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    Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World

    Hi everyone!!!
    Welcome to my Dream Journal which was started on 7/7/11. Here I will post any dreams that I have and pictures to go with them! I have been having a lot of lucid dreams lately so stay tuned!

    Don't be surprised if owls tend to pop into my dreams alot.

    Want to read my goals and achievements? Go here:
    Goals and Achievements

    1. Up, Up, and away...

      by , 06-16-2013 at 04:50 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Lucid, but still stupid!-para.jpg

      Advanced Task ii - Find an ocean and go parasailing.

      I was attempting to V-WILD when everything started to spin. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster! It felt like my body floated up to my ceiling and then was crashing down into my bed. This went on for a few minutes when it finally stopped and I found myself climbing a tree. I didn't even realize I was climbing a tree until a branch cracked and I fell to the bottom. Ow..I definitely felt pain.

      It took me a moment, but I realized I must be dreaming. I remembered trying to V-WILD, the spinning, and I somehow ended up here. I did a reality check and confirmed that I was dreaming. I looked around and saw an array of pine trees spreading in every direction I looked. My goal was to go parasailing and that's what I was going to do! I assumed I was on an island and expected if I kept walking I would run into the ocean.

      Sure enough, a couple minutes later I saw a small, dirt beach with the waves crashing against it. The ocean was not a natural color. It was a BRIGHT, bright Turquoise/Cyan. I saw a couple boats floating about and teleported to one. The driver fell out of his chair and looked at me like: xD

      "Let's go parasailing!" I said

      The driver pulled out a parasail and hooked everything up. It could fit two people but none of the other two passengers wanted to come. I sat down and strapped myself in. Then the boat just went full speed and I shot into the air. You know that feeling when you're in an airplane with the engine running loudly and then it becomes a little quieter and you have a sudden feeling you are going to fall? That's exactly how I felt strapped into the parasail. It somehow managed to stay flying and the wind was rushing in my face.

      I kept rising higher and higher. The boat looked like an ant to me and as I looked up I could see a puffy cloud about a foot away from my face. I reached out to touch it and it was surprisingly warm. Someone touches my shoulder and I quickly look to the left to see fucking Edward Scissorhands grinning at me. My dreams sometimes... He bends over and slashes the rope tying us to the boat. The parasail stops going forwards and starts to rise up like a balloon!

      We rise into space and by the moon I can see Saturn. I tell Edward to get us over there and he somehow steers the parasail (if you can even call it that anymore ) to the rings. Basically we start go-karting on the rings of Saturn xD.

      Anywho, the dream goes on for quit a while after this but I don't feel like typing it all up. Quick summary: we end up finding life on Saturn (even though it's a gas giant in real life, it wasn't in my dream), turn into wizards, and use magic to add more life on Saturn. We create a forest and basically build a whole bunch of homes up in the trees where the people of Saturn could live and that's about it!

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    2. TOTM March 2012 Master of the Bow and Arrow

      by , 03-15-2012 at 01:44 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Thoughts and Comments
      Non Lucid

      Basic Task Complete! Let your shadow detach from your body and chase it.
      Advanced Task Complete! Pick your favorite book and enter into one of the chapters and experience it.

      Trying to update this more. I like writing my dreams so people can see that you can get lucid often if you work for it and it is worth it! I got on amazing lucid adventures almost every night and really like typing them up. Anyway, I got up around 1:30 AM to WILD, became lucid in a coffee shop.

      I was sitting in a small coffee shop holding a steamy cup of coffee. In the coffee, there was a bright blue twist straw poking out of the cup. The cafe had a very nice, warm feel to it. I noticed the employees running around looking busy, even though I was the only customer. There was about six small tables throughout the coffee shop. It had a bunch of art on the walls. I noticed all of the artwork had a 'water theme' to it.

      I remembered to do the Task of the Month. I looked on the ground to see if my shadow was there. It wasn't. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and expected it to be there when I opened them. It was, but a little deformed. I summoned a Harry Potter wand and shot life from the wand into the shadow. I could see the shadow vibrating a bit and then it shot off! I jumped on it and literally rode it out of the shop! I glanced back and noticed a look of HORROR on one of the employees faces. ROFL! The shadow flew up into the air and I almost fell off of it. We were about to go through a cloud but I commanded it to turn solid. The shadow hit the cloud and started to fall. I quickly let go and flew before I fell with it. I followed the shadow down to the ground and it was just laying still. I think my shadow passed out! I touched it and attached it back into my body.

      Now it was time to do the Advanced Task. Enter one of my favorite books...The Hunger Games. I grabbed the air and ripped it open creating a portal. I visualized on the other side I would be sitting in the Hunger Games arena in a forest area. I stopped through and that's where I was! All the trees around me had colorful fall leaves. I looked on the ground and found a bow and arrows. I knew other players would be chasing after me so I quickly hopped into a tree and started climbing. When I got to the top, I could see a little dome around the entire arena. The trees were close together I started to silently hop from one tree to another. I heard someone below me and I scaled down the tree silently. I sat on a branch and saw a blonde-haired girl walking through the forest. She looked like she was gathering food. I could feel the presence of a camera on me. I pulled back the arrow and aimed. I charged magic into it that would make her instantly evaporate once shot.

      I shot. It hit her right after she spotted me. Right between the eyebrows. She evaporated and blue dust flew into the air. Then I heard someone right above me. I quickly looked up and everything became black.

      I wish the dream lasted longer! I was planning to blow up a person's base by shooting an arrow to blow up someone's supplies like Katniss did in the books! That would have been fun. Anyway, it was still a cool dream. Hope you enjoyed reading
    3. 7/27/11 A short lucid Ft. Adele

      by , 07-29-2011 at 08:11 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      MILD starting off to when I get lucid.

      I was in a forest, and knew I was dreaming. Suddenly I heard a huge slam sound right behind me. I turned to look.

      Adele was staring at me with a lighter. She lit a tree on fire.

      "There's a fire starting in my heart...reaching a fever pitch and it's bringin me out the dark. Finally I can see you crystal clear...etc"

      I just stared at her watching her sing. I heard stomping and turned around. There were about 100 chairs and every person looked like a zombie. This was getting a bit weird, and I decided I would fly up out of the forest, but I woke up.

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    4. Tiger Swimming a non lucid 7/16/11

      by , 07-16-2011 at 07:55 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Didn't have any lucids last night, sadly but I did have some pretty interesting non lucids. Here's one of them:

      I was watching a tiger slowly walking in a wet forest. The tiger started running extremely fast when it jumped off a cliff, into a lake.

      The lake water was a vibrant blue and the tiger was a pro at swimming. It was like a dolphin. It could dive down and come shooting back up.

      I watched it go underwater and into this underwater cave. The cave was full of crystals and diamonds and the tiger seemed like it could breath underwater. It kept going deeper into the cave when it literally melted into the wall. It left a hieroglyph imprinted into the wall.

      I might go try to find the same cave when I become lucid again. I'll add it to my goals.
    5. Task Of the Month July 2011-Completed! 7/8/11

      by , 07-08-2011 at 08:10 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I've been taking a lot of breaks from Dreamviews lately and I decided to finally start my journal on here and get back into it! Since I have left I have suddenly had A LOT of luck in lucid dreaming and love it! I read the TOTM Earlier today and I decided to nap and give it a try!
      Anyway here is my TOTM DJ:

      It was nightime and the stars were illuminating the sky. Millions of little magical sparkles. I could hear cars in the distance. I look down and found I was standing on top of a skyscraper in a HUGE city. I was memorized by the beauty of the city. I always had loved cities. I looked down at a taxi driving across the busy road. Every time the Taxi hit a tiny bump the taxi grew in size. Suddenly I asked myself How I got to this roof and I realized I was dreaming! Everything sort of flickered. The lights all went off for a second and everything came back clearer then it was before. I was lucid! I was going to float down from the rooftop into the street but then I remembered the TOTM that I had just read earlier today! I remembered the play an instrument one but I couldnt remember the advanced task. I decided to stay on the city rooftop and play it while looking down at the beautiful city. I assumed a box would be on the roof with an instrument in it and when I looked around I saw one! I went over to examine it and wanted the instrument to be a flute. I opened the box and was surprised to find a trombone! I took it out and held it in my hand. It seemed really big. I put my mouth to the mouthpiece and thought about synesthesia which is the mixing of senses. I have a form of it where when I see objects move I hear a small sound, but there are many different forms of it. There's one form where when you hear sound you can see color. I decided I would try that in my dream. I blew the first note and a beautiful sound that I cant explain escaped. The city froze and a ripple of purple appeared in front of me. All of a sudden I was floating and moving slowly. I kept playing random beautiful notes and more and more colors rippled around me. I was close enough to the ground now I could see people staring up at me with a shocked expression on their faces. They stared at me in amazement. I smiled and waved at them. For a moment I even forgot I was dreaming. I was just focused on all the colors. I decided to land on the street and give the trombone to someone random. They smiled at me like they needed that trombone to survive. I sat down on a city bench and tried to remember what the advanced task was...I remembered it has something to do with a movie and....OH MY GOSH! Where the Wild things are! I was so excited I remembered the dream started fading away. But I managed to grasp onto it. Everything was little blurrier but I didn't mind as long I was still in the dream. How long had I been napping? Surely 20 minutes had passed maybe longer. The dream would end soon!

      I hurried through the first door I saw and I came out in a forest. It was a lively forest with animals everywhere. I turned around and saw an owl staring down at me. I smiled at it. I had never seen the movie or even remembered the book so I had no idea what the story was about except a kid with a crown with buffalo-like friends. Suddenly I heard stomping in the forest and all the animals scattered. A HUGE wild thing came out of the bushes. It was bigger then I thought it would be! I looked up at it and touched it's finger. "I am in control of your species now." I said. It nodded and stared at me with wide green eyes. I told it to go get its friends when all of a sudden I woke up.

      I was amazed that I actually completed the tasks the day that I read about them! The dream felt really unreal and I would love to go back to that city again. Thanks Ninja for such a great TOTM! I am off to a GREAT start in coming back to DreamViews.

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