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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I have had many types of dream-like experiences from hypnogogic and hypnopomic hallucinations (visual and auditory), nightmares, sleep paralysis, false awakenings, lucid dreams, dreams from the mind, dreams from spirit, astral projection, remote viewing, sleep deprivation hallucinations, drug induced closed eye hallucinations, drug induced open eye hallucinations, spirit visions from playing music, visions from listening to music, and visions from chanting.

    Well, I have to tend to my waking life, but I will begin adding entries soon. Some will be dated, but they are from my dream journal that I've been keeping for the past year, and I want to transfer some of the entries here, because some are significant.

    Check out my non-lucid DJ: Nomad's Dreamtime

    Tasks Completed:
    Annual Tasks:
    Visit the Massoleum of Mossolus
    Visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Visit the Great Pyramid
    Visit the Temple of Artemis 8/31/09
    Visit the Statue of Zeus at Olympus 9/9/09
    Visit the Massoleum at Mossolus
    Visit the Collosus of Rhodes


    Monthly Tasks:
    Ask a Dream Character what it feels like to be in a dream
    Make a Tornado
    Make leaves fall off a tree and put them back on 09/09/09
    Scare a DC
    Ask a Ghost How it died

    Powers I have right now:
    Breathing Underwater

    as of September 1st, 2009:

    transform into Pan
    transform into a frog
    walk on water
    create a fireball
    disintegrate people
    bend earth
    bend wood
    super strength

    as of 09/09/09

    summoning rabbits
    summoning locusts
    morphing into a wyrm
    becoming giant
    morphing into a huge tree
    morphing into a mountain
    morphing into a volcano
    creating leaf tornadoes
    creating a locust tornado
    air bending

    Dream Goals:

    Do dream drugs:
    Smoke some dream salvia [ ]
    Eat some dream magic mushrooms [x]
    Smoke some dream cannabis [x]

    Meet my spirit guides:
    Michael [x]
    Koomo [x]
    The Trader, Francois [X]

    Meet a dream guide [x] 8/31 (gnome)
    - The Red Dragon, Zaphor

    Meet my 'aumakua:
    He'e/Kanaoloa [x]
    Pua'a/Kamapua'a [x]
    Pueo [x]

    Psychic abilities:
    Teleportation [x]
    Telekinesis [x]
    Make something big small [x]
    Make something small big [x]
    Walk through Walls [x]

    Superhero abilities:
    Invulnerability [x]
    Super strength [x]

    Alien Contact:
    Grey Alien [x]
    Reptilian [x]
    Martian [ ]

    Earth Conversations:
    Elephant [ ]
    Dophin [ ]
    Merperson [x]

    Places to go:
    A populated planet in the Milky Way Galaxy [ ]
    Macchu Piccu as it was being abandoned [ ]
    Visit Koomo's planet [x]

    Dream Body Changes:
    Transform into a Faun [x] (Pan)
    Switch Genders [X]
    Explode [X]
    Change into a Vapor [x]
    Change into a Water Elemental [x]

    Summon a dragon spirit [x]
    Summon a magic wand [x]
    Summon lightning [x]

    Become a wizard [x]
    Become a summoner [x]
    Become a dark knight [x]
    Become a superhero [x] Ion, Green Lantern
    Become a god [x] Pan, Juargawn

    Create A Dream Home, a living banyan tree [x]
    Create A Dream Temple, where I am worshiped [x]
    Create an army of dream warriors, fantastic creatures [ ]

    DC conversations:
    Ask a DC the name of my dream world [ ]
    Ask a DC what they think about 2012 [x]
    Ask a DC what my Dream Name is [ ]
    Ask a DC what they want most out of life [ ]

    Elemental alterations. ok, bending:
    Bend Earth - cause the ground to spike up [x]
    Bend Water - walk on water [x] 8/31/09
    Bend Fire - engulf myself in flame [x]

    Flying goals:
    Fly in a vertical body position [x]
    Hover [x]

    More Dream Goals:

    Find Zaylon [ ]
    Dream about the next day [ ]
    Become a millionaire [ ]
    Evacuate the negative energy from my house [ ]
    Access the Akashic Records [ ]
    Talk fluently in my sleep [ ]
    Induce lucid sleepwalking [ ]
    Bodysurf with Kaipo in a dream [ ]
    Appear in a dream to my sister as Juargawn [ ]


    Allies of Nomad:

    The Great Dragon - I called to be rescued by the King of Dragons, and met a very feminine dragon, who gave me two of her babies as allies in combat

    golden dragon, Skyfire - an eastern looking dragon. Powers: breathing fire, and lightning

    sky blue dragon, Rainstorm
    - a dragon that looks like a mix of the two. Powers: becoming liquid water.

    Otherme - me from another dimension. He appears shirtless and barefoot in jeans, and has red spikes coming out of him. He gave me budgies which aid in battle.

    - used these to defeat a great dream demon

    - my dream guide appearing as a red dragon floating on a cloud, but I have also have seen him as a huge dragon, and a mech dragon.

    Koomo-A spirit guide, his people are descended from bats

    Michael- An angelic spirit guide

    The Frost Giant He lives in a Cave in the North. He has healing powers. Raven perceives him as a Crystal Golem.

    Users on DV:
    Raven Knight- My lucid dreaming partner. I still don't know what she physically looks like as of this writing. I always see her in white. When I looked at her face intently, her eyes changed colors. Raven is a little smaller than me.

    Man of Shred- I perceived him as green crystal.
    Walms- I perceived him as orange crystal. I fought him. He beat me.
    The Cusp- I perceived him as purple crystal when we were not fighting. I fought him also, and he beat me.
    Mylynes- We fought, and he scared the crap out of me. Quite a dark soul.

    Other People:

    Selene- A lover from past lives, she used to haunt my dreams, until I made peace with her. She is always in white. Sometimes I see stars in her hair. She has dark wavy black hair, and dark brown eyes, and is petite.

    Spike- A lover of Raven Knight, a vampire. He and I were both friends and enemies in past lives. He is always wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. He has blond hair. He has really light blue eyes, and fangs. He has an attitude.

    Basara- A Bard. He's really intense. I feel like I have known him before. His pupils go in spirals. He is a healer.

    The Magistrate
    - This alien led us to meet The Dream Warrior Master. I perceived him to be an alien with a long face and pink skin.

    Hades- The god of The dead, The King of Hollow Earth, brother of Pan. I perceived him as a stone man, with a stone crown and then, an ancient man with a white beard, and a golden crown

    Morpheus - The god of Dreams (who may also be Pan) I perceive him to have many appearances.

    The Dream Warrior Master, Gawn - Pan, Noah, The Devil, The Great Progenitor. I perceive him as The Devil because I am a fool, apparently.

    Q- This powerful being creates training scenarios and training grounds for us. He is Raven Knight's spirit guide. I have only seen him once. She perceives him as Q from Star Trek. When I saw him, he was sitting in a cloud in lotus wearing red and gold, with shoulder pieces on his clothes, and a large hat.

    Cerberus/Sphinx - Solve the riddle of the Sphinx to access the Underworld/Hollow Earth

    Joseph formerly Tooth- a young boy that was a Nightstalker.

    Samuel/Sornax- He was my dog.

    Jose- A gardener of sentient plants.

    Chronos- the god of time.


    From Selene:
    -energy belt: this forms a force field around me when I press the button on the buckle
    -energy gloves: this makes my punches more powerful. I can extend these out to grab enemies
    -energy boots: I can use these to walk on walls and ceilings, also they increase grip on the ground, and have rocket boosters

    From Michael: a holy winged helmet. the helmet is a silvery blue in color, with pale gold angel wings. It hums and vibrates when fighting unholy beasts, but I don't fully understand its power yet

    From Koomo: a pair of bat wings to increase my flying agility

    From the Great Dragon:
    two baby dragons to aid me in battle

    From Otherme: cute budgies which form a giant sky blue sword

    From Zaphor
    : secret magic knowledge

    From the god of the Forge, Vulcan: True Sight Goggles, which I can see the true nature of entities beyond illusion. I altered these goggles to make them ocular implants.

    From The Borg: a disk in my head with which to access the calm of the Collective

    From Raven Knight: The witchblade, armor that forms over me, and a blade with gems in it.

    From Man of Shred- Selenite, which increases telepathic ability

    From The Atom: atomic belt and atomic disk, which I use to shrink to the size of an atom

    From the Ancient Egyptians: shards of a heart crystal which synchs up my heart and mind

    From a master Remote Viewer: an infinity watch to travel through time with

    From Hawkman: The Axe of Ages to decapitate Templars with

    Fly pods- I have a small pod on each shoulder full of swarms of flies which automatically open fly in the face of remote viewers. Centipede disk- I have a disk on my chest that silver centipedes swarm out of, and cover my body in case of a swarm attack. They also crawl in my dream body and remove parasites.

    Skills learned from Raven Knight:
    teleportation, creating portals, summoning weapons

    I am a shapeshifter.


    Nomad Form
    In this form, I am a bedouin

    Juargawn Forms
    - cheesy king lion-man
    - purple winged jaguar cub
    - black winged lion
    - god of Nothing
    - Sorceror lion
    - various big cats

    Gargoyle - a light blue gargoyle with a dragon face

    Dark Knight - a Dark Knight with spiky armor, and a huge sword

    Green Lantern - I had every color of ring on me, creating a wormhole as I flew threw it

    The great god Pan. Sometimes I have a human face, sometimes a goat face, sometimes ram horns, sometimes goat horns
    -Faun - a person with goat legs, not

    -Lava Minotaur

    -Timelyst Knight, Lord of Night

    - Soulkyst, Vampire Supreme

    -Chimera Supreme

    -Fear Form

    -Dark Knightmare

    Other forms
    -rubber ball
    -water elemental
    -Katch creature
    -stone golem

    You are in reality. All is real. Everything you see is real. Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing. Existence is infinite. You are infinitely less and infinitely more than a speck in the sea of existence. We are connected to everything because of existence. Separation of self is an idea for survival, but we are incessantly united. Everything is the same. Nothing is real. The Void is a real place, which doesn't exist, never has existed, and never will. The Void is within and without you. Foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is for fools. The merry at heart are righteous, the sad are blameless, the angry ones pity, and the evil ones destroy themselves out of necessity.

    None of this is true,
    but you understand the meaning.
    Deep goes the tunnel
    for the one truly dreaming.
    Close your eyes now,
    and you can see what you are seeing.
    Open your heart,
    because that's what does believing.
    Your mind is a tool,
    but it's deception is convincing.
    Create the world you want,
    then be open to receiving.
    Nothing is coming,
    and everything is leaving.
    Inhale nothing to
    know that you are dreaming.
    Inhale nothing to know
    that you are dreaming.


    1. The Epic Shit of the Ages (morning of 10/24)

      by , 10-26-2013 at 02:49 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I leap out of my physical body in werelion form. There are a circle of Dark Templar wraith surrounding me with glowing red eyes. They say something about wanting to talk, I respond with a mighty roar, grabbing the nearest Templar, and ripping his head off. I drop the body, and smash the head into the skull of the nearest living Templar. I cast a shield of protection over sleeping Winter and a battle ensues. I hear a sound like the ripping open of a mountain, and I see a tear in the fabric of time and space above me, and a portal forms. Raven flies out riding a black winged jaguar. She has two spiraling horns growing out of her head, and she is wielding a black staff with a wooden raven carved on the top. She roars like a lion, lifting her staff to the sky, and a thunderstorm spirals out of the staff. Lightning strikes her staff, and charges it. Raven multiplies into 256 copies of herself and flies around the battlefield attacking the Templars with lightning. Her laughter echoes off the mountains. I run with the speed of electrons ripping limbs off of our enemies.
      I hear another strange sound, like an earthquake, and I see Winter rise up, floating in a vertical position, eyes closed. Fairy wings sprout from her back, her eyes pop open and two white light beams shoot out. She grins deviously and says, "I'm a Dark Fairy!" She spins a white staff around, and slams it on the ground. Her pale skin becomes a dark violet, and her irises turn red. She flies madly through the battle, blowing icy bubbles which trap the Templars, and then shrink, crushing them into gooey messes of blood and ectoplasm.
      I then hear a rumble, like a sleeping dragon growling. A mountain moves, no, its a great green dragon. "MoSh?"
      "Hello brother. Long time no see."
      "Looks like you need help."
      The Templars attack MoSh, crawling over him like army ants. He roars in anger. I transform into a swarm of flying were-ants, and rip them limb from limb.
      The Templars form into a giant wraith, and I continue my swarm attack. MoSh breathes green acid on the creature, melting his armor, Raven shoots lightning at his eyeballs, and the red orbs fall out of his head, and go out. Winter freezes his hands, and they crumble and fall apart. Then a big cat paw comes out of the sky, smashing him like a housecat killing a mouse. Tigress?
      "Size is relative," she smiles from the sky.
      The battle is over.
      A cute litte fox runs to us, and drops strange red gems at our feet. "I stole these from the Templar demons!" he grins.
      "Pablo? Thank you, friend!"
      "Hmm... We should have these analyzed before we do anything with these," says Raven, putting the gems into glass jars.
      "Wow," I say. "Raven, is this real?"
      "Of course!" she laughs. I yawn, and everything fades to white.
    2. mourning on Kulkulkan

      by , 07-26-2012 at 06:44 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am at Kulkulkan, weeping, sitting at the top of the pyramid.

      Raven flies down and asks me what's wrong.

      FUCK 2012. Everything's falling apart. I hate my waking life. I just want to live here forever.

      Raven says nothing, but sends healing energy to me. I stop crying, and stand up and give her a hug.

      I miss you, I miss MoSh... I am so frustrated with my broken body in Wakeworld.

      But, we're here now, Nomad. Come.

      Raven opens a portal to the Healing Glen, and we step through. We are in a lovely glen in a deciduous/pine forest in late winter. The Frost Giant steps through, parting trees like cane stalks.

      "The winter is almost past, brother. Spring is coming soon."

      I collapse on the grass in exhaustion. MoSh, Tigress, and Pablo appear, and I feel them healing me as tears silently pour out of my closed eyes. I hear music... Bakara... everyone is playing music. I get up, and we take turns healing each other.

      We walk back to the Frost Giant's Cave. Joseph is there. He is now a young teenage boy, about 15. He smiles at me, and turns into a giant eagle. I applaud and laugh. He turns back into a boy, and suddenly bursts into tears. "Thank you for rescuing me from the nightstalker demon." He grabs Raven and I and hugs us tightly.

      "Everyone, come by the fire, I made some stew," says the Frost Giant. "We will reforge ancient bonds as we share food, drink, and stories."

      (to be continued when my hands don't hurt.)
    3. The Temple of Kaos (abridged)

      by , 06-19-2012 at 07:34 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am with Mosh and Raven on the Moon, in the Biodome on the Moon.


      I appear near the koi pond. Raven is staring at the fish. She is very sad. I alter my aura, and heal myself, then I send her healing blue-gold energy. She looks up at me, and smiles.

      I walk to her, and give her a hug. Mosh tumbles out of a portal, and dusts himself off. The three of us group hug, then hold hands without saying anything.

      We link telepathically.

      One thing we have in common, is how much pain and sorrow we've been through... are going through, the three of us.

      I am going to come here, when my physical body dies, I am going to come here AND LIVE FOREVER ON THE GREEN MOON!


      A portal opens. Selene and Eris step out. We go through the portal, and are on some strange mountaintop on another planet.

      We follow a path of funny floating stones to a white Greek temple, the Temple of Kaos.

      Eris smiles, and grabs my hand leading me to the Temple. There are great white pillars, with birds and bats circling the pillars which are eating insects which are eating bacteria which are are...

      fuck! fractal hole!

      Eris laughs at me, and we enter.

      Dominating the center is a huge three dimensional chaosphere, hundreds of feet in diameter, floating above a pedestal, and slowly spinning.

      One of the arrows shoots into my third eye, and I scream madly. I feel so much pain, pleasure, terror, delight, and pure fucking insanity.


      I am in a candlelit sidechamber with lovely braziers, incense burners, flowers, and big pillows, mattresses, and sheer curtains everywhere. Selene and Eris grin mischievously, and push me down on a bed. "We are all goddesses and gods," I hear them say in my head.

      Smoke swirls into a vortex above us. Gold dust floats through the air. I smell incense, roses, and the smell of earthly women. I turn and look at a pillow. I see extreme detail in the texture, even slightly imperfect seams.

      I look into the eyes of my goddesses, and I see such amazing detail in their eyes. Eris with violet eyes, and blue-black hair, Selene her big black eyes, and snow white hair, her little pointed nose, small pouty mouth that I know so well.

      "Yes, everything is real, Nomad," Selene whispers in my ear.

      "I am... real," Eris giggles and she kisses my ear.


      "Not this time, Love, your own DMT," Selene tells me telepathically, and she unbuttons my shirt. "You are dreaming. Dreaming a Real Dream. This is beyond the Dream Plane. You are PHYSICALLY INCARNATE in THIS Dimension, and WE are GOING to FUCK!"

      With that, she grabs my manhood, and she feels 100% real.

      "YES! I LOVE YOU!" I sit up, and wrap myself around Selene, and kiss her passionately as I grab Eris, and pull her close. The three of us kiss, then I just kiss Eris, and I feel as if I just 8 the Apple of Discord.

      "You are the Prettiest One, and You are," I say to Eris, then Selene.

      "You are the Man in the Moon, and I love you so," Selene giggles as we make love.

      "You are now a High Priest unto Kaos, and forever will you lick my vesica pisces," Eris laughs. "Or a Low Priest, fucker... yes... lower."

      "Wherever the fuck this dimension is, I am coming HERE when I die!"

      "Your will is divine, my lord," Selene grins and she kneels.

      "I AM GOD!"

      "You're the God of Nothing!" Eris giggles and she pushes me down and kisses my neck.


    4. LOLTemplars: Pyramid Dream

      by , 08-09-2011 at 05:19 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am at the Temple of Nothing. I am big dwarf with white skin and dark red hair wearing iron armor. I survey the scene from the landing pad. There are portals all around. Hundreds of dreamers are pouring into the city. Some of Moon Orcs fuck with them as they tumble in, asking them for license and registration, or attacking or hugging them when they arrive.

      Suddenly, a small army of remote viewers arrive riding on hoverscooters. They tell me not to move, then shoot lasers at me. Shields up! I fly off the temple, slicing through the fabric of time and space with my great axe, and leap into it pulling the remote viewers with me into a White Void. There we battle. I feel like Neo, invincible. Then, I realize they are all just puppets of...? They disappear.

      I am back at the pyramid (The Temple of Nothing.) I feel strange. I cough up dark energy. My symbiote leaps off my back rolling around, a shapeless blob, eating it up. Raven hands me a glass of pomegranate juice. MoSh is standing next to me. He looks like a Druid with glasses. He says some ancient incantation, and sacred geometry flies out of his palms, and creates and energy matrix around the City.

      missing time

      Atras rides up on winged indigo wolf. "You like my dragon?" he asks me.
      "Well... it looks more like a..." The beast transforms to a little dragon, and grins at me. "Oh! A shapeshifting steed!" He flies off.
    5. Prepare ye the way, bitches!

      by , 07-20-2011 at 03:07 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am walking in the cold woods of North America, dropping petals on the ground.

      MoSh is waking behind me in a green and white robe. "YO LISTEN UP. PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD BITCHES."

      We walk to a slope in the woods near a dirt road. People gather around to listen.


      "Yes, it is as you say. Thank you for the weird introduction, Nomad the Baptist. I have something to tell you people. You are all dreaming. Beyond that, you are dreaming still. You are in fact, always dreaming, always eternal, so I know you may be going through a hard time right now, as many of us are, but it's just a passing nightmare. Also, love is the most important things."

      MoSh opens his hands, and a bunch of baby dinosaurs with wings carrying flowers fly out of him. They nestle in people's arms. It's cute, yet creepy.

      MoSh and I look at each other, and just laugh our asses off.
      Tags: lol-jesus, mosh
    6. Montulu in Nowhere

      by , 07-19-2011 at 06:26 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      I am Montulu, the Great Destroyer of Nothing. I am a giant monster inside my Temple of Nothing on the Green Moon. I grow a beacon out of my head, a beautiful green and gold light. “I AM THE GREAT MONTULU, DESTROYER OF NOTHING. I SUMMON THEE!”
      I shoot a dark energy beam to earth to draw dreamers to me.
      I see many. I morph into Juargawn, my cat beast self, and am a little angelic and demonic. Atras waves his arms and runs to me. “Hey man. I think I did it? Did I? Is this real? Is this a dream?”
      “What do you think?”
      “Well everything looks real,” he says doing a nose pinch RC.
      “No... wait- I am dreaming. What are you doing in my dream? Is this a shared dream? Is this your dream? Are we in Mexico? Are you an alien? Why do all the people look like animals and aliens and superheroes? Why does that guy look like a talking plant? I am so confused! What is going on? This is amazing! Am a dreaming?” he says looking at his hands. He skin begins to change to a sky blue. “Oh my god!” he disappears.
      Windhover appears standing next to me. We are leaning on staffs looking out at all the people. She is wearing a thick white robe with light green on the inside. She has a white wooden staff with leaves growing out of it. She seems tall and very ancient, like an elf queen that has lived for thousands of years, and has very slow emotional changes.
      “How long do you think it will take, until we realize we are always dreaming, Nomad?”
      “Lifetimes, probably, but at that point, we’ll finally have evolved into full awareness of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and we can exist in all five simultaneously in complete harmony.”
      “Hm.. that makes sense.”
      She suddenly morphs into a tall woman that looks half Asian and half white wearing a business suit. She sits down at a desk and starts drawing. I create some holograms which dance across the desk. “What is that?” I ask.
      “Oh, it’s my visual DJ. I keep this in my dreams to help me remember things I want to draw.”
      “What’s this?” she asks, referring to the holograms.
      “That’s me, that’s MoSh, that’s Raven, that’s you, that’s Xaphor.... look...”
      She looks at the holograms and claps her hands.
      “How silly and amusing!”
      “Oh, pardon me, I said that in Korean, and yet... I perceive you understood me?”
      “That is how things work in dreams. I am allied with an entity that translates all languages. I take the Babelfish from my ear, and it morphs into a fairy. She divides herself in two, one green, and one red. The red one flies to Windhover, and flies around her head.
      “Hello, Fairy! I am waking up. Bye Nomad!”
      I bow to her as she fades.
      Raven flies down on a broom. “Hey Nomad? What are you doing? I was at Hogwarts. My students, some of them have greatly accelerated and are teaching me things. They have learned how to dimensional travel.”
      “That is amazing.”
      “Oh, I went to Denn, kicked some orc ass, then I told them, hey, be cool, why don’t we have some brownies and red wine with the humans and such. I infected them with a love virus. It was awesome.”
      We high five and laugh.
      “So is this shared dream project thing... oh, look at all the dreamers!”
      There are many people below running around like ants. Some are building things, some are battling.
      “Hey, you!” I shout. “All of you!” They look up at me. “You are all dreaming!”
      Most of them do RC’s, and a lot of them wake up. A few of them run up the pyramid. I see Loaf standing in the corner looking up at the sky in silence.
      Atras runs up the pyramid, and speaks to me out of breath.
      “Oh my God, Nomad, I did the go back to bed thing. I re-entered. Did I remember the dream though?”
      “I don’t know. Did you write it down?”
      “No? I don’t know.” Atras smacks his head.
      ‘Why don’t you relax and enjoy the dream?”
      Atras sits down and looks at the dreamscape. Flying cars and flying saucers flit about over the jungle canopy as the sun sets on the City of Nowhere.
      “It is pretty amazing,” Atras says.
      I smile and walk to Loaf. “I like this world. The other wold sucks. It’s a piece of shit.”
      “I know how you feel,” I say.
      Raven stands next to us, and we silently share healing energy as the sun goes down, and the earth rises.
    7. epic night of epic epicness

      by , 07-05-2011 at 07:21 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I float up out of my bed, and transform into Ganesh. Six arms grow out of my sides, and my face becomes lion and elephant as I grow a mane. I trumpet and roar. All the demons surrounding my bed bow to me. My fur turns panther black, and my eyes turn red. The demons toss plumeria flowers, the flowers of the dead, to me.
      I float outside to the door, where my spaceship, Future’s Hope is waiting for me. My glistening silvery ship. I step in, and the AI is playing some epic rock... Something like Pyramid Song from Radiohead. No, this is the song.
      DJ Hope, the AI of my ship asks me where I’d like to go tonight. I sit down in the pilot’s seat, and place large goggles over my face. I feel part of my energy split off... My astral body separates from my dream body, and ....

      Astral Plane
      My astral body floats through the side of the ship. I become aware of astral demons around me. They look like metal androids with many bladed arms. I mindfuck them, and bend them to my will. Now, you are my bodyguards, boys. Form a phalanx!
      The scene changes. There is a house in front of me with reddish purple paint with white trim.
      “Someone in here wants a nightmare,” I smile to the demons. They nod. There are angels in the area, looking suspiciously at the demons. I communicate with the head angel telepathically. He scans me to decipher what kind of being I am. “A dreamer? Just what kind of human are you?”
      “I am a dreamer, dear, but I am not human.” The angel nods, and lets me pass, giving me a scrutinizing gaze. I just smirk as I morph into a shadowy thing. I crouch at the foot of the bed. “Wake up... wake up... heh hehe...”
      For some reason, he is asleep. Ah, he is dreaming, and I am calling him to the astral plane. No matter, this is also a dream. I rumble like distant thunder. The young man stirs and sits up in bed, stretching. I slowly rise. He looks at me, and freezes. His mouth moves silently.
      “Speak, boy,” I rumble.
      “Who... what... are you?”
      “I’m from the Moon! And you are dreaming!”
      “No I am not! You are a demon! or a ghost? This is real!”
      “No, you are in the astral plane, see.... uh...”
      “Yes! I mean no!” I roar again, and the young man turns and creates a portal with his third eye. He doesn’t realize he did it. He turns to me, then turns back to the portal. Something like a tentacle or rope comes out of it, and he grabs on.
      “This dream sucks! I’m out!” The thing pulls him into the portal and it closes. I walk back outside, and the angel rolls his eyes.
      One of the astral demons says, “how’d it go?”
      I smack him, and he flies across the yard into a tree.
      “Now I am going to the Moon, bitches! Oh wait... I feel more nightmares are wanted. Hmm... First, I need to set up my dream running portals.... Yes, Sarnox will want to come, Jo, and Koomo... guess he’s busy on his home planet.”

      I portal to the Moon, and join my dream body.

      Dream Plane Dream
      Alright, baby, Take me to the MOON!”
      “Yes Master.”
      “I love it when you say that.”
      “Ugh, you have such a big ego.” I feel my ship roll her eyes.

      We fly to the Temple of Nothing in the City of Nowhere in the Land of Nod on the Green Moon. She alights on the landing pad. There are two jaguars, a light one and a dark one, portrayed doing battle on the landing pad. Guargawn, my stand-in when I get bored of being a god, greets me, along with Sarnox, my Druid High Priest. “Wassup, god, wassup dog!”
      We laugh and catch up on events.
      “Well, the life here has gone completely apeshit, growing everywhere... remember that Juan guy with is sentient plants. Well, these creatures worship me now. I am trying to help them evolve to a level where they quit worshiping me. Let me show you my lab.”
      We walk into the temple and into a room that Guargawn built. He has different plants in enclosures for study. “Hm, you should meet Washu and Janet.”
      “Oh, we have been working together on this project. Who else is going to study dream flora and fauna? You? You bilocate too much, plus you remember only 2 to 5% of your dreams on a good night.”
      “Most people it’s less than that. Anyway, we’ll come back to these later. I sense you have a lot on your agenda for tonight.”
      “Some dream running, and some rock and roll.”
      “Shit! Look at you!” Guargawn reaches into my dream body and pulls out a pink parasite. “Goddammit, Nomad!” he says, squashing it. “How the hell are you Juargawn, Lord of Nothing, when you can’t even control parasites?”
      “Well my silver centipedes...”
      “Fuck you silver centipedes, nigga! Some woman put a hook in you. Seal the wound. Pay attention! Look!”
      I see a strange hole in my dream body which I cauterize with violet flame.
      “Yeah, and I got sick in Wakeworld from those damn bugs.”
      “And it’s not the first time.”
      “You are right, brother.”
      “Keep your shields up. We are being attacked on all fronts by all manner of creatures. You think sentient creatures are the only threat? Yet microscopic mindless creatures slaughter us relentlessly.”
      I nod. I walk slowly out to the landing pad. I am amazed at the view. I sit down, and meditate. I realize that I am now a rakshasa, a lion-man. I form a golden aura around me, and seal it with blue light. I create colored orbs to move through my dream body, and cleanse myself. I sense Raven needs my help in the Healing Glen. I portal to her.
      She is just waking up in the Glen. We are suddenly under attack by silvery flying disks. They are shooting orange lasers at us. One hits me, and burns a hole in my side. I ignore it, and heal the wound. The Frost Giant appears, and forms an energy shield dome over us. He hits an unseen button on an unseen belt, and armor comes out of nowhere and attaches to him.
      “I thought this was sacred ground!”
      “It is,” says the Frost Giant. “But, they don’t give a shit.”
      Raven stand up, and changes.... She becomes taller, and her face changes shape, elongating to look like an elf or a female Grey. She is wearing a long black dress, and has two white horns spiraling to the sky. She grows to the size of a skyscraper. “I am Raven White, Queen of the Moon, and you have profaned this Hallowed Ground. I channel power you know not of!”
      Raven begins to glow brighter and brighter, and I feel something like a tiny sun in the core of her being. The alien ships swarm around her. She laughs and bats them away. She roars, and pure white light beams shoot out of her body, vaporizing all the ships around her. The Frost Giant is running across the landscape, grabbing ships out of the sky, and smashing them in his palms. Joseph has multiplied himself into an army of giant eagles. He smashes the ships in his talons, and rips the aliens from their ships. They look like... children?
      For a second, even the Frost Giant is deceived.
      “All illusion! Illusion of Nevergawn!”
      I smack my head, trying to get my True Sight Ocular Implants to work... Just had to turn them on. I whip out my didjeridoo, and send out a frequency to destroy the transmission of the child holograms from their hologram projectors. I see they are not aliens, but Moon Orcs riding around on strange dog-pterodactyl creatures. Suddenly we are in the Danger Room.
      “Guardians: ONE! Moon Orcs: ZERO!”
      Raven takes off a VR helmet along with MoSh, Joseph, and I.
      “MoSh, you were the Frost Giant?”
      “You asked me to, don’t you remember, Nomad?” he smiles at me flirtatiously. I feel uncomfortable for the first time in this dream. “Hey, let’s have a drink.’
      We walk into a casino, the three of us. Raven surveys the scene casually. We sit at the bar, and are served strange drinks with things moving in them. “He doesn’t remember,” Raven says.
      “We are all lovers, or were, at one time,” MoSh smiles at me.
      “Uh... I feel weird.”
      “Just drink.”
      I drink, and memories come flooding back to me, but these are not my memories, these are the memories of a different Nomad, from a different universe.
      “Okay... so, I and Raven are together, and you and Raven are together, but you and I used to be together?”
      “Yes,” says MoSh.
      “Oh, gross!”
      He rolls his eyes. “Parallel universe, hello?”
      “Right. But, what happened to the other Nomad?”
      “He’s dead,” Raven White says flatly.
      “So, you can keep dreaming with him, right?”
      She looks at me and laughs. “This is no dream, baby. You’re in Wakeworld.”
      “HOLY SHIT!”
      I am so shocked by this, I wake up. I am in my bedchambers in my temple on the Moon. I am sleeping with three women in my bed. I float up so as not to disturb them, and stretch. I walk out to the landing pad. Selene joins me. I feel her caress on my arm.
      “Baby, is this real?”
      “This is real, this is dream. We are on the dream plane.”
      “Are we in a simulation?”
      I turn to her, and look into her eyes, her beautiful dark dark eyes, dark as night. I realize she is an alien, and so am I.... We all are, and I am okay with that. We kiss. I feel like we haven’t kissed for years. Maybe it has been years on the Dream Plane?
      “Selene, I want to know what happened when you were kidnaped.”
      “I wanted to see what would happen if I let them kidnap me.”
      “Why did you do that?”
      “I was curious to the depths of their evil?”
      “What happened?”
      “They tried to rape me.”
      “What did you do?”
      “I dream-killed them.”
      “Good. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do this?”
      “You wouldn’t have let me go.”
      I walk around in a circle on all fours, and fall asleep, with Selene leaning on me.


      I am back in the Fucking Concrete Underground Future, and my life is Hell. I am on the astral plane, and I am in the room where my Physical Body, my Real Body is. I see my lion-goat-centaur body twitch in the fluid in the cylinder. An alarm goes off.
      “Shit he’s waking up! FUCK FUCK FUCK! Send him some sedatives! Slowly...”
      I hear a scientist say. Maybe I should not be here. If I wake up here... I am dead in the past. I begin to float out of the room, when I am jerked into my Real Body. I feel like I am going to suffocate. What the hell is going on? I can breathe! I am blind. I see colored lights in front of my eyes. FUCK THIS MASK. Who is trying to brainwash me? I rip the mask off, and see a bunch of scientists running around through green fluid. One of them with a turkey like head turns to me, and we make eye contact. I scream into the air piece. I feel a strange calm as the drugs take effect. I float out of my Real Body, and back to the floor. One of the psychic scientists looks at me. “It’s not a good idea for you to be here, friend,” he says to me warmly. I nod, and create a portal back to the Moon.

      I wake up in the Healing Glen. MoSh is there. “Let’s rock!” he says.

      “Doh! I am about to wake up. Next dream!” I say.
      He nods, and everything fades to white.
    8. MoSh and I in an Intergalactic Casino

      by , 06-09-2011 at 05:49 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am chilling with MoSh in his Inner World house... or is it? I feel like we are somewhere else, though everything looks the same. We play a computer gambling game. We start to win, and get sucked into a casino.

      We win a bunch of tokens on a slot machine, and dinosaur bouncers say we are cheating. They say, “YOU CAN’T GAME THE MATRIX, BITCHES.”

      I say, “Fuck you. This is my dream.” I slam my fist into the bouncer’s chest. OW! He laughs.

      He grabs me, but, I squirm away. “Dude, grab the dough!” I shout at MoSh. He grabs the tokens which turn into some raw dough. I am confused. We run down a hall and down some stairs. MoSh says the dough is heavy and hands me half. I trip, and scrape my body on grip tape at the bottom of the stairs. I try to use the dough to cushion my fall. I slide across the grip tape, getting severe abrasions.

      I say, “This is a dream!” and I turn and face our attackers. MoSh is next to me. He’s a growling wolfcat thing. We are both Shadow Beast Selves. The dinosaur bouncers come barrelling down the stairs at us. They are consumed with dark energy. As they charge us, we sidestep them, and they smash themselves into a wall. We grab them by their tails, and spin them around, then cast them into portals.

      We are tired and hungry.

      “Dude, I could use a beer.”

      “Me too. Nexus?”

      “Sounds good.”

      MoSh and I get in my spaceship to Club Nexus and have a couple beers. Some weird alien chicks hit on us. MoSh makes out with a hot catwoman with white fur and red stripes.
      Tags: club, gambling, mosh, nexus
    9. Metal Monsters

      by , 04-03-2011 at 10:05 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      ( a few nights ago)

      MoSh and I are metal monsters with lots of teeth. We are battling each other, training, on Teraluna.

      We smash our bodies into each other.

      We are brothers
      We are Others
      We walk the walls of madness
      we know love, and we know sadness

      we wander through ancient lands
      reclaim the weapons of our ancient hands

      "Now forth to battle!" Mosh-dragon says.

      We fly to war. Our enemies have all kinds of technology, but we are made of pure steel. Fuck them.

      We are in a huge battle. One side is planes, tanks, helicopters. The other is creatures of myth and legend.

      I multiply myself, and roar, "WE ARE NOTHING!"

      Black holes appear in my chests, and my allies toss our enemies into my chest portals.

      I go back into one.

      We cheer. I pass out on the battlefield.

      Mosh: WTF

      Me: I'm tired.
    10. Cyborg Armor

      by , 02-11-2011 at 09:58 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I leap out of bed. Enemies are surrounding me in a circle. Cyborg astral demons. “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR, SHIT, FUCKERS!”

      We all attack simultaneously. I stop time. I shoot astral tentacles at them, and rip their evil cyborg hearts out, and pull their armor and weapons on to me. I let go of time. The lasers bounce off my new cyborg armor. I look out the window. It’s a lush jungle. Where the fuck am I?

      Holy shit. I am on the Moon, in the City of Nowhere. Fuck this mayor shit. Here I am King and God. I fly though the roof of the pyramid I am in, and hover above the city.

      Citizens and denizens of Nowhere, I now proclaim myself King of Nowhere, as I am God of Nothing, makes sense right... haha.

      Something tackles me into a portal. I battle with this creature, a croc-man. Soulgawn? Father? NO! He slams his fist into my jaw, breaking it. Your uncle, his evil twin, nephew. He bites down on my neck in face. I scream in terror, then I transform into a swarm of flesh eating beetles and crawl into his gut, eating him from the inside out. He roars in pain, and rips me from his stomach, flinging me into another portal.


      I heal myself, and Pixy heals me in the strange dark wormhole, before I land at MoSh’s house. No, it’s my house. MoSh is crying uncontrollably. I am stunned.

      He looks up at me. “It’s Asuka, she’s dead.”

      He looks so real. Suddenly, the dream is torn. I see Xaphor’s face. ‘NONE OF THIS IS REAL!”
      We are in a war zone in a city. Xaphor grabs my wrist and teleports us to a high bell tower. We have to keep going up and out, he says. He lines up about fifteen portals.

      “Now, keep track of my energy. Summon Jo. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

      I summon my astral pet, Jo. He becomes a giant war pig with armor, and machine guns on his tusks, and rockets on his side. “Hold on,” Jo growls.

      Xaphor turns quickly and blasts green goo at the oncoming enemies. We fly through many portals, and many dreams. We land on the Moon... no we are on the Moon? I am blind! Images?

      I can see! Xaphor rips off a virtual reality helmet and smashes it. “Interesting invention, but it got infected. I told you not to fuck around with VR in a dream, Nomad. It’s too confusing. Let’s go find MoSh.

      We go to BanyanLand. MoSh and Asuka are there, but wait he’s with Selene? No. None of them are real. Xaphor scans me. “Dammit, you have bugs infesting your dream body projecting illusions in front of you. Hold on. Xaphor turns into a ladybug like creature, and runs around in my dream body, eating all the bugs.”

      Now I can really see!

      I teleport to MoSh. We are in BanYanLand high up in a tree room. He is cooking breakfast. Selene and Asuka are sitting there. There are two children playing. Raven is outside talking to Basara and Link.

      “Everything okay?” I ask.

      ‘Yeah,” MoSh says, “I think so.” He serves us breakfast. I see everyone in the room as different flaws in their auras. We eat. Everyone’s energy improves. Asuka gives everyone cookies and ice cream.

      I suggest relaxing and enjoying the view instead of going to the healing glen. I trust the ambient energy of the nature will heal us. Raven starts humming quietly. We all hum and sing. It’s sounds beautiful. I realize Basara is somehow leading us.

      I go to sleep.