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    It's all about Awareness.

    Welcome to my dream journal

    1. Shopping at Kroger alone, Tornado warning?

      by , 08-11-2011 at 07:33 PM (It's all about Awareness.)
      I was shopping at Kroger in this dream by my self. I suddenly went to the self check out. I had my things ready. I was buying some General Tso Chicken and I was getting my medication as well. Here I was trying to pay for my stuff and suddenly I forgot I didn't had my card. And some lady said to me do you need any help? I said no I'm fine and I told her I think I lost my debit card. I told her I can call my parents to come and get me and help me pay for it.

      Suddenly I heard a weird thunder noise out side, The walls were gone in the store and I saw tornadic weather out side. It looked really green. The lights went off. My mom suddenly comes in and pays for the food, etc. And we left the store. I was out side and it was really stormy. It was pitch black you couldn't see anything. We drove off and we were returning home. We parked in a parking lot to let the storm pass and I woke up.