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      Lol, really belated response. I highly doubt it was a real sound from outside my dreamworld, as I live very far away from any roads. My driveway is a quarter mile long.

      And yes, it was incredibly candid.
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      While looking over all the words I found that looking off to the right of the paper brought me to a desert city with a richly-coloured landscape and horizon - I'd done it!
      That is awesome. Congratulations on traveling to ancient Egypt. It even seems you caught them in a candid ritual moment of Pyramid building!

      At this point the dream plot was interrupted by something inbound toward our location, like a massive vehicle. Whatever it was, it was plenty large enough to convince me to get out of there, and in an instant I was on my home road...
      I find it interesting how often we slip back to reoccurring locations while in a panic. Makes me wonder if an actual vehicle sound provoked this transition?