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    INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal

    A mysterious journey inside the mind of ineverwakeup97, who adventures both lucidly and non-lucidly through his own mind. These adventures can be both fun, dangerous, or make absolutely no sense at all. Either way, his mind is like a great adventure story, so come along for the ride!

    1. Fight Against the Giant...Dog?!...11/25/11(Early Morning)

      by , 11-25-2011 at 03:31 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      The nonlucid parts of this dream I can't recall. But the lucid part is clear enough. I become lucid at the point when I giant dog begins attack. Honestly, a fucking giant dog? What the fuck is this shit? Clifford?! Well, the dog isn't red...nor is it friendly. People with guns right now are attempting to kill the dog with guns. Not working out. I try showing off, by slightly undressing, and I try some hand-to-hand combat. Not working unfortunately. Dammit! I should be winning! I'm lucid! Why can't I win?! I soon retreat to coupe. I run until going down a rocky path into a cave like place. My aunt and my cousin are in there. My aunt leaves for no apparent reason. For the hell of it, I have my cousin why dogs age faster than humans. He tells me he isn't to sure, but he knows that clipping their tail, nails, and shaving their hair shortens their life. Wow, what a load of horse shit that sounds like. I now "thank" him for the info, and I go back outside. The dog is still running around attacking. He passes by me, and I fire off a full power ki blast barrage. It doesn't do anything. Shit! He now knocks me over and keeps running. At least he felt it. I get up and fire a full power energy wave. But it does nothing either. I now notice a skyscraper by us. It says "Empire State Building Estates." Never heard of that. But, I now talk to a girl who looks really smart. I tell her to meet me up there on the roof. I have an idea now, and we can beat this giant-ass dog. I now fly up and land on the roof. I wait a little while before the girl gets up here. I explain that everyone looks at this dog like a sweet innocent animal. This is causing them to hold back. We can't hold back! We could've won by now! The girl understands and leaves. Damn DCs. Hardly ever any damn use. I go back down now, and the monster has turned into...Godzilla? Okay, what the fuck?! I start spreading my plan, but everyone suggests we just badly damage him. Argh! That won't work! Godzilla can fucking regenerate people! I swear! I can't even remember the last time I found a useful DC that I didn't make myself! Now, I go back out into the battle. That smart girl comes back now. And she has...a giant fucking flying battle cruiser! Holy shit! That'll do just fine! I'm not sure whether I'm impressed by her or aroused by her now! She lands the craft, and I get in. I take the main pilot and gunner chair. She tells me there's a very high-powered blaster gun on the ship. Hm, very high-powered? I like that I idea. I now fly us into space. I realize one of the back doors is open. So I close it. That could've ended badly. I now turn the ship towards the other planets. I see a shitload of planets that don't even exist, and ones that do. I aim the gun at a very large green planet. There's also purple splotches on it. What a weird-ass planet. "Let's see how strong this gun is." I say. This planet is far bigger than Earth too. I now charge the gun to full charge, and release the trigger. A good-sized red beam now fires at the planet. When it hits, the planet explodes! Holy shit! I am aroused now! I now turn around and head back to Earth. I charge up the gun again.
      "Wait! You can't blow up the Earth! You have to go down there, and angle the shot so it goes off into space!" the girl cries out. Well, I guess I shouldn't be a douchebag and blow up Earth. I now take the ship down, and I stop and point blank range of Godzilla. Sorry buddy. You're my favorite movie monster, and always will be. But when you're in a dream, don't be a dick man. I now finally release the trigger, and a huge whole is in Godzilla. Dammit! This chick didn't think to make the beam wider! Fuck! I now begin to continuously fire and fire. This is proving to be effective. I still think just blowing up the planet would've been resourceful. To me anyway. Soon, all of Godzilla is gone. I stop firing and relax victoriously. The girl gets out and cheers with her friends. Cool. Imma go blow up some planets now! I take off into space again, but then I unfortunately
      have a false awakening. Then I soon awake for real.
    2. Randomness...3/31/11

      by , 03-31-2011 at 09:33 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I've been very lazy recently and haven't journaled a damn thing at all. I haven't had a non-virtual DJ since November, because I figured it was a waste of paper, considering a have an unlimited virtual one. Recently(Tuesday), I switched from doing MILDs to doing DEILDs. So I decided I'm gonna stop the lazyness and journal whenever possible.

      I dream I am with two guys. They had just recently died. The two of them, who couldn't help to listen in on, said they were on their way to be judged. I say I'd like to come with them. They don't hesitate to say "Yes." So, I follow along. We travel through dark space in a matter of seconds. Now we're at the place. It sort of resembles King Yemma's judgment place in Dragon Ball Z. Interesting. So, we end up waiting for awhile. I get kinda pissy, so I go sit down. I spot an untaken chair sitting in a corner. I sit down. Then, I fall through the chair! What the hell was that all about?! I see all the dead people laughing at me now. One guy explains that you have to be dead to sit in these chairs. Well that's about retarded. I end up leaving soon afterward.

      I end in space almost instantly after I leave. There is a HUGE space battle going on. The capital ships are just dogging the shit out of each other. The sight was truly incredible. I was taking a hypothetical shit in my pants it was so fuckin' awesome! Conveniently, I was already in a fighter ship. Unfortunately, it was just a puny little piece of shit. How disappointing. I have no choice but to fly through the massive barricade of ships. I approach at top speed. Soon, I get caught up in the crossfire. Shit, shit, shit. As I hopelessly try to get through, my puny fighter is getting pounded with lasers. However, there is some hope left. As I see I'm almost through the barricade. However, my ship is almost done for too. Dammit! But then, I have a stoke of luck, and get through! I'm now flying semi-safely away from the barricade. Now I approach a space station. Aw, shit. I fly over with caution. Now, I see two ships parked on the station. I take some action and fire missiles. I easily manage to take down the first one. Then, I blow up the other one. All too easy. Now, a third one is coming up on a rising platform. Son of a bitch! I turn around and fly towards it. I see it's getting ready for takeoff. Dammit! I open fire on it, and it blows up. Yes! I'm perfectly safe now. I start to fly away, and then I soon
      Tags: battle, random