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    Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World

    Hi everyone!!!
    Welcome to my Dream Journal which was started on 7/7/11. Here I will post any dreams that I have and pictures to go with them! I have been having a lot of lucid dreams lately so stay tuned!

    Don't be surprised if owls tend to pop into my dreams alot.

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    1. 7/25/11

      by , 07-27-2011 at 02:11 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I woke up around 3:04 AM and attempted a WILD. It succeeded

      I was on a canoe with 4 other people. They looked like Indians and were silent.

      I needed to stabilize the dream so I touched everything in the canoe, including the Indians hair. They looked at me like I was crazy, and almost made me loose lucidity. I smelled the air, which was salty.

      I looked around and we were rowing on crystal clear water. I didn't think it was the ocean because there were no waves whatsoever. I bent over the side to look at the water. I couldn't see any fish or any other living thing.

      I got a cup out of a bag I saw sitting in the canoe and dipped it in the water. The water didn't taste salty at all, but sweet. It reminded me of orange juice.

      I set the cup back down. "Where are we?" I asked one of the Indians. I was surprised that my voice sounded angry.

      "The yultary...po in the tweet. Luindee jumper." He told me.

      I asked the Indians 3 more questions, but they all responded the same, and I couldn't understand.

      Oh well...I looked over the edge of the boat and jumped in. I could feel the icy cold of the water. I swam down about 400 feet, and it was still very light.

      Suddenly, I saw BIRDS swimming 400 feet deep in the water! They looked at me curiously. I swam over to them and looked at one bird.

      It was really small (about the size of a cup.) and was covered with white feathers. I petted it and it was really soft. When I felt its head it was really rough.

      I swam deeper and they followed me down. I grabbed onto one, and it shot me up with great force. After a second we were flying out of the water.

      I let go and feel down, back to the water. I was expecting to hit the water, but I hit something hard. I looked down and I was on concrete. I got up and looked around me.

      I was in a small Japanese town in the middle of a valley. I was dripping with water and people were staring at me. One of them had a glove on the looked like Freddy Kruger.

      Instantly, this reminded me of the TOTY. I ran past the crowd, and into a house I just knew was Freddy's. I kicked down the door and saw him standing their. I shot ice out of my hands, and he was frozen.

      I found a knife and cut a hole in the ice where his glove was. I could see him squirming around and I yanked the glove off. I shot fire at the ice and it melted.

      Instantly, he started running at me and had a terrible look on his face. I jumped onto the roof, and the whole world flipped upside down. He charged at me, and I stabbed him with the glove. He disappeared and turned into dust. I picked up the dust and put it into a jar I saw. I brought it outside and handed it to a crowd of cheering people.

      Then I heard a noise behind me. I turned to look and freddy was RIGHT there. I was really shocked and then he stabbed me. I gasped and, the worst possible thing happened.....
      I woke up.
    2. A Medieval Lucid 7/15/11

      by , 07-15-2011 at 05:27 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I attempted a WILD at 3 last night, but I fell asleep Luckily, I still had a lucid!
      I was walking down a crowded dirt street towards a HUGE castle.

      I have been practicing All Day Awareness lately and decided to just stop and go through all my senses. I could hear people walking everywhere around. My body felt normal. Then I looked around and realized I was in a very unusual setting.

      I did a reality check and realized I was dreaming! It looked like I was in a medieval town, right on the outskirts of a HUGE castle. I saw someone nearby riding a horse. I ran towards it, jumped up and kicked the rider off. I hoped on the horse, and started to fly gallop.

      I headed straight towards the top of the castle and wanted to see the king. I went right through the window with colored glass shattering all around me. The king was sitting at his chair looking astonished.
      "How dare you enter my castle!"
      I willed him to calm down, and suddenly he looked confused and smiled at me.

      "I would like a high quality dragon, that I could fly whenever I wish." I told him.

      "And what will you give me?" he said

      "How about this?" I pulled out my cell phone in my pocket and handed it to him. "You can call anyone in the world in an instant."

      "This...is....magical. I will get your dragon right away."

      He handed me a small dragon statue in a glass bottle. The dragon was green, and he told me it could breath out ice.

      "Just break the bottle whenever you want the dragon to come alive." he told me.

      I grabbed my horse and flew to a mountain outside of the village. On the top of the mountain I broke the bottle. The dragon came to life and expanded to a great size. I climbed up his tail to his back. His scales felt rough, like bark. The dragon soared off the mountain into the sky. I told him to take me wherever he wanted.

      He dove straight down and an ocean was approaching fast. Right when we touched the water I slammed open my eyes in real life, and woke up .
    3. Wheels Everywhere! Non Lucid 7/10/11

      by , 07-10-2011 at 10:00 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I was in a glass cage on the bottom of a hill. Different colored wheels started rolling down the hill, barely missing the glass cage. Behind me was a town full of people who were running my way. They somehow stopped the wheels and got me out of the cage. They started talking to me, but I forgot what they were saying.
      Another dream:
      I was reading a book on a beach when a lifeguard yelled for everyone to get out of the ocean because of the sharks coming our way. I looked up and saw someone bleeding on their leg with blood all in the water. Everyone looked confused and panicked.