. Powers: breathing fire, and lightning

    sky blue dragon, Rainstorm
    - a dragon that looks like a mix of the two. Powers: becoming liquid water.

    Otherme - me from another dimension. He appears shirtless and barefoot in jeans, and has red spikes coming out of him. He gave me budgies which aid in battle.

    - used these to defeat a great dream demon

    - my dream guide appearing as a red dragon floating on a cloud, but I have also have seen him as a huge dragon, and a mech dragon.

    Koomo-A spirit guide, his people are descended from bats

    Michael- An angelic spirit guide

    The Frost Giant He lives in a Cave in the North. He has healing powers. Raven perceives him as a Crystal Golem.

    Users on DV:
    Raven Knight- My lucid dreaming partner. I still don't know what she physically looks like as of this writing. I always see her in white. When I looked at her face intently, her eyes changed colors. Raven is a little smaller than me.

    Man of Shred- I perceived him as green crystal.
    Walms- I perceived him as orange crystal. I fought him. He beat me.
    The Cusp- I perceived him as purple crystal when we were not fighting. I fought him also, and he beat me.
    Mylynes- We fought, and he scared the crap out of me. Quite a dark soul.

    Other People:

    Selene- A lover from past lives, she used to haunt my dreams, until I made peace with her. She is always in white. Sometimes I see stars in her hair. She has dark wavy black hair, and dark brown eyes, and is petite.

    Spike- A lover of Raven Knight, a vampire. He and I were both friends and enemies in past lives. He is always wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. He has blond hair. He has really light blue eyes, and fangs. He has an attitude.

    Basara- A Bard. He's really intense. I feel like I have known him before. His pupils go in spirals. He is a healer.

    The Magistrate
    - This alien led us to meet The Dream Warrior Master. I perceived him to be an alien with a long face and pink skin.

    Hades- The god of The dead, The King of Hollow Earth, brother of Pan. I perceived him as a stone man, with a stone crown and then, an ancient man with a white beard, and a golden crown

    Morpheus - The god of Dreams (who may also be Pan) I perceive him to have many appearances.

    The Dream Warrior Master, Gawn - Pan, Noah, The Devil, The Great Progenitor. I perceive him as The Devil because I am a fool, apparently.

    Q- This powerful being creates training scenarios and training grounds for us. He is Raven Knight's spirit guide. I have only seen him once. She perceives him as Q from Star Trek. When I saw him, he was sitting in a cloud in lotus wearing red and gold, with shoulder pieces on his clothes, and a large hat.

    Cerberus/Sphinx - Solve the riddle of the Sphinx to access the Underworld/Hollow Earth

    Joseph formerly Tooth- a young boy that was a Nightstalker.

    Samuel/Sornax- He was my dog.

    Jose- A gardener of sentient plants.

    Chronos- the god of time.


    From Selene:
    -energy belt: this forms a force field around me when I press the button on the buckle
    -energy gloves: this makes my punches more powerful. I can extend these out to grab enemies
    -energy boots: I can use these to walk on walls and ceilings, also they increase grip on the ground, and have rocket boosters

    From Michael: a holy winged helmet. the helmet is a silvery blue in color, with pale gold angel wings. It hums and vibrates when fighting unholy beasts, but I don't fully understand its power yet

    From Koomo: a pair of bat wings to increase my flying agility

    From the Great Dragon:
    two baby dragons to aid me in battle

    From Otherme: cute budgies which form a giant sky blue sword

    From Zaphor
    : secret magic knowledge

    From the god of the Forge, Vulcan: True Sight Goggles, which I can see the true nature of entities beyond illusion. I altered these goggles to make them ocular implants.

    From The Borg: a disk in my head with which to access the calm of the Collective

    From Raven Knight: The witchblade, armor that forms over me, and a blade with gems in it.

    From Man of Shred- Selenite, which increases telepathic ability

    From The Atom: atomic belt and atomic disk, which I use to shrink to the size of an atom

    From the Ancient Egyptians: shards of a heart crystal which synchs up my heart and mind

    From a master Remote Viewer: an infinity watch to travel through time with

    From Hawkman: The Axe of Ages to decapitate Templars with

    Fly pods- I have a small pod on each shoulder full of swarms of flies which automatically open fly in the face of remote viewers. Centipede disk- I have a disk on my chest that silver centipedes swarm out of, and cover my body in case of a swarm attack. They also crawl in my dream body and remove parasites.

    Skills learned from Raven Knight:
    teleportation, creating portals, summoning weapons

    I am a shapeshifter.


    Nomad Form
    In this form, I am a bedouin

    Juargawn Forms
    - cheesy king lion-man
    - purple winged jaguar cub
    - black winged lion
    - god of Nothing
    - Sorceror lion
    - various big cats

    Gargoyle - a light blue gargoyle with a dragon face

    Dark Knight - a Dark Knight with spiky armor, and a huge sword

    Green Lantern - I had every color of ring on me, creating a wormhole as I flew threw it

    The great god Pan. Sometimes I have a human face, sometimes a goat face, sometimes ram horns, sometimes goat horns
    -Faun - a person with goat legs, not

    -Lava Minotaur

    -Timelyst Knight, Lord of Night

    - Soulkyst, Vampire Supreme

    -Chimera Supreme

    -Fear Form

    -Dark Knightmare

    Other forms
    -rubber ball
    -water elemental
    -Katch creature
    -stone golem

    You are in reality. All is real. Everything you see is real. Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing. Existence is infinite. You are infinitely less and infinitely more than a speck in the sea of existence. We are connected to everything because of existence. Separation of self is an idea for survival, but we are incessantly united. Everything is the same. Nothing is real. The Void is a real place, which doesn't exist, never has existed, and never will. The Void is within and without you. Foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is for fools. The merry at heart are righteous, the sad are blameless, the angry ones pity, and the evil ones destroy themselves out of necessity.

    None of this is true,
    but you understand the meaning.
    Deep goes the tunnel
    for the one truly dreaming.
    Close your eyes now,
    and you can see what you are seeing.
    Open your heart,
    because that's what does believing.
    Your mind is a tool,
    but it's deception is convincing.
    Create the world you want,
    then be open to receiving.
    Nothing is coming,
    and everything is leaving.
    Inhale nothing to
    know that you are dreaming.
    Inhale nothing to know
    that you are dreaming.


    1. Magic Cake with Raven

      by , 10-22-2012 at 06:01 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Raven and I are out front of this little cottage she made for herself on the Moon in the Biodome. There is a garden out front with lots of magical plants. We sit on the ground, and make a magical cake in the air. Different plant parts come together, and we make a magical chocolate cake. We giggle and eat it with our hands as it hovers in front of us.
    2. end

      by , 09-02-2011 at 11:12 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am a white lion-man with tawny markings on my body standing on a corner of the Temple of Nothing on the Moon. I look to the horizon. A massive wave approaches, a great tsunami, and crashes over the wall of my city, and floods it. People run out, and fly through the roofs of buildings. Raven appears.

      "Nomad? What the hell is going on?"

      I look at her sadly.

      "You can make it stop!"

      I shake my head no, and dive into the raging surf, transforming into a merman. Raven follows me, transforming into a mermaid.

      "Nomad! Wake up! What's wrong with you?"

      "We can only go with the flow. The end is here."

      A volcano bursts up from the ocean floor. We fly through the water, and into the sky, and further out into space. The Green Moon grows suddenly, and the land cracks and separates. Water gushes out of the earth, and covers the low places. The entire planetoid is in complete chaos.

      Everything is dying, everything is being made new. I scream, and morph into a butterfly-centipede larva, then a cocoon, then I break out of it with a burst of energy. "I ask the Black Sun to endarken me!" I shout. The Black Suns inside Urth, the Green Moon and the Grey Moon shoot dark energy into me, and I allow it to wash over me. I let it fuse with my entire being, and every energy type I can feel until I am in complete balance.

      Raven and I fly back down to Planet Moon. It's beautiful. There are huge freshwater oceans teeming with life, and floating islands on the water and in the sky. Creatures are evolving.

      "Planet... Io..."
    3. Dragon Chronicles: Dream with Hyu

      by , 02-11-2011 at 09:38 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Dragon Chronicles

      I am meditating in my meditation room. I am sitting in front of a mirror. There are wooden speakers growing out of the tree which is my home in the tree city of BanyanLand in the Biodome on Planet Moon.

      Pyramid Song is playing by Radiohead. Xaphor appears in the mirror... no... he looks strange, it’s someone different. A dragon looks at me, and claws at the mirror in terror or anger. For some reason, he can’t break it. The mirror just bends. He has bright yellow eyes with dark black slits.

      It’s Hyu.

      Something grabs his dragon-man ankle and yanks him back. “Don’t try to escape now, it’s time for your training!” A woman’s voice yells.

      I jump at the mirror, but something pushes me back. I activate my energy belt and witchblade. I slice through the mirror into a wormhole. There is a huge battle going on. Fuck, this wormhole goes right into my meditation room. I don’t have time to join in, But, I exude some cyborg astral parasite bombs, and toss them to the sides of the wormhole. They find the enemies, steal their energy, then use it to self-destruct.


      I see there is a mass of clear energy blocking the other side. I grow Maxx claws and shred the pane of energy.


      I am on Teraluna again. A slimy tentacles snake woman creature has Hyu in her giant grasp, choking him. I see his dream body inside his dragon body. I hear him saying, “I can’t be choked, I can breathe.”

      I see the Teraluna Selene and Yuya aiding Hyu. The other Selene looks almost the same, but with more blue, and less silver. I see the Catman bounter hunter from space, another version of me, attacking the creature. I realize this person is Selene’s lover here. How odd.

      A tentacle slaps me in the head. I roar, and turn into a virus before her slap breaks contact. Her tentacle gets infested and rots. I travel up into her entire dream body. She roars in anger and morphs into ants. I turn in a fungus in her gut, and make her sick. Then, I make a tiny dwarf star appear in my hand, and she is stuck in its pull. I open up a black hole portal, and stick an astral tentacle on her, downloading information. Tracked through time, space, dimensions... quest to kill the dragon who killed my daughter... revenge is sweet... food is beyond living...

      Um... okay. Into the portal you go.

      The others turn to me. Hyu turns into his normal self. He has pale skin, dark wavy hair, one violet eye, one green eye. His eyes are slightly slanted, like Bjork’s.
      “WakingNomad, WakingNomad? Is it you. This is a shared dream, isn’t it?”

      “It’s always a shared dream.”

      “But you’re not a DC? Are you? No.”

      “DC’s are all around us.” I spawn a bunch of DC’s and they have a cocktail party around us.

      “Why did you do that?”

      “For my ego. These people like me.”

      Women come to me and kiss me, and men congratulate me and give me money. I make them all disappear with a wave of my hand.

      Hyu falls over laughing. I see Catman wink at me, and little bug DC’s pop out of his fur and wave at me.

      “Cool man!”

      “For defense,” he grins. “DC body armor.”

      “What are we supposed to do?” says Hyu. “Oh my god! I can’t think of anything.”

      I feel the dream fading. I grab his hand. “This isn’t gay.” Hyu laughs again.

      “To the MOON!” I shout and fly up, Hyu in tow... for about 8 feet, then get slammed on the ground. Everyone else laughs at us. Teraluna-Selene says, ‘You are on the Moon, silly!”

      “Oh... To the DRAGONS!’

      “No, wait!” Hyu says. “I am going to wake up. I have to write this down. kicking ass in battle, good job, dude bro dragon whatever man!” Hyu fades away. I fall asleep on the grass, tired from the battle.
    4. bunch of dreams

      by , 01-28-2011 at 01:39 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)


      I was with this chick, D. We were fooling around, and I asked her if she wanted to fuck. She seemed to not care one way or the other. I got annoyed and bounced.

      lucid frags

      In my room.

      I am trying to see if I can make a certain part of my dream body bigger.


      I am holding a wooden shotgun. The barrel has twigs. I make a second barrel on the gun.

      Deep Dream State

      I am with Selene on the Green Moon. I start coughing. Raven picks me up in something like an energy net, and takes me to the Healing Glen. The Frost Giant talks to me at length about the nature of sickness of the three main bodies: physical, dream, and astral.

      Joseph said he is going to join us on the Moon, and live at the Tower.

      I get bandaged up, and Selene and I go to my house in BanyanLand, and cuddle in the Great Room. We have a long discussion about the difference between her and Angel, and all my dream lovers, and physical plane lovers.

      I ask her what the nature of love is, she says: Gift, and kisses me passionately.

      I tell he I never want to wake up. I am done with the other world. She smiles and says I have to go back, there is a lot I need to do there.

      (sorry for switching tenses, no time to fix atm)
    5. The Lovely Storm: A lucid dream

      by , 08-15-2010 at 05:40 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am at a party. There are half naked women making out. I find this a little odd, and annoying for some reason. I leave and go outside. I am a futuristic city.

      There are couple dressed oddly making out. One is a huge Samoan man in a green dress, and a little White woman. Air cars fly by... some strange alien creature hops past and grins at me...

      Okay... Am I dreaming?

      I pinch my nose shut, yet I can breathe. I am dreaming.

      Of course I am dreaming! Of course I am dreaming! I fly up into the sky. I am above the ocean. Hmm... what should I do next? Aha! I am going to fly to Angel and visit her in a dream! I fly toward the horizon. There is a beautiful storm cloud about to rain in front of me, lit up by the setting sun. It is amazingly detailed, orange, blue, grey, white, pink... Wait, I am flying west. I should be flying east to her in Florida. Okay...

      I turn around and fly the other way. The storm is in front of me. DOH. This storm is in my way!

      I look up. I see a hole in the sky forming above me. Oh, right, well, nothing between me and the Moon. I'll fly there and see if I can meet Raven. No, not fly. That will take too long. I can teleport. I can teleport! Right. I can teleport to Angel. I close my eyes and think of my girlfriend. I open them.

      I am in bed. Awake. DOH!
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